Kimberly's Run
Chapter 16

"Oh well no matter, I do have a message for Ronald here. Now Ronald, I want you to listen very closely. Do you understand?"

Ron nodded.

Will smiled.

"Okay Ronald. Now listen carefully. Queen's Bishop to Queen's Bishop 5."

Kim thought that Will had gone crazy until she turned to look at Ron. He was staring back at her, his face had turned a pasty white and sweat poured down his face. His eyes had dilated wide open. Kim knew that Ron was scared out of his mind.

"Ron, what's wrong?"

Kim glanced back to Will then back to Ron. Ron spoke with a quivering voice.

"Kim, he….he ….he has……"

Ron swallowed and shook his head. This could not be. Everything was lost, he would have to watch Kim die by his side. If only he had more time. He opened his eyes to see Kim looking at him, he could tell she was scared. He turned to Will.

"Very good Will, I don't want to know how you got it."

Will sighed, yet continued to point his guns at both of them.

"Now come on Ron, humor me. What is the countersign?"

Kim watched Ron as he stared straight at Will and answered.

"King's knight to King's Rook 6."

Kim leaned over to Ron.

"Ron what is going on here?"

Ron glanced over to her.

"The quote Will just said is a top runner id phrase. Whoever he got it from was in the top 10 of the runner organization. I responded with the normal countersign."

Will nodded.

"Very good Ron. It helped me track some runners. Now, I have one more thing to say to you. King to King 3"

Ron started to shake his head.

"No it's not possible."

Will nodded.

"It's true Ron. King to King 3"

Kim was more confused than she had ever been. Ron had begun to smile. Why was he smiling? Will was getting ready to kill them and he was smiling.

Ron faced Will.

"King to King's bishop 5."

Ron and Will stated together.


Ron started to giggle, then laugh. He dropped his hands, grabbed Kim and proceeded to give her a kiss that nearly took out her tonsils. Kim pushed him back to catch her breath. She glanced over to see Will smiling at the two of them. She noticed that he had lowered both his guns and turned off the homers. She dove forward and scooped up her gun. She trained it on Will when Ron screamed.

"No Kim don't."

Kim hesitated.

"Give me one reason I should not shoot him where he stands."

Ron giggled again.

"It's simple. He is Ballard!"

Kim stared back at Ron.


Ron stepped over to Kim and gently took her gun from her hands. Kneeling in front of her he took her hands in his and placed them on his chest, then lifted his hands to cradle her face.

"Kim do you trust me?"

She nodded.

"How can I not trust you after what you have done over the past few days."

Leaning forward he placed a kiss on her forehead. Then pulling back he smiled at her.

"Good, then trust me when I say that he is Ballard. I met Ballard only a couple of times and each time I really could not see him. His voice was always disguised. The code phrase the two of us just quoted was a personal set of words between just the two of us. Only he knew what to say to me and I knew the countersign. Don't ask me how, but he is Ballard. We made it Kim. Next stop for us, Sanctuary."

Kim trembled for a moment, then the trembling made it's way to her lip. Pulling Ron to her she crushed him into a tight hug while tears poured down her face. Turning her face to Will, her eyes caught his face.


Smiling back at her Will/Ballard stepped over and knelt beside both of them.

"I need to explain a few things and this is not the place. There are some other DS agents in the area. They are making sure no one leaves the area. Which reminds me."

Flipping the charge back onto the homers, Will stood and waited for them to reach full charge. Reaching full charge he aimed at a nearby tree and fired. Both homers his the trees and detonated. Spinning to the side, Will aimed at the side of the building that shadowed them. Firing quickly he shot into the side of the building several times. Holstering both weapons he pulled out his commscan.

"This is Will, I located both runners and terminated them. Kimberly put up a good fight, but her misguided love for the cook was her failing. She should have left him behind. There is no need to collect the bodies, I'll leave them for the local wildlife. Return to base. I need to check out where they might have been heading."

A voice on the commscan acknowledged the order as Will holstered it. He put out his hand and pulled Kim to her feet. Ron stood up beside her. Will nodded down the hill.

"Someone is waiting for us at the bottom of the hill. He will show us a way back into the city that no one can track."

Turning Will motioned for Kim and Ron to join him. They joined him and started down the hill. Soon Kim and Ron noticed they were approaching one of the ancient mazecar stations of long ago. These stations had long ago been abandoned. The three of them entered the old station and walked into the darkness. Will approached the station landing and opened a small door on one of the columns. Pressing a button inside the small door Will closed the door back flush with the column. Within a minute or so Kim and Ron could hear something coming down the tunnel. It didn't sound like a mazecar. Soon a metal car loomed out of the darkness and stopped in front of them. The door opened and all three of them entered the car. Pushing a button on the inside of the car Will took a seat while motioning Kim and Ron to do the same.

"This car is part of the old mazecar system for the city, back then they called it the metro. My friend set this car and a few others up so some of the members of runner organization could move around the city without exposing ourselves up in the open. We will have to change from one car to another but we will be able to get there pretty quick."

They traveled for a few minutes then at one point changed into another car. As the car slowed down at another station Will stood up and waited for the door to open. The car slowed to a stop and the door opened as it came to a stop. The three of them stepped out of the door and walked up out of the old station. Kim was surprised when they came to the surface near the old building where they met the Wade person. Will walked up the steps and retraced their steps into the room where they had met Wade. Crossing the room, Will stopped in front of an old wall and waited. A section of the wall opened and Will stepped to the side to wave Kim and Ron through the opening.

Kim and Ron stepped through the opening into a brilliantly lit room. There was computer equipment lining the walls. Kim marveled at the sight. This room has some serious computing power, almost rivaling the Thinker. Will pulled the opening closed behind him and motioned for Kim and Ron to continue into another room and have a seat. They noticed the Wade person sitting in front of several monitors and a number of keyboards and touchscreens. Wade turned and smiled.

"Well, it looks like you made it. I help the runners by trying to keep tabs on DS agents and others that would be looking for them. I also help Ballard when he needs help. Right now we have a proposition to make to the two of you."

Ron glanced over to Kim.

"Proposition? I thought we were on the way to Sanctuary."

Will/Ballard pulled a chair up to where Kim, Ron and Wade were sitting.

"Kim, first let me apologize for the way I have treated you. I knew the Thinker had sent you on a special mission when it docked you for that day you helped me. Wade broke through all the code and we knew the Thinker ordered you to continue your relationship with Ron, make your way to Sanctuary and destroy it. At first I thought you were just following orders, then you killed David. I don't know what changed your mind but from then on I was testing you. You proved to me that you were really running. There was a reason for all this and I hope you will let me explain something."

Will rubbed his hand. Kim noticed that his palm crystal was red.

"Kim, would you believe that I am nearly 40 years old?"

Kim's eye flew open.

"That's impossible, your crystal, its still red!"

Will looked at his palm and nodded.

"Yep, somehow my crystal was defective. Wade here found out what happened and was able to figure out a way to reproduce the defect. This is another reason that we wanted to talk to the two of you."

Will/Ballard stood up and started to pace.

"Kim, Ron. You have made it. This is not Sanctuary but it is the last stop before it. Both of you have shown ingenuity and bravery to get this far. You two have also shown a degree of teamwork that I have never seen before. If you want too, you are welcome to continue on to Sanctuary."

Kim closed her eyes and smiled.

"And once we reach there we can live, live forever?"

Will grinned.

"You won't live forever, but you could live an average lifetime of 70 to 80 years."

Kim sighed.

"and children?"

Will stepped over and touched her shoulder.

"Yes Kimberly, there can be children. Children free of the world you two grew up with."

Kim smiled and reached over to take Ron's hand. Ron's face turned brilliant red. Will continued.

"Sanctuary is not here. We will have to travel to an old missile range on the coast just south of here in a place people used to call Florida. There used to be an old space center down there. We have been able to get the place working and also get a number of rockets working. One of the things the older ones did before the war was to explore space."

Ron scratched his head.

"I thought that they didn't find anything."

Will shook his head.

"No they didn't find anything, but they did start a colony on the moon. Its not an easy life but one free of DS agents. Its all there for you if you want to go. But I would like you to listen for a moment. The Thinker is dying. I think you know that. Our society is dying with it. I took the persona of William the DS agent to watch out for runners and try to help them. I know that I can't reach all of them but I can some. I can also find those to help me."

Will stopped for a moment then continued.

"Kim, I have been looking for someone to take my place. I am tired and one day my luck will run out. I have been watching you ever since you joined DS. At first I wanted to watch you so I could get the runners to avoid you. Then out of all the people in the city to meet you had to meet Ron. Ron the special chef, but also one of the top people in the runner organization. Then you know the story from the there. I could see it in your eyes, you were in love with him. Then when you ran I knew I had to test you."

Kim's face grew grim.

"Test us, you tried to kill us."

Will nodded.

"Yes, I would have if I could have. I didn't know if you were just using Ron or that Ron had been taken in by you and he was leading you through the organization to kill it. It got to a point where all DS was after you. Then I had to play the part of William, trying to kill the runners. I hoped that I could help you when I could, but there were too many other DS agents around. It wasn't until you got here that I could help."

Will sighed.

"So Kim, Ron. What do you say? Do you want to go on to Sanctuary? I would not blame you in the least. The two of you could make a life for yourselves and raise the family you deserve. Or, you can stay here and work with Wade and I to get runners through the trail of DS agents to Sanctuary. We would set you up in another city. Kim would work as a DS agent. Ron would find work as a chef. The two of you would be more effective than just I could ever be. So again Kim, Ron. You have all the right to leave, but I ask you to stay and save this world one part at a time. What do you say?"

Pulling open her bag, Kim pulled the new device that Wade had given her before they left the base in Washington. Pressing the call button Wade's face appeared on the screen. Ron slipped to her side and put his arm around her shoulder. She sighed for a moment reveling in Ron's touch. She had on a new DS uniform, and Ron had on a chef's suit.

"Wade, we are just outside the city."

Wade nodded on the screen.

"Okay Kim. I have set up new identities for the both of you. You are now Kimberly 8, Ron is Ronald 12. You two ready?"

Kim stopped for a moment to glance down at the shining red crystal in her palm. Ron's palm had one just like it. She turned back to the screen.

"Yes Wade, we are ready. Are Ron's contacts ready? And how about our jobs?"

Wade typed on the keyboards for a moment.

"Kim, you will be assigned to the city's DS unit. Sorry, you will have to start at the bottom again. Ron, I was able to set you up at the most exclusive club in the city. Everything is set. I also set the two of you up in two apartments."

Kim's face came up in what Ron called her "Puppy Dog Pout".

"I thought we could share a place."

Wade shook his head.

"Now Kim, how much do you think that the runners would trust a man who lives with a DS agent? But I did make one little addition to your apartments. There is a special door that connects the bedrooms."

Ron thought for a moment.

"Why would we want..."

Ron stopped for a moment when he caught the look on Kim's face. A big smile crossed his face.

"Aaaa Boooooyaaahhhhh"

Kim purred as she snuggled up to him.

"Remember we have to practice for when we get to Sanctuary. Practice, practice, practice."

Ron smiled.

"I am all about practicing."

The palm device beeped.

"Uh, guys do you mind?"

Kim and Ron blushed as they separated. Kim looked into the screen.

"Okay Wade, we are going in. Kim out."

Kim put the device in her pocket. She reached out and took Ron's hand.

"Come on Ron, it's time to save our world."

They crossed a meadow and made their way into the city. As they passed a central plaza the holographic image of Walter 10 appeared.

"Greetings Citizens, this is Walter 10 with the news. DS units everywhere mourn the loss of William . He was a great DS agent and worked hard to keep our society safe. He died chasing a rogue DS agent who had already killed several other DS agent as she ran from our society. William was able to kill her and her partner before he died of his wounds. Let us remember his sacrifice.

In other news, the criminals Shego and Dr. Drakken have not been heard from in several weeks. It is rumored that they became very ill recently for some unknown reasons.

DS units in our southern area reported a bright light in the southern sky the other night. The cause of this great light is unknown at this time, however the Thinker has reported that it is a natural phenomena caused by the waste of the older ones from long ago. There is no need to worry."

Kim and Ron smiled as they looked up into the sky. They could just see the moon as it rose in the early evening sky. Ron took Kim's hand as they continued into the city.

"Our time will come, until then we have a job to do."

Kim squeezed his hand and pulled him over a kiss.


I hope all of you have enjoyed this story. I have enjoyed putting it together for you. First I would like to thank my two Dave's. They both helped me so much. Either helping me with the script, giving me ideas, doing beta work or just plain supporting me when I needed some support or kind words. Thanks guys this story is for both of you.

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