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[Full Summary : Enemy must help enemy as Kiba is helping to escort an important person known as the Daywalker to a compound in Inoha. He must help protect the Daywalker from others who want what she possess and other obstacles along the way while reaching their designation.

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The night was calm…at peace after a morning and afternoon of gray clouds that brought light rain and warm wind.

Now clear, the air was humid and thick and evidences of the day activity was seen by the moon light illuminating over cluster of green woodlands below. The atmosphere in-between the towering trees was rich with the smell of moss and wet soil, the croaks and chirps of frogs and crickets filled the night with sound, and puddles covered the ground floor. Rain droplets clung to waxy surface of many leaves only to slide down the very tip of the leaves and freefall into the small muddy water on the ground, causing the puddle to form ripples after ripples.

Yes, it was a calm, peaceful night, but with a gentle breeze it was about to change.

The trees swayed back and forth with the breeze, showering the ground with more droplets from the leaves. And as soon as the wind began, it stopped, taking the natural sound of the forest with it. Everything was cased in silence just when the last hoot of an owl brought upon the stillness. Clouds slowly crept their way over the moon, blocking out most of the pale blue glow over the land and making the environment darker and cooler. Everything was made to look and feel dead, nothing living or moving, made to feel as if nothing existed. Until, like the breeze, a sound broke the silent and brought with it another change.


The sound of a branch being broken in two echoed through the forest. Followed by another one and another until moving bushes added to the snapping sticks. With the breaking of the silent also came a light of orange and yellow flames hovering over the wet ground, flickering as it moved swiftly through the darken forest. The visible light gave away the young man carrying a torch in his hand as he ran a small path on the saggy ground. He jumped over several fallen moss covered logs on the grassy floor and ducked under vines and tree branches, straying away from the path he was on to cut through another one. Sweat covering his body and heavy breathing were signs of how long he'd forced his body to continue his straining sprints, and he could only anticipate more exertion as he push further.

Up ahead he could see his designation, where the tree lines end and open ground of grass lies. He could easily see the two lights from afar between the trees. Knowing he was not far from reaching the lights, he picked up speed.

Finally reaching the forest edge he could see now the compound in the middle of the clearing. Tall wooden pillar surrounded the compound with sharp cone shape tips. The gate stood evenly with the pillars with two lit torch by it side and two guards. Their gray garments with silver armor on this arms reflected the glowing light of the fire just as his reflected his torch. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he ran the rest of the way to the barricade structure.

The guards immediately saw the young man coming and opened the gates, letting the young man pass without stopping. He found him self in a rectangle shape tunnel made of clay and woods before making it fully into the inside of the compound. Inside, a building, a mansion of three stories high stood before him. On the side of the mansion were smaller buildings halfway high as the mansion, each with dim light shining through them. Passing more guards on the way, he made his way inside the mansion. Busting his way through the front door and running in the house in familiar hallways until he came upon a closed door with flickering light coming from under it and dark shadows. Without a moment hesitation he hanged his torch up in a holder and opened the door.

Inside were three middle age men, standing around a table in the middle of the room with a fireplace lit behind them. They too wore the traditional attire like the guards outside and the young man before them, except for extra metal on their torsos and white capes hanging behind them. Their pale eyes stared the interrupter down with raise eyebrows waiting for the young man to speak. He was far from out of breath to speak and stood bent with his hands on his knees.

"Neji," the one in the middle of the three men spoke. "What is the meaning of this?"

With long exhale breath, Neji stood up straighter and with his very own pale eye, looked the one in the middle in the eyes.

"Lord Hiashi…they are coming," was Neji's only reply and with no further explanation the two other guys standing by Hiashi ran pass Neji and outside, leaving Neji still looking at Hiashi, who eyes faltered to the floor.

"Lord Hiashi, what is it that you want me to do?"

Hiashi eyes looked back up to the young man and then down at the floor again.

"How long do we have before they arrive," Hiashi asked.

"An hour maybe"

There was a pause set between them.

"Lord Hiashi…" Neji questioned.

"I want you to assemble a squad of eight of our best men and meet me outside. Make it quick."

"Yes sir," Neji nodded before leaving the room.

Hiashi took a calming breath before exiting the room as well.


Hanabi ran down an empty corridor passing every door she came across. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her cape flapped wildly behind her as she continued to run. She slowed down when she came to a door at the end of the hall and opened it.

"Hinata," she yelled. "Hinata, we have to hurry."

"I'm coming," Hinata answered back, coming from behind a door. Her hair too was pulled back in a ponytail but it was braided and her cape folded over her, covering her body completely.

She was putting last bit of items in her bag sat at the edge of her bed before closing it. Hanabi waited outside of the door, pacing back and forth in front of it. When she was done, she grabbed her bag and out the door, grabbing her sister's hand and both ran down the hall together.

Down the last flight of stairs on the last floor, Hanabi grabbed her bag next to the entrance door and out the door. The two young women were met with movement everywhere. Armed guards dashed pass them to get to their assign position around the compound, things thrown in front of them and behind them, and guards marching in a line to form another barricade at every gate. The two girls made sure to step out of their way as they made their way over to where their father stood surrounded by eight guys and Neji by one of the smaller building by the mansion. He was talking to the men over the commotion around them, making sure they understand their assignment.

"…This is important," he finished off just as his daughters reached him. "Wait by the secret tunnel until they are ready, Neji stay here for a moment."

Neji nodded his head and waited while the eight men left as ordered. Hiashi turned towards his two daughters and held out his arms to pull them into an embrace.

"I'll meet you at our other compound in Inoha," Hiashi said releasing them from the hug.

"Why can't you come with us," Hanabi asked.

"I must stay here and fight the Stalkers from following you," he said looking to Hinata. "…especially from you, Hinata."

"But father you're just as important to them, as me. They will kill you if they catch you," Hinata stuttered.

"I must buy you some time to get away, now please, you must go. We don't have that much time."

Hanabi and Hinata both grabbed Hiashi and pulled him into another hug. Letting go, they ran off to meet up with the eight men by the tunnel. Neji stood before Hiashi after Hiashi's daughters left. He watched as Hiashi pulled out two scrolls from his holster behind him and hand it to the young man in front of him.

"I trust you to be in charge of those men out there and help protect my daughters."

"I will sir," Neji said, taking the two scrolls from Hiashi.

"The other compound is very far from here and being that you haven't been to Inoha before, I want you to make a stop in Konoha for me. There's a friend of mine who will help you get to Inoha. He is a good tracker and navigator of the lands and will be a good addition in helping protect Hinata." Hiashi pulled out another scroll and handed it over to Neji. "The first two scrolls I want you to give to my friend. This scroll I am giving to you now is for you. Read it when you are as far away from here as possible. In it, it will tell you who the person you are looking for and a message to our people at the other compound." Neji stuffed the three scrolls in his pouch behind him and bowed to Hiashi. "Now go"

With a nod, Neji left. Hiashi watched as Neji disappeared behind the corner of the smaller building and turned to face the front where the rest of his men were in place around the compound, prepared for the battle ahead.


It was an underground tunnel they traveled in from the compound to the outside beyond the clearing and green woodlands. Neji lead the way and with the eight men, four traveled behind him, then Hinata and Hanabi, and behind them the rest of the squad. They jogged their way down it without a moment rest after ten minutes into dark tunnel. They used their Byakugan to see through the dark, not wanting to risk using a torch to be safe.

Thirty minutes into the tunnel and they could already see an opening at the other end. Being the first to make it out, Neji stepped to the side of the opening of the tunnel to see everyone departure from it and to make sure they wasn't being followed. Once everyone was safely out, he followed behind them through a stream up ahead until they reached dry land. Passing a series of trees with Neji still behind the group, he stopped dead in his track.

"Stop," Neji whispered.

Everyone in the group stopped and looked back at their leader. He was looking around before he turned and looked behind the way they came from.

"What is it," one of the men asked.

"Silence," Neji answered before jumping up to one of the nearby trees and standing at one of the highest branches.

The others were confused at first but realizing what he meant, they all jumped up a branch of a tree and looked in the direction of the compound. Hinata and Hanabi stood on a branch together and watched also. Their Byakugan were activated to see the compound up closer from where they stood, watching the tree line in front of the compound for the said intruders.

Minutes passed before there was any indication of movement in the trees. Where one started another soon came afterwards until the whole tree line moved in sync. And then stepping out was a man clad in black and caped that flowed behind him. Others walked out as well all dressed in the same attire behind the man, taking the lead, making their way forward. The whole scene looked to seem as if a massive dark cloud roaming it way to the compound.

"They don't have a chance," one of the men of the squad said. "It's too many of them."

Neji looked over to where Hinata and Hanabi stood and read the frightening and worried look on their faces. Turning back in front of him, he watched the scene unfold. The ones in black, the Stalkers reached within ten feet of the wooden walls before they jumped the tall pillars in one easy leap. Spears were being thrown at them from the inside as they jump over the edge and into the inside. It looked like black water spilling over inside.

With a sigh, Neji jumped from the branch to the ground below and waited for the others to join him. Back in their formation, with Neji leading and Hinata and Hanabi in the middle of the eight man squad, they moved out.

"Your father would give his own life to make sure you two were safe," Neji said, hearing the sobbing of the two young women behind him. "…as I would mine. We should honor his sacrifice for you and the others along with him."

The others were quite but Hinata and Hanabi sobbing seemed to simmer down a little. They continued their walk further away from the compound, moving quietly through the trees and silent night. Neji pulled out the scroll address to him from Hiashi and begin to read it to him self while also keeping an eye out what's in front of him. Konoha is a two day journey from how far they were from it, if they continue through the night. Neji could only hope that Hiashi and the others bought them enough time to reach Konoha.


Multiple of bodies lay dead on the ground everywhere. Most of the bodies were of the gray and silver armored men of the compound and a few of the black caped trespassers. The battle was still going on within the compound's walls but slowly coming to an end as the battle was a sweet victory for the black caped men, known as the Stalkers.

One of the Stalkers, wearing an armored chest plate and some on his arms walked through the compound, stepping over bodies as he headed for the mansion. His men saluted him as he walked by and then continued their search for any survivors. Another of his men, dressed in the same attire saluted his leader as he walked passed him and followed him inside behind him.

"Sir, we overran the compound with ease. They hardly put up a fight," the shorter man laughed while wiping blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Did you find her," his leader asked turning to look over his shoulder at the man.

The low rank Stalker lowered his head and answered the question.

"No sir, we figured she must have gotten away before the attack. I sent men out to see if they could get a trail or scent outside the compound with the dogs, they haven't reported back yet. But we do have her father."

The leader turned and faced his officer with a smile.

"He's in the main office room just ahead."

Turning back in front of them, he followed his officer to the said room where three of his men await with Hiashi held captive. Hiashi was striped of his armors and only was dressed in an undershirt and pants. Blood stain his shirt from his beaten wounds on his face and minor cuts on his arms. He was on his knees with two of the black clothed men holding his arms out eagle spread before their leader.

"Lord Hiashi of the White Protectors…it's been a while since the last time I saw you."

"Same here… brother," Hiashi answered, looking up from his one good eye at his twin brother.

Hizashi smiled at his wounded brother and then nod at his two soldiers to let him go. Hiashi felled to his hands and knees to keep his balance and once again looked up at Hizashi.

"I see you brought your second hand Roku with you," Hiashi smiled back.

"You know I can't go anywhere without my most trusted officer," Hizashi said, pulling the said shorter man close to him. "I've been meaning to ask you, where yours?"

"Oh I think I saw them outside dead with the rest of his men, sir," Roku answered.

"Right, but I simply remembered there were three loyal officers of your, brother. Two are dead but where is the third." Hizashi placed his finger at his chin in an attempt to act like he was thinking. "Neji was it? Now where could he be?"

"You'll never find them."

"Then I'll just keep on looking until I do," Hizashi snared. "Why do you insist on protecting her? She's excess baggage to you; only with her death will she be something worthy of our people, our kind."

"She's your niece."

"She is the key to an ultimate power that would benefit us, our people" Hizashi frowned. "Why is it so hard for you to understand that?"

"You say it is for our people but what you are really saying is it is only for you. I can't allow you to have her."

"Why do you keep protecting things that are useless? She is useless, human, they are useless. They are nothing more then food to us and you want to side with them. They are killing our people, Hiashi, don't you understand that?"

"They are only killing our people because of your kind, Hizashi. They just want to be safe."

"Right, my kind. My kind that just slaughtered your people less than ten minutes ago and you still want to protect these people? Hiashi, your cause is a lost one."

Hiashi stood on his knees and stared his brother with determination.

"Don't be stubborn, brother, just tell me where she is?"

Hiashi said nothing.

"Say nothing at all I will get the answer out of you."

"Over my dead body," Hiashi retort.

"That could be arranged."

With quick movement, Hizashi grabbed Hiashi by the neck and slammed him into a wall behind him. Drawing his head back, his canines protruding longer, he bit down on his brother's neck and begin to feed from his blood. Hiashi let out a dry screamed as Hizashi eyelids begin to flutter with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Flashes of different people, places, and scenes flickered through his head and he frowned from the rush of them. He could see Neji with Hinata and Hanabi, a man with black hair and upside down triangles on his cheeks, a scroll, Konoha, Inoha, a necklace, and blood. Everything was surging through his head over and over and he quickly released Hiashi from his hold and stumbled backwards holding his head. Hiashi felled to the floor with his eyelids flicker and shivering. Roku caught his leader before he could fall to the floor too and stabled him on his own feet. The images in his head slowed down along with his labored breathing and he pulled away from Roku grip and opened his eyes. He looked down at his brother lying sideways on the floor and squatted next to him. Hiashi opened his eyes half way to meet the stare of his brother.

"You're sending them to Konoha to get help from a human. A desperate move, Hiashi," Hizashi said wiping his mouth clean of any stray blood. "Something I would expect from an animal eater. Their blood clouds your mind, make you make stupid decision."

He stood again but still felt dizzy from the fading images in his head and closed his eyes to steady him self again. Opening them once more, the images were gone, he faced Roku and the three other soldiers.

"They are heading to Konoha. I want you to assemble a team and go after them. If you leave now you'll catch up with them."

"Yes sir," Roku saluted and was about to leave when Hizashi stopped them.

"Oh and send two more men in here to pick up this trash," he said looking at Hiashi. "We're taking him with us."

With a nod, Roku and the three men left. Hizashi turned back to his brother and once again he caught his brother's half lidded gaze.

"I'm not going to kill you yet, brother. I want you to be there when your precious daughter dies, and then I'll finish you off."

Two of his men came in and walked pass Hizashi to pick up his brother.

"Put him in the wagon with the rest of his people," Hizashi ordered.

"Yes sir," the soldiers said in unison.

"Oh and Hiashi," the soldiers turned Hiashi around to face their leader. "The human, this Inuzuka guy you're sending your daughter to, is dead."

Hiashi looked surprised.

"Yeah, I killed him years ago, sort of. It seemed he was just as stubborn as you."

Hizashi walked up slowly to his brother until they were face to face.

"There won't be anyone there to help them," he smiled. "Take him away."

Once his men left with Hiashi, Hizashi turned to look at the room with the fireplace. He smiled as he walked over to the table where a map lay out on it. Looking around some more, he spotted what he was looking for and grabbed the torch from its hook on the wall and carried it to the table.

"You can keep running Hinata but there is no one else who can help you now. You will be mine."

With one last look at the map, he threw the torch on the table and watched the map burn until the fire spread onto the table. Not wanting to stick around any longer, he left just as the table broke causing the torch to roll on the floor, leaving a trail of fire behind. The room was soon engulfing in flames.

Walking out of the mansion, Hizashi saw his men walking out the door of the gate with their prisoners in a caged wagon chained. They had already started a fire to the wooden barricade and smaller building before leaving, leaving everything on fire and dead behind them. They headed back to their own compound and hopefully waited for their prize within two days.

Just two days….


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