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"Why can't I go," Kiba bellowed, following his mother into her bedroom.

"Because you're grounded," Tsume said as she packed more items in her backpack on the bed. "Take it as a lesson for you to learn for not following orders and putting your sister and teammates in danger."

"That's not fair. I've done my entire mission the same way and nothing bad ever happens. Beside I won't let anything happen to them."

"That's good to know Kiba but you're still grounded."

Kiba let out a frustrating sigh, giving up on the losing battle they've been arguing over since this morning and sat down on the bed next to his mother's bag.

Once Tsume had finish packing the rest of the items in her traveling bag, she looked around her room and bag to make sure she had everything she needed. Her eyes landed on Kiba as he sat on her bed frowning with his arms crossed.

With a smile, she walked over in front of him and cupped her hands around his face. His brown slit eyes met hers.

"I know you're upset but, think of this as…a break from the hunting."

Kiba tsked looking away and Tsume laughed while rubbing her son's red marked cheeks.

For a minute she took the time to just look at her son. She noticed his frowning face, which was slowly softening, that it brought out his grown features with recent scars and bruises. His sitting posture showed maturity and wisdom, and just by looking at him, from head to toe, she noticed just how handsome her young son really was…a young man, a warrior.

"My little boy… you're a splitting image of your father."

Kiba met his mother's eyes once again.

"If he was here now he would be so proud of you."

"Ma…" Kiba started. He was going to pull away but Tsume kept her hands firmly around his face.

"But, I think he would agree with me in deciding that you need a break for a little while." Kiba frown formed back on his face. "At least until your sister and I return from Lanoha."

"That's not fair."

"Life isn't fair, Kiba," Tsume said before finally releasing her son's face. She grabbed her bag and left the room with her son on her heels. "Besides, Akio offered in letting you stay and work with him at the bar downtown."

"What, I don't need a babysitter mom. I can take care of myself here."

"Fine but you will work with Akio until we come back."

Kiba didn't say anything else as they both made their way downstairs. Hana and her triples, along with Akamaru and Tsume's companion, Kuromaru, were downstairs waiting in front of the door.

"You're ready Hana," Tsume asked.

"Yes," Hana answered. She looked over towards her brother who walked over to Akamaru side rubbing the top of his head.

Tsume opened the door for her and Hana's dogs to walk out before them. She looked back at her son, who had his head down, still upset for not going with them. He found a place to sit at the foot of the stairs and looked up to see his mother coming toward him. She bended to his level and once again cupped his marked cheeks.

"Be good my son," she said before giving him a long kiss on his forehead.

She stood up and turned to her eldest who was just finishing putting her pack on her back and nodded.

"Let's go," she said before leaving out the door.

Hana moved to leave but stopped herself when Kiba spoke.

"Have fun without me," he pouted.

"Aw Kiba don't be like that. You know I would have let you come with us if it was up to me."

"Then let me come," Kiba stood. "You know better then I do that ma will let me come if you convince her hard enough. She has to listen to you, she always does."


"Why is she punishing me, I did nothing wrong. I do everything she asks me to do. I just don't understand why she insists on treating me like a child, I'm older now. I can be helpful. Better even then how I was when I was twelve."

His eyes dropped from his sister's glaze. Hana didn't miss the flicker of sadness that showed in his eyes before he turned his head away. She understood the meaning behind his words, the desperation yet the shame it carried…he carried. He was still blaming himself over their father's death. He was eager to get revenge on every single blood-sucking vampire out in the world, only slowly turning himself obsessed over it. But Hana and Tsume couldn't allow it to get any further. Not when there were good vampires out there needing their help just as much as human needed vampires help. Kiba would never understand that in his state…and therefore, he must stay, for his sake, for theirs, for the good vampires, and the Protectors. He must stay here.

"Two days," Hana said, lingering a little before saying something else to see her brother's reaction.

He turned with a look of hopefulness in his eyes with the hope of going, but upon seeing his sister's stern face his face turned to despair.

"This isn't happening," he shook his head.

"Two days Kiba and we'll be back. You can handle not hunting for two days."

She watched him continue to shake his head until their mother called for her. He looked from the door to Hana to see she had turned from looking at the door as well. Akamaru barked his good luck to Hana and to the others, alerting the two of his presence by Kiba's side, and his master turned to him with a death glare.

"Who side are you on here," Kiba forced out causing his companion to whine his sorry and forgiveness. Hana shook her head.

"Thank you Akamaru and Kiba be good," she said opening the door again. "Akio is expecting you at noon so don't be late."

"Whatever," Kiba whispered before crossing his arms.


With that said, Hana left out the door leaving a sulking Kiba inside. Kiba, with Akamaru by his side, looked out the window watching his mother and sister, with their faithful companions at their side, walking down the path leaving the village. Once they disappeared from view, Kiba turned from the window and began to ascend the stairs. Akamaru was right behind him until Kiba stopped him by turning around.

"Stay down here, Akamaru you traitor. I don't want to be around you right now."

Kiba stormed up the rest of the stairs by himself, slamming his bedroom door behind him. Akamaru let out a sad whine walking back to the living room and laying under the window they were looking through earlier. He laid his head down on his crossed front paws under him and listened to his master movements upstairs.


He should have stayed home. He knew this was going to happen, yet he came anyway. Shino sat on a stool in Akio's bar listening but not entirely listening to Kiba complaining about what happened to him this morning. He could have been home helping his family pack for an important mission but no, he came here to check on the youngest Inuzuka on his first day on the job. He has to admit, Kiba sure could multitask. Between talking, walking, cleaning, and serving, he was doing a hell of a job for someone whose mind wasn't quite there but on his predicament.

Shino let out a long silent sigh as he stared at the small apron around Kiba's waist and counted the spots on it. Luckily he had his sunglasses on or Kiba would really know he wasn't paying any attention to his badgering.

"Shino are you listening to me," Kiba voiced, cutting the bug Nin from his counting.

Shino looked up from the white apron and looked in front of him at the frowning Dog Nin behind the counter. A wet cloth sat still in his hand on the counter paused in its movement of cleaning the marbled surface from the alcohol and crumb.

"Yes," was his only answer to the Inuzuka.

Kiba squint his eyes at the seventeen year old, trying to study his friend from his calm and natural posture. It was hard to try to profile Shino when the guy hardly gave off anything. Even in scent it was hard for Kiba to read the guy.

Giving up the lost cause, Kiba continued to wipe down the counter.

"Anyway, I think they are trying to punish me for no good reason."

"Punish you for no reason," Shino repeated. "On the contrary, I think your mother and sister were merely trying to protect you from this hostile, impulse life you seemed to have made for yourself. If you asked me, they were doing you a favor."

Again Kiba paused in his counter cleaning.

"Hostile, impulse life I made for myself… doing me a favor….What are you talking about? Wait, are you siding with them," Kiba asked.

"I was simply saying…"

"You're siding with them." Kiba stated this time. He let out a disbelieving laugh as he stood back from the counter. "I can't believe this. First Akamaru and now you, what have the world come to?"

"Kiba calm down"

"CALM DOWN, HOW…," he stopped and lowered his voice down to a whisper when he stirred a passed out drunk sitting five seats away from them. "How can I calm down Shino when my family and friends are against me?"

"No ones against you."

"Oh yeah, you could have fooled me."

"All I'm saying is that a break from hunting could do you some good," Shino said as calmly and forcedly as he could.

Kiba scoffed and went back to cleaning the counter without another word spoken. Shino again let out a long sigh and crossed his arms staring at the miserable Inuzuka. He should have known better to confront an angry Kiba if he didn't want to get the bulk of his anger. The Dog Nin could hold a grudge longer then anyone if he wanted to. But still the youngest Inuzuka needed to learn when enough was enough in term of hunting and when he's going overboard with it. It was for his well-being anyway.


Both boys looked up from their own concentration to see Akio standing in a doorway in the back of the bar. His arms were crossed in front of him and he was sporting a frown on his face.

"As much as it is nice to hear you guys bickering in my office, I'm not paying you, Kiba, to talk. There are some boxes and trash in the back that needs to be taken out. Why don't you make yourself useful and take care of them for me," Akio said walking over to the two teens.

"Yes sir," Kiba mumbled, throwing his cloth down on the counter. He would have said the guy wasn't paying him at all but voted against it. Besides, he would like to step outside anyway.

Both Akio and Shino watched Kiba make his way in the back room to gather the boxes and trash and stepped out the back door to the dumpster. Akio turned to face the dark haired teen and lit his face with a smile.

"I tell ya' that kid is a ticking time bomb. He's going to explode before he's twenty." Shino hummed his agreement. "But don't worry though, he'll break soon enough. Even if it takes weeks or months to do, we'll break him."

Again Shino hummed an agreement before his eyes went back to the back room door where he knew his friend was probably sulking and cussing everyone he could think of. He cared for his friend, like a brother. He just wished that Kiba would learn to let go sometimes. Let go of his emotional battles and his avenger attitude. Shino has been around Kiba a lot; more so then the guy has been with his family to know what's really going on behind his pissed off behavior this whole afternoon and the other times Kiba act up, masking his true feelings with anger. Deep down, Kiba was scared. The reason he knew this was because Kiba had told him himself, not intentionally but he did.

It was a year ago when Kiba told him. Right after the Inuzuka family was told they were still the reigning champion once again in Konoha here at Akio's bar. Kiba felt the need to celebrate even though the rest of the Inuzukas didn't and set off with some older teens, who though they didn't get the initial win as they hoped, they still felt the need to celebrate for a day well-done of killing. Shino followed reluctantly with Akamaru, keeping an eye out for the young dog Nin. Somehow he lost the group and searched the average hangouts around the village. When they found him, he was swaying and slurring drunkenly about the streets. With Akamaru's help, they had Kiba mounted on his dog companion's back and walking back to the Inuzuka's compound.

Luckily for them, none of the females of the house were there, nor was their faithful dogs. Again with Akamaru's help they managed to climb the stairs with Kiba and into his room on his bed without much difficulty. Shino watched as Kiba talked himself to sleep and Akamaru, on cue, taking his position ahead of the bed on the floor going to sleep his self. Shino was about to leave through the window after hearing the arrival of Hana and Tsume downstairs and didn't want to make his presence known, cause typically he doesn't walk Kiba home, but Kiba waking voice stopped him.

"I'm scared Shino," he said sluggishly. "I'm scared of what they made me become."

"Who made you become what," Shino had to ask

But it was too late. By the time he asked the question, Kiba eyes were slowly closing again and he was snoring. In a way, he knew who Kiba were referring to and what he became. He would have told the females of the family right then and there but he knew it wasn't his place to tell them. Kiba would have to confess on his own. He doubted that the Dog Nin meant to say it out loud that night but he was drunk and probably thought it was just a dream. But he had to praise the younger Inuzuka for saying something.

After that day the Inuzuka was back to his normal self again, not a trace of evidences of what happened to him that day except for a hangover. He never touched Sake ever again after that, hating the aftereffect. But Shino thought it was because how vulnerable he was under the influences that stopped his friend from drinking. Now he sort of wished the guy would get drunk again and confess more of his secrets. At least when he was drunk he said more then when he wasn't.

His thoughts were interrupted when the back door opened and Kiba walked back inside. Shino could tell that the fresh air did him some good because he lost the tension from his shoulders and his face wasn't so much in a frown as it was earlier. His eyes avoided everyone as he walked back over to the counter in front of Shino and went back wiping the counter.

"It's done," he said still not looking at anyone. Even his voice lost it strain of anger in it.

"Good," Akio smiled.

Again, Akio left the two teens to attend his work back in the office but not before giving Shino a small wink, which Shino acknowledged it with a nod.

While Kiba left behind the bar to clear up some of the tables, Shino observe the place. Wanting to do something other than sit here and look at his reflection in the counter. It was nearly empty except for the occasional three or four drunks left in the room compared to the busy morning and afternoon. Most of the people started clearing out of the bar after ten at night; it was now fifteen minutes 'til twelve. Shino was about to turn back in his seat when his bugs inside him started to stir.


Shino observed the room cautiously this time, looking at everyone as a potential threat. His mind started to questions and analyzes his options. How was one able to get inside the village unnoticed, how many was there and how many were in? He should alert others of this. As he narrowed his thinking, he spotted the trespasser. His tense stature relaxed upon seeing the lone figure sitting in one of the booth where hardly any light reached in the back. The guy sat facing him with his fingers intertwine together. His face was hid from view due to the gray hooded cape surrounding his features and dimmed light.

He was a good guy, one of the Protectors…but still, why was he here?

Shino eyes followed Kiba as he moved around the room oblivious of the vampire's presence. It was a good thing too because Shino couldn't afford Kiba killing a good vampire. He thanked the smells in the room for distracting him. With the surrounding odor of alcohol, years of dried blood, sweat, and other scent, he doesn't see how Kiba could stand it in here, let alone sense the vampire. He could only assume Kiba was use to it.

"What are you staring at," Kiba asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Nothing, just looking around is all."

Shino swung back around in his stool to face Kiba who went back behind the bar, getting rid of the glasses and empty Sake bottles. Kiba got rid of his wet cloth as well and dried his hands on the white apron around his waist. He looked around himself and the entire bar to make sure he didn't miss anything and took off his apron. Shino glanced behind himself to where the vampire sat in the room only to find the booth empty of the trespasser.

"Listen Shino," Kiba began.

Shino turned fast to face his friend, didn't want the Inuzuka to suspect anything. He was really grateful for the small break Kiba got from taking the trash out. The guy was actually relaxed a little.

"I just want to say I'm sorry for the way I've been acting today. I just can't understand why my mom and my sister wouldn't let me go with them. It was a two day trip to Lanoha what's the problem. They always want…" He stopped himself to calm down, working himself up again. "All I'm saying is that I shouldn't have taken my anger out on you."

"Your apology is accepted."

Kiba smiled the first time today.

"Yeah well, you're not the only one I need to apologize to." He remembered leaving the compound mad at his friend, Akamaru, and mentally punched himself. He felt bad.

"I'm sure he would understand."

"I hope so." Kiba let out a sigh. He walked over to Shino and sat next to him on a stool. "Hey, since I have the house to myself, you want to come over. We could spar like we use to."

"Can't," Shino said quickly, a little too quickly.

Shino looked over to his friend to see the surprise look on his face, and if he saw correctly, a flash of sadness. Kiba looked away and then back again, this time with a stern look on his face.

"Why not"

"I have something important to do," Shino said. I need to look for that vampire he thought.

"Right," Kiba stood. Shino could easily hear the strain in his voice as his anger started to return. "Yeah you go do that, whatever it is that is important. But before you do could you tell Akio I'm leaving."

"Kiba wait…" He couldn't understand the quick change in demeanor.

"Could you just do that for me," Kiba strained.

Shino could see Kiba shake; visibly shake for a brief moment. He thought it was a trick of his eyes but another shake shook Kiba's body. A frown formed over his sunglasses at this unexpected movement since the air in the room was quite warm.

"Yeah Kiba," he answered, still confused from what he saw.

Kiba didn't bother to say thank you as he quickly left the bar. Shino was still looking at the door as it swung slowly behind the retreating Inuzuka, still having the confuse look on his face.

Kiba, what's wrong with you?


Kiba walked the quiet streets to his house in a hurry. His features turning from mad to worried all at the same time and he was regretting leaving the way he did back at Akio's. But what was done was done and now he just wanted to go home and at least make peace with Akamaru. Not to mention to go to sleep…if he could be able to sleep.

As he walked, he didn't notice the grey caped figure hiding in the shadows watching him walk home.



Kiba woke to the sound of someone calling his name. His eyes adjusted to the dark of his room and looked around for the voice. In the mist of his searching he found himself looking around his old room, the one from when he was twelve. Blue sheets with dogs printed on it covered his chest and down, clothes littered the floor and the dresser against the wall at the foot of his bed, a family picture with his dad sat on the small table next to his bed. He slowly sat up and jumped when he saw a puppy Akamaru lying at the foot of the bed, asleep between his feet. He jumped again when he looked to see his younger self, his twelve year old self in the mirror. What's going on, he thought.


Again the howling voice called out to him. Forgetting about himself for the moment, he climbed out of bed without waking Akamaru and left his room curious to see who the voice belong to. He was faced with a straight hallway with his sister's bedroom to his right and another just up ahead. Both were empty as he passed them, following the voice leading him to a dimly lit room at the end of the hallway.


He walked slowly, taking in the familiar house and its creaked floorboards and chipped paint walls. All the same as he remembered. Finally making it to the end of the hallway he was met with their living room. The fireplace set blazing at one end and the front door at the other. It wasn't that big but big enough to hold a couch, a love seat, a coffee table and his favorite brown rug he would often fall asleep on. He would have loved to stay and admire the old scenery but the voice beckoned him forward.

He walked around the couch and the rest of the furniture forming a circle around the fireplace to go down another hall, passed the entrance to the kitchen and dining room, and walked down it. The voice seemed to have gotten louder as he reached it. It was coming from behind the closed door of his parents' room.


Kiba was almost hesitating to open the door but he was curious and the voice did sound so familiar to him now. So with a twist of the knob, the door eased its way open to a dark moon lit room.

"H…hello," he stuttered.

"Kiba" Kiba jumped back for how close he was to the voice. "Kiba, my son it's me, your father."


Kiba squint his eyes to see if he could make out his father's presence. A dark figure moved toward the light of the room only to allow half of his chest and down to be seen, dressed in a Jonin t-shirt and pants.

"Yes Kiba it's me, your father."

A smile broke out on Kiba's face and he ran to his father embracing him in a hug. His father returned it and Kiba had tears coming out of his eyes.

"Oh dad I've missed you. You don't know how much this mean to me," Kiba cried.

"Yes me too, son…me too."

Kiba held on for dear life, keeping his father tightly in his arms. He couldn't bare it if he lost his dad again, not like last time. I'm sorry he said in his head but he couldn't get the words passed his lips. He just doesn't want this moment to end.

Suddenly, something wet and warm touched the side of his face and down to his stomach. He loosened his hold on his father and stepped back to see what it was and gasped when he saw the red liquid staining his father's shirt.

"Dad you're bleeding."

"I know," his father said, moving his hands down to his son's upper arms and holding him tight.

"We got to get help, come on." Kiba made to leave but the firm grip around his arms held him still. "Dad what are you doing we have to go."

"No we can't, not when I waited so long for this moment."

"What are you talking about," Kiba struggled.

"Waited for you to kill me."

Kiba paused in his struggling to look up at his father just as he stepped forward, pushing Kiba back, into the moonlight. Another gasped filled Kiba's lungs when he was met with yellow slit eyes and elongated fangs. He began to struggle again seeing his father as a vampire, listening to the man laugh at his futility.

"Why are you struggling, I need you, Kiba."

"N-no you don't. I can't, I won't," Kiba said, continuing to struggle.

His father suddenly let go of his arms and Kiba fell to the floor on his back. He quickly rolled over to his front and began to crawl away from his father as the man walked towards him. Hands grabbed his ankles, stopping him in his escape and flipped him over to his back again. Kiba was frozen in fear as his father straddled him and pinned his arms to his side.

"Why are you running Kiba, I need you to kill me."

"Nooo," Kiba half screamed and half cried. Tears were rolling from his eyes as his father leaned forward over him.

"If you don't kill me then I'll have to kill you," he whispered in Kiba's ear.

"I-I c-can't."

His father sat back up and looked saddened by Kiba's answer.

"Then you leave me with no choice."

Reeling his head back, exposing his long fangs, he brought his head back down and sank his teeth into Kiba's neck.

"AHHHH," Kiba screamed, waking up from his dream.

He sat up in his bed panting from the nightmare and looking around desperately to make sure he was in the present of his new home and room and to make sure his father wasn't nowhere in sight. A whine from his left caught his attention and he looked down to see Akamaru leaning his head on the bed giving his master a worried look. Kiba calmed himself by letting out a sigh and closing his eyes to clear the nightmare away. Akamaru whined and barked, getting his master's attention again, asking if he was alright.

"I'm fine boy," Kiba said opening his eyes and looking down at his dog. "I'm fine."

With a reassuring smile, Kiba removed the covers from his wet and flustered body and walked across his room to the bathroom. He splashed water on his face to cool his skin and remove the sweat formed over his brow. Looking up at himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but stare at his pale frighten features. Most of all he looked down at the junction between his neck and shoulder on his left side to see two small puncture wound there. His body shook at the thought of remembering the pain from the two marks and the soreness afterwards. But they were wounds that would never heal.

He hated to be alone. Even when Akamaru was with him it wasn't enough to ease his mind. He needed the scent of human present in order for him to have a decent rest at night. Only with people around would his nightmare stay at bay. He was alone then, with Akamaru, when his father was killed. Helpless as the child he was to do anything…anything to prevent his father's death and demise. Now, alone, the feelings return. The nightmares of his father and his twelve year old self, alone together… killing each other off every time at the end before he would wake up. He would kill his father and the next time his father would kill him, it was a reoccurring theme in his dream.

Granted he doesn't have them that much, not like how they were when he was younger. Hana and his mother rarely leave him alone anymore, at least not since that day. Sometimes when they do, one of them, his mother or sister would sometime stay home with him while the other go on a mission or hunt. At time Shino would accompany him to his home and he would stay over. But this time was different. No one was here, only Akamaru and himself. He tried not to think about it and will himself not to worry about it as he laid down for a little nap from working to hard at Akio's bar. He did have a long day. But that was deemed useless as he still had the nightmare.

Another splash of water cleared his thoughts and refreshed him as he dropped his glaze from the mirror. A whine from the doorway of the bathroom had him looking over and smiling at his white companion. He was asking was he alright, again?

"You're hungry boy," Kiba asked avoiding the question, rubbing his naked stomach to emphasize his statement. "Me too…just let me get dress and I'll make us something to eat."

Akamaru knew what Kiba was doing as he watched his master, only clad in his boxers, walk back in their room to get dress. He knew Kiba was trying to shut him up with food and hope for him to forget what just happened a few minutes ago. Though the offer was tempting, he wouldn't forget. He never liked his master closing the unforgettable from the world and his family and watching it eat away at him, making him mean and hateful. He never liked it. But he was powerless against Kiba, even though he could fumble the guy with one leap, Kiba now would retaliate. And the Kiba he knew wouldn't hit him. So he left it alone and let his master be mean and hateful. It was better then having him angry at him.

Kiba walked back in his room and casually put on some clothes from his dresser. He paused midway of zipping his black jacket when his eyes landed on a box on his dresser. Reaching out for it, he opened it to have a clear crystal necklace inside. It belonged to his father, given to him on the day of his death by his father. He treasure it since it was the only thing left of his father he ever had since most of his father's things were stored away.

His father would always wear it when he was on hunts or missions, valuing it as if it brought him luck. Kiba assumed it did since his father was the luckiest guy he knew. The day he gave it to him, he lost his luck and therefore died because of it. Kiba always thought he doesn't deserve to wear such a jewelry as lucky it was, but he couldn't work the nerve to get rid of it. His father wanted him to have it and so he kept it, wore it in his battles with vampires and on small missions for money.

It brought him luck as it should.

He put it on and zipped up his jacket the rest of the way. Fully dressed, he left his room with a smile and headed down stairs to fix a snack with Akamaru beside him.


Kiba and Akamaru walked the quiet streets of the village trying to make it to Shino's house. It wasn't like it was far or hard to get to, it just that Kiba kept skipping the house and they would walk in circle. He was hesitating and the house looked to be empty. Shino did say his partners were going on a mission and Shino probably over at Miyuki's house for the night. That's probably was his important thing he said he had to do since Shino and Miyuki been secretly going out for five months now. Also the fact that it was one thirty in the morning had the teen waver his option of coming over to Shino's house in the first place. So now they just walked around.

Another thing Kiba was trying to do was avoid sleep. Since the nightmare, he was trying to keep himself busy until the break of dawn to stay awake. But Kiba was doing a horrible job at it. His feet were dragging and his eyelids were drooping down every chance they got. He was looking like the walking dead from Akamaru point of view. Akamaru would bark to wake him or alert him of something in his path but it wasn't keeping the teen awake long enough.

Seeing a water fountain up ahead, Akamaru looked around to make sure nothing was in Kiba's way before rushing to quench his thirst. While Akamaru busied himself at the fountain, Kiba walked slowly down the street with his eyes closed, unaware that someone in a grey cape standing in front of him. The impact was sudden and enough to jog Kiba out of his sleepy stupor and frown at whatever he ran into.

"Hey Akamaru, why didn't…" he was cut off from his speech when he saw the person standing in front of him. "Sorry," he said slowly.

He was studying the guy, who face he couldn't see, and curiously wondering who he was. The guy began to walk around him, shadowy face keeping it front until he had Kiba turning around to follow him. He stood with his frown still intact as the guy walked backwards. A breeze picked up, flowing towards Kiba and his nose twitched, picking up a familiar scent. His eyes widen when the scent of blood and death left him when the wind died down.

"Vampire," Kiba said out loud.

The guy cut out running down the street with Kiba on his trail after him.

"Akamaru come on."

Akamaru lifted his head from the fountain to see his master running away. He ran after him a little limply because of his sore leg. The scent on the wind hit his nose and he picked up speed catching up with his master.

They followed the vampire down dark alleyways to jointed streets slowly catching up with him. The distance was still great between them but Kiba and Akamaru were not that far behind.

"How did he get in," Kiba yelled to his companion.

Akamaru barked an 'I don't know' and leaped over a fallen trash can a little ahead of his master.

They were going into another alleyway where a fence blocked at the end. Behind the fence was the surrounding wall of the village and Kiba knew the vampire was trapped now. He was getting near and just when Kiba thought he was going to stop, the vampire jumped the fence. The teen let out a growl as he picked up speed and he and his dog did the same. They landed on all fours as they stopped to check the space between the wall and fence. The wall was high and Kiba would have seen the vampire if he jumped the wall. Guards would have seen him too if he'd jumped.

Akamaru barked to get his master attention and Kiba followed his dog to a section on the wall.

"What is it Akamaru," Kiba asked. Confused and angry that Akamaru led him here instead of looking for the vampire.

"Genjutsu," Akamaru barked.

Kiba raised an eyebrow at this news and brought his hands for the appropriate hand sign to release the genjutsu. The wall in front of them shimmered clear, revealing the woods on the other side.

"How is this…?"

"There he is," Akamaru interrupted him and ran through the transparent wall to go after the vampire. Kiba eventually followed after him, not knowing the transparent wall became opaque again soon as he set foot on the other side.

They again were in chase after the vampire. He was leading them far into the woods where Konoha was nowhere in sight. Akamaru was slowly lacking behind with his injured leg but stayed within his master's sight. The vampire took to the trees now and with an okay from his dog, Kiba followed suit.

The vampire was gaining speed making Kiba loss sight of him through the green limbs and darkness. His eyes could only see so far without his trusted dog. A clearing was just ahead and Kiba thank the stars and the moon for their light as he saw the vampire jumping down up ahead. Pulling out a kunai at the ready, Kiba jumped down too from the tree top and landed in a squat.

Two wagons stood in the middle of clearing as one vampire stood some distance away from it as the one he was following took to the bushes behind it. Chicken Kiba thought as he walked up to the lonely vampire. This one was smaller then the one he chased, hood hiding its features as well from his view. Small hands reaching out from inside the engulfing cape he was in and reached up and lowered the hood revealing a sight he never had seen before.

She had long dark purple hair pulled in a ponytail, braided at the end, fell over her left shoulder. Bangs cover her forehead, reaching small eyebrows that arched in worry. He stared into two pupils less pale eyes that stared back at him with a sparkle. Her face was pale just like her hands but carried softness to them and a little shade of color to her. Her lips were natural pink, as much he could tell, and also shined from the light of the moon. She was beautiful. Kiba was amazed by her beauty for someone who was a vampire.

Kiba watched as her lips gently parted as if to say something but his attention was disturbed by others vampires in grey capes jumping out of their hiding place. Back alert now, Kiba raised his kunai up high, ready to defense him self if the vampires choose to attack. Nine of them surrounded him and the young girl vampire in a circle, pushing forward, making the circle grow small.

"Please, we're…"

Kiba didn't give the girl time to finish her sentence as he aimed his kunai at her throat. The other vampires surrounding them stopped in their track seeing their protective in harm.

"Hinata," one of the vampires bellowed.

The one he called Hinata lifted her hands up to stop her fellow vampire forward moment to attack and looked to Kiba. Kiba saw the interaction between the two vampires and thought to use this as his advantage. Quickly he grabbed Hinata and pulled her against him in front of him, still with the kunai at her throat. Again the vampires moved in but Hinata stopped them. The one who called out her name moved forward a little and Kiba pushed the kunai closer to Hinata's neck.

"Tell him to stop or you're dead," Kiba ordered.

"Neji please, don't come any closer," Hinata ordered.

"But Hinata…," Neji protested.


Reluctantly, Neji gave into Hinata's orders and stayed put. Hinata could feel the hot breath of the stranger on her neck as he tightened his hold on her around her waist. She could feel and hear his heart beat beating fast against her back and the warmth radiating from his body. Naturally she turned her head slowly to smell his aroma but the knife pushing even further at her neck prevented that.

"Don't you dare move or I swear I will cut your throat," Kiba forced out.

Hinata snapped out of her stupor and looked forward at her fellow vampires, mostly at Neji for help. Seeing this, Neji lifted his hands up as a sign of surrender as he got Kiba's attention.

"Please, we aren't here to hurt you." Kiba tsked at his statement. "We're here because we're looking for someone, and you're probably him."

The kunai on Hinata's neck loosened up some. "What," Kiba said in disbelief.

"You wear the mark of a member of the Inuzuka clan. We're looking for an Inuzuka, most importantly, a friend of ours."

"Liar, no Inuzuka is a friend of you monsters," Kiba voiced, pushing his kunai against Hinata's neck again. Hinata let out a gasped and Neji panicked.

"Please, I promise you we are harmless. You should know that."

Again Kiba tsked at the vampire. "Yeah right…who is this Inuzuka you are looking for then?"

"His name is Isamu, Isamu Inuzuka."

The knife was again pulled away from Hinata's neck hearing the Inuzuka take in a breath. She turned her head to look at him, seeing his eyes widen and his mouth slightly apart. One word left his mouth as the man named mention picture popped up in his head.



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