THE WRATH OF REMY BUXAPLENTY (Sequel to 'Fairy Fairy, not Quite Contrary')

Author's note: The e-letters that I have received from readers congratulating me on my FOP story 'Love, Marriage, and Ulterior Motives', led me to write it's sequel 'Fairy Fairy, not Quite Contrary'. THAT story got me more notes and requests for a sequel to that one as well. Since this type of endorsement makes me want to continue writing these stories, I'll give it a go. Note: I don't own FOP, or it's characters, but I still wonder if indeed I had – when I was young – a fairy godparent watching over me…


"Class dismissed, Be back here at 0800 Monday!", Jorgen Von Strangle bellowed to the fairies assembled in the academy hall.

With a collective "Yay!" the assembled fairies headed out towards the main entrance to the hall (because academy regulations forbad POOF-ing out within the campus confines).

"Phew!" one of the fairies said, "another week of lessons out of the way". The fairy turned to another one who had been floating beside him in line.

"So, Timmy", the fairy said, "heading back to spend time with your folks?"

"You got it, Brendan", Fairy Timmy replied, "Barrack life during the weeknights is fun and all, but the knowledge of spending the weekend with Mom and Dad makes it all worthwhile!"

Brendan nodded at that. Here at the Fairy Academy Preparatory School, all of the young 'rookies' had to get their basic magical skills honed before they could be ready to hit the academic part of their education at Carl Poofy-Pants High School. As Fairy Timmy was only a recent addition to the current class, he had been involved in a lot of cramming and playing catch-up. Jorgen had been giving Fairy Timmy extra one-on-one instruction for a couple of extra hours after classes finished for the day.

"Jorgen been getting you down, Timmy?" Brendan asked.

"No more than usual, but he knows which lines not to cross", Fairy Timmy answered, "still, what he has been teaching me is coming in handy".

"Yeah, having Big Daddy and Mama Cosma as your grandparents is a good advantage that you have", Brendan commented with a smile as they floated out of the assembly hall, and out towards the main gate of the Fairy World Academy.

As they left the main gate, Brendan said, "Remember, there's a standing invitation to visit my home. I'll see you on Monday, Timmy".

"See ya, Brendan", Fairy Timmy replied. Nodding, Brendan raised his wand and first POOF-ed out of his uniform and into civilian clothes, then POOF-ed away.

Fairy Timmy had just POOF-ed out of his uniform and into his pink t-shirt, black pants, and pink ball cap, and was just about to wave his wand and POOF back to Dimmsdale when a familiar voice boomed out.

"Fairy Timmy!" Jorgen Von Strangle called. Fairy Timmy turned around to see Jorgen walking towards him.

"Yes, Sir?" Fairy Timmy asked.

"I trust that you will take to mind those extra lessons I gave you", Jorgen asked, "after all, given your… 'errors'… last Sunday in Dimmsdale, staying focused, and heeding your parents instructions is most important!"

Timmy hadn't been too pleased earlier in the week when Jorgen had called him in to the Commandant's office to discuss a letter that Wanda – now his mother – had sent to Jorgen, informing him of Fairy Timmy's errant use of magic, plus her disciplinary punishment of Timmy.

"All parents of fairies are obliged to send me reports of this nature, Fairy Timmy", Jorgen had explained before Jorgen had instructed him to discuss what he had done to try and stop Vicky from tormenting Timmy's former clone, now his replacement in the Turner household.

"I don't care for that red-headed sixteen-year old minx either", Jorgen said after Fairy Timmy had explained what had happened, "and even though everything did all turn out for the best, it was mainly due to pure dumb luck more than anything else. The most that I can say for you is that you did the wrong thing for the right reason, and that is why I will not add to your mother's punishment – this time!"

Fairy Timmy had gotten that message loud and clear. He had heard horror stories about Jorgen's little 'punishment treats' that he had imposed on rookie fairies who had stepped out of line, and had no wish to experience those. Still, the fact that Jorgen was willing to let the matter end there, plus had also taken the time to give him additional training showed that Jorgen did have a caring side.

Now, at the end of the week, and here at the main gate, Jorgen was ensuring that Fairy Timmy was going to head home to Cosmo and Wanda without leaving what he had learned behind.

"I understand, and I will endeavor to make good use of what I have learned, Sir", Fairy Timmy replied to Jorgen, saluting.

"You don't salute in civilian clothes, Fairy Timmy", Jorgen said, "But have a good weekend anyway".

Nodding, Fairy Timmy raised his wand and with a POOF, reappeared an instant later in Dimmdale; as a goldfish in the fishbowl in new Timmy Turner's bedroom.

"Hi, Son", Cosmo said as he swam out from the castle in the bottom of the bowl, "good to see you!".

"Hi, Dad", Fairy Timmy replied, "how's things?"

"It's been fine for us. How was the academy this week?" Cosmo replied. At this moment, Wanda swam out as well to join them.

"Jorgen is quite an understanding instructor", Fairy Timmy replied, "I thought that after Mom's note, he would hit the roof, but instead, he gave me some extra magical instruction".

"I'm sorry about having to send Jorgen the note, Son", Wanda stated apologetically, "but such letters are an obligation under DA RULES".

"Well, I'm just glad that he took it constructively", Fairy Timmy stated, "given his reputation, it was quite suprising".

"Lucky you", Cosmo opined, "after all, whenever I stepped out of line at the academy, I ended up scrubbing toilets – for years!"

"Yeah, Dad", Fairy Timmy answered, "your demerit and punishment record at the academy is still the stuff of legend. Students there still say 'At least I only messed up, not Cosmo-ed up'"

"Yeah, Cosmo. Remember Pompeii, Atlantis, and Xanadu?", Wanda added, "those places and what you did to them really rounded out your resume of ruination!" Wanda added.

"Hey, that was then, and this is now", Cosmo said inanely, "at least I'm remembered!".

"As if anyone could forget!" Wanda finished. Timmy stifled a laught at that comment.

"By the way, where's new Timmy?" Fairy Timmy asked, "He's usually home this time on a Friday".

"Oh, he and a few friends had headed over to the mall after school to scope out some new video games at the arcade", Wanda replied, "and he let us come home early so that we could greet you".

"That's nice of him", Fairy Timmy said, nodding his understanding.

Just then, new Timmy came into the room. He looked at the fishbowl and said, "Hi, Wanda, Hi, cosmo, and Hi, Fairy Timmy. Good to see you're home from the academy".

Fairy Timmy - followed by Cosmo and Wanda - POOF-ed out of the fishbowl and into their fairy forms. They were floating and looking down at new Timmy.

"What's up?" Fairy Timmy asked, detecting a funny note in new Timmy's greeting.

"Remember the Trixie date you set me up with?" new Timmy asked.

"Yes, of course", Fairy Timmy replied. Last weekend, when disguised as Trixie's best friend Timantha, Fairy Timmy had set up a date between new Timmy and Trixie, "It's scheduled for tomorrow isn't it?".

"The date was actually last night and it went great!" new Timmy replied, "It was low-key, as we went out to eat at the South Dimmsdale Shopping Center, and then we went to see a movie there".

Fairy Timmy nodded. That shopping complex was hardly frequented by anyone from Dimmsdale Elementary School due to the fewer number of shops and arcades, so it made for an ideal low-key rendezvous for a date.

"How did Mom and Dad – I mean your parents – allow you to go out on a Thursday night?" Fairy Timmy asked.

"I did the same thing that you did before you became a fairy", new Timmy said, holding up a portable cloning device.

Fairy Timmy nodded. After all, the new Timmy Turner used to be a clone himself. As such, he acted as a stand-in whenever the original Timmy wanted to go out without Mr. and Mrs. Turner noticing.

"I'm glad it went well", Fairy Timmy said, "I envy you".

"Well, there's something more", new Timmy added, "Trixie asked me to tell my 'cousin' Timantha that there is going to be a formal party tonight at a secret location. She has been invited to attend and is allowed to take a friend with her. She asked me to ask Timantha".

Fairy Timmy rolled his eyes. Girl duty again?!! Still, Fairy Timmy cared deeply for Trixie's need to have a friend and Timantha fulfilled that role.

"What do you think, Mom?" Fairy Timmy asked Wanda.

"I've got no problem with it, Dear", Wanda replied.

"Neither do I" Cosmo replied, "but of course we'll have to impose an 11pm curfew – being parents and all".

"She's expecting you to call", new Timmy said, holding up his telephone.

Sighing, Fairy Timmy touched his signet ring and said "Timantha-Timantha-Timantha".

With a POOF, the boy Fairy Timmy immediately became the human girl Timantha. This time, she didn't fall to the ground with a thud, as Fairy Timmy had maneuvered himself over the bed before using the ring. Timantha just fell on the bed.

"A lot softer landing than the last time", Timantha said as she picked up the phone.

As she dialed the number, Cosmo leaned over to Wanda.

"This can get really confusing at times. Am I supposed to offer our child a game of 'catch' or a doll tea-party?" he asked.

Wanda just rolled her eyes and watched Timantha dial Trixie's house.

"Hello, Trixie?" Timantha said into the phone.

"Timantha!" Trixie joyfully exclaimed in response, "Did Timmy give you my message?"

"Yes he did", Timantha replied, "I'm glad that your date with him turned out well".

"He was a proper gentleman", Trixie said, "but I need to know: can you come out with me tonight?"

"My parents say that I can, but I can't stay out beyond 11pm", Timantha replied.

"That's fine", Trixie said, "You will need some formal clothes though", she added.

"Why?" Timantha asked.

"The invitation was requesting formal dress as the party is in the form of a cotillion", Trixie answered, "sorry for the short notice".

Wanda waved her wand and immediately POOF-ed onto Timantha a cotillion gown. New Timmy whistled at the sight.

"I don't think that it will be a problem", Timantha said, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Great!" Trixie replied, "I'm being picked up by a limo at seven, and I'll have the chauffeur pick you up outside Timmy's house at seven-fifteen. That enough time for you to get ready?" she asked.

"Certainly", Timantha said, "but you have no idea where this cotillion is taking place?" she asked.

"No", Trixie replied, "but when you're given an envelope made out of silk with the invitation inside etched on a sheet of solid silver, plus containing two one-thousand-dollar bills, one does not argue".

"I wouldn't argue either", Timantha agreed, "though I would have thought that given such short notice of my being informed, you'd have felt safer inviting Veronica instead".

"I really want you to be my friend coming with me to something like this", Trixie replied.

"Well, I have no problem with that, so I'll see you at seven-fifteen", she said, hanging up the phone.

"And I'll be seeing you at the party also", a sinister voice said in a room at a mansion not far way.

He was peering into a crystal ball that showed everything that was happening at that very moment in new Timmy's room. That person had also overheard everything said between Trixie and Timantha over the phone. He was smiling evilly. So was the other person who was in that same room, though he was floating instead.

"Si", that person said, with the same evil smile, "so will I"…