Before we begin the fanfic I wanna say that there will be two parts of this fanfic. This is totally Alternate Universe. Akatsuki hasn't been formed until…..well you'll see. If this gets good reviews I will make more chapters and all. Hopefully you won't get confused like I was when I thought about this. It takes far into the future 10 years from the current Shippuden saga. Sasuke left for Orochimaru and Naruto has disappeared 9 years from then. Like I said before Akatsuki hasn't been created…till now. Konoha is also currently under attack. Don't worry later chapters will explain it all. So without further ado I introduce Uzumaki Leader: The Build Up.

The smell of blood lurked everywhere. Dead ninja's bodies lied on the ground. Konoha was a total hell. They were under attack from a group of ninjas who had been planning this day. They slowly made their way into the gate as Kakashi Hatake busted through the door of the Hokage's office.

"Tsunade they have finally showed themselves, the new organization that we've been researching for 5 years." Kakashi panted as Tsunade eyes opened with shock. Sakura, now a full fledged medical ninja who was in the room as well, started to shake.

"What is the village's current condition?" Tsunade questioned.

"Take a look yourself." Kakashi motioned to look out the window. Tsunade and Sakura both looked to see the village slowly being torn to pieces. Buildings had collapsed and others were burning. Tsunade cursed under her breath.

"Tsunade-sama…what should we do?" Sakura asked though deep inside she was scared herself. Tsunade thought for a long period of time with no ideas coming into mind.

"TSUNADE WE NEED AND ORDER NOW!" Kakashi slammed his hand on the table which awoke Tsunade from her thoughts as she stood up abruptly.

"We're going to fight of course. Order all squads out now. We need to push the people out of the village and protect everyone. Sakura come with me Kakashi spread the word and go get Jiraiya." Tsunade was prepared to jump out her window down to the ground below with Sakura closely following her in a person appeared infront of both of them.

Tsunade looked up and released a sigh of relief. "Jiraiya you scared the shit outta me!"

Jiraiya smirked as his face once again became serious. Tsunade knew what that face usually meant. "What info have you found out, Jiraiya?"

"Seems like these people call themselves, Akatsuki," Jiraiya continued on, "Some of which contain the once Konoha ninja Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame of formally of the village of the Mist. If we wish to stop them now is the time so lets go!" Jiraiya jumped down onto the ground who was quickly followed by Tsunade and Sakura as they ran into the village.

They had to stay fast and quick so that they wouldn't get caught up in other things. Kakashi soon joined them after spreading the word. Kakashi then sensed something.

"LOOK OUT!" His voice caused all of them to jump back onto the building behind them as a giant fireball had slammed into the ground they currently stood on. A figure landed beside them as he slowly looked up.

"We meet again…Hatake Kakashi." The figure looked into Kakashi's eyes reveal two sharigans. Sakura started to tremble. Sasuke…no this person's eyes are different…more sinister. Sakura quietly thought to herself. Kakashi smiled underneath his mask with confidence.

"Never thought you would show your face again Uchiha Itachi." Kakashi pulled out a kunai to prepare himself. Sakura looked at Itachi. So this is the man that destroyed the Uchiha clan and made Sasuke miserable. Sakura also prepared herself when Tsunade placed a hand on her shoulder. Sakura looked up in confusion.

"You aren't at his level…trust me he has skills that would kill your mind." Tsunade and Jiraiya both stood infront of Sakura and beside Kakashi. The ground started to shake as a giant rush of water swept the Konoha ninja off the building and then crashing into ground.

"Suiton: Baku Suishouha!" Kisame had been on the building beside them as he released his powerful water jutsu knocked them to the ground as they looked up as Kisame landed beside Itachi. "Hmm seems like you know one of them. I'll leave that one to you then."

"Do you not know who I am?!" Jiraiya pronounced. "I'm a might sannin the toad master Jiraiya!" Itachi looked over at the old sannin.

"We know who you are, but you prove no threat to us." Itachi scoffed. Kisame took out Samehada and pointed it toward Jiraiya.

"You'll be fun to kill. A sannin should be a worthy challenge of my skill." Kisame laughed. Sakura's fist tightened as chakra started to surround her fist. Tsunade prepaed the same thing.

"There is no way we'll let you destroy this village!" Sakura announced. Itachi and Kisame prepared themselves as well as Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sakura, and Kakashi. They took their places. Right before they were to charge into battle a strong voice called out.

"Itachi, Kisame, stop." A third figure slowly walked down the pass which held the Konoha ninjas. He stopped a few feet infront of them with the hat hiding his face and features. This person was slightly shorter than Itachi and Kisame, but his power could be sensed by everyone.

"So you must be the leader of this little gang." Tsunade proclaimed and her muscles tensed, "Seems like you'll die first then!" The man then grabbed something out of his pocket and threw it in front of Tsunade's feet. Sakura looked down as he eyes widened. She bent down and picked the object up and looked at it more closely.

"This….this headband…its…Naruto's…" Sakura's voice was cracking as tears slowly started to build in her eyes. Her hands clutched the headband as she looked at the leader with hate. "You….killed…Naruto…DIDN'T YOU?!" Tsunade and Jiraiya had grabbed Sakura's arms so that she wouldn't run straight into combat. The leader just started to laugh as his head arose.

"What is so funny?!" Kakashi asked with this leader pissing him off. "Did you kill Naruto? Answer our question!" The leader stopped laughing as a pair of deep red eyes shined were now visible. This gaze sent shock throughout Kakashi's, Jiraiya's, and Tsunade's body. The leader then gave a big smile which was one of pure evil. This then made everyone freeze and Sakura fall to her knees. Those eyes, the smile, everything about him brought only one person into their minds.

"N-N-Naruto…no…it can't be…" tears slowly ran down Sakura's face as everyone else stared in shock. The leader removed his hat. Though his hair had grown a darker shade the face and the whiskers were still familiar. They looked in shock, but Naruto just chuckled. This made Sakura snapped she ran at Naruto and delivered a powerful smack to the face. This made Naruto take a step back as he glared at her with his rage building.

"Why Naruto…why did you do this?" Sakura questioned him. Naruto just turned his head without an answer. Tears were streaming now her face from her emerald eyes as she grabbed his cloak's collar and shook him. "I asked you a question. Now answer me!" Suddenly a wind sound was heard as Kakashi charged toward Sakura and pushed her out of the way as Naruto jammed his palm into his former sensei's gut. Sakura watched in horror as the Rasengan Naruto had used tore into Kakashi's stomach as he was thrown back, but caught by Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"Kakashi are you ok?" Tsunade asked with a concerned tone in her voice, but the masked ninja did not replay. Jiraiya lifted up Kakashi's shirt to reveal an unbelievably deep bloody gash in the place of Kakashi's stomach. That wasn't a normal Rasengan. It was way different and much more powerful. Jiraiya looked at the wound closer as he kept thinking. His gaze than drifted to Naruto, who's face had a giant yet evil grin on his face.

"So Jiraiya how do you like my new Rasengan." Naruto bragged, "I call it my RR or Razor Rasengan. The swirling motion gets so intense that the edges becomes like sharp blades that dig into the flesh of one's skin." Naruto broke out into a sinister laugh. Itachi and Kisame watched the scene from above.

"Hmph that kid gets a little too worked up sometimes." Kisame rubbed his forehead. Itachi turned around and started to walk away.

"Come Kisame. You don't want to be around for what the Leader has in store next." Itachi jumped off as Kisame sighed and looked at Naruto who matched his gaze. It sent shivers down Kisame's spine as he jumped closely behind Itachi. Naruto then watched as Sakura ran over to Kakashi and started to heal his wounds to her best effort. Naruto took a step forward which made Tsunade and Jiraiya to take stand infront of Kakashi and Sakura.

"I don't care if you are Naruto…I'll stop you by any means necessary." Jiraiya said as he prepared himself for combat. Naruto just stood then as he looked over at Tsunade. He could see the heartbreak in her eyes. The same look Sakura had in hers. Naruto sighed heavily as he made his signature handsign. A clone appeared by his side as he placed his hand to the side and started to gather a great amount of power in his palm. His younger self would have needed three clones for this technique, but not anymore.

The sound of wind started to fill the air as the once blue Rasengan turned into a dark purple Rasengan as it soon took the shape of a shuriken. He lifted his hand toward the air as it twirled in the palm of his hand. Tsunade and Jiraiya looked at each other then nodded their head in unison.

"Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken!!" The dark chakra shuriken spun in Naruto's palm faster and faster as Tsunade and Jiraiya were quickly forming handsigns. Naruto saw their attempt and laughed even more. "Its pointless…you shall die where you stand!" A red chakra tail shot out from the back of Naruto's cloak as the chakra started to cover his body. The ground started to shake. The power from Naruto and the two sannins was almost unbearable. Sakura knew what Jiraiya and Tsunade were planning to do. Sakura stood up and prepared for her task in this jutsu.

Naruto lost control and laughed manically. "DIE!!" Naruto was about the release the powerful Rasengan when Tsunade and Jiraiya pronounced unleashed their jutsu. A powerful light blinded Naruto which made him lose his balance and fall back as the Rasengan exploded in his hand damaging it to the core. Bones of his were showing as the chakra rebuilt his skin in a matter of seconds. He saw a hole full of stars as his eyes widened. Sakura stood infront of it and smile one last time at this older Naruto. Dark red eyes widened in fear as he charged at Sakura screaming with rage, but it was too late as Sakura disappeared into the hole.

Jiraiya and Tsunade soon dashed toward Naruto as he released a powerful blast of chakra from his body that tore the ground apart and started to engulf the two sannin possibly ending their life.

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