Sorry this chapter has taken awhile to be released

Sorry this chapter has taken awhile to be released. I had some major writer's block on how I wanted the story to progress and something that would make Naruto really snap. I have yet to really think of something good to happen, which is why after this story I would like people to review their ideas of some possible events that would cause Naruto to lose it. I would be grateful for any possible ideas.

Naruto was making his way to the hospital step by step as he looked at the ground while doing so. 'What am I going to say when I get there?' Naruto thought to himself. Yes, the young blonde was going to apologize to his new teammate after the pain he had inflicted on him. His thoughts were also plagued from the mysterious man that appeared before him last night, was it dream or reality? Naruto continued to walk to his destination as he tried to replay the events over and over in his head. The thing that plagued his memory the most was that the man was able to control the fox sealed within him like it was nothing. 'Could he actually be trying to help me control Kyuubi? No way, besides how does he even know of the Kyuubi sealed inside me?' Naruto continued to ponder to himself until he walked into the arch of the hospital. "Oh yeah, I came here to apologize to Sai." Naruto smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head and made his way in. He walked toward the front desk and felt a couple of gazes upon him that he couldn't shake off.

"Can I help you?" The nurse asked at the desk in a very dull tone. She was filing her nails, not even paying attention to the blonde in front of her. 'She seems to be having a good day…haha…' Naruto's thought as he shook his head to clear the thoughts then coughed to clear his throat and also attempt for the nurse to actually look up at him.

"I'm here to see my teammate Sai," Naruto began, "Can you tell me what room he's in?" The nurse looked up and gave him a dark look that sent a chill down his spine. She stood up and started to walk down a hallway as she motioned for Naruto to follow. 'Must be that time of the month for her,' Naruto chuckled to himself, but was silenced by the glare the nurse gave him over her shoulder. After a few silent awkward moments, the nurse stopped in front of a door and opened it as Naruto followed.

"Mr. Sai you have a visitor." The nurse said as she stepped aside revealing a Naruto with an embarrassed look on his face as he rubbed the back of his head. Sai picked his head up from the book he was reading and saw the blonde teammate. He gave one of his emotionless smiles as Naruto laughed slightly. The nurse walked out as she closed the door behind her as Naruto walked over to the chair that was next to Sai' bed. Naruto noticed Sai's arm was wrapped up tightly and in a sling. Naruto looked at his feet with the feeling of guilt as Sai stared at him with the same emotionless look. 'Damn it! I made it this far, but I have no idea what to say,' Naruto's thoughts plagued his mind; 'Maybe I should just apologize and explain what happened. No, I doubt he's gonna understand that some creepy old tricker-treater freak came earlier this year and said he could control the Kyuubi.' Naruto tried to gulp down the dryness in his mouth as he couldn't think of anything to say. Silence filled the room like a heavy mist as neither one said one word. Sai then took it upon himself to break the silence as he opened his mouth, "Naru-"

He was cut off as Naruto suddenly stood up and bowed his head. "I'M SORRY SAI!" Sai's was caught off guard by the sudden apology that Naruto started to yell, "I'M TRULY SORRY FOR WHAT I DID TO YOU AND THAT I COULDN'T CONTROL MY ANGER!" Naruto was still bowing as he was panting from the long yelling of the apology which could probably have been heard throughout the entire hospital. Naruto's eyes were closed shut as his body was shaking, but his body relaxed from the small chuckle he heard. He leaned back up and saw a smile on Sai's face, not one robbed of emotion, but one of forgiveness. Naruto sighed with relief, talking to Sai would be way easier for him now. After Naruto laughed at himself for awhile he sat back down and talked to Sai for an amount of time as the subject went from the damage Naruto had dealt to the subject of the book the Sai was reading which embarrassed Sai. After a few hours Naruto took a deep breath and then looked at Sai seriously. "Hey Sai, say you met someone who offered you to control a special power that you had…like if he helped with your art talent and what not…would you accept it?" Naruto asked.

Sai looked at Naruto then cupped his chin with his hand as he thought about the question. "That depends," Sai started, "Do I happen to be already acquainted with this person?" "Well um..let's say that he's not," Naruto laughed nervously. Sai looked at Naruto with eyes that seemed to read Naruto's very soul. Sai then turned his head as he laid back and looked at the ceiling above. "I'm guessing this Naruto. If controlling something meant that gaining more power, then I suppose that'd be a good thing." Naruto started to nod his head at the response, but Sai continued on, "But there is a price for power, you should know that by now from Sasuke. It all depends on you Naruto." Sai turned his head to look at Naruto, "How far are you willing to go for power?" Naruto stared back speechless. He went to respond when the nurse walked back in.

"Visiting hours are over, you maybe come back at a later time." She stated as he grabbed Naruto by the back of his collar and dragged him out of the room. As Naruto struggled he could only look back at Sai who gave his usual smile and gave a wave goodbye. Naruto ended back in the streets of Konoha as he looked at the ground as he walked. 'Power' that single word rang throughout Naruto's head as he continued walking on the streets. "Maybe I'll go visit the old hag, she might have a mission for me." Naruto chuckled to himself as he dashed for the Hokage tower.

Inside Tsunade's office, a group of enraged villagers were shouting at the Hokage as Sakura and Shizune stood on one of the sides of Tsunade. "We want that monster out of here NOW!" A man shouted as the rest of the group shouted in agreement. During the time of Naruto's attack on Sai, a few villagers had witnesses Naruto's act and it struck fear into their hearts. "I don't want to lose my family by the hands of his demon child!" An elderly woman shouted waving her cane in the air. Tsunade rubbed her temples trying the ease the frustration as the yelling didn't cease. "I hear what you're saying, but please be rest assured, he is not as evil as you claim to be and I will not tolerate you calling him a monster or a demon in front of me." Tsunade stated as Sakura and Shizune nodded in unison. The uproar became louder after disagreeing with the female Hokage, but a knock interrupted the argument. Naruto walked through the door as an isle formed after the crowd of villagers opened up. Naruto looked around as he slowly made his way down the isle as he received the cold stares he remembered oh so well from his childhood. He stopped right in front of the desk of the Hokage as he looked down at her.

"What's goin on granny?" Naruto asked which caused Tsunade's eyebrow to twitch at how Naruto addressed her. Sakura put her face in her hand as she sighed.

"Naruto, I think you should leave. Now is not a good time." Shizune tried to reason with the blonde ninja. Naruto had a confused look on his face and tried to keep the conversation going hoping to shake off the cold stares of those behind him. Slowly and as quiet as possible, a women behind her reached into her purse. She then took a step into the isle and started walking toward Naruto. Naruto sensed her presence and turned out and he felt the woman slam into him from the front. Naruto was taken back at first, but then his eyes widened as a pain sensation rushed through this body. Tsunade, Sakura and Shizune all looked at the scene in front of them and then down at the ground near Naruto's feet. Naruto's blood dripped onto the ground below as the blade pierced through his skin.

That's it. Once again, I apologize the chapter took so long. I still have some writers block, but I think I have a good idea of where I want this fanfic to go. Like I said, I would really like some ideas of what would make Naruto finally snap, preferably something Sakura would do to finally make him snap. Read and Review people.