This is my first attempt at writing a HP/Buffy crossover. This story follows the first year some from the book and some from the movie.

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Twins Harry James Potter and Elizabeth Lily Potter, who is nicknamed Buffy, were miserable living with their Aunt Petunia Dursley and her family for ten years. Instead of welcoming them with love they were greeted with coldness and absolutely no love. It was early morning and both were asleep in their little room beneath the stairs. It really wasn't a room, but a storage closet that was barely big enough for the two to stand in. There was a mattress and a raggedy beanbag chair in the corner. Buffy was sleeping curled up on the beanbag with a comforter covering her. Harry lay in the bed on his back a thinner holier blanket was covering him. The light in the hall was turned on and could be seen through the slits in the door. They both soon heard Aunt Petunia's shrill voice.

"Up! Get up!" She banged on the door with one hand as she unlocked the door with her other hand. "Now!"

Buffy rubbed her eyes sleepily as she looked up at her brother who turned on the light as he reached for his glasses. She looked down to see the nicer of the two blankets were on her. She realized Harry must have switched the blankets some time during the night.

"Good morning brother. Thank you." Harry smiled slightly which was a rare thing for both of them.

"You were shivering last night. You aren't getting sick again are you?" He asked his face becoming serious once again.

She shook her head no. Harry reached for her hand. He and Buffy had a connection that when they touched they knew if the other was lying or was feeling bad or just needed to feel loved. Harry nodded and let go. The sound of feet running down the stairs and then back up again told them Dudley was awake.

"Wake up, Cousins! We're going to the zoo!" Dudley said as he jumped up and down on the steps.

Sawdust fell from the ceiling as Dudley ran back down. Harry opened the door and Dudley pushed him back shutting the door. Buffy just looked at her brother.

"One of these days he's going to fall through the floor when he jumps." Harry laughed as he rubbed his head. "And with my luck, he'll land on me."

The two came out in time to hear their Aunt Petunia gushing over Dudley.

"Here he comes, the birthday boy."

"Happy Birthday son," said Vernon.

The two walk into the kitchen to see Aunt Petunia smothering Dudley with hugs and kisses.

"Cook breakfast you two. And try not to burn anything." Petunia told them.

"Yes Aunt Petunia." They both said. Buffy had gone to the stove since Harry was the one that usually burned the breakfast on purpose.

"I want everything to be perfect…for my Dudley's special day!"

"Hurry up boy! Bring me my coffee!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon," responded Harry.

Buffy moved over to place the ham on the plate and turned to get started on the eggs. Dudley looked at the presents and instead of being happy for what he got he looked like there wasn't enough.

"How many are there?" Dudley asked.

"36. Counted them myself." His father told him.

"36? But last year I had 37!" Dudley shouted. Both Buffy and Harry looked at him.

"I'm shocked. I didn't think the big oaf could count past twenty because he ran out of fingers and toes." Buffy thought to herself and Harry snorted. Luckily no one heard it over Dudley's rant!

"But some of them are bigger than last year's." Uncle Vernon said thinking that would appease his son.

"I don't care how big they are!"

"This is what we're going to do is when we go out we're going to buy you two new presents. How's that, pumpkin?" Petunia said to Dudley which seemed to appease him.

The twins quickly served their relatives. Buffy fixed Harry a plate and set it in front of him. Harry looked at her.

"I'm not hungry. Go ahead and eat. I'll start cleaning up and then I'll go change for the day."

"Okay, but you have to promise you'll eat something later."

"I promise." Buffy thought back as she began to clean.

She and Harry never knew exactly how they were able to communicate with each other, but she didn't know what she would do without it. Harry ate quickly and then joined his sister in cleaning. When the majority of it was done Buffy went back to their closet to change. She put on the only skirt she owned. It was faded from being repeatedly washed but it was still good to wear. Like Harry she too was wearing clothes that Dudley had outgrown or were old. Every once in a while Aunt Petunia will get a dress or skirt from one of Vernon's relatives and would give it to Buffy. The sweater she was wearing was insanely big on her almost looking like a dress. Once she was done she went to check on Harry.

They were on their way out the door to head to the zoo. Buffy and Harry were usually sent to Mrs. Figgs place but she couldn't watch them because she had broken her leg. Both Buffy and Harry were excited at being able to go out some place other than school and the barbers. Uncle Vernon pulled them both aside.

"I'm warning you both now. Any funny business, any at all…and you won't have any meals for a week. Get in."

Buffy and Harry just took each other's hand and held it tight. They knew as long as they stuck together there was nothing they couldn't get through. They hurried to get into the vehicle. Buffy sat next to Dudley because he seemed to like her a bit better than Harry. The trip to the zoo was a quiet one and Buffy thought about what life would be like if she and Harry hadn't lived with the Dursley's at all. She was only ten and sometimes she felt much older. Harry squeezed her hand tightly and she looked up to see a slight smile. As they pulled into the zoo, the three children smiled. At the entrance the Dursley's bought Dudley a large chocolate ice cream. When Uncle Vernon didn't get anything for Buffy and Harry the lady at the booth smiled sadly. She could clearly see that they were both very hungry. She offered the two a small lemon ice pops that were very cheap compared to Dudley's ice cream, but it was good none the less.

"Thank you." They both said politely.

"Let's go you two!" Uncle Vernon bellowed. Harry and Buffy thanked the lady again.

"If you can come back later and I'll see about getting something else."

The two nodded and ran to catch up with the Dursleys. The first place they had gone was to see the Gorillas. Buffy laughed at seeing a blonde looking gorilla that looked a little like Dudley. She shared her thought with Harry who also laughed. The blonde gorilla was chasing a smaller brown gorilla. Next came, the giraffes followed by the lion, tigers, and the elephants. They stopped for lunch at a small café where Uncle Vernon orders them each the cheapest meal on the menu. After eating their meal, Dudley had threw a tantrum because there wasn't enough ice cream on his Knickerbocker Glory, so Uncle Vernon bought Dudley a new one and allowed Buffy and Harry to finish the other one. Buffy and Harry anxiously dug into the ice cream. It was a rare treat for them. After lunch they went to the reptile house. The twins were forced to follow Dudley as he found the biggest snake in the place. The brown snake lay asleep.

"Make it move." Dudley whined. Uncle Vernon tapped on the glass.


"Move!" Dudley said as he tapped on the glass harder.

"He's asleep!" Harry told them.

"He's boring." Dudley said moving to look at another snake. Buffy and Harry stayed where they were at, not really wanting to be with the Dursley's.

"Sorry about him." Harry told the snake. "He doesn't understand what it's like lying there…day after day…watching people press their ugly faces in on you."

"Yeah and they don't come much uglier than that," said Buffy. The snake lifted its head.

"Can you hear us?" Harry asked. The snake rose and sort of nodded. "It's just we've never talked to a snake before. Do you…do you talk to people often?"

The snake wiggled his head from side to side.

"You're from Burma, aren't you?" Buffy asked it. "Was it nice there? Do you miss your family?"

The snake nodded toward the sign on the wall that said bred in captivity.

"That's us as well. Harry and I never knew our real parents."

"Mummy, Dad, you won't believe what this snake is doing!" Dudley cried out as he ran over pushing Buffy and Harry so hard that they both fell to the floor.

Buffy felt the wind get knocked from her. Harry checked on his sister and became worried when she began to breathe harder. Harry took her hand and could feel that she was okay. They watched as Dudley pressed his fat ugly face against the glass.

"It would be so funny if he just fell right through there." Buffy thought to Harry.

"The poor snake will probably have nightmares from looking at him"

Dudley was still pressed on the glass looking at the snake when the glass suddenly disappeared. Leaning too far over the rail, Dudley tumbled into the pit coming face to face with the large snake. Both Buffy and Harry had been shocked at first and then began to smile. They watched as the snake moved toward freedom. It stopped and looked at the two.

"Brazil, here I come…Thanksss amigos."

"Anytime."Harry said and Buffy nodded.

The snake moved on hissing and scaring people as it went. Dudley stood up to climb back out only to find the glass had returned and he couldn't get out.

"Mum! Mummy! Help me!" Dudley said frantically. Mrs. Dursley turned and screamed when she saw her boy.

"My darling boy! How did you get in there? Who did this? How did you get in there? Is there a snake?"

Upon seeing that Dudley couldn't get out the first thing that came to Buffy's mind was thinking "Happy Birthday Dudley." Both of them laughed at that thought. It wasn't until Uncle Vernon turned his glare on them that they realized their mistake. They both knew they would be in for it when they got home.

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