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A Hinata and Sasuke Romance

Chapter 1

The Hyuuga household was more quiet than usual. Two of the teenage member of the clan were moping around in their rooms. They had done so for many days because the date for the first day of school drew closer. It wouldn't have been so bad if Hiashi wasn't shipping them all of his kids off to different boarding schools. Each of these schools specialized in a different field of learning.

Hanabi was being sent to a school specializing in athletics.

Neji was being sent to a school specializing in fine arts.

Hinata was being sent to a school specializing in academics.

The only Hyuuga's that were happy with this arrangement were Hanabi and Hiashi. Neji and Hinata were dreading everything about this decision. They both felt that they should have been able to choose what kind of school they were to attend. They could not thing of any way to against the head of the house though. It seemed as if his word was practically law. They just couldn't think of a reasonable way to go rebel against the law without getting caught.

Things didn't seem like they were going to look up for the two...

Hanabi was running through the house looking for her sister and cousin. Normally, Neji could be found in the Study catching up on his reading. Yes, that boy was a big book work... believe it or not. Hinata was normally found in the Art Room sketching or painting on canvas. She enjoyed painting and would do anything to pursue her dreams of becoming an Artist. Seeing that they were not where to be found, Hanabi checked the last place they would be.

First, she checked Hinata's room. When she opened up the door she saw a petite figure curled up in a ball in a dark corner of the room. She automatically knew who the sad-looking person was. Hanabi let herself in the room the rest of the way and looked down at her older sister with worried expression on her fac. "Hinata-neechan..." she said quietly whilst kneeling down beside her sister. There was a long silence before either said either did anything. Eventually, Hinata looked up at her younger sister with tears still forming in the corners of her lilac eyes.

"What's wrong?" Hanabi asked in a gentle voice. Hinata didn't reply until many drawn out moments later. "I-I just d-don't want to go-o to the s-school f-father is s-sending me t-to," she said in a small shaky voice. The Hyuuga heiress still had a while before she would ger rid of her stammer. It had seemed to be apart of her even since she was a child. Hinata really had no clue where she got it from, but she imagined it was caused by her shyness. The stutter seemed to be bothersome to a lot of people (especially her father).

Somehow, Neji and Hanabi had grown to accept the face that it was apart of their dear Hinata. If they were to accept her, they also had to accept her faults. It really was quite astounding because when they were younger they could no seem to put up with each other. Now, Hinata was seventeen years old, and her relatives seemed to have matured. That is... everyone except her father. He still treated her as if she was weak and inferior to everyone.

Something clicked in Hanabi's mind as soon as her older sister confided in her. 'Why didn't I think of it sooner?' she asked herself as she quickly raced out of the room, leaving hinata bewildered. The youngest Hyuuga sped down the hall to Neji's room and busted the door open, revealing her eighteen year old cousin pouting on his bed. "What do you want?" he grumbled annoyed as he sent of a glare in her direction.

This caused Hanabi to glower back at him. "Let me guess what's wrong with you..." she said with a dramatic pause. "You don't want to go to the Art School!" She had pretty much stated it like it was a clearly obvious face. "No. I don't," Neji said. "But what's it matter. It's not like we can do anything about it." Hanabi just smirked at his comment. "I have a plan!" she said.

x later that day x

Hanabi and Neji walked into the Hyuuga heiress's room in a seemingly joyous mood. She had moved her position from the floor to the bed. Her two relatives sat on opposite sides of her, making the poor girl grow nervous. Her lilac eyes looked at them wearing and she ran a hand through her long midnight blue hair. "Neji-niisan... Hanabi-chan..." she said. They both just looked at her and smiled until Neji broke the tension by speaking up...

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