Attention! This is a new story!

The day has come, what day do you ask? Monday of course, otherwise known as Painful Overload Day but that's another story. On this Monday the first thing your mind's eye will see in the story are some trailers. We focus on one in particular, a normal looking trailer. Upon closer inspection we see that there is a star on the door with "Danny and Sam" written on it. Now let's see what the inside is like.

Upon entering we come to a small living room if you could call it that. The walls and floor were blue and there was a gothic looking sofa, as well as a small television. Various articles of clothing littered the floor, showing that the residents are not very tidy people. Or the trailer is so small they have no extra space but the floor. Behind a door within this den there lies the bedroom. While the outside seemed to be a clash of blue and gothic sofa it appears that the trailer's female resident had won hear. The walls were black, the floor was purple. There was blue nightstand with various pictures of Danny, Sam and Tucker and a broken alarm clock. Danny's method of ecto-blasting it just doesn't work.

The final feature of the bedroom was of course the bed itself; large enough for two, with purple sheets, a spider web frame and blue pillows. Their interior decorating shows why they have so few visitors. Within the bed were two sleeping figures, one male and one female. If you haven't guessed by now they are Danny Fenton/Phantom and Sam Manson. The pair were hugging in their sleep, awe how cute. Let's wake them up! Then using my author powers I made a giant air horn noise. "AHHH! THE ANSWER IS 42! ROAST BEEF TAG!" Sam screamed after being so rudely interrupted from dreaming she was the prettiest, pinkest, princess in all the land. She then noticed the camera which is our current point of view. "Oh, yeah, today's the day of the behind the scenes tour." The Goth said to herself. She then began to gently poke the other sleeper in the bed. "Danny, get up. Today's the day." She told him. "Five more minutes Mommy." He replied, half asleep. Sam faced the camera "He's like this every morning. Well uh, welcome to the behind the scenes tour of the set of Danny Phantom and I guess we'll start with Danny and my self's morning ritual." She then got out of bed and went over to the side Danny was sleeping on. "This is the only way I've found that successfully wakes him up in the morning. A nice cold shower..." She had an evil grin as she said this.

Grabbing him by the arms, Sam dragged the unfortunate halfa out of bed. Just before he was completely out of the bed she turned to the camera. "You might want to look away, last night Danny and I were, um how can I put this? He isn't wearing anything." In respect for the halfa let us now focus on the nice sock on the floor. Ooo! Is that a half-eaten sandwich on the dresser? Now that we have given them ample time lets see what's going on in the bathroom.

Due to this being a trailer the bathroom was very small, a sink, toilet and bathtub shower combination. Sam had turned on the water in the bathtub shower and put it on "Extra Cold." She then chuckled to herself and pushed the "halfa" (teehee) asleep Danny inside. "3, 2, 1." Sam covered her ears. "AHHHHHHH! COOOOLLLLLDDDD!" Danny howled, now fully awake and freezing. Then he noticed the camera and seemed very nervous. Mainly because he was naked. "Sam, why is there a camera in our bathroom?" He asked. "Don't you remember? Today's the behind the scenes tour day. I'm showing the audience our morning ritual." But Sam was brushing her teeth at the moment so she sounded like "Doof yog reegmer? Tagoy's fa before fa sfences four kay." Danny looked in aw. "I didn't know you spoke Italian Sam!" She looked at him. "And you do?" again this came out "Sand gu fu?" Danny told her. "Sorry, I don't speak Italian."

Our half dead friend then got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. "All yours Sammy." He then winked at the camera. Using Danny to censor herself, Sam took off her nightgown and got in. "3, 2, 1" Danny said. "AHHHHHH! COOOOLLLLDDD!" Sam screeched. This caused the ghost boy responsible to burst out laughing. A few minutes later after a game of whip Danny with a towel for tricking Sam the two of them got dressed in their usual attire.

In another part of the trailer branching off from the living room was a small kitchen with a refrigerator, a stove, some cabinets, a sink, a microwave, and a small blue table with black spider web style chairs. Danny had sat down in one and Sam was at the counter fixing breakfast to make amends for her cold shower trick earlier. "What are you making?" Danny asked her. "Your favorite. Tofu Flakes Cereal with Soy Milk." She answered. "That's not my favorite! In fact I hate tofu flakes cereal with soy milk." Danny replied. "They have to be your favorite since they're the only things I ever make for breakfast." Sam said. She then put two bowls of said breakfast on the table and sat down.

"Eat up honey." Sam said. Danny pushed the bowl away from him. "Its awful." He told Sam. "No, it's delicious. See." She then took a bite of the cereal and it appeared as if she was going to throw up. Finally Sam forced the food down. Obviously Danny wasn't convinced. "There's no way I'm eating that." Danny firmly said. "That's what you think." Sam then grabbed him, slapped a pair of ghost-proofs handcuffs on him and force fed Danny the awful cereal. "There, wasn't that delicious?" Sam asked him upon finishing the force-feeding. Instead of replying Danny made gagging noises and his face looked rather green.

With breakfast finished it was time to begin the tour. Danny had recovered from the cereal incident and was talking with Sam in private, but their voices were so loud we could here the gist of it. "Are you trying to make me a full ghost!?" "No, I just wanted some appreciation. I hate being the housewife figure." "Then don't offer to make me breakfast." "But I love making you breakfast." "Why?" "I don't know. I guess I like cooking." "No, you're just in love with me." "You've got that right." After that nothing else was said and for a good fifteen minutes kissing noises could be heard. Finally the two walked out. Danny had purple lipstick smeared over his lips and Sam adjusted her skirt as if something had happened to it, likely caused by the halfa.

"Lovebirds." Tucker said through a conveniently placed window. Both Danny and Sam then yelled at the top of their lungs "WE'RE NOT LOVERBIRDS!" and then Sam added. "We prefer the terms: lovers, couple, partners, or soul mates." Danny added "But NOT LOVEBIRDS!" You see Danny and Sam have come to hate the term with a passion. Likely do to all the times they've been called that on the show only to deny it.

Danny and Sam then faced the camera. "Okay people, now its time for the tour of the set of "Danny Phantom" while the cameras aren't rolling." Danny said. "You'll find juicy secrets, hilarious outtakes, Mr. Lancer's hidden passion for ballet dancing and more!" Sam added. But that's all next chapter. Bye bye.