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Within the pit of venomous snakes poor Vlad had given up on life. He still screamed desperately until he realized… that the snakes were made of rubber. Now let's go to someone who's not been in the story so far. Danny walked up to a trailer, not just any trailer, but the one Jazz was currently residing in. Instead of knocking he phased through the door and went inside. It was modeled the same way as his but the décor was completely different. Books were everywhere including "How to Deal with a Ghost Obsessed Family for a Brother for Know It Alls". As he walked towards the bedroom while calling "Jazz! Where are you?" Danny stepped on an unfinished paper she had written titled "Who the Heck is Paul?" he opened the door and saw a pretty normal bedroom. The bed of course was not as large as Danny and Sam's as Jazz did not share her trailer with anyone but Danny feared that may change.

This was when his sister walked out of the bathroom and jumped in surprise at seeing Danny. "Don't you ever knock?" She asked. Danny then walked up Ms. Know it All could clearly see he was in protective brother mode. "You and Tucker like each other!" He accused. "Who told you?!" Jazz asked in shock. "I know things. I'm just cool like that." Danny replied. "So, how long has this been going on and how far have you two gone?" He questioned her. "What's with the interrogation? I never treated you like this about Sam." Jazz countered. "Yes you have! You gave me a long talk about unwanted pregnancies and relationships when Sam and I started living together." Danny reminded her. "Uh, well, look Sam in a bikini!" Jazz yelled. "Where?" Danny asked looking around. Meanwhile Jazz was nearly out the door. "Hah!" She cheered.

Five minutes later Jazz found herself tied to a chair with Danny interrogating her. "How far have you and Tucker gone?" He asked. "None of your business." She told him. "Have you seen each other naked?" Danny asked. "WHAT!?" Jazz replied. "Danny I have the right to see anyone I want and you do not need to know anything about Tucker and my self's private relationship." She told him. "So you admit it!" Danny deduced. "No! I didn't admit to anything." Jazz pleaded. "I guess I'll have to take things up a notch to make you talk." Danny said. "While I do that watch this clip viewers."

Outtake "Phantom Planet" (Well not really) ------------------------------------------------------

It was the day that the final episode "Phantom Planet" was going to be filmed. Only now everyone had been given the script. Sam ran happily to her lover with wonderful news. "Danny! Danny! Guess what?" She asked overfilling with joy. "The pregnancy test came out positive?" Danny guessed hopefully, Sam hung her head. "No, turns out it was stomach flu after all." She said sadly "But on the bright side look. We finally get together!" She added. Danny jumped for joy. "Let's celebrate!" He cheered. They began celebrating by making out. What they hadn't noticed at the time was Jazz and Tucker watching them. "Why don't we celebrate too, just for the heck of it Jazzykins?" Tucker whispered to her. "You just want to make out don't you Tuckery oh I can't think of a cute pet name for you!" She replied. "Who cares?" Tucker told her. The two ran off.

Later they were filming one of the DXS kisses but after a minute they still hadn't stopped. "Guys. Stop kissing now." Butch told them. All that did was egg them on and pretty soon their kiss was getting PG-13 rated. "Okay you leave me no choice." Butch then pulled out a crowbar and walked toward them. "I'm really going to enjoy this." He thought to himself.

End Outtake---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Danny walked out of Jazz's trailer. "Well that got ugly." He said to himself. "I'm glad we had this talk Jazz." Danny told her on his way out. "Wait, Danny, I'm still tied to the chair. Help me! Danny? Anybody?" Jazz yelled. As he continued to walk away Danny found Sam reading a letter. "Hey Sam, what's that." He asked. "Oh it's some letter from somebody called piloneo asked why my clothes were changing in Mystery Meat so much. Well that's a good question.

Outtake "Mystery Meat"------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Butch as well as everyone else was confused. Every time they finished a scene Sam ran off and came back for the next one wearing a different outfit. "Okay what's with the constant outfit changes Sam?" Mr. Hartman asked. "Uh, he's on to me!" She then ran away and, her hair fell off! "I don't get it!" Jack announced. "That wasn't Sam, duh." Butch explained. "You know, I don't think any of them were Sam." Danny said. "So you think a bunch of crazy people kidnapped Sam and dressed up as her so they could be on TV?" Butch guessed. "Exactly!" Danny exclaimed. "And I don't suppose you have any proof do you?" Mr. Hartman asked. At that moment the janitor's closet door opened and Sam, hog tied and gagged with a gym sock, fell out. "Mmmph! Mmpph! Mmppher Mpph!" She yelled. "There's a boy trapped in well? I'm on it!" Jack announced. He then ran off singing "Dun a nun a nun a nun a JACK MAN!"

Meanwhile Danny had phased the ropes and gag off Sam. She gasped for air and then began to explain what had happened. "Danny you'll never believe it. A bunch of crazy people kidnapped me, tied me up, and the dressed up like me so they could be on the show!" At this Danny smiled smugly at Butch.

End Outtake---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"I can still taste that gym sock." Sam reminisced. "How come I never have crazy people try to impersonate me?" Danny asked to no one in particular. Random outtake time!

Outtake "Memory Blank"----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The part where Sam reverted to her normal attire instead of the pink clothes was the scene being filmed. Sam ripped them off to reveal her regular clothes underneath, or at least that's what she wanted to do. Instead Sam ended up ripping all of her clothes off. "AHH!" She yelled while trying to cover herself. "Don't worry Sam I'll cover you!" Danny yelled and jumped on top of her in a sweet but idiotic attempt to protect her dignity. "Danny… can't breath… crushing me…"

Later they were filming "the wish" scene. Sam was at the fountain "Hey, Butch? How can I recognize Desiree when I never saw her?" She asked. "Uh, don't question the script!" Butch replied. "Do we go on now?" George W. Bush (I don't mean the president) asked; he was one of the evil plants. "No." Butch told them. "Hey, we should have an entire episode about evil plants!" Undergrowth in generic plant form suggested. From that Urban Jungle was born but that's in chapter 3. Anyway Sam said "I sometimes wish I never met you, Danny Fenton." Danny the walked up to her. "Hi I'm Danny!" He said clearly faking it. "Huh? This isn't in the script." Butch stated. "Why hello Danny." Sam told him, playing along. "You're hot! Wanna make out?" Danny asked. "Sure." The two linked arms and went off to their trailer. "Hey, Danny, Sam! We're not done filming! Hey! Oh, why do I bother?" Mr. Hartman sighed.

End Outtake---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"And that's why you should never ever make a half monkey half pony monster to please your love." Danny lectured. "Isn't enough to know that they ruined a pony to make a gift for you?" Sam asked. The two burst out laughing. Well that's all for this chapter folks. I'm sorry but I'm really having trouble keeping this story going. It may end soon.

On a lighter note there were a couple of references to various things in this chapter. Who ever guesses what "Books were everywhere including "How to Deal with a Ghost Obsessed Family for a Brother for Know It Alls"." Also "Danny stepped on an unfinished paper she had written titled "Who the Heck is Paul?"" and Danny and Sam discussion about monster ponies are from gets to request a one shot from me or a specific thing to be included in one of my stories. Hint: You can find the references in my other stories. But I won't tell you which ones. Hehe!

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