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"Yes, Near, I am Kira!" Light laughed, Matsuda fell to his knees, he had never been so hurt. He saw Light take out another piece of Death Note, he was going to write down another name, kill another person…

Matsuda took out his gun and shot. He didn't even think about it, he didn't pause just because it was Light, and when Light, no, Kira, began writing in his own blood, he shot again, again and again. Light had to die; there was no way Matsuda would let this killer continue to run free. He had to kill Kira… he had betrayed Mogi, Aizawa, Ide, his own father, and Matsuda. All these six years, the man they tried to hunt down, it was Light Yagami. L. Kira.

If Mogi and Aizawa hadn't stopped him, he might've killed Light. He hadn't, though, but what he did led up to his death. He had made an escape, but couldn't travel far because of what Matsuda had done.

Matsuda had essentially killed his best friend.


"Matsuda-san?" Sayu walked over to Matsuda, the two of them were wearing black, Sayu's dress reached down to right below her knees, and Matsuda couldn't help but think she looked beautiful.

"You look very pretty, Sayu." Matsuda smiled sadly, looking up and down her dress, his eyes almost watering.

"Thank you, Matsuda-san. I only wish I didn't have to wear it to my brother's funeral." She looked up at his face, her eyes red from crying and her cheeks tear stained.

"Your brother was one of my best friends. He was almost like a brother." Matsuda looked over and the coffin where Kira lay, the Kira that killed so many people. Light also was there, too. The friend whom he had spent so much time with, the one who succeeded L.

"Matsuda! Mogi, Aizawa and Ide will not tell me how he died, please; I know you know, please, Matsuda…" Sayu suddenly broke down, tears flooded from her eyes she collapsed on the ground. "Please! I want to know…"

Matsuda's heart broke again. He couldn't lie to her, but he couldn't tell her the truth, that would completely shatter her, even though that was the right thing to do.

"He was shot." Matsuda knelt down next to Sayu, everyone else had gone outside to get away from the dense atmosphere. "An armed man suspected of a crime, robbery, shot him. He died shortly after. There was nothing we could do."

Sayu looked up at Matsuda, and then buried her head in his shoulder. He put his arms around her and held her tight. "Your brother was a great man."

Kira was evil, it had taken over Light, greed, power… the Light I knew was great… Sayu doesn't have to know who he really was…

"Thank you, Matsuda." Sayu stopped crying for a moment, enough to kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you for helping me."

"No, Sayu, thank you for helping me." He put his head on hers, and finally, for the first time since he shot Light, cried.