Helping Hands

Chapter 1: A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand

By: BukkakeNoJutsu


Dislaimer: Naruto is not mine, if it was, this would be canon


Uzumaki Naruto absolutely hated puberty.

It was not that the blonde teenager hated the physical changes of things like his voice cracking. He actually quite liked the increase in height, muscle mass, and the upgrade to his junk. Naruto did not even mind the growth of hair in places that were just strange.

Naruto only knew one thing.

He just utterly, utterly loathed the nine-tailed fox demon for fucking with his hormones.

Even now, he could hear the mocking laughter of the Kyuubi similar to that of Inuzuka Kiba watching Akamaru mount his favorite stuffed toy. Seeing Naruto flustered was the Kyuubi's favorite pastime after all.

For years, the seal on his belly had weakened to the point that under certain circumstances the demon could play havoc with certain bodily functions in subtle and not so subtle ways. Things like full moons and intense emotional states, mainly due to a weakened seal, allowed the Kyuubi unprecedented influence over Naruto's body.

Naruto had remembered the first time that he had been confronted with his problem during the night of a beautiful full moon in the Land of Spring. It was the same night he lost his virginity.

Jiraiya had been preoccupied with a book signing tour as the release of the Icha Icha Tactics film neared. The film, interestingly enough, starred the ruler of this sovereign nation, the beautiful and famous Princess Yukie.

Naruto had known the Princess for years back when she had just been his favorite actress. Due to his help and the rest of Team 7, Princess Yukie was able to claim her heritage and change her country from the Land of Snow to the Land of Spring. It was a long story that Naruto had enjoyed telling over a few bowls at Ichiraku's.

Naruto was currently enjoying dinner with the ruler of the Land of Spring, a beautiful, dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty with pale skin and generous curves. Naruto had to prevent himself from shuddering unconsciously. Since the hormones had kicked in, Yukie had been the subject of not an insignificant amount of fantasies that had left him awake with his pants a tent and his boxers a mess. Naruto wondered that, when he headed back to Konoha, if could look at any of his female acquaintances without his face turning red.

"Not fucking likely," he thought with a sigh.

For Yukie, dinner with the person who had saved her life and her country was the very least she could do. His fifteenth birthday had recently passed as well, so she had a lot to make up for. She just wanted to show him how exactly how grateful she was.

Upon finishing a fabulous meal, Yukie allowed the servants to retire for the night and just talked with the young man. It had been way too long since she had been able to socialize normally between her film career and running a nation. She had an itch that needed to be scratched badly and hero to reward.

She interrupted Naruto in mid-story with an adult kiss, moaning into his mouth and slipping a hand into his pants, making her intentions quite clear. Even though she was an actress by trade, her physical attraction to Naruto was in no way false. The last few years left him a handsome young man, not a pretty boy, but confident, capable, dangerous, and fit..

Naruto hardened considerably with her attention and, under the light of the full-moon peeking from a high window, stiffened even more like a sausage about to burst out of its casing. His whisker marks thickened, his eyes turned to slits, and his canines lengthened.

Yukie noticed the change in his appearance became wild, with a hint of danger. The young man swept the fixtures off the dining table and placed her atop it and began loosening her robes. The genin's new forcefulness was hot as Yukie felt herself dampen her panties even more.

The older woman felt herself completely exposed to the air as the blonde explored her body like a man searching for an oasis in the desert. He moved with a confidence and urgency and buried himself face first into her crotch, his hands running up and down along her sides. Yukie tried muffling her cries to not disturb her royal servants. She came forcefully, clutching at his golden hair.

For Naruto, things moved in a blur as ancient instincts came to the fore. He found himself poised at her entrance, painfully hard. She was lying on her back at the edge of the table and he was standing with her legs wrapped around his waist. Yukie graced him with a smile as she cupped his face, seeing affection in his fierce blue eyes.

"Go slow," she urged him. "It's been a few years for me, so it will be really tight."

He kissed her and entered slowly.

Yukie gasped as she stretched to accommodate him with each thrust.

As their rhythms matched, their pace and intensity increased.

For Naruto, the tightness, slickness, and warmth drove him wild. He climbed on top of the huge dining table, pinning Princess Yukie's ankles above her head, pistoning in and out.

This new position enabled Naruto to hit some spots deep inside his partner that had never been given such attention. She came hard, slumping bonelessly, urging Naruto to come inside her.

He did so with a growl, filling her with his warmth.

Yukie was amazed as she just had the wildest sex in her life with the hero of her country. She was exhausted and basked in the glow.

Naruto slitted eyes snapped open and almost immediately he hardened again inside of Yukie. The ruler of the Land of Spring was shocked as the blonde started again, placing her on all fours.

They went at it again and again, her womanhood sensitive and satisfyingly sore, and Naruto unrelentingly horny.

He claimed her standing, on the cool tiled floor, in the air as he grabbed and pumped into her with unnatural strength, and in all manner of wonderful ways.

It was all too much for Yukie as she came a final time, and blacked out, wondering what she had unleashed.

Uzumaki Naruto was still not finished. He came hard multiple times, but was still plagued by a recurring erection. This had to be the work of the bastard fox.

"God damnit. What to do?" The jinchuuriki considered his predicament and unconscious partner.

Naruto's keen hearing sensed someone breathing heavily behind a set of dining room doors that had been opened a sliver. The whickered blonde, heedless of his nudity pushed the doors open to see a servant girl with a hand slipped inside her gown, rubbing herself furiously with the other hand teasing a nipple. She was only a year or two older than him with green hair pulled into two ponytails much like Tsunade, but with a girlish figure, toned legs, and a heart-shaped face with wide brown eyes. She was seriously cute he noted. His penis twitched in agreement.

" Hi, my name's Naruto. What's yours?" greeted the blonde nin cheerfully.

The green-haired girl froze, turned to him, and blushed, turning a fierce scarlet color.

"C-Ch-Chie," stammered the embarrassed girl.

"Chie, I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me with this problem I have right now?"

Naruto gestured vaguely towards his cock. It was leveled at her like a cannon at a fortress.

Chie unconsciously licked her lips and nodded dumbly.


Naruto pulled out again, and came all over Chie's perky breasts instead of in her mouth this time. Princess Yukie was still unconscious.

He slumped in exhaustion, finally sated. Jiraiya's apprentice idly noted that the full moon had disappeared before he had passed out as well.


Naruto's shook his head as recalled those events. Due to the Kyuubi's manipulations, Princess Yukie was left walking bowlegged for about a week as well as her servant Chie to a lesser extent.

He had even managed to hide the incident from Jiraiya, who teased him good-naturedly when the Princess gave him a chaste goodbye peck on the forehead, her face flushed.

"Come by anytime," offered the gorgeous actress, with a smile.

"I will."

Jiraiya pat his apprentice on the back saying, "You know brat, if I didn't know any better I'd say that the princess fancies you. Maybe one day, when you're as awesome a ninja as I am, you could bag a smoking-hot chick like that."

Naruto just rolled his eyes muttering under his breath.

"Let's get a move on, Ero-sennin. We're burning daylight."


It took Naruto a sleepless night in the woods to figure out that a full moon made him much more susceptible to lust. He had continued to conceal his problem from Jiraiya until the time it came for them to do a small mission on the night of the full moon. Naruto could to nothing to conceal his awful were-boner.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Jiraya noticed the apparent bulge and guffawed, remarking, "I hope that's not for me, I'm not like Orochimaru at all, you know."

The Toad Hermit summoned a thick Icha Icha tome from a scroll and tossed it to Naruto.

"Take care of it before we head out."

Naruto tossed it back.

"It's not going to help. There's not enough time."

Jiraiya looked at him quizzically, demanding an explanation.

"Kyuubi likes to fuck with my hormones whenever there's a full moon."

Jiraiya accepted the explanation without a blink and simply stated, "Just cast a genjutsu over it when we happen to encounter anyone. A giant erection is even less stealthy than wearing orange."

Naruto sighed again.

Jiraiya would probably make his apprentice's unfortunate condition a plot device in his next work.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


With a little bit of ingenuity, Naruto discovered a possible way to manage his lunar problem on his own. This way Naruto did not have to traipse through Konoha exhibiting his swollen junk. Doing so would give him even more of an unsavory reputation. He could just imagine the comments from Gai and Lee about his explosion of youth.

Naruto shuddered in disgust.

The stressed genin silently swore that no man in spandex would ever get close to his flesh kunai.

Naruto's solution was surprisingly simple on paper, but horrendously difficult in application. He would simply create the perfect jutsu to deal with his troublesome "condition."

All he needed was the Sexy no Jutsu equivalent of a Fuuton: Rasenshuriken.

He needed a jutsu that created flesh and blood bodies, durable enough to withstand his nocturnal urges over a period of hours. The jutsu required clones capable of independent thought with a gendered identity separate from his own. Naruto also needed some sort of sealing to prevent the normal mental feedback one would get from a normal kage bunshin. He really didn't need to see his orgasm face from different perspectives.

His theoretical, s-ranked masterpiece kinjutsu if finally completed would simply be known as the Sexy Bunshin no Jutsu. It would combine regular ninjutsu and sealing techniques to make an incredible tough female body, with its own personality and memories, one who understood him better than he knew himself.

The theoretical chakra requirements were enormous, making him able to make only one attempt that had succeeded purely by accident.

During a full moon, he had made his first and only attempt at the jutsu when some of the Kyuubi's chakra surged the moment he formed the last seal. The impact briefly knocked him unconscious.

He awoke to find himself clutched in a woman's arms.

A dulcet voice rang out. "Don't strain yourself Naruto-chan."

Naruto turned to see a smiling, whiskered face in front of his own. His mouth gaped open. She kissed him on the nose and laughed.

It was a form he thought he knew well, as it was his first jutsu after all. With her build, she could have been Tsunade's niece, but with the whisker marks she could have been his twin. She had her sun-kissed hair done up with two ponytails, full rosy lips, large expressive blue eyes. She was gorgeous, she was straddling him, and she was wearing a simple orange slip with spaghetti straps. The stacked blonde was spectacularly pretty he noted. His penis moved as if nodding in assent.

She bent down and nibbled at his earlobe. The blonde woman whispered, "Call me Naruko."

Naruto shivered under her hungry gaze. Naruko was very affectionate as well.

It was not an advanced bunshin that Uzumaki Naruto had created, but actually a summon creature. Uzumaki Naruto had taken his Sexy no Jutsu form and brought it to living, breathing, and jiggling life.

Naruko ground her bare front against the shocked teenager, capturing his face in a kiss and teasing him with her dry humping.

She broke off their embrace with a grin.

"It looks like you could use a hand here."

The jinchuuriki nodded, not trusting his own voice.

Naruko stood up and let her orange slip fall to the ground and watched a small trickle of blood flow from the man she knew so well.

Naruto, whose eyes turned wild and whisker marks jagged, pulled her into passionate kiss.


Back in the Land of Spring, Princess Yukie planned a diplomatic trip to Konohagakure. It was about time she paid her favorite blonde ninja a visit.

End chapter 1


Don't Drop the Soap Omake

During a full moon, Uzumaki Naruto had made his first and only attempt at his sexy bunshin no jutsu when some of the Kyuubi's chakra surged the moment he formed the last seal.

An explosion of chakra left a ten meter wide crater in which the Kyuubi no Kitsune awoke. It was the first time in fifteen years it could feel physical sensations firsthand. The demon now closed its eyes and reveled in it, but something felt off. The body it currently inhabited was not one of demonic chakra, but one of those large pink skinned rats.

The Kyuubi tried to scowl fiercely, but could only manage a cute pout in its new body.

Naruto cheered at his success looking at the newly arrived woman.

She looked exactly like his sexy no jutsu form except with red hair and even paler skin.

The Kyuubi pointed an accusing finger at the blonde shouting, "What the hell have you done, rat?!" before being silenced by being drawn into an embrace and then experiencing her first kiss.

It was not a well-known fact that the biju were, by and large, genderless. They were mainly sentient constructs of vast and malevolent chakra

The Kyuubi now felt as creatures of muscle and bone did. Unnatural, foreign, and pleasurable sensations became known to the greatest of the youkai, under its jailor's ministrations.

The genin's right hand glowed blue briefly before he placed it at the juncture between the red-haired woman's legs. The woman shuddered in release as Naruto trailed kisses down her neck.

The blonde looked her in the eyes, fearless and defiant as ever, stating, "It's not so funny on the other side of the seal, is it now, Kyuubi-chan?"

The whiskered teen smothered her reply with another kiss, turning her protest into a moan.

Naruto grinned. He would take all night with this lesson if need be.

From that point on, relations between the Kyuubi no Kitsune and its jinchuuriki greatly improved with the addition of these "conjugal visits."