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Chapter 1: Woe is me


He tried his best but the moans kept escaping his lips. The pleasure seeping inside of him was far too great to withhold.

"Agh… Riku…Ahhhh….."

Finally, climax. His body began to ease down as he fall on his bed, his own liquid still oozing out of him.

"Oh, Riku… I love you so much."

Sweat trickled down his bare chest, tired yet satisfied with his not so innocent deed. He regained his breath and stared at the sealing.

Man, I wana see the look on your girlfriend's face when she finds out your fooling around with her bikini photo. Hehe!

Dark was amused within Daisuke's essence.

"Darn. Why do I have to go through this?"

Hey, at least your normal. It could be worst you know, I mean, care to masturbate on Satoshi's picture with his naked butt facing the east?

"Eeww… Nasty!"

My point exactly. Its not something to be ashamed of. After all, you did kiss her during the last episode, I mean, during our last battle. And in most cases, after the innocent kiss, comes the torrid kiss, after that, the French kiss, after that, the kiss on her bed, then kiss on her neck, on her breast, on her…

"Cut it out, Dark!"

Daisuke clutched his dick, again enraged after hearing some motivation from a very perverted creature.

Wahaha! Oh what fun to torture you this way, little Diasuke.

The boy was so easy to arouse Dark found it entertaining.

Oh, Daisuke, please, will you pleasure me tonight? Wahahaha!

"Isn't there anyway to get rid of you?"

He simply sighed and tried to control the urge to pleasure himself again. At times Dark can be really annoying but woe to him if he were to be ungrateful after all the events Dark spared him from.

And by the way, we usually cover up the evidence after committing a crime.

He turned Daisuke's attention on the wet floor, still moist with pre-cum.

"Oh right, I have to clean this up."

He lazily stood, took a box of tissue paper and began cleaning up. The frown on the crimson-eyed boy was crest falling. Dark felt bad for him, but he knew from the beginning Daisuke would have to deal with this sort of problem.

Hey, cheer-up man, at least you're having hots with your girlfriend and not with someone else.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But what do you think Riku's reaction would be if she finds out I'm having dirty thoughts about her."

He threw the soaked rolls of tissue in the thrash bag. The unpleasant smell of his own leek waft in his nostrils. Luckily for him, there's a can of deodorizer spray waiting by the cabinet. He didn't even bother testing the flavor of the scent. Getting caught with his room smelling like a brothel was not part of his agenda.

If she loves you, she'd accept you with that. Maybe she'd even post for some more sexy pictures…


Juuuust kidding. Your acting like you don't know her, Dai! She's smart and she knows that at this stage of your life, you'll have to go through some freaking changes. And, come to think about it, she's also pretty dense so I think hiding your little secret from her wont be much of a problem.

"Do you think its ok?"

Yeah, but I gatta warn you, pal, when it comes down to it, you might not be able to control that urge of yours for very long.

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Don't worry, by the time that happens, I'd be there to stop you.

"Thanks Dark!"

With the mess cleaned up, he got ready for a nice cold shower to calm his tense body.

"Hey Riku, I have something for you."

Her sister's mischievous tone of voice meant nothing more than bad news for the girl.

"What is it now, Risa?"

Turning away from her book, she faced her sister lying on the bad. She has something in her hands that she was giggling at and Riku was somewhat interested, even though she knew it wouldn't be something she'd like.

"Hihihihi! Come here, come here! You gatta see this, sis!"

The red-head sprawled down on her belly beside her sister. Taking the object of amusement Risa handed to her, her face turned tomato red.

"Ri-risa! Where did you get this?!!"

It was a shoot of Daisuke in the boy's locker room, with his butt clearly and perfectly exposed while removing his boxers. By the look on his face, he was very much unaware of the camera that took this picture perfect scene.

"Pretty nice angle, don't you think? Hahaha!"

Riku, still red with either embarrassment of seeing the, shall we say, soft side of her boyfriend or with the fact that heat began circling her body, sat up with a serious yet adorable pout on her face.

"That is so indecent! Who would do such a thing?"

"I told Saehara to take a picture of Daisuke in a cute pose, but I didn't think it'd turn out this cute! Hihihi!"

The still giggling girl got a nasty pillow thrown at her face by her annoyed and still blushing sister.

"Hey, hey! Do you think we can get a picture of your boyfriend while he's jerking off? That would be something! Hahaha!"

Honestly, she's starting to sound more like Dark.

"Risa! I'm surprised you even know of such a term!"

Riku had her hands on her hips, gesturing an angry expression after her sister's untamed set of words.

"I'm surprise you know what I'm taking about, Riku."

"Well, I um…"

Risa threw the pillow back at her.

"Hey, I'm just kidding. I don't wanna meddle with my sister's boyfriend, you know. Besides…"

She revealed another picture, a picture of a blue haired genius patting a little bunny with a gentle smile accenting his handsome face.

"I still had a couple of things I have to think about."

"Wow, that's a nice shoot! He looks really cute."

"Doesn't he? You know, it surprised me at first when he told me he loved me, considering I haven't really gotten close to him yet…"

The atmosphere suddenly became serious. Risa's jolly smile turned into a gentle one, thinking about the prince that has been knocking on her heart for weeks.

"…and I was too stupid and too cowardly to say I love her too. It's just that, well, I don't really know how I feel about him."


The short haired girl moved a bit closer to her sister. This kind of situation was very unusual. The two would normally be chasing each other with pillows around the house during this time of the night. But lately, Risa has been aloof, gazing at the stars more often and heaving out deeper sighs. Well, maybe except tonight's turn out of Daisuke's picture.

"…you know, at first, I was afraid it was Dark you were missing..."

She winced, remembering the profile of the perverted yet valiant alter ego of his little boyfriend.

"…but then, you started mentioning Satoshi's name during your sleep and whenever you look at the night sky, you'd whisper his name then blush…"

Riku gave her sister a smile. She wanted everything to be clear for Risa, the way things are so crystal clear for her and Daisuke. Satoshi, that boy's quite mysterious. But ever since the defeat of Light, Riku is seeing a lot more gentle side of him. It's like, a whole new Satoshi, a very much natural one, just popped out of the ground. He's been hanging around with her Daisuke and that annoying photographer, Saehara, lately and she could clearly see a beautiful effect of Dai's influence on him. Satoshi smiles, laughs, fools around from time to time, but still his shy, deep self. Very much appealing, if you ask her.

"I, I do that?!"

Risa was surprised that she had involuntary expressions of her thoughts. A blush had made its way on her rosy cheeks, making Riku smile.

"Yup! Risa, if there's anyone I'd be comfortable with my sister to be, it'd be Satoshi."

The reassuring smile Riku gave her had the warmth that told her everything was going to be alright. She smiled back, the confusion in her head gone.

"Well, seeing as you're the smart one here, I guess I should just tell him how I feel."

"I'm not telling you to do that, though. I just want you to know that Satoshi is not the type of person who'll hurt you just for the sake of it. Trust him, I think he's very sincere."

She thought for a while and concluded the fact that the boy, handsome as he is, has never revealed any fondness towards another girl. So maybe, just maybe…

"Thanks a lot, sis…"

Risa gave her sister a belly hug and Riku just messed her hair.

"…but tell me…"

Pulling out Daisuke's controversial picture again, she handed it to Riku who blushed hard.

"Don't you think he has a cute butt? Hihihihi!"

The giggling girl got another pillow stuffed on her face by the puffing Riku. But then, latter girl took another curious and inspecting glance at the picture. That soft skin on his behind look so, so…tempting.

"Yeah, it looks so cute I think I wanna pinch it!"

The two ended up giggling like crazy. Then, after a while, Risa's slightly twisted brain thought of something…

"Hey, Riku, I have an idea. Hihihihihi!"

Riku just blinked at the blushing, giggling girl. For once, she was dead curious of what her sister was thinking.



That kid coming over again? He better not be sleeping here again, he talks in his sleep its so annoying.

Rushing down the stairs, Daisuke hurriedly opened the door and was greeted with a surprisingly goofy grin from the most unusual of all people.

"Hey, wazzup Satoshi!"

They made they're funny handshake which made both chuckle at themselves.

"Hey, Dai! Thanks for inviting me over! I was kind'a bored at home!"

"No prob, come on in! Got the chips?"

"Yup! Got the soda?"

"Sure do! Let's go to my room, I have a DVD player there."

The two ran upstairs like little kids with a plastic bag full of chips and 8 cans of mountain dew. What's the excitement?

You two up to something?

"Satoshi found an untitled DVD in his dad's abandoned closet. He thought it might be something that will help us know his mom's whereabouts."

I thought his mom's dead

"I thought so to, but evidence shows that she didn't actually died, and that father just erased her existence from my mind so I won't have someone to run to."

Satoshi is still soft spoken although he now has a jolly tone of voice. His experience with Light made him hear Dark's thoughts inside Daisuke, so the three are very much like open books.

Aww, poor kid! Ok, lets play the darn thing.

"Right, here goes."

Daisuke placed the disc on the slot and pulled out the remote. He took a few steps back and sat beside Satoshi on floor cushions. He was already munching away on a bag of chips and Daisuke took the liberty of opening another one.

"I wonder what it's about."

"I think itsh abouth a documenthary on one of my father'sh exshperimentsh."

Satoshi's reply was between mouth-fulls shattered chips. Daisuke snickered at this but turned his attention back at the t.v.

The whole, flat t.v. screen began to light up. The two were anticipating something intellectual or scientific to appear but they were surprise at the first thing that they saw: a naked woman lying on the bed, squirming and moaning. Satoshi almost choked on what he was eating and Dai dropped the can of soda he was holding.

"What in the world!"

Satoshi quickly scrammbled for some words

"Ma-maybe its one of they're candidates for, uh, te-testing one of they're, ah, um apparatus. Ye-yeah, that's probably it!"

Satoshi was very embarrassed, needless to say. His friend is having a hard time arranging his senses too.

"Um, perhaps your right. Hehehe!"

He sweat-drops, hoping the next scene would explain all this. Satoshi was praying for the same thing. They're not the type of people who watches this kind of stuff and they're sure to get some confusing responses from it.

Oohh… this is nice!!

Their other companion, however, was anything but taken aback. Lets just say this is not his first nude video.


The two said in unison. Just then, the next scene slid in, and an equally naked man crawled on the bed and began kissing the woman.

"Good God! What are they doing!"

"Ma-maybe its procedure, you know, to prepare her for the whole system!"

By now, the two teenagers were blushing madly and they were moments away from having a nose bleed. Satoshi was doing his best buying himself out of this situation by justifying what they were seeing. But when the woman began giving the man a blow-job……

No way man! this is good porn! Haha!

"Sa-satoshi, I don't think we should be watching this kind of thing! Satoshi? Satoshi! Wake up, wake up!"

The poor boy fainted, his whole face bright red. Luckily for Dai, he regained his composure again but was already in pre-fainting period again the moment he heard the sound coming out of the t.v.

"Dai-daisuke, what are they doing?"

The blue haired kid sat up, but his weakened body and hazy eyes shows incomplete grasp with his senses.

They're having an advertisement on human reproduction. Kid, are you from this planet? Don't you know pornography when you see one?

"Po-porn? Dai, we shouldn't watch this!"

"I agree!"

He was about to eject the DVD when Dark stopped him…

Hold on, you two are already 14 years old and you still think sex as a bad thing? Let me tell you, there a lot of things guys like us, especially at your age, need to experience more. And one of these things is beholding the intimate touches of a married couple. Don't you know your parents did the same thing?

"No way, that's completely perverted, unhygienic and nasty!"

"That's right, and I doubt they're even in legal matrimony. Ahhh! Dai, he's putting his tongue in her…"

"Mom's ganna freak out on this! We have to stop it… what the, I can't move!"

"Daisuke, what's going on, I can't close my eyes and I can't move either!"

With a magical spell Dark took control of his host and his bestfriend. Forcing the two to sit still and keep they're eyes open, he made them watch the whole DVD.

"Dark, please stop it. this is bad, I know it is."

Relax, will'ya? Its not some sort of a virus to ruin your life you know. Beside, the two of you will thank me latter.

"Ohh the trauma!"

"No, Riku. Nooo! I'm not going to think of her, Noo!"

But guess what, he ended up doing so. And after a while, he's already engross in imagining his girlfriend making the same kind of moans and doing the same things on him as he sees in the screen.

Bad, Dark! Baaaaaddddd!

End of Chapter one

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