It started with a sweet peck on his cheek

It started with a sweet peck on his cheek. Then, she wanted more and claimed his whole mouth. And before they knew it, they were at the couch making mad love. Her moans of ecstasy from his touches were echoing around the house. Good thing no one was there.


"Ah, yes, there, lower, ugh…"

Daisuke broke out after a few minutes and looked at Riku with a childish expression.

"I'm hungry!" he exclaimed from below her. Riku thought for a while and realized her stomach was empty too.

"Me too! I think I'll have some burgers. Really big ones! How bout you, what'd you want to eat?"

"Hmm…You!" Daisuke suddenly said with a wide grin. Riku giggled at this but was turned on a bit.

Riku stood up from him but was once again pulled for another heat-filled kiss. It wasn't long though, for Daisuke soon picked her up bridal style and carried her towards the kitchen where he sat her on the chair by the counter-top.

"I'll cook up something. You wait here!"

"Oh no, you don't!" Riku said, "The last time you handled stuff in the kitchen the whole room got scorched! I won't let you go about your silly recipes again. Let's cook something descent, ok?"

"Aww…" reacted Daisuke in a child-like complaint.

"Come, come! Now, let's see what you have in here!" Riku bent over to see what's inside the huge refrigerator. In the process, Daisuke got a nice view of her fine ass covered by a cute, pink panty.

"No gym class today?" Daisuke asked, hoping to control his urges. Riku looked at him quizzically and tilted her head, not having a clue on what he meant.

"Um, never mind."

After a few minutes of checking the variety of things they have inside, Riku concluded that they will indeed have burgers. There were a few dozens of kilos of ground beef, some onions, and other spices. Yeah, and Riku immediately began drilling away with the ingredients, making sure that Daisuke was right where he has to be- on the chair.

"Hmp! I'm supposed to be the one cooking!" he said.

Riku turned to him and suddenly wished she had a camera. Daisuke's pouting, cute face was a precious sight.

"Just sit back and relax, mister. This will be ready in no time!"

Daisuke had a consolation, though. He could watch as Riku moved her slim body side to side while mixing the beef with the flour. (Do you actually do that?)

Before him was his life, making him dinner. Soon, once they've settled and had a stable family, she'd still be cooking for him, and he'd still be watching her lovingly from behind the counter- both affectionate eyes and at the same time hungry passion.

Daisuke licked his lips. Not the time to be naughty, he thought.

He then noticed a box on the table. Curious, he examined it and realized it was a box of chocolate. An appetizer, he joyfully said to himself. He immediately tore open the wrappings and found some oddly shaped brown chocolates, arrayed in a fascinating order. It was obviously expensive. It must've been from one of his father's colleagues.

"Yum!" Daisuke, without question, took a piece into his mouth. It tasted great, though there was a taint of flavor he couldn't quite make out of. Still, the confection melted in his mouth slowly and it was like having a sea of heavenly sweets linger with his taste buds.



"Um, nothing."

"Honey, I know you better. Spill it out."

"I-it's nothing, really! Hehehehe!"

"Then why the 'uh-oh'?"

"It's well, just the appreciation of our time together, you know. You, me, the driveway. And I said, uhhh… this is the life!"

"Your smiling like your son whenever he hides something, and your handsome face is turning goofy, tell me what you did now, Kosuke!"

"Oh, alright! I got a present from the agency and I placed it on the table."

"Hmm… that's naturally careless of you. And?"

"Well, it's 50 chocolate, and 50 liquor. Your son might not end up in the right mind if gets his hands on one."

"Dear, his 15 years old for pete's sake. Besides, it's not like there's a girl in the house and he'll end up raping her out of being drunk."

"I guess your right."

Daisuke tried to look straight, but his vision kept on straying him. Weird, he thought. His head feels so light, and he feels so hot inside. Then he looked at the cover of the box.

"Ahh… so that's what it is!"

He took another piece after the ten consecutive ones he already masticated in his mouth.

"Just a few minutes, Dai! It'll be done soon!" Riku said proudly from the kitchen.

Daisuke looked at her and at her swaying hips, flying skirt and tempting legs. There was a sudden push inside of him, a push that he couldn't control and he didn't want to control. A push that completely took away his rationality.

He walked over to where she was standing, quietly as possible. When he was behind her, he slowly yet firmly grabbed Riku's butt.

"Ahh! Da-daisuke!" the girl said in utter surprise. When he turned around, he found a really flustered, hazy-eyed red-head smiling devilishly at her.

"Riku, I want you!"

Daisuke didn't say anything else. He stooped down, lower, to the level of her legs and began licking her soft thighs, doing away with it like he'd do to a lollipop.

"Ahh… Daisuke… Ugh…"

Daisuke went up higher, to the cheeks of her butt which he happily raveged with his mouth- kissing it, licking it, and lapping on it with his tongue. Riku didn't know how to react. She just bent over and tried to support her shaking body with on the kitchen sink, but doing so only gave Daisuke more access to her lower areas.


The soft fabric of her underware did little to prevent the sensation of his tongue on her hole. He continued with the gestured of his hand, massaging her legs, her butt, her thighs. His face was already pressing itself on her butt, wanting more of her juicy taste.

Riku was moaning and gasping from each action Daisuke made. It felt nice, really nice. She was trying to catch up with the pleasure, but couldn't quite make out how it felt. Then, all of a sudden, she felt his warm hands reach close to her cunt and for a while she thought he was going to finger her. But he didn't. he did, however, let his finger linger on the side of her girlhood, toying with the sensitive parts.

Riku was losing her mind. She didn't know weather to make him stop and fuck him off already or let his torturous yet addicting ways continue.

She didn't have time to think, however, for he soon felt two fingers trying to penetrate his vagina through the think underwear. The hindrance only made the intensified the feeling of pleasure. He was moving his fingers up and down the middle of her legs, making her feel the restraint sensation. At the same time, he mouth and his tongue wasn't done yet with his ass. He wanted more of it, wanted more of her sweet-salty taste.

"Ugh… Dai-daisuke… please…"

Drunk as he was, his priority is still the pleasure of his love.

He gently pulled down her panty. Leaving her butt, he moved to a different position so that his mouth was right infront of her leaking cunt. He reached out for a chocolate which he placed beside him and used it to pleasure her. The little piece of sweet made such a great work of driving her to her limit. She wanted more of it, wanted more of Daisuke and whatever it is he's doing.

Daisuke took out the bottle shaped chocolate and licked it the stuff tainting it yellow. Then he devoured the whole thing and began to enter her with his tongue as soon as the it melted in his mouth.

Riku felt really hot this time. She stared grinding her hips on his head, signaling him that she wanted more of it. Daisuke obliged and continued to go deeper inside of her.

His pants were already complaining due to the hard staff trying to escape. He opened his pants, took out the lively erection and began to masturbate as Riku continues to go crazy with his tongue. Riku looked down and noticed that Daisuke was pleasuring himself. It wasn't fair, she thought.

She moved back from his head, living him hanging and craving for more. Then, slowly positioning herself on top of him, she took hold of his hard and swelling dick and put it inside of her. It felt new and she thought it was her first because of the stir it gave her.

"Agh… Daisuk--- mhp"

He didn't let her finish. Daisuke claimed her mouth pulled her down, completely penetrating her. Riku yelled from under his lips, but new Daisuke would never hurt her, and he didn't. Slowly, Daisuke began to rock her up and down, feeling the heat of her insides against that of his manhood. It felt so good.


She was having a hard time controlling the pleasure, this Daisuke noticed. As such, he opened her school uniform and revealed aroused breast, hiding behind a fabric as thin as her underwear.

He didn't even bother removing the bra. He immediately devoured one and massaged the other. Riku pulled his head and could only wish that time would stop for this. She didn't want it to end. There were spit dripping from his left breast, lubricating the act and allowing him to go faster. He moved to the right breast and did the same.

They didn't realized they were going faster and faster with the screwing. Daisuke's hips were moving up and down in rhythm to her movement.

Riku's head turned to the ceiling and delved into the feeling Daisuke was giving her on all parts of her body.

Daisuke didn't realized the climax approaching. He just went on, undermining the meaning of the intense pleasure he was feeling and continued to fuck her crazy. He went on and on, faster and faster. Riku felt hotter and hotter, and she thought she was going to explode at any moment, but she too was close to cumming.

"Aghh… Daisuke, agh…agh… Dai, I'm gonna, agh… I'm gonna…"

"Riku… ugh, yes, faster, ugh…mhmm…"

A few seconds later, Daisuke shoot his seed inside of her and Riku felt herself release as well. The aftermath drove them to push further, but they were both spent.

Riku almost fell on her side to the floor, if Daisuke didn't catch her quickly and gently laid her. But he, too, felt exhausted.

"Ugh… man, I'm starving. Huh? Where am I? what happened?"

Daisuke scanned the whole area and realized that he was in his own room. Further letting his senses dominate, he also realized that he was naked.

"Ri-riku?" he tried to remember. Then the girl of that name made her presence known.

"Hi, sexy!" Riku said with a lustfilled voice. She was laying on the bed with him, naked as well, but that's no longer new to them.

"Riku? What happened? Did we…"

"Obviously! Hey, look what I got!"

Riku revealed a piece of choco-liqour and began waving it at his face. The memory then began flashing on his mind. His doings were refreshed, and he was immediately embarrassed. Between his legs his dick began to grow, and he quickly clutched and enclosed it with his thighs.

"Um, sorry… Hehehehe!"

"Hey, Daisuke…" Riku called to him, happy that he should react that way. She then gave his chubby cheeks a wet lick. "Guess what I've been putting in my mouth."