My first Kingdom Hearts story. Not sure if I'll weave it into the game. (NOTE: Aoife pronounced like EE-fe. Eve, Eva. You get it now.)

"Kingdom Hearts"-normal

"Kingdom Hearts"-unknown voices speaking.

Kingdom Hearts-Aoife's thoughts...

'Kingdom Hearts'-Aoife talking back to herself (It'll make sense in future chapters, trust me.)

Hope that's not THAT complicated. This framework is mainly just for this chapter, being the prologue

The Ward of Organization XIII





The breeze is ears sound like the inside of a sea eyes still feel like shattered marbles from my stupid cry-fest's singing...I shouldn't open my eyes...

What just happened?



Looking out my window, I saw a black monster claw savagely toward me as the whole area seemed under a genocide in seconds. I pulled the curtains, then stood still realizing how lame that was. I couldn't hear anyone in my house; they were still out in town. I yanked on a jacket that was abandoned on my floor, flipping my wavy black hair, then tried to figure what I should take.

The scratching on my window hastened, getting me jumpy as the threat to my life sunk in. I spun and spun on the spot, searching for anything in my room to hit me with a sign. How come I was the only one not screaming and running here?

When I thought that, the noise on my window stopped. I finally planted my feet down in the wooden floor and grabbed the pendant on my dresser and put it on. I couldn't care less for anything else then. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror; my eyes were still gray-green; and twinkling dangerously like they always do after a good cry. But my nose was a little red.

I sniffed. Now I could hear the distant screams had gotten so inhuman that I tore away the curtains, wanting to find out what was going on.

Nothing! I stood on my toes up to the window sill and squinted out. It looked shaken up outside, but I didn't see any neighbors. I gripped down on the latches and started to open it.

"Open, open, open already. Damn it all!" I didn't notice my trembling was throwing me off until I blinked down, dumbfound. The thrust my foot made into the latch didn't do much. I actually felt dehydrated from so much crying. I was about to cuss at the old thing when a force like a leather whip seared into my back.

I stumbled, not crying out like a victim, looking over my shoulder. The same black thing was eyeing me with creepy pale yellow eyes, antennas, claws and all. It looked like something from a bedside story nightmare.

"What the hell are you?" I asked, dazed. Another lame thing to do; talk to a monster. It kept on twitching as two pools of dark, violet and black, formed and swished on either side of it. At a slow speed, the monster's friends emerged from it.

Not waiting for another beating, I sprinted out and made for the front door. I raced out into the middle of the dirt path, panting and finally scared. More pools of darkness swirled around me. Was I the only one alive? The next thing was strange, like part of me was flicked in darkness.

"You think she will satisfy us, Superior? Why?"

Who...are you?

I heard a deep gasp when I asked myself that. With a force like a whip-lash, I blinked like crazy as my vision returned. The force frickin' pushed me down on my butt. I saw fresh monsters leering at me, ready to pounce.

"Aoife! Move!"


I looked right to see a middle-aged woman coming for me. I guess I was really freaked then because she gripped my arm and pulled me away in a run to the end of the street. It was definitely a man that talked, two from the question posed.

"You-who wh-was that..." I mentally slapped myself twice for looking like a damsel in distress. "Wait, you know my name?"

"I don't know what these creatures are, but you need to escape already," she chided in a rusty tone, probably from too much screaming. I looked up, bewildered at her, wondering if she was sane.

"What's going on?" I finally whispered.

"I'm not sure but go!" She broke off, seeing the creatures coming toward us.I started to back away, then snapped suddenly at the fact they were picking us off so easily.

"I won't leave you behind. Look, I got an idea!" I ordered stubbornly, getting a frightened gaze from her.

"We've tried running away but," she broke on again, terror all over her face. I gritted my teeth; she couldn't help.

"What do they want?" I asked stepping left. They all watched me.

"Not sure. They keep going thru us, searching. It doesn't make sense."

"Of course not," I replied, stepping back to the right; their gazes never left me.

Do they want me?

"Don't worry," I looked over to her politely to meet her fright and confusion. "Okay then, I'll get them away myself!" I yelled then ran up a few steps. "Hey! Come and get me if you dare!" Not looking back, I started to run out of town.

"No! Don't!" She yelled to me until I couldn't hear her anymore. My plan seemed foolish 2 seconds later; I had no idea how to get rid of them. The last time I go and act all brave. I was in the forest at last with twice as many monsters after me then before by now. I stopped and turned to them. More than ten.

"I'll take you on. One at a time," I said, dragging my right leg forward and pulling my fists up. Good thing I took an interest in how to fight and defend. I think they understood because on creeped up until it was 10 feet in front of me. I held my breath, expecting it to attack.

(10 seconds later...)

WHATEVER! Annoyed, I charged at it and threw my right fist into his face. It smacked to the ground instantly. I was about to smirk but 4 jumped toward me. That got me on the ground hard.

"Damn it," I muttered, trying to get up while they fell off. "Gr, it's not over yet!"

"Come girl," a man's voice called to me distantly, the one that gasped, darkness flicking off my sight again. "I have something you want, and you have something I would rather have. You are rather unique. What say you, girl?"

Did he compliment me? Wait, I'm having a conversation with a voice. Woo-hoo. Well, I don't wanna be killed.

"Hm. If you accept, I'll have a trial to await you in my domain to see if you're really worth it. Easy, right?"

Whoa, he heard all that.

I could hear his haughty smirk with that last part. Bring it. Take me away, and the name's Aoife. And you? My vision came back but not for long. A dark portal enveloped over me before anything could strike me. I could barely hear his reply to it.

"My name is of no importance."

(end flashback)

'I lost my jacket from that.'


'I don't wanna open my eyes.'

Jeez, you are a wimp.

'My eyes are starting to fell better though.'

That's a reason to break into song.

'Why do I talk to myself now of all times? Especially when it doesn't help!'

Smack that guy upside the head when you see finally see him

'Oooh, I like that.'

Who knows where I am. But it's better than before. My ears are coming together from that dive into the portal of darkness. What's with that damn breeze?

"Where the heck am I!" I yelled while squatting up and almost toppled over at the sight. A crossroads out in the middle of nowhere and I was at the center of it.

I don't think you're were he wanted. Later.

I brushed off my red and black sundress, with white flowers here and there. My back was to the singing wind.

"...ling down a dangerous road."

Another voice?

"Show yourself to me!" I yelled as my midnight mane fanned forward again.

"But you have hope. And that can save you if you turn it into faith. You have a strong and pure spirit. As long as it stays that way, your heart is never far away. Remember that. Now..."

I could hear this serene, eloquent voice and at the same time I couldn't identify it at all. What it was saying was foreboding. Too much, it was getting me to tremble. The breeze suddenly circled me and I let my eyes narrow in the peace of it all.

"Don't be afraid. Aoife, was it? Don't let your sorrow overwhelm you anymore. Now, Aoife, give your inner strength form. I'll help. Choose..."

I blinked, untroubled and confused at once. None of it was adding up. But this voice felt like a lifelong ally.

"Well," I whispered as the breeze was now blowing into my front, getting goosebumps up and down my arms, "my hands are what I've always used."

"Okay, I know what to do for you. Here." As I heard this, the breeze danced around me as a white light shone beneath my feet and bit by bit it circled around me. I actually laughed. Eventually, the light faded as I felt a surreal drive.


I seemed to know to look at my hands. As I did my mouth parted open. There were midnight blue gloves with violet lines scattered over it of an unknown material. But on both of the backs of my hands were a pair of angel wings, white with a blue tint in the folds. It wasn't exactly diamond, but not pure metal. I flicked a finger on one and it had a strange chime to it.

I like it, it's my style. Swiftly, I punched into the air and followed with a under jab. It felt much better than my hands alone.

"Thank you." I couldn't help it; I never had anything like this ever.

"Of course. All right, you have your own power. And command of an element. It'll reveal itself to you. As long as you believe, you can harness it. Take care, Aoife."

"Wait! I'm going to that guy after all?" I asked in a plea, spinning on the spot.

"I can't stop this, but I can give you weapons to aid you. And I have. Like he said, you are... Just be of light, and follow your heart, Aoife." I could of sworn it sounded I could protest, light banished me from the crossroads.

The transportation with light gave me no room for thought, and before I knew it, I got thrown on my front on a wet cement street with an "oof!"

Damn, you're getting thrown around by tons of jumped-up folks lately, huh?

'Damn conscious.'

I blinked my eyes open, giving off a moan. I think I was in the back of an dark alley.

'Or is it night?'

Duh! Nothing gets past you.

I braced my hands against the street, lifting my upper body. Not much scenery. I got up in a squat, rubbing the back of my neck.


'Ugh, stop insulting me. You're me ya know! Wait...ah, my head.'

I mean "Idiot" as in "Look-ahead-and-to-the-right-there's-a-man-in-black-standing-over-there" I'm here to help you, I mean me, but that's, eh! WHATEVER gosh!

I froze at this realization, heat rising to my face and the man turned his head to me.

Oh mother of f-

'Stop that.'

-k! He's looking at us!

He was in all black with his hood pulled up and silver chains on the front. He pushed off the wall and walked to me. I instantly got a shiver down my spine.

What are you doing now?

'What? You're back? Who are you?'

Just get up!

I bolted up in a stand mentally kicking myself. He stopped a couple of feet before me.

"I see you've arrived. Good," he said, a rather deep voice.

"Yeah," I answered, running a hand through my hair. Did he know and was hoping I was at that strange crossroads? No...

"Who are you already?" He regarded me a moment before replying.

"The leader of Organization XIII, a race of Nobodies. Xemnas."

What the heck is he talking about?

"Can you, er, clarify?" I asked, folding my arms. It sucked that he could see me but I couldn't see him.

"I wonder if you're worth this test...," he spoke out again, deep in thought.

"I rather not be back there. I choose this," I snarled at him, shifting my weight on one side. "You said you needed me, so here I am."

"Hm." He started to circle me, looking me all over, the chains chiming softly.


'Will you get your ass outta here? I highly doubt it. You're confusing enough.'

Okay...but do something before I do.

'You. Go. Now.'

"Those creatures you saw before, that almost killed you, are the Heartless. Those hearts who gave into the darkness. If someone has a strong heart and will, the body left behind will act on its own, though without the heart. That is the Nobody. Yet you rather peculiar..."

"What are you saying?" I whispered as he slowly came in front of me. "I pretty sure I'd know if something like that happened to me. What is Organization XIII all for?"

He paused again, then swiped off his hood. I took a step back, another chill going through me. Threatening orange eyes clashed with silver bangs. I guess they really are special.

Xemnas motioned me to follow him as he turned around. I looked at my gloves before following. He stopped, looking up at the night sky at the end. I stopped at his side at looked left, gasping.

Above the dark city, past this colossal, white floating castle was the faint imprint of a heart-shaped moon. My heart went racing. What did I get myself into?

"Kingdom Hearts."

Well, I see where the heart theme comes from. Now I was too afraid to interrogate him on it. "What's my trail, test, whatever..."

He didn't take his eyes off the moon. "Beyond this city and at the highest point in the tallest tower of my castle is an altar, which is near Kingdom Hearts. If you can make it there...alive," he finally looked down at my face, worry in my eyes, "then I'll take you in as our ward."

Ward? What he said sounded like a riddle or something.

"Huh! You want me as your ward? What for?"

"I want your power on my side, though you're not quite like us...," Xemnas said impassively, turning his body to me. "I'll explain what I mean if you succeed and are worthy to be a part of us, Aoife. Are you ready?"

None of it was adding up still. But I can't turn back. "Yes. I think I can handle this."

He finally smirked. "We'll see." I brushed my bangs away, seeing darkness coming over him and evaporating a moment later.

I guess that's how this Organization travels. I looked up at Kingdom Hearts again. Obviously, there's more to this than said out loud.

I stretched out, listening to the clouds rumble overhead, giving off a haunting air to the whole place.

Here goes everything.