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Passing through tall aisles of dusty novels Rinoa walked up to Zell, who was talking to Aerith and Yuffie. The ring around her neck bobbed up and down with her steady steps. Zell glanced over and ceased his conversation, taking in her fidgeting. He faked a smirk.


She nodded, a frail smile quirking her lips up a second. Leon's hand descended on her shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. Rinoa kept her eyes down.

"I don't want to say good-bye," she whispered.

Leon lowered his voice. "You don't have to. Remember our promise?" Rinoa whirled around, a shine back in her eyes. He gave her a private smirk. Rinoa sighed.

"Yeah, our promise."

"We'll come back to annoy you," Zell swore with a grin, holding on to one strap of the backpack, Aoife's backpack on Rinoa's shoulder. Leon rolled his eyes.

"Knowing you, you probably will find some way."

Everyone laughed. Under the noise the entrance doors creaked open, and two dark-haired people walked in. Aerith turned and let out a relieved sigh.

Zack smiled, reaching out to pull her into his chest as she walked over. Aoife steppedaway, raising an eyebrow. Aerith nudged closer, placing her hands on his chest. His strong heartbeat made her smile and close her eyes. Zack sighed, inhaling the sweet floral scent and lowered his head. Aoife was rubbing her nose, catching every movement.

I guess...they're an item. Faexio glanced over to her, surprised to see her quietly laughing.

'Weird. Zack really did change. He was always a flirt.'

He's happy now.

Aoife smiled. 'And I'm happy for him. Nice to see one of us has someone to love.'

Zell and Yuffie were wearing silly grins next to Leon and Rinoa, who were noticeably standing closer with their arms touching. On sync they looked at each other. Typical Leon moved his cold eyes away after Rinoa held up one finger with a knowing smile. Faexio looked back at Aoife.

You're going to be okay. With them. They can truly care.


We'll talk about the Order later, when we get home. The future will be there for it.

"Home..." Her voice crackled dry, fuzzy warmth fluttering up to her heart. Her room, her bed, her music playermust have collected dust.

Yuffie poofed in front of her, making her jump.

"You sound sad about it..." Aoife blinked down to her side, blushing. "Home is where the heart is," Yuffie said with a wink. "As Leon said, 'No matter how far apart we are, our hearts will bring us together again.' Right?"

Aoife's eyes widened, drinking in the saying. Aoife laughed and nodded to Yuffie.

"Absolutely," she whispered sincerely, looking down at the leather robe. Two heavy laughing masses collided onto her back, clicking her tongue on her teeth.

Rinoa squeezed her arms around Aoife. "And with us here—"

"Nothing will stop us," Zell finished, gripping a hand through Aoife's hair, whose owner's knees were severely shaking at the heavy friends glomped on her back. A whimper squeaked out of her and knees bucked, her friends falling down with her. Zack and Aerith laughed at them, still in each other's arms. Aoife got up on her hands and knees, trying to breathe with dizzy eyes.

Leon raised an eyebrow, choosing not to comment. A little worry twisted through him—these were the friends he was going to trust to take care of Rinoa.

He blinked.

"Idiot, my ankle just got healed!" Aoife was shouting, giving a protesting Zell a major noogie.

Leon ran a hand over his face. Rinoa suddenly blinked in surprise and looked from side to side."Hey, where did Belle go?"

"With the Beast and the other princesses. Until it's time," Yuffie answered softly, watching Zell and Aoife throw mock punches at each other. Until Aoife accidentally hit Zell in the stomach, causing him bend over in pain. Zack laughed, rubbing Aerith's shoulders once.

"That's my sister," he said with pride. Aerith's smile warmed, blinking at the dark-haired girl bending over her blonde friend in worry. Abruptly she buried her face back into him.

"But want if not?" Aerith whispered against his shirt. Zack couldn't even raise an eyebrow before she finished. "What if we can never meet again?"

Rinoa tore her gaze to the corner of a shelf, trying to ignore the prickling in her eyes. Hearing Zack mumble something to her she wandered away, tracing her fingers along the spines of the books. A soft smile overcame the graveness on her face, tendering tracing the edge of a purple book.

She sighed, many thoughts of the future going through her. Letting her fingers drop she circled around a corner, now hearing footsteps behind her.

Leon, Yuffie and Zell stopped when she turned around, not looking directly at the sorceress.

Sucking in air Rinoa came over near Leon, grabbing onto his arm like it was a lifesaver. Oddly he didn't pull away. The tense sorrow kept their necks bent, knowing separation was either few breathes or sets of heartbeats away. And all they could do was share them together while silently fearing to be alone and separated, with darkness in between them again.

Rinoa buried her face in his shoulder, her breath melting on the leather.


Rinoa peeked an eye open, seeing Zell turn from side to side.

"Where's Aoife?"

Yuffie retraced their steps and looked down the aisle, only seeing Aerith hand what looked to be a key chain to Zack.

Yuffie turned around and shook her head, shrugging. Zell raised an eyebrow, scratching his head. Then the girl reached over and peeled something off his back, squinting at it.

"'Gone to say good-bye to a precious friend. See you guys back home.' Hey, is this her handwriting?" the ninja asked, raising the sticky note. Neat, loopy handwriting was eligible on its yellow surface. Zell whirled around to glance at it, then met Rinoa's eyes. Both were full of confusion.

"She's gone off the deep end," Zell grunted.

"Why would she..."

"What's wrong?"

They all turned around. Zack and Aerith were watching them with worry. The four wondered if this was how angry parents looked at you when you let a sibling play hooky. Or you just plain lost them.

After flicking his gaze to each of them Zack sighed, dropping Aerith's hand and growled once.

"Imouto-chan, I'm going to kill you."

"Thank you," she said softly, picking up her purchase. The old steely-haired man behind the counter nodded, forgetting about teenager even before she walked down the street.

The girl looked over her shoulder once, walking faster past an alley, the permanent sunset spilling over her. With a quick inhale she pressed her legs in a run, charging into her dark portal appearing in the shadows of a building. The crickets of Twilight Town faded with the warm light.

The darkness was quiet as she traveled through. Carefully she clutched the items in her hands in case she tripped. The air creaked in moans from distant dying monsters beyond the layers of blackest veils.

A shiver creeped down her spine.

Other than the distant cries, it was eerily quiet. It made you want to run when you could only walk, the heart in your chest beating harder against your flesh, sensing ultimate darkness raging far off. Nor the heart nor its owner knew it was Xehanort's Heartless miles away with the Keyblade Master.

She clutched the wooden handles of the wrapped ice cream bars tighter again, stretching her pace. Yet, the darkness felt strangely calm, strangely weak, as if about to lay down to rest and had no more strength to torment the rival light, only able to watch the resister hurry through their territory. This time she didn't steal a glance back and pushed through the exit and into pale moonlight, the smell of rain strong upon the dim streets.

It was chilly, forcing her teeth to chatter together. Aoife stopped walking and looked up, finding the heart-shaped moon hanging in sky. Her eyes narrowed, catching the white castle below it. The sight made her stomach squirm, shuddering up to her shoulders.

She shook her head, keeping her teeth tight together.

"He's on the next street."

"GAH!" Aoife jumped in the air. Smooth clicks of boots echoed off the concrete, slowly approaching the exiled ward. Aoife turned around halfway, heart racing away. Another strangled gasp escaped her, spotting a dark purple cloak.


Zephyra's smile was prominent under the shade of her amethyst hood.

"I'm grateful to see you haven't been taken by the darkness," she said and walked forward, the brown high-heeled boots chiming on the street again. "So...you found out."

It took two seconds for her to understand what Zephyra was referring to. Aoife's arms fell limp, wincing at the memory. Zephyra stopped approaching her at this. She sighed sadly and lowered her head.

"I shouldn't ever have brought you here. I'm sorry."

"Is that guilt talking?"

"I deserve to be yelled at by you."

"Why are you friends with Xemnas in the first place? How do you know him and how do you know me, a girl of nothing extraordinary?" Aoife asked desperately. "Just who am I? Just who are you?"

Zephyra sighed."Don't find the answers to those questions, whatever you do. And don't leave your world again. That's all I ask of you."

"Why should I? Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?!" Aoife yelled in a strained voice. "I, it's like my heart remembers you. Like I knew you a long time ago. I wanna hate but, my heart can't...I don't understand it—have we met before?"

"No." She shook her head, the hood never falling. For a split second Aoife dared to run up and pull it off. "You and I never have met before. We first met last night, over Zexion's dying body."

Aoife shuddered down a gulp, not wanting to remember that either. She combed a hand through her hair, licking her lips.

"If we haven't ever met, how can I be angry at you, or even hate someone I don't know?"

"I wish you weren't like that." Aoife raised an eyebrow. "You seem to be disabled when it comes to hating people that you should hate, people you shouldn't get close to. But, you are a special child..."

I'm...confused, Faexio admitted in her racing mind.

'I don't remember this lady at all. But my heart...always feels safe around her.'

Namine took away a part of your memory. But she can't take away the feelings. Maybe she was in that.

'So...did we meet one time?'

She said no, and she would know...I can't think a reason as to why she'd lie now.

Aoife groaned at the new dead end they hit. She scratched her cheek, not noticing Zephyra watching her from under her hood.

"Why are you waiting?"


Zephyra let out a light laugh. "See him. One last time." Aoife blinked, on her guard. Zephyra stepped to the side, looking out. "Run," she whispered gently.

Aoife's heart raced again.

"And don't look back..."

Before Aoife decided to say something she was running past the dream, and didn't look back. She sprinted frantically, ignoring the irregular beat that sung through her heart for a unclear moment. Zephyra's breath hitched high.

"Please don't ever return to this world, Aoife."

The red-haired girl turned to the door, feeling very strange in her heart all of a sudden. She touched the doorknob.

"You're leaving now?" Huey asked from the counter, jumping up with his two brothers. Kairi turned around halfway.

"Yes. I'm going to stay outside until..." She smiled gently, giving a small wave. "Bye."


"Huh?" She blinked, confused until she saw the three holding a shiny charm of triple starsup to her. A smile emerged over Kairi's frown, eyes feeling wet. She paced over to the three ducklings, eyes shining at their new friend. "I don't deserved this, you guys."

"You do; we're friends, even though we haven't known each other long. A gift, so you don't forget us," Dewey explained, pushing the gift into her hands.

"We'll see you again," Louie assured, stepping back and waving to the princess with his brothers. Kairi smiled again.

"Thank you."

Breathing in Kairi pushed the door open. The wind pushed on her. Kairi flicked her bangs out of her eyes,not caring where her feet lead her to.

She raised her blue eyes, already knowing no one was around. Her feet shuffled her under the shadow of the wall, clipping on the star charm on the skinny chain adorned on her wrist, right next to Rinoa's feather charm.

Kairi felt another smile stretch over her solemn face, running her fingers over the trinkets. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the shadows on the ground ahead of her darker.

Her body stiffened; someone was following her.

"Why so nervous, princess?"

Eyebrow quirking up Kairi spun around.

"Afraid of a Hunter?" Alexia continued, notingher dumbstruck face. "Oh?" She put a hand to her forehead, eyebrows creased."No, my Sin element isn't on..."

"Who are you?"

"Like I said, a Hunter." Walking into a streak of starlight she swiped her hood off, yellow eyes flashing down on Kairi. "A Heartless who held onto its mind and feelings. I'm the most civil one, next to Mason...but, you smell awfully mouth-watering," she literally purred, breathingthrough her mouth. Kairi took a step back, raising her arm in front of her, the two charms winking oddly back at the darkling's eyes.

Alexia blinked, the haze of blood lust befogging. With smoky eyes she pulled herself up straight, like a human would, brushing her silky hair past her ruby earring.

"Lucky for you, we're not trained to hunt the hearts of no darkness. Forgottons are our specialty. And I also prefer being human, even though...it gets harder to remember with each passing day."

Kairi lowered her arm an inch; so quickly with that sentence, she couldn't sense anything dark in this woman.

Alexia shrugged, eying the sky. "Ah, that's life."

"Why did you come to meet me?" Kairi asked, feeling her heart beats skyrocket.

"Hmmm...to do this."

Before Kairi could feel the confusion fill her mind Alexia blurred behind her as a dark portal rippled awake in front of her. Kairi cringed and barely sucked in air when the Thief pushed her into it. While her fingers touched Kairi's exposed arms, the monster eyes flashed, in the quickest of seconds, gentle and almost...cerulean.

A sigh floated into the air with the fading of the darkness, taking Kairi's protests with it.

Alexia put her hands on her hips and took a few woozy steps forward, giving the starry sky a playful glare. Suddenly she lost the cunning attitude, hands pressing over her heart. Her eyes dilated, not seeing Traverse Town, but a colossal double doors of white spilling out...

Her breath shivered out. Beyond the door was not darkness, but—

"Light!? Oh...but why?" Ansem choked, the sparkling light crushing him into withering shadows. The light ruffled and flowed past Alexia, her vision blurring back to this world of in between, hands still pressed over heart.

Alexia lowered her head. It felt warm.

"So, deep in the darkest of places, light dances freely," she whispered in tranquil wonderment, lowering her hands. "Maybe it applies for us too. Maybe it can shine us back to who we were."

She laughed quietly, darkness beckoning the Hunter back to her world. She shined a smirk up to the night sky before the portal enveloped over her shimmering eyes.

"Sora...you so better thank for this later."

Everywhere he looked bleak scenery looked back. Roxas almost felt the rebellious streak to not return to the castle, charge his legs from this world, to see how real people lived life. This wasn't life. The time of living in castles was long gone.

He was about to slump against a building when something wet and squishy, like wet popcorn, thumped on the back of his head.

He threw his arm out as he turned around, baring his teeth in hollow rage.

"I-I'm sorry, dude! Didn't mean to scare you there."

The voice snapped the pessimism in half, parting through the darkness in a tiny twinkle. But it was enough to pull him away from that dark and lonely place.

He blinked rapidly, brushing his hair out of his eyes until he saw Aoife immensely interested in nursing the melting sea salt ice cream to stay on the stick, with another in her other hand. He squinted at her and saw the freckles under her eyes.

Roxas gasped.

"Aoife?" he panted. His voice was chained to a whisper. Aoife gazed up at the note of anguish. Her eyes softened with a sheepish smile.

"Promised you I'd come back this morning, right?"

Roxas opened and closed his mouth, trying to think.

"What are you...how?"

Wordlessly Aoife held out the undamaged ice cream bar to him. "Here. You're too skinny after all."

"But...you ran away. Xemnas said that you're a 'Forgotton,' that you chose exile over us. Tell me he was lying," Roxas said, shaking his head. "I know I can trust you."

Aoife cringed inwardly and bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut. More than anything, she wanted to hug the big dope and talk like they used to, not worry about who had a heart and who didn't.

Aoife opened her eyes, a knot tightening her throat to hear how much hurt she threw on Roxas. "It's true. I ran, I can't...stay here with whatever they wanted me for. I'm a ordinary girl; not an extraordinary being, like y'all. So...I must run, like the Gypsy I am."

"Come back."

"I can't. I'm not ready to. And who'd want me to come back?"

"Me, Demyx, Xigbar and Zexion, even. I bet Axel does too!" Roxas said, taking a step forward. "Can you come talk to him, he's been acting...!"

Aoife flinched back from him. "He doesn't care about me, Roxas. I have no idea what he thinks of me anymore. "

The Keyblader almost whimpered. He didn't want this; he somehow knew she didn't want this, seeing her stare guiltily at the ice cream, instead of his eyes like she used to.

"Did you guys...break up?"

She was already shaking her head,voice high."I'm just...not ready to talk about why, you know?" Her shoulders hunched, glitters building into her eyes. She hung her head down and held out the ice cream again, ignoring the other one dripping on her hand. "Come on, Rox. Don't waste my munny for nothing!"

A light pat knocked the ice cream out of her hand and arms wrapped around her before Aoife could lift her gaze. Her eyes widened, glancing to her side.

"Wha—Roxas, you killed the ice cream!"

His arms tightened.

"You're more important," Roxas whispered in her shoulder, opening his sapphire eyes. Aoife's eyes lost focus. "I'm sorry...for whatever they did...for whatever he did. I didn't know Axel hurt you. I know it's nothing, but, I am sorry. I hate seeing you like this."

"Roxas, that's not your fault. It's mine." Roxas shook his head.

"If I existed, then I could help you with your heart. But I can't...no matter how much I want to, I can't heal you. So...I have to let you go...go...to friends that can. At least I can know you'll be all right."

Aoife waved her free hand at her eyes, trying not to cry for the billionth time this day. Especially in front of him, not wanting him to worry over her. She hugged him back tight, a sob hiccuping out.

"Thank you."

"Anytime," he whispered. She took a shaky breath and put her hands on his shoulders, breaking the embrace.

"We can always come back to each other, silly. Remember our promise?" she asked, strangling out a note of laughter to see him smile one last time. She didn't have much time.

Roxas nodded with a blissful smile. "Yeah. I'll come running if you ever need me."

Aoife smiled, not feeling the tears drip on her boot. "Same here," she sniffed and glanced down, trying to contain her emotions. She jumped, feeling cold dripping on her hand. "Oh shit! Here...you can have mine. I'm not hungry." Aoife held out her melting ice cream to him.

Roxas glanced at it, then gave her a meaningful look. He folded his arms, foot tapping.

Aoife blew her bangs out her eyes.

"...You're going to throw it again, aren't you?"

Roxas beamed, wanting to cheer her up. She laughed, rolling her eyes and held it out to him. He laughed back, taking it before walloping high into the air. Aoife took a step back, watching it circle through the air until it splattered on one of the windows of a skyscraper.

"Damn!" Aoife couldn't fight the laughs that erupted out of her. Roxas staggered back, cackling at the icy blue blunder now on the dull black, wondering if this simplicity was happiness. He turned back to her, seeing Aoife holding her fist out. He bumped his on it.

"Now that's the Roxas I know," Aoife said, ruffling his hair before throwing her arm around his neck. She squeezed him tight once, knowing she might never get to do this again. "Stay like that."

Roxas nodded, wrapping his arm around her waist, unable to keep the smile off his face. Only she truly did that to him.

Arms around each other they silently compelled to walk the streets, knowing this was the only thing they could do in their last moment together. This was all they were given, little as it was.


He looked over.

"You take care of them for me?"

He shifted, uncomfortable. "You're the only one that can take care of us. I'm just their lackey Keyblade bearer."

"Right..." Aoife sighed, deciding to stay away from topics that weren't their friendship. She pursed her lips, regarding the dark murky sky above.

"I know," she realized in joy. "I need to find you a girlfriend!"

"Aoife, knock it off. I do not," Roxas mumbled, blushing faintly. Aoife snickered, mischief in her gray-greeneyes.

"Of course you do! Who's going to cure you from your mood swings with me gone? A nice girlfriend, that's what! Come on; you're hot, young and a gentleman," Aoife teased, swinging him around in a circle. She hopped to a stop. "You just need to be more social. Since you're not, that's why I, as a female friend, can find you a lover to take care of you. See?"

"No!" he whined, letting go of her hands. He turned away, folding his arms with a huff. "I'm a Nobody. I never can—"

"Ah, ah, ah." Aoife wagged her finger at him. "Never say never, my friend. I bet you fifty boxes of sea salt ice cream that there'll be someone out there that will have your heart. Someone that you'll want to fall in love with."

Roxas narrowed his eyes at her, wary of what she was getting at.

Aoife kept that crafty smile, melting away his defenses.

He sighed.

"Okay." He thrust out his hand "A bet: we both set each other up on blind dates until one of us finds their special someone first, whoever it might be. The one who finds that person first, wins. Deal?"

"Alright. You'll get fifty—count 'em—FIFTY full boxes of sea salt ice cream if you win, all paid by me. That's a big if. And if I win, I get...hmmm..." Aoife put a fist to her mouth, holding her elbow with the other hand. "What can I get..." She wandered a couple steps and a sinister smirk crept over her face. "I get a vacation trip to any world of my desire, and you have to be my complete and utter servant during my stay." Mockingly Aoife held her hand out to him like a haughty aristocrat. "Do you concur?"

Roxas gave her an evil grin and took her hand. "All right. You're on!"

"Oh and, Rox, I like those drinks with those little umbrellas." Aoife squeezed his hand before letting go, smirking. "You know, just letting you know ahead of time. Make sure you pack sunscreen, too."

Roxas rolled his eyes, another laugh rising past his throat.

"Can you do one more thing for me?"

"Sure," Roxas said instantly, nodding at the innocent question. Aoife reached in her pocket and dropped something in his hands. Roxas fumbled forward, the mere stitch of his gloves hauling the sphere in. It was a sphere she created herself.

He stared up, stunned at the heartfelt gesture.

"Watch it if you ever can't remember me, okay?" Aoife whispered and smiled through her sadness. "I know it's stupid, but...I'm still going to miss not having you in my life. So this way, at least, a part of me will be with you in your life."

Roxas opened his mouth, holding the treasured keepsake to his chest. He wanted to say something too. He wanted to say something meaningful, something big, something from the heart. It killed him, the cold fact he couldn't do that for this lone friend.

Suddenly the ground rumbled and roared beneath them. Aoife's knees gave away and she swung her arms out to try to balance.

Roxas caught her hand, bewildered. "What's going on?!"

(I'm staring out into the night)

Heart racing, Aoife already knew as she looked down. The ground her feet was standing on was gravel, rocky yet smooth. She lost her breath, recognition thundering through her heart.

"The beach cliffs...!"

(Trying to hide the pain)

They both looked up at the same time. The ground pulled apart, but Roxas gripped down on her hand, mind racing. No, say something. Speak!

"Aoife! Wait, no!" he yelled at the ground before staring up. "Don't worry. We won't let this be our good-bye!"

Aoife nodded, throat dry. Despite it all, it was still heartbreaking.

(I'm going to the place where love)

Roxas' lips trembled, their arms stretching to the limit. And with all the power he had, he couldn't stop this separation. He smiled, despite the cruel destiny the worlds were throwing at them.

The sight of his smile, this smile, optimistic yet mourning, made the tears roll down Aoife's face.

(And feeling good don't ever cost a thing)

"See you."

The unfair reality hit her like a train; she wasn't going to be able to hear that friend when she needed him. This one friend she could talk to without worrying about being judged was literally slipping away.

A sob shuddered out of her.

(And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain)

Roxas blinked rapidly, not understanding the hot pressure behind his eyes. Think, think,THINK. Say something. Take her tears away.

One last time Aoife saw his eyes. One last time she truly smiled.

"See you...Roxas."

Their fingers slipped apart.

(Well I'm going home

Back to the place where I belong

And where your love has always been enough for me)

Roxas continued to reach out. He knew he was forgetting something.

Aoife stretched her fingers out, smiling despite the growing distance. "Don't worry. We have our promise and the bet. I'll keep you in my heart until we can be together again." She nodded to herself, and a laugh trembled out in bittersweet hope. She sniffed and put a hand to her throat. "But don't cry or get sad, for me—I want you to keep laughing. You do that for me!"

(I'm not running from

No, I think you got me all wrong

I don't regret this life I chose for me)

Aoife grinned through fresh tears, kissing her mouth and waved, wanting his last sight of her to be a good one, a happy one. Roxas nodded back. He could only watch her fall back to her world.

A numb tear, his first tear, slid down his cheek when he waved farewell.

Before it fell to the ground the light divided them.

(But these place and these faces are getting old)

Four people stood on the desert's sand dunes. Rajani had starry eyes up to the sky, clutching her ocarina. Jason smirked, watching the dark horizon glow brighter. A gasp overcame Alexia, and she and Jason put a hand over their chest, the feeling returning.

"It feels...warm again," Alexia said as the stars burst free from the glowing horizon. A smile flashed over Rajani.

(So I'm going home)

"Ha HA! Take that, darkness!" Anomi cheered in high spirits, spinning around once. Jason stared up peacefully, hand to his heart. "So that Keyblade guy did it?" she asked suddenly. Jason leaned over, resting his elbow on her head.

"Not alone."

"We got each other," Rajani confirmed.

(Well I'm going home)

Xemnas patiently but curiously watched the sky, Zephyra next to him.

Saix paused in his walk, reaching into this pocket and pulled out a worn cloth. Unwrapping it, he gazed at the wilted flower inside for a second. With an exhale he secured it away, walking with an emotionless mask once more.

(The miles are getting longer, it seems

The closer I get to you)

Roxas ran through the streets, chasing the shooting stars with wonder-filled laughs. He stopped when they flew into the distance, remembering his promise, his bet. Demyx, standing on a building, watched the show with a lighthearted laugh and waved his hand out to them.

"See you soon," he promised to Number 0, where ever she was.

From the castle Xigbar and Xaldin watched. Until Luxord held his hand out to them, smirking and waiting for his payment. The two stuttered, suddenly remembering they had something to do.

(I've not always been the best man or

Friend for you)

Axel stared out the window, expression unreadable. He closed his eyes, a hand clutching to Aoife's heart-piece hung under his cloak and let out a sigh.

Namine sketched a new picture, making sure the gossiping Larxene and Marluxia couldn't see. She peeked over her notebook, frail hope in her eyes.

(But your love remains true

And I don't know why)

Vexen ran around, going off about how many experiments he could now do. Lexaeus shook his head at his usual curiosity, then he turned to the other Nobody.

Zexion glanced back before exiting. He looked ahead as he aimlessly strolled away, thinking of someone. His eyes drifted down as he walked in careful steps.

(You always seem to give me another try)

Slowly his eyes closed, putting a hand to his chest, remembering her scent.

After a second he smiled, feeling her laughter.

(So I'm going home

Back to the place where I belong

And where your love has always been enough for me)

Leon and the gang were cheering as loud as they could; Yuffie pumping her fist in the air as Cid yelled out his confirmed predictions.

Aerith broke out in a fit of laughter, knowing this wasn't a goodbye to her SOLDIER.

Leon actually smiled. Thinking of Rinoa, he wished on the shooting stars.

(I'm not running from

No, I think you got me all wrong

Don't regret this life I choose for me)

Near the old castle Cloud stood, holding the Buster Sword proudly in his grasp. He blinked to Vincent, who was standing at a higher point. Cloud laughed quickly when he flicked his red eyes down. Vincent smiled with a nod to his old comrade, and thenflew away as Chaos.

Unseen, Sephiroth smirked knowingly before walking away, spreading his black wing out.

(But these places and these faces are getting old)

"Even here you can see it!" Jecht barked in laughter. Braska and Angeal watched the showers of stars in silent admiration through the haze of the Farplane. "This Keyblade boy must be somethin' the others weren't!"

Auron quietly laughed.

(Be careful what you wish for

'Cause you just might get it all

You just might get it all)

Still staring ahead a the flourish of light Aoife staggered backwards, bumping into a big, warm back. She glanced over her shoulder, seeing Zack with Rinoa and Zell, all of them back to back, a familiar ocean's roar beneath them.


"What the—"

"Look!" Zack pointed to the sky. The three stared up to the night with him. They watched, frozen in wide-eyed wonder.

(And then some you don't want)

Thousands upon thousands tiny orbs of light fell around them, over the cities, seas and forest. Aoife reached a hand out, catching one.

(Be careful what you wish for

'Cause you just might get it all

You just might get it all, yeah)

Faexio oohed at the rare sight.

"Wow. Beautiful..." Zack whistled, lifting his gaze to the rare sight. Zell let out a sound of awe, turning around.

"Sora...he did it!" Rinoa confirmed happily and grinned. "He did it!!" Zack turned around with an innocently surprised look.


Faexio let out a cheer, arms out wide, turning around gracefully in the rain of light. Aoife smirked, shaking her head with a quiet laugh. She held her head up high to the sky.

"Guess there is really is hope out there."

(Oh, well I'm going home

Back to the place where I belong)

Mickey ran with his Keyblade through the darkness with Riku at his side, resolve in his turquoise eyes.

But the King knew everything would be all right.

(And where your love has always been enough for me)

Kairi stood on the tiny island's beach and touched the charm bracelet, smiling softly, thinking the same thing.

(I'm not running from

No, I think you got me all wrong)

Past the darkness, Sora, Donald and Goofy ran through the grassy green fields as night rose on, laughing back to each other with high hopes.

(Don't regret this life I chose for me)

Aoife jumped across the cliffs after her friends, adrenaline electrifying. Her hometown was before her with more friends to protect, worlds to find, things to set right, secrets to uncover, and a few promises to fulfill.

Quickly stopping she glanced over her shoulder.

(But these places and these faces are getting old)

Aoife grinned back at the light on the ocean's horizon, giving it a tiny nod.

"See you later...," she whispered gently. "But I have to go home now." She ducked her head down.

(I said these places and these faces are getting old)

Life in her eyes Aoife looked up at her friends and jogged up to them. She put a hand over her broken heart a brief second, hearing Faexio's laugh of approval.

(So I'm going home)

Aoife jumped over the terrain, high-fiving Zell and Rinoa. Holding each others hands they ran behind Zack, into the Dayspring Villages, to home.

Aoife smiled, feeling the light again, after so long.

(I'm going home)

'Where I put my heart...that's where my family will be.'



Kingdom Hearts

-Square Enix and Disney

Final Fantasy

-Square Enix


"Successor"-Crisis Core

"This Is How A Heart Breaks"-Rob Thomas

(Story's theme song ;D)

"Orchard of Mines"-Globus

"Best of You"-Foo Fighters

Filler episode songs:

(1) "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"-Forgot who it was by -.-

(2) "Another Girl"-The Beatles

"The Kill"-30 Seconds to Mars

"Too Late To Apologize"-One Republic

"Stop and Stare"-One Republic

"Iris"-Goo Goo Dolls

"Evil Angel"-Breaking Benjamin (Ch. 26)

"Big Girls Don't Cry"-Fergie

"Better Days"-Goo Goo Dolls (Ch. 30)

Ending song: "Home" by Daughtry


The Dayspring Villages

(which I do own, I created it)

The World That Never Was

Traverse Town

Pride Lands

Twilight Town

The Hunters' World

(anyone know a good name lol also own this)

Port Royal



Hollow Bastion

End of the World


"Hm?" The boy turns to see Demyx run up to him. "What's up?"


"Again?!" Roxas groans.

Demyx chuckles, putting a hand on his shoulder.



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Yuffie was talking excitedly to Leon and Aerith when the library doors opened.

"Hey, look who I found!" Cid yells, gesturing to Cloud. Aerith's eyes widen.

Head down, Cloud walks over to her. Aerith clasps her hands behind her back and leans forward.

"Been awhile..." Aerith giggles, "Least you didn't crash from the sky this time."

His blue eyes raise, meeting her forgiving smile.


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Yuna was walking through Besaid when a familar voice called out to her.

"Yunie! Yunie!"

She turns around, seeing Rikku running down the dusty, steep hill.

"Rikku!" Surprised, she runs up to meet her at the foot of the hill. "What is it? What are you doing here?"

Rikku huffs, catching her breath for a moment. Smiling she holds out a sphere to her cousin. Yuna looks confused until Rikku speaks.

"I found a sphere, of him."



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She turns around, seeing three kids running to her from the other end of the island. She squints then gasps happily, waving her arms up high and jumping once.

"Selphie, Tidus, Wakka!"




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Rajani talks with Alexia, strolling through the halls of the Hunters' castle. They pass by a doorway when a huge explosion makes them jump.

Swiftly Rajani throws herself back in the doorway, gasping in shock. Alexia runs up behind her and screeches.

"What did you idiots do?!"

Near the windows Jason and Anomi stand by the smoking suicidal microwave, thick blankets of popcorn filled throughout the kitchen.

They point at each other, horrifed.






Donald Duck





Angeal Hewley

Snow White






Near a river, a slim, light brunette girl kneels down on the forest ground. Her eyes, hiding behind brown-tinted sunglasses, spot something at her feet. Many skinny gold bangles on her wrists twinkle in the weak moonlight. Her skin is sun-kissed and there are a few blonde highlights in her hair, which cover her ears.

Lightly she brushes away at the face of a tombstone on the ground in front of her. In this area of the forest, there are small fireflies floating around. The young woman brings her fingers up to touch a sun pendant resting below her collar bone.

Mouth parting open she abruptly looks up and stands, searching to the west. After a moment she reaches in the air, seeing something that isn't there.

Her head jerks to the side, curling her fingers back from him, as if sensing something in the distance. Her breath comes out louder until she shakes her head in a shiver. She glances back, but nothing's there.

After a moment she turns and walks through the earth halls, back to the city.

"Where is his heart...?"

Vincent Valentine

Yuffie Kisaragi

Aerith Gainsborough

Cid Highwind

Leon (Squall Leonhart)

King Mickey




The Hope Collector: Anomi (muffnbootz)

The Child Queen: Rajani (FF009)

The Thief of Hearts: Alexia (FF009)

The Weaver of Woe: Jason (FF009)

The Bloodshedder of Apathy: Mason (FF009)

The Night Goddess: Valentina (FF009)

The Master Hunter: Ares (FF009)

Zephyra (FF009)

"Hey Rinoa..."


"What exactly are we going to tell Caraway when we get there?" Aoife asks, looking past Zell, arms folded behind his head as they approach the city, the downtown's lights glowing through the night.

Rinoa groans, holding a hand over her forehead. "We're dead."

"Hopefully he won't think I'm a ghost!" Zack chimes to comfort them. Aoife looks at her brother funny, then meets Zell's and Rinoa's glares.

"Aoife...what do you and Zack know that we're obviously not understanding?!" Rinoa says through clenched teeth.

Zell Dincht

Rinoa Heartilly

Zack Fair

The Platinum Angel: Faexio (FF009)

Number XIII: The Key of Destiny: Roxas

Number XII: The Savage Nymph: Larxene

Number XI: The Graceful Assassin: Marluxia

Number X: The Gambler of Fate: Luxord

Number IX: The Melodious Nocturne: Demyx

Number VIII: The Flurry of Dancing Flames: Axel

Number VII: The Luna Diviner: Saix

Number VI: The Cloaked Schemer: Zexion

Number V: The Silent Hero: Lexaeus

Number IV: The Chilly Academic: Vexen

Number III: The Whirlwind Lancer: Xaldin

Number II: The Freeshooter: Xigbar

Number I: The Superior: Xemnas

Number 0: The Gypsy of Hope: Aoife (FF009)




















Roxas settled back in his throne, glancing to each member before focusing his eyes up on Xemnas across from him. His eyes widened, seeing the man looking very pleased about something. Just like when he found...

Demyx jerked slightly, hearing gentle clicking of chains echo through the empty air. Zexion froze, picking up the scent of a girl.

Xemnas lifted his head.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today is a day to be celebrated," the Superior announced right as a small figure, hooded in the Organization robes, walked out to the center with a straight back and firm pace. Axel put a hand over his mouth. Saix narrowed his eyes, unfazed while Xigbar lifted his chin, restraining his curiosity.

"A new member has joined us..."

Roxas gasped, blinking past the slam of the shock.

"...She is the 14th."

The girl was smiling from under her hood.

It was like a slap in Roxas' face. Yet he couldn't strangle together any fury or pain; throwing this new girl out here after losing the ward—this was Xemnas' way of saying he didn't care.

Already it was as if Aoife never existed here.