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Gabriella Alloy smiled as she got out of her car at her mom's house. She had been able to swing her way into getting off work early so she could take her little brother to an autograph signing at the local Gold's Gym.

All she had heard about for the past week was John Cena and Randy Orton. Although her little brother had just turned 12, he was obsessed with the WWE. Getting the chance to meet two of his idols was like a dream come true for him. Although she was a wrestling fan, she wasn't really excited for the signing. She was doing this for her brother's sake.

She couldn't help but laugh as she saw her brother bolt from the window only to see him appear at the front door moments later.

"Ella you're here!" He shouted as he jumped into her arms making her laugh louder.

"What? Jay, did you think I wouldn't show up?" she asked setting him down.

"Are you kidding? He has been sitting at that window all day waiting for you to get off work so he can go to the signing." Sharon said from the front door.

"Hi Mom." Ella said giving her a hug. "Has he really been that bad?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Ella laughed shaking her head.

"I guess not." Ella said following her mom into the house.

"Hey! Aren't we going?" Jay asked from the car.

"Yes! Let me change first. As much as I love dress clothes, I think I'd rather wear jeans. Besides, the signing isn't over for another hour."

"I'll be waiting out here!"


Ella and Jay were the last people in line. Ella looked down at her little brother as he bounced excitedly next to her. She had never seen him so excited before in her life.

"Did you bring the camera?" Jay asked looking up at her.

"Yes Jay, I brought a camera. Would you calm down?"

"I am calm. Why aren't you excited? Maybe you could score a date with John, Randy's already married."

"Jay, we are here so you can get an autograph, not me a date." Ella said looking down at the boy.

"Well aren't you glad you're here and not at the studio modeling underwear?" Jay asked looking up at her.

"Jay, that's my job. Besides, I model more than just that."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say sis." Jay said turning around seeing that there was only 3 people in front of him yet.

John and Randy smiled for yet another picture.

"How much longer Randy?"

"About another 15 minutes and we are home free." Randy said looking at his watch.

"Who is that?" John asked looking up from the pictures of himself.

"Who is who?" Randy asked looking into the crowd.

"That gorgeous brunette about 3 people back."

"She looks awfully familiar. I know I know her from somewhere." Randy said looking at John. "John, you're drooling. Might want to clean that up she's next in line."

John smiled as she walked up to the table, a young boy behind her.

"Hi." John and Randy said smiling.

"Hi, this is Jay." She smiled as she pushed the boy in front of her. "Say hi Jay."

"Hi." He said, Ella sighed seeing the boy in absolute awe as he stood in front of John and Randy. She gave him a little nudge. "Can I have your autograph Mr. Cena and Mr. Orton?"

John and Randy smiled as they signed a picture before handing it to the boy.

"Come here Jay, want a picture?"

Jay nodded quickly before bolting around the table and standing between John and Randy. Ella smiled as she took a picture. John looked up at her.

"So what's your name?" John asked smiling up at her.

"Ella." She said with a smile. Randy nudged John in the leg.

"Nice. So do you live here in Tampa?" John asked noticing a slight southern accent not native to Florida.

"Yeah. I have for a few years now."

"Me too. I'm in town for a few days, maybe we could get together sometime for dinner? Maybe Friday?"

"Thanks for the offer John, but I'm going to have to decline. I have a show on Friday and you're not really my type." She said looking at him.

"Really? And how do you know I'm not your type?"

Ella smiled as she leaned over the table, a little bit of cleavage visible from her low cut tank top. "I don't date man-whores." She said quietly. Randy started laughing next to him. She smiled sweetly as she turned to leave.

Jay looked at his sister as she walked away before looking back to John who had a shocked expression on his face. He pulled a small card out of his pocket and gave it to him. "My number's on the back, call me if you need any help." Jay gave him a wink before running to catch up with Ella.

"Holy shit!" Randy said looking at the name on the card. "That was Gabriella Alloy."