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John stood puzzled looking around his hotel room. He was currently shirtless, due to the fact that he could not find his shirt for the night.

"Ella! Have you seen my shirt I had laid out for tonight?" John asked looking around the hotel room before sitting on the bed. He knew that shirt was here a bit ago, Ella's dress was still where she had left it. Where was his shirt?

"The white one?" Ella called from the bathroom.

"Yeah, the white button down. Have you seen it?" John called back scratching his head.

"This one?" John looked to see Ella standing in the doorway to the bathroom, wearing the exact shirt he was looking for. He smirked as she walked towards him, feeling a familiar twitch in his pants.

"Now what are you doing wearing my shirt? Not that I'm complaining." He asked as his grabbed her hips to bring her closer to him.

"Well, you always look so good in this shirt; I was just seeing how it looked on me. I've decided though that it looks better on you." She said as she slowly started to unbutton it, smacking John's hand away when he went to help. She smiled as she pushed John back on the bed before straddling his waist, biting back a moan when she felt his hands slide up her bare legs. She slowly shrugged out of the shirt, leaving her in nothing but a pair of white lace panties. John's hands slowly slid up her body before resting on her breasts, Ella moaning loudly as he began to massage them with his hands. Ella ran her hands up John's expansive chest before wrapping them around his neck, leaning down to give him a gentle kiss. John smirked against her lips as he brought his hands down to her backside, gripping it firmly before pulling her down so she could feel his desire through his jeans. Ella pulled back slightly before giving him one last peck as she climbed off him and off the bed.

"Wait a minute, where are you going?" John asked, propping himself on his elbows.

Ella smirked as she grabbed her dress off the chair. "To get dressed. We need to leave in about 10 minutes to meet everyone downstairs. Why do you think I brought you your shirt?"

"We don't need to go; we can just stay up here tonight." John tried to reason from the bed.

"Nope." John fell back on the bed with a sigh as she walked into the bathroom. "Hey John?" He turned to see her peeking out of the bathroom, "You might want to do something about that tent in your pants." She said with a wink before closing the bathroom door.

After lying on the bed for a few moments, thinking every disgusting and un-arousing thought possible, he finally managed to get himself under control. He begrudgingly sat up and put his shirt on, which still smelled faintly of Ella.

"I've got to work on my self control with her." He mumbled to himself, turning as he heard the bathroom door open. "Damn it."

Ella emerged wearing a flowing, light green halter style dress that stopped just above her knees, her hair half up and flowing in light curls.

"Do we have to go?" He asked as she grabbed her purse.

Ella just rolled her eyes as she grabbed his arm, dragging him out of the room.

John sat in a booth at a club with Randy, Adam, Jeff and Dave, eyes on Ella as she stood at the bar with the girls.

"Cena, stop raping her with your eyes." Randy laughed.

"I can't help it. She's beautiful and after the stint she pulled back at the hotel, knowing what is beneath that dress only makes it worse." John said, turning back to the guys.

"Ella can be quite the tease if she wants to be." Jeff said laughing. "What'd she do?"

"I couldn't find my shirt so I asked her where it was. She comes out of the bathroom wearing it telling me she was just trying it on. She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me as she took it off. Just when things were getting good she gets off me and goes to get dressed before reminding me of the tent in my pants. Left me high, dry and hard."

That table laughed at John as he growled, remembering the incident.

"You know, Erin's done that several times to me." Adam said, leaning back as he took a drink of his beer. "Just last week I got back from the road and went over to her place because she said she had a surprise for me. So she sits me in a chair, telling me she wanted to model one of her new outfits from her latest show. She comes out in this, fucking amazing little number and straddles me. When I go to touch her, she says no and ties my hands behind my back and to the chair. She gets me so worked up that I could probably blow my load in my pants without even touching her and just smiles as she tells me that she hates to cut this short but she needs to go get Emerald from the vet. She told me she would leave in a movie for me to watch while she was gone. And she left me, still tied to the fucking chair with a fucking porn video playing on the tv in her room! I couldn't even go relieve myself after she had left and the only thing I could see or hear was my own fucking thoughts and that damn porn on the tv screen!"

The table erupted into laughter at the expense of their friend. Adam just shook his head at the memories as the girls rejoined them at the table.

"What's so funny?" Erin asked as she noticed the sour look on Adam's face.

"Well John was talking about a stint Ella pulled on him earlier and I told them of that one you pulled on me last week." Adam said throwing his arm around her.

"Oh, when I left you tied to that chair with a raging hard-on and the porn playing?" Ella laughed. "I did feel bad for leaving you like that, almost. At least I made it up to you when I got back."

John watched as Ella continued to laugh and talk to Jeff as she sat next to him. Smirking to himself, he decided that it was time for a little payback.

Ella glanced to her side when she felt John place his hand on her thigh. John smiled as he gave her knee a little squeeze before returning to his conversation with Randy and Dave. Slowly John began to creep his hand up the inside of her thigh till he reached the hem of her dress, he felt his hand get a squeeze as Ella crossed her legs. Glancing back over at Ella he could faintly see a small blush starting to creep up the side of her neck. John continued on with his conversation, leaving his hand where it was until he felt her relax. Creeping his hand higher under her dress, he succeeded in uncrossing her legs and began softly rubbing near her core.

Ella could feel the heat rising in her as John's hand continued creeping up her leg. She knew what he was trying to do and she was not going to let him win. Focusing on her conversation with Jeff, she was doing well until John suddenly applied a bit of pressure to her heated core.

The entire table ceased their conversation when she slammed her hand on the table, trying her best to bite back a moan.

"Everything ok babe?" John asked, giving her a smirk as he stroked her again.

"Uhh…yeah. I think I need another drink…" She said as she made to move out of the booth.

"Oh don't worry Ella, the waitress is coming around again." Dave said.

Ella gave a forced smile as she relaxed back down in her seat, John's hand still firmly planted on her core. Ella bit her lip as John continued to stroke her through her panties, reaching down she grabbed John's wrist as she tried to stop him.

Erin quirked an eyebrow at Ella, noticing a flush starting to rise in her cheeks. Noticing Ella roll her eyes slightly, she noticed that one of John's hands was underneath the table. Erin burst out laughing as she put two and two together, causing Adam to ask her what she was laughing at.

"Nothing Adam. Ella, wanna go dance?" She asked knowing her friend was looking for an out.

"I would love to." Ella gasped, pushing Jeff out of the booth as she practically dragged Erin off to the dance floor.

John just chuckled to himself as he watched her go.

Erin was laughing hysterically as Ella drug her onto the dance floor. "How you feeling there my dear?"

"Oh I am going to kill that man. If that's how he wants to play, then we will play." She said smirking.

Erin followed Ella to the bathroom where she quickly took off her panties, tucking them down the front of her dress securely. Erin burst out laughing as Ella adjusted herself.

Ella smirked at John as she re-approached the table. She smiled as she grabbed his hand before dragging him out to the dance floor. John quirked an eyebrow as she wrapped her hands around his neck as the next song began playing.

"You're a sneaky one Mr. Cena." She said quietly in his ear. She smirked as she gently nibbled on his ear causing him to moan softly.

"I was only repaying the favor." He replied as his hands slid down to rest softly yet firmly on her hips. She smiled at him as she began to sway to the music, pressing herself softly up against him.

Erin laughed softly from the table as she watched the two on the dance floor. Ella had herself pressed up against John, her hands were gently roaming around his upper torso as she nibbled on his neck. Erin could tell he was trying to control himself. Adam turned to look at Erin, hearing her laughing.

"What's so funny?"

Erin nodded to the dance floor where the two friends were situated. Adam quirked an eyebrow as he watched the show. "Poor guy, he isn't going to know what hit him." Adam smiled as he sat back with Erin, preparing to watch the happenings.

Ella smiled as she felt the heat radiating off of John's body. She continued to grind her body against his, laughing as she felt John try to suppress another moan. She knew from the look on his face he was trying to not enjoy what she was doing to him, but his body had other thoughts. He was aroused and the last thing he needed was to walk back to that table with a damn hard on.

Ella smiled as she saw the look of concentration on his face, knowing the song was coming an end and he was trying to control himself. She smirked as she brought her hands up his chest before reaching down into her dress to draw out her panties, John's eyes following her hands the entire time.

"Are those?.." John began to ask, his eyes widening at what he saw. There was no way she would…

"They just might be." She said as she stuffed them in his pocket. She gave him a feather light kiss before walking back over to the table where she saw Jeff, Adam and Erin all laughing.

John reached into his pocket and partly drew out the white lace object. He groaned at the realization as he stuffed them back in his pocket. He needed to leave, now.

John walked back over to the table where he grabbed Ella's hand before pulling her back out of the booth. "Guys, it's been great to see you. Have great night!" He said before practically dragging Ella out of the club. Erin, Adam and Jeff continued laughing while the rest of the table looked on, puzzled by the quick departure.

"Wonder what that was about." Dave mused.

"Dude, he's going to go fuck the shit outta her." Jeff said as he continued laughing.

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