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Ella and John's plane had just landed in Tampa, they had a very rare 4 days off and both were excited to be able to spend that time at home.

"I'm so excited to see Emerald. I hope he still loves me after being gone for so long." Ella said as she turned her phone back on.

"I'm sure he will be thrilled to see you. A dog never forgets their owner." John said as they walked out to their car. "Was Erin going to meet us at your place with Emerald?"

Ella shook her head yes as she placed her phone to her ear. "Hey Bubbles! We just got in and are making our way to the car. Are you going to meet us at my place with my baby?"

"Yes momma, your baby and I will meet you at your place. He is very excited to see you. Been sitting by the door all day waiting for me to tell him it's time to go."

"Aw! He did miss me! I can't wait to see him! I will see you soon! Thanks Erin!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm leaving now, see you in a bit." Erin laughed and hung up.

"How come you are never that excited to see me?" John jokingly asked as they got in the car.

"I see you every day. Now that I'm traveling so much I don't get to see Em every day. He's basically my child."

"I'm always excited to see you."

"In more ways than one, John. As you should be." Ella said giving him a cheesy smile and a kiss on the cheek.

Ella looked down at her phone, feeling it vibrate in her lap. "Erin must be there already." She said opening the text.

John looked over at her after a few moments of silence. Worry crossed his features as he took in her paled expression, her hands shaking as she stared at her phone in her lap. "What's wrong?"

Ella shook her head as she placed her phone up to her ear. "What happened Erin?"

John was quiet as he sat patiently as she listened to Erin's frantic voice on the phone, not able to catch what she was saying. With each passing moment he noticed Ella's face get paler. He reached over, placing his hand on her thigh and giving it a squeeze. Ella looked at him and it was then that she saw the tears in her eyes. "Ok Erin, just stay in the car and lock the doors till the police get there. We should be there in 10 minutes." Ella said, her voice cracking as she hung up.

"Ella, what's wrong? What happened?"

"Someone broke into my house."