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John barely had the car in park before Ella was out of it and going up to the front of her house when they arrived. There were several police cars around, one officer was taking a statement from Erin. John looked over to see Emerald still in Erin's car, looking out of the window barking. John continued up to where Ella had stopped, talking to the officer that had just finished with Erin.

"Are you Gabriella Alloy?" He asked as he approached.

"Yes Sir, can you please tell me what is going on? I just got home from work, I've been gone about a week."

"I'm Officer Bains. Come with me Ms. Alloy. And you are Sir?" He stopped, indicating towards John.

"I'm her boyfriend, we work for the same company." Seeming satisfied with the answer he led the couple through the broken front door into the house.

Ella gasped as she looked around her once clean home. Tables and plants had been knocked over, nothing was in the same place as she left it. Nothing stood out as missing immediately as she looked around. "Do we know when this happened?" She asked, stopping to look around at the damage.

"Nothing that we saw immediately pointed to when this was done, it was what was upstairs that clued us in. Follow me."

John looked at Ella, taking her hand as Officer Bains led them upstairs and into her bedroom. Unlike downstairs, the only thing that was out of place was Ella's top drawer of her dresser. John could see that it had been gone through, her panties were spread all over the floor and across her bed.

Ella walked up to her bed, immediately running to the bathroom as she emptied the contents of her stomach. John looked at Officer Bains, who just motioned for him to go look himself. Upon closer inspection he could see a milky fluid sprayed across her panties and her bedding. Turning away, feeling himself getting sick he went into the bathroom where he saw Ella wiping her face with a wet cloth. He approached her and wrapped her in his arms as she broke down.

John continued to comfort her as he led her out of the room and back to the hallway where Officer Bains was waiting.

"Judging by the freshness of the fluid, we can tell that the break in must have happened quite recently. We also found this note on one of the pillows of the bed." He said handing a piece of paper to Ella. She started crying again as she read it.

Ella my love,

It is only a matter of time before you shall be mine again. We are meant to be together. When I came to see you, your scent was overwhelming and I had to seek release. I can still imagine you surrounded by your panties, screaming as I thrust myself inside you as hard as I can. Do you remember those times? I do, and I can't wait for them again. It's only a matter of time. I hope you don't mind, I took a few of your panties to tide me over till then.

"Do you guys know who this may have been? We have collected samples of the fluid and the DNA tests will tell us for sure but if you have any leads on who this may be we can get a head start on it."

"It's my ex boyfriend. He sent me some dead flowers with a heart in them a few months ago. We found out then that he had been released from his parole after getting out of prison."

"Alright. Ella, I'm going to take you with me out to the car so we can file a full report on the happenings here today. For now we can file the report, and then when the DNA comes back we can put out a warrant for him. Till then, I recommend that you don't stay here or alone till we figure out who this is and where they are."

Ella nodded as she followed Officer Bains out to his car. John followed them outside, seeing Erin was still outside he walked over to her, giving her a hug.

"Are you ok Erin?" he asked.

"I'm ok. A little shaken, but ok. How's Ella?"

"She's pretty shaken up. There was a pretty disgusting note left upstairs by the guy along with his semen all over Ella's panties. After reading the note, we are sure it's Chris." John said.

"Oh that sick bastard. That is just disgusting! If I ever see that man again he isn't going to know what hit him!"

"I agree. She isn't going to be staying here, let alone by herself until we have found him and he is put away again. I guess that's the plus to our job, we are never in the same place for very long. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea if you didn't stay alone either, just in case he tries anything. I'm sure Adam wouldn't mind." John said with a wink.

Erin blushed. "No, I'm sure he won't. He is still on his flight in, I will have to talk to him when he lands. I just don't know what we are going to have to do to finally be rid of Chris. Just when things start going well for Ella, he has to stick his damn nose back in the picture. That man just disgusts me, if I ever get my hands on him I'm going to chop his dick off and shove it down his throat for all he's done."

John couldn't say he disagreed. Chris has become a constant thorn in his side lately and it was getting to the point where something had to be done. Chris was one sick person and if they weren't careful, John feared what he would do.