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Kousei had on a stern face as he grasped the handle with a hard hold and turned. But when he entered the dark-enlaced bedrom, his grip loosened and his eyes behind his glasses looked compationate with fatherly athority over the ones in the room. There in the single bed, curled into the covers were his two sons, side-by-side. They were turned away from eachother slightly, chests rising slowly in slumber.

It had been so long since Kousei had seen them together; too long. Looking at them here, right now, so content in their slumber, he felt a sense of regret and guilt. But he firmly reminded himself of his life now and told himself it had been for the best, his stern stare coming over his face once more before he steped inside the room fully, closing the door not all the way. He advanced onto the twins, his eyes adjusting to the darkness to pick out what details he could of them. They were on their backs, heads straight and turned slightly away. Their palms lay open on top of the covers, mouths open slightly. They looked like mirror images, only the slightly-younger twin's long hair was not as messy as his brothers; held straight and clean in a ponytale and bandana.

Kousei pulled the thick covers over his two boys, patting his younger son a little and earning a small groan from him. He hesitated about the other boy, gazing at him in a subtly longing way. Then his hands went out to brush Kouichi's bangs out of his closed eyes gently. The elder twin stirred, as if awaking from his sleep, turning his head towards his brother, taking in a slow breath.

"...Kouji..." he said lightly, tiredly, and moved so that he lay on his side, arm thrown over Kouji's body before he relaxed into sleep again. Kouji stirred a little also, then his untrapped hand lay onto his brother's back and rested there in contentment.

Kousei stood back, watching the two settle into ther new positions, small smiles crawling over their faces as they slept. The older man couldn't help a smile also.

"Even after all this time, you are both as close as ever." he mumbled into the darkness, then shook his head lightly. "Sometimes I really wonder what might have happened any other way." he said, then left the room and closed the door.


So, twins-Kousei drabblistic one-shot thing. And according to my Japanese-English dictionary, kaifuku means "recover". As in, "recovering" his lost time with both sons. Of course, Kousei isn't really recovering lost time, but just contemplating his regret. He couldn't be a totally bad person towards Kouichi, now could he?