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Chapter One: shattered

Chris was no ordinary whitelighter by any means. On the contrary, he was a rather secretive and neurotic whitelighter to say the least. Not to mention he's not a complete whitelighter either, he's a witch, too.

And as much as Piper wanted to 'hate' him, she couldn't. Not even after he told them Wyatt turned evil. The only reason she told him to leave, had been because she was in denial. Who wouldn't? Try telling someone their little kid grows up to kill and terrorize everyone! That's most certainly not good news.

Chris didn't blame them, he understood. Besides he did not need them to love him, just to trust him. This seemed to be going well --- (the understatement of the year)

He had no time to dwell on his misery, or his pain, or any of his feelings; emotions are a waste of time and mind.

Fortunately a bit of their trust had returned when Chris saved little Wyatt. At least he had gained Wyatt's trust, and Leo at least seemed to believe he was here to prevent Wyatt turning evil.

Now he saw no use for all his past accomplishments. As he reached his last breath, his only regret was not telling them the truth.

The last person Leo expected to see down and broken would be Chris. The only reason Leo had even orbed down there was to see his kid, Wyatt. He was surprised to instead find a near death Chris and none of the girls. So it was no easy thing to see the young whitelighter on the floor in the Manor. There was a blood pool spreading out slowly, and the young man's body was covered with massive bruises and ragged clothes. Some which seemed to be quite old. Worse yet, he could barely detect a pulse and his breathing was slow and barely there.

"Chris!" cried out Leo shocked by the boy's state. Without hesitating he lowered his hands and the healing soon began.

"Come on, come on," whispered Leo urgently, urging his healing to work faster.

The young man's breathing seemed to be stabilizing and the wounds were starting to heal, except for a few. Those few were no longer healable, they were scars.

Thank god, thought Leo as the wounds healed completely and the boy was saved. He would later dwell on those mysterious old bruises.

"Chris?" whispered Leo tentatively.

Chris' eyes flickered open momentarily; he struggled to focus on the man above him.

"Dad?" asked Chris confused his mind foggy and throbbing.

"No it's Leo," responded Leo surprised by Chris' word.

Chris' mind felt like it was spinning. His memories jumbled and his thoughts mixed up. As he stared at his dad, he wondered why his dad had said he wasn't his dad. It didn't matter for much longer as he fell into a deep slumber.

Leo felt relief wash over him. He didn't understand why he cared so much for the whitelighter. Nor why he now felt relieved he had saved him. As much as it seemed he distrusted the boy, there was also something else. Something he couldn't describe.

Hours later, Chris was still asleep, Leo was still watching over Chris and the girls were no where in sight. Leo tried sensing them; unfortunately he could not detect them, or Wyatt. His only hope was that perhaps when Chris awakes he would be able to tell him where they were. And hopefully it would be soon.

Where are they?

Leo kneeled in front of the sofa fixated on Chris. The young whitelighter seemed so … young, so vulnerable. It startled him to realize how much Chris must've gone through, to resort to coming to the past.

He must've been desperate. But why did he come back? Is there no one else, someone closer, who'd be willing to come? Perhaps not. He is a brave person …. Why have I not realized that before? But why him? Why would he even care about Wyatt? He's been in the past for quite a while now, and yet he has not harmed our Wyatt, when I'm sure he must have had millions of chances to do so. I doubt he's even tried. But why? Why?



Only family would care so much. Only family….

Chris family? He certainly seems stubborn enough, and he is half witch, half whitelighter …!


No … oh no …

He can't be my son, he can't! Perhaps he's Paige's? Yes that makes sense.

Leo nearly jumped out of his skin, as Chris's voice brought him back to reality.



"The girls and Wyatt, they've gotten them!" Chris cried out, his face whitening into a frighteningly pale ashen color, if that was even possible. His breathing grew labored and raspier. His heart accelerated and he was sure it would stop, blow up or something.

"Who? WHO? Who Chris? Tell me!" Leo cried out desperate for an answer. He could not bear to even think something could happen to his son, to Piper or to any of the girls.

Chris tried to clear his mind, he tried to speak. To tell Leo the girls were in grave danger. But try as might he could not. He felt as if his breathing had been cut off.

He tried taking in air.

"The …" his breathing grew worse by the second and Leo's imploring glaring eyes were not helping at all. He wanted to say it before it was too late.

Leo glanced begging for Chris to tell him.

"Who, Chris?" demanded Leo fully aware of Chris's breathing problems, but too worried about his family to help.

Chris choked back tears. Something's seriously wrong.

The demon must've done something to prevent him from talking. It was definitely possible.

"Come on Chris, breath in, breath out," yelled Leo demonstrating it as he breathed in and out.

Chris closed his eyes, and tried to relax. He grabbed onto his memories, all the good ones he cherished. At least the ones he had left. Most of them were before he turned 14. Everything went downhill from there. But there was one particular memory he remembered the most, he had been around 6. There had been nothing out of the ordinary, but that's just the thing it was a normal memory. Where his mom was there, and she loved him. And she loved him, and he loved her. And she was still there.

"Mommy?" Little Chris ran up to his mom in the Manor's kitchen.

"Yes peanuts?" his mom asked turning to little Chris. He held his little finger up to his mom.

"Mommy it hurts!" he cried out pouting.

"Oh sweetie, come here," she said taking Chris into her arms and holding him tight.

"It's going to be ok, sweetie. Ok, mommy's right here for you," she whispered lovingly.

Chris opened his eyes. His breathing had returned to normal for now at least. Now he could tell Leo where the girls and Wyatt were being held at before it was too late.

"It's … "began Chris.