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Two Months Later

The sun cast a fading mosaic of color along the worn dirt road.

A lone figure walked leisurely but with great purpose. He seemed intent on his destination and spared not one sideways glance along the path. People moved out of his way not because he was seen as one to be feared, but because his steps were so graceful and one hated to slow those fluid movements.

Finally with a weary sigh, Jin came to stand in front of the familiar wooden steps of Fuu's house. A small smile lifted the corners of his somber mouth and he walked up the stairs to the front door.

With narrowed eyes, he paused mid-step.

The front door was wide open, almost as if someone hadn't had time to close it. He stepped further through the archway and stared around in great concern.

There was torn clothing littered across the floor, thrown in half-hazard piles. Food was splattered everywhere. The table was overturned and one of the sitting cushions was thrown against the far wall. The place was in shambles.

For the first time since they parted, Jin felt horror that something had happened to his Fuu. 'I knew I should have stayed with her!'

He knelt on one knee beside what looked like Fuu's torn obi and took in the scene, trying to piece together what had happened, when he noticed that the food was still slightly warm.

'It's still warm! That means it just happened.'

With a surprising burst of speed, he raced back outside and searched the ground frantically for tracks of any kind.

"Fuu? Can you hear me?" The shout echoed across the trees but received no answer. But suddenly, he noticed the little footprints leading into the woods. That was the direction he sprinted off into.

He almost stumbled when he heard it.

A long drawn out wail of someone in pain. It was Fuu.

Following that sound, he broke through the thick brush and came upon them.


Never more than in that exact moment did Jin wish he really did have bad eyesight. So he could claim that he wasn't seeing what he knew he was seeing.

Fuu and Mugen.

In the hot springs.


'And taking full advantage of that fact.' He thought with a faint shudder.

Mugen had Fuu pinned against one of the rocks on the outer edge of the water. All Jin could see of her was her slender legs wrapped around Mugen's back.

Oh the horror.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, he retreated slowly back into the shadows of the trees.

Damn pirate and his goddamn ears.

"Enjoyin the show Four-Eyes?" Mugen was still pressing Fuu against the side of the rocks, but he had craned his neck back to stare triumphantly at the shocked Samurai.

Jin was rapidly turning red at being caught spying, but Mugen, as shameless as he was, was just grinning at him.

Fuu, who for her part was just coming down from an incredible orgasm, had only just noticed their company.

She shrieked and clung even tighter to Mugen before she realized who it was. Peering over her lover's shoulder, all the color drained from her face as she stared at her surrogate 'brother'.

"Jin? It's not-I mean this isn't-We weren't-!"

"Oh yes we were!" Mugen crowed, every bit the displaying alpha male.

It was then that Fuu and Jin both noticed the same thing.

Although the water hid the fact from Jin, Mugen's subtle movements said that he was still very deliberately thrusting into Fuu.

And he was staring straight into Jin's eyes as he did it.

With an angry squeal, Fuu brought her legs up and planted her feet firmly on his tanned chest, kicking him off.

"Mugen, you pervert! Don't do that when Jin's right there! Or ever again!"

Mugen's laughter rang out through the forest.


The three of them sat around the table in the messy kitchen awkwardly, trying to forget what just happened.

Except for Mugen, who was only half-dressed in his old shorts and lounging on his side, smirk firmly in place below his mischievous eyes.

Suddenly he frowned. "Ya didn't really mean that right Fuu? About not screwin ever again?"

Fuu blanched and opened her mouth wordlessly, failing to form a coherent thought.

Jin picked up the lead for her. "Mugen, if you don't leave me and Fuu alone to talk in private right now, then I will start planning your wedding."

No sooner had the word 'wedding' passed his lips, then Mugen was scampering to door in panic, disappearing into the night.

"Mind explaining what happened here?" Jin gestured to the disheveled room.

"Uhhm...I'd rather not talk about that..."

"Jeez, Mugan! Can you just be a little grateful for once?"

Mugan sat back and munched on the scrumptious meal Fuu had prepared for them. Once again, he did nothing but complain about it.

"Well," He said between mouthfuls. "Maybe if ya could make something that actually tasted like food, I wouldn't have ta complain."

Fuu clenched her jaw and fought to quell her irritation. 'He doesn't mean it. He loves your cooking. He's just trying to cause trouble because he's still not used to having such a normal relaxing life.'

And it was true. For two blissful months, they had lived together, ate together, slept together, and 'slept' together. It had been wonderful. But whenever Mugen felt too comfortable he would bug Fuu for at least a whole day with nothing but nit-picking.

Earlier that morning, he had complained that the new shirt she had made for him was too big and itched like crazy, even though Fuu knew that it fit perfectly and was made from the softest cloth.

He was just such an ass sometimes.

And today had been particularly difficult. He seemed more obnoxious than usual. Fuu had a feeling that he was testing his limits. Trying make sure she wouldn't suddenly get fed up with him.

Fuu loved him to death and would never tire of him, but sometimes she wanted to kill him.

Now, he was complaining that her special grilled fish and rice was dry and tasteless. Yest he was already on his third serving and showing no signs of stopping.

"Mugen." She said in a soft, almost-patient tone. "If you think its so horrible, then why don't you stop eating? I could make you something else but please just shut up."

He looked at her over his bowl, cheeks stuffed with fish, rice on his chin. "What crawled up your ass?" He snorted. "This is edible, hardly. Besides, anything else ya made would be just as crappy."

Fuu took a deep breath and concentrated on not stabbing him with her chopsticks. It worked.

Til he spoke again.

"Hey bitch," He held up his empty bowl. "Go get me some more."

That was it. Fuu had had enough. She slammed her own bowl down on the table, snatched his out of his hands and stomped over to the half-full pot of food. She piled it high with the mixture and then turned with a sadistic grin as she sauntered back to him.

"Here you go sweetheart." She held his bowl out to him and he eyed her warily, not liking the way she was smiling and reached out one hand to take it.

But before he could grab it, Fuu lifted the bowl over Mugen's head and flipped it over, dumping the entire thing onto him.

He sat for a moment, covered in rice and seafood, and blinked up at her in disbelief.

She was glad she could still surprise him.

"Hey! What the fuck? Fuu you crazy bitch!" He lunged for her but Fuu cackled and sidestepped him easily. They sparred and trained with each other often enough and Fuu's reflexes rivaled his as much as they could.

Still laughing, Fuu turned to make sure he wasn't sneaking up behind her, but she was met by a flying glob of food in the face.

"Ack!" She shook her head and wiped at her eyes, opening them to find Mugen standing near the pot on the oven, another handful of rice aimed at her and a smirk on his face.

"Hungry baby?"

He whipped it at her and she dodged it at the last minute, causing it to splatter across the floor. She didn't even stop to think about the mess they were making. Her single goal was to get to the bowls on the table, or else she wouldn't have any ammo.

With one leap and another swift dodge of flying food, she made it to the table. Before she got hit again, she flipped it onto its side, creating an effective shield between her and her rival.

The bowls sat beside her and thankfully, hers was still almost full and Mugen had left one of his half-full. She grabbed two large clumps and stood quickly, throwing for all she was worth.

Apparently Mugen hadn't expected an attack so soon, and he yelped as one hit his stomach and the other spattered across his legs.

"Hey! No sneak attacks!"

"What did you call the one earlier? An ann-AAH!" She was cut off midway with another lump of rice that struck her in the chest. Some rice went down the part in her robe and trickled between her breasts. "Eww!" She jumped a little and stuck her hand down her kimono and tried to scoop it out, momentarily forgetting that she was standing in the line of fire.

Fuu felt the rice and a stray piece of fish squishing between her cleavage and she shivered in disgust. Ripping open the front of her robe, she bent over and shook out the hot food from her chest bindings.

"Oh yeah..." Came the soft murmur of Mugen from across the room. Fuu jerked upright as she remembered his lack of mercy and she prepared to dodge, but Mugen wasn't in attack mode anymore.

He had a glint in his eye and his line of sight was locked on the exposed swell of her bosom. Fuu recognized that glint and her breath hitched slightly. He always had that effect on her when he looked at her like she was a piece of candy that he wanted to gobble up.

He licked at his lips absently then pounced.

Fuu, caught off guard, was pushed to the floor as Mugen proceeded to lick off the stray food littering her flesh. It tickled and Fuu giggled in spite of her growing arousal.

"Mmmm, this shit tastes better on you than it did in the bowl..."

Fuu was still coherent enough to feel indignant and she smacked him on the head. "Jackass."

Mugen bit softly at her breast in retaliation. "Bitch."

Then he slid up and kissed her, licking the sauce from her lips and snaking his tongue inside her mouth. The slick head sent her head reeling and she kissed back enthusiastically.

Mugen growled and tore her obi off her and pulled her robe off her shoulders, pinning her arms at her sides. She was helpless as he nipped his way down her body. She writhed in mindless pleasure.

"Uhn Mugen! You feel so good!"

He smirked against her stomach, nuzzling her belly button. "Duh, I know."

Fuu frowned and came back to her senses enough to be annoyed at his arrogance. Sure he was an incredible lover, but she always strove to keep him from getting cocky.


Before he could react, she lifted her knees and kicked him off.

"Oomph! What was that for?"

Fuu just giggled and jumped to her feet, heading for the door. "I feel gross. I'm gonna go rinse off at the hot spring." She strode nonchalantly towards the door and slid it open. She heard him growl behind her.

"Maybe I'll stop you."

"Hmph. You'll have to catch me first!" And she sprinted off towards the woods, loving how she heard him stumble to his feet behind her. If only she could get there first, she'd have some semblance of a victory.

With all her strength, she propelled herself through the trees. Mugen's loud footsteps thrashed behind her.

Finally the water was in sight, and she jumped into it, not even pausing to strip out of her underclothes. In midair, she felt hot hands twine around her middle and she glanced sideways to see Mugen wrapping himself around her even as they hit the water.

Sputtering she came to the surface, she thanked the gods they had landed in the middle where it was deep.

Mugen surfaced right near her, laughing loudly. "Ha! That was fun! Let's fuck."

Fuu laughed right back and dunked his head under the water. But that turned out to be a bad idea because he took advantage of the fact and she felt him nuzzle against her thighs even as one hand slid between them and stroked her sensitive flesh.

"Ah!" She bent over and Mugen came up out of the water with a devilish grin.

"Please let's fuck?"

He rarely said please, so Fuu decided to give in to reward him. "Alright." Then she noticed.

"Mugen? Are you naked? When did you take your clothes off?"

He chuckled as he leaned down to capture her lips.

Fuu blushed as she glanced at the pile of Mugen's clothing scattered across the floor. She knew the only reason he hadn't caught her in the woods was because he had paused to strip before giving chase.

Jin saw the color tinting her cheeks and mentally agreed that it was best if he didn't know what had happened before he arrived.

Silence reigned over the two remaining for several tense minutes. Fuu was the first to speak.

"Uh, oh gods, I feel like I just got caught by my Father...Jin, I'm sorry you had to see that. It must have been terribly embarrassing for you."

Jin nodded but looked thoughtful. "It wasn't for you?"

"It most certainly was!" She blushed to prove it.

"We're even then."

Still red-faced, Fuu bit her lip. "Fine. All...that aside, I'm glad to see you again. For reasons better left unsaid, we won't hug right now."


They were quiet again, but somewhat more relaxed.

"So I take it that things worked out between you two if Mugen still visits."

Fuu suddenly beamed. "Nope, he doesn't visit. He's been here the entire time." Her smile grew smaller, but no less radiant. "He's moved in. He doesn't ever want to leave again...or at least, he won't have a choice in the matter if he does. I won't let him."

Jin chuckled. "You believe you can stop him if he does decide to take off?"

Fuu looked certain. "Of course. I love him and he loves me. He told me once and just because he hasn't said it again since then, I know it's still true. He doesn't ever have to say it again. I can see it in his eyes."

Jin took all this in, only mildly surprised that Mugen had told Fuu he loved her. After all, it was true. It was plainly written in the pirate's eyes.

She laughed. "Besides, I give him free food, a warm bed, and a place to call home. Why would he leave? He's not dumb, just foolish." She paused, then looked up at Jin with sparkling eyes. "He makes me so happy Jin. I can't imagine my life without him. As much as he annoys me, I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. Anything."

Feeling content now that his friends had found happiness together, Jin decided it was time to find some of his own. He settled back onto the floor cushion and contemplated his next move.

"Hey Mugen!" He called to the front door.

"Yeah?" Came the answering voice from just outside the archway.

Fuu glanced at the doorway in surprise and blushed, now aware that Mugen had heard her words.

"Do you know anything about carpentry?"

A bushy head appeared around the side of the doorway. "Huh? What about carpets?"

Jin shook his head, amused as always by his friend. "Wood-working. Building. Do you know how to?"

The bushy head disappeared for a moment and there was some shuffling outside, then Mugen came strolling in and sat down beside Fuu. He didn't look at her, and Fuu's blush grew deeper as she began to worry she had said too much.

"Ya gotta be kiddin right? I used ta work on a ship. Hello? A ship. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ain't them suckers made of wood?" He cocked a brow at Jin's apparent stupidity and slid one warm hand up Fuu's thigh.

Jerking up her head in surprise, she sought out his eyes. He glanced at her and smiled with obvious warmth. She almost wept with relief. At first she thought that she had put him off, but that small grin had conveyed everything she had said was equally returned.

"Alright, I'll take that as a yes. If I asked, would you help me build a small house nearby?"

Fuu's jaw-dropped open in shock. 'Jin is finally going to settle down? Yay!'

Mugen just smirked in that oh-so-annoying way of his. "I don't know. Ask me and we'll find out."

Jin sighed, knowing that he had to play along. "Will you help me build a house?"

Mugen tapped his chin in mock-thought and hummed in his throat. "I don't know...Seems like a lotta hard work...I'm not too sure I have the time."

"Oh for goodness sake! Just help him, you big jerk!" Fuu held up her had, intending to slap him, but Mugen was already rolling away along the floor, laughing.

"Hey let's not get violent! Alright Four-Eyes, let's build ya a love shack! Ya just gotta promise not ta interrupt me and my woman anymore, alright?" He snorted at the pink that appeared in the usually pale cheeks of the Samurai.

Instead of being offended, Fuu felt a flush of warmth at being called Mugan's 'woman'.

Before things got too out-of-hand with Mugen's teasings, Fuu steered the conversation into safer waters.

"So, uh Jin...You're going to settle down? What about Shino?"

The blush as replaced by a genuine smile. "My Shino has but two months left on that island. I snuck out there a few weeks ago to visit her and we discussed our future." The smile wilted a bit. "I was sure she would have forgotten about me..." Then grew again into a grin. "But she was so happy to see me. We snuck away to a hidden part of the island and-"

"Hey! If we can't talk about me an Fuu, then I don't want ta hear about you and that chick havin pale unexciting sex!"

Fuu elbowed her lover in the ribs.

"Ah, I apologize for going off topic. As I was saying, we discussed our future and I have realized that I am ready to settle in one place. No one has made an attempt at my life in quite some time. I've come to believe that maybe the only ones left have realized I will never stop fighting. Maybe they've learned to stay away. At least for the sake of Shino, I hope so. I want to give her a simple life."

Fuu was on the verge of tears and noisily sniffled. "Aww Jin, that is sooo sweet! Shino is so lucky to have you!"

"Hey!" Mugen looked indignant. "What about me?"

Fuu sighed and leaned in to whisper something in the ornery pirate's ear. Jin couldn't make out what was said, but Mugen suddenly grinned a little too contentedly for his comfort.

He cleared his throat loudly.

Fuu sat back and smiled at Jin innocently as if to say 'what?'.

He just shook his head and then yawned loudly. "Now that we've got all that settled, I must ask you Fuu, if I may use your spare bed."

With a exasperated sigh, Fuu nodded. "You know you don't have to ask. Let me just get you some new sheets." She got up and went in search of fresh linen, leaving the two alone.

Mugen smirked at Jin.

Jin lifted a slim brow and stared right back.

Mugen opened his mouth to say something lewd, or at least by his expression, Jin guessed it would have been, but he cut him off.

"You know, since Fuu calls me her brother, technically because you two are together, we're brothers as well."

Mugen mouth hung open, unable to reply at first. Then he recovered. "Pfft, that ain't true. There's no blood there."

"I'm the closest thing to a brother you'll ever have. We're your only family and you know it."

That stung. Mugen pouted and looked away acting indifferent. "So? What of it?"

"Isn't it nice? Doesn't it make you feel somewhat complete? Before I met you two, I felt dead inside. It's different now. You must agree you feel the same."

Mugen was silent and awkward. Then he said the only thing he could come up with. "Since when did you get so talkative anyway?" Then he stood and yawned dramatically. "I'm goin ta bed." He paused in the bedroom door and turned with a gleam in his eye. "Don't worry if ya hear any strange noises tonight. I'll take good care of Fuu." With that he winked then went inside, sliding the door shut behind him.

Jin sat by himself, amused by Mugen's reaction. He knew it was all an act and he wasn't fooled by it one bit.

As soon as Mugen got over his residual jealousy of Jin and Fuu's relationship, he would accept his feelings of friendship. He'd think of Jin as a brother.

He'd already come so far and Jin could tell that after seeing his marriage to Shino, the rogue would feel the need to have the same kind of relationship with Fuu.

It was only a matter of time.

Time together.


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