Title: "Heartbreaker"

Author: antilogicgirl

Fandom: Gensomaden Saiyuki

Genre: Gender-benders

Inspiration: silly fan-art and swing music.

Summary: Gojyo breaks one too many hearts. The result? Well, it's both his dream come true, and the Ikko's worst nightmare, because his stint as a woman is quite permanent.

A/N: Okay. I hope you like this. The idea came to me while I was looking at some pretty silly fan-art. It was basically a gender-bender of Gojyo, which had a little cartoon panel at the bottom. Gojyo was looking down his(?) shirt at the boobs within and smiling to himself. He said that if anyone needed him, he'd be in the shower. Well…if Gojyo were to become a woman suddenly, would he really be that happy? In my humble opinion, I don't think he would. So, here's what I think would happen. Or at least, part of it. This will be a multi-chaptered thing.

Part I: That Old Black Magic

Sighing contentedly, Gojyo lit up his cigarette. "Would you like one, sweet-heart?" he asked the curvy brunette that was pasted to his side. Her bottle-green eyes peered up at him before she shook her head. Hot skin stuck to his, that half-slick feeling of post-coital sweat feeling familiar and comforting. She had been quite a wild one, this girl. Gojyo was sure she wasn't any older than eighteen, and he usually was attracted to women closer to his own age that had a bit of time to gain more experience…but there had been something about Meili that had drawn him in and even now didn't want to let him go.

"Gojyo," the girl said lowly, her lips grazing over the skin of his neck and making him shiver. He made an inquisitive sound, and she fixed him with her mesmerizing eyes, "My father…he is expecting me back soon."

He shifted where he lay in the bed. "If you gotta go, then you gotta, honey. I'm not gonna stop you." He peeled his fingers away from where they had been nestled against the swell of her hip, allowing her to move if she really wanted to. Gojyo never had been one to make more of his trysts than he knew he could handle. This was no exception.

Meili's hand grasped at his. "No. You must come with me."

That statement sent his mind into a lock-down of confusion. "Wha…why?" His red eyes widened with the confusion that arrived when she said that, and even more when her eyes narrowed at him.

"Because…I chose you, Gojyo. I laid with you, and now we must be joined. You must come with me, that we be joined as one by my father and live with the tribe." How could…how had Gojyo not thought of this? How did he not fucking see what was going on?! The girl's father had been in the tavern, after all, and the bastard had even smiled at him when he took her by the hand to lead her out of the place. His eyes closed tightly before he smoked the remainder of his cigarette in one drag.

When he opened his eyes again, he snuffed the thing in the ashtray by the bed, and dragged his hand through his hair. Then, he finally felt the situation sink in. At that moment, he jumped out of the bed, backing away from her until his naked shoulders bumped against the wall. "No way," Gojyo's hands came up in front of him in a defensive posture, "I can't…I can't get married, Meili."

"But," she looked for a moment like she was going to cry, but then she sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Her eyes almost glowed with anger. "Sha Gojyo," Meili's delicate features collapsed into a frown, her voice coming out in a very low growl, "is this your decision? You will not be my husband?"

Without hesitation, Gojyo explained himself. "Look, honey, you're really nice, a sweet girl, really. And I'm sure you'd make a great wife, but I can't be anybody's husband. I'm not the most…faithful type, and you can't tell me you didn't see it either. I'm crude, I sleep around, I have very few redeeming qualities. And for fuck's sake, I don't want to be married yet! I'm only twenty-four!"

One of the woman's dark brown eyebrows rose, her eyes now actually beginning to glow. Her body rose to a standing position and she walked slowly over to where he stood. The light of the moon bathed her skin, and added to the unearthly quality of her overall appearance as she almost seemed to glide in his direction. A strangely familiar-looking smile graced her lips, and for an instant, he was reminded of one very sadistic monk that only smiled like that before he shot at him. "Well, then…" her tone was seductive, and Gojyo felt her hands slide over the skin of his chest, his breath trying to speed up. She knew how to push his buttons, that was for sure. Grabbing two handfuls of his hair, she pulled him down to her, speaking against his mouth. "You will never again break a woman's heart, Sha Gojyo."

With that, he felt his mouth being forced open by her lips as she kissed him forcefully. This set his body on fire, but paralyzed him as he felt the burning intensify past the point of pleasure. When the girl drew away from him, he was sliding down the wall, curling in on himself and trying not to bite his tongue from the pain that spread through his body. He couldn't understand the mutterings issuing from the woman that stood over him, but he saw with horror the strange green light that began to surround him, tiny lights like fireflies swirling around his body…until they dove into his skin.

No part of his body was spared from this agony. He felt like he was being stabbed over and over again by millions of white-hot ice-picks all over his skin, and inside him, as well. When he could breathe, the air was scalding, searing at his lungs and ripping at his throat. Gojyo began shaking, every muscle tensing to the point where he thought he might break his own bones. Tears had long since begun to flow from his eyes, and he whimpered constantly, not caring that he showed weakness. No pain he had ever felt could have prepared him for the torture he underwent during what seemed like an eternity.

When Meili dressed herself, she ran a teasing finger down his neck, and he finally gave a strangled scream collapsing to the floor in a prone position, blackness enveloping him and welcoming him to the bliss of unconsciousness.

The sun streamed into the windows, the light of a beautiful dawn in the desert. Hakkai smiled wanly as he sat up in the narrow bed he had been assigned. It had been a blessing that they got their own rooms, rather than sharing again. Of course, he did not particularly mind rooming with any of his companions. He merely wished for quiet every now and again. But with the others around, this was a luxury he was rarely afforded. So he flopped down onto his stomach and gathered the pillows under his chin to watch the sun come up.

When half of the golden ball of the sun had risen up over the desert, he rose and pulled on a fresh pair of pants and a comfortable t-shirt to go and wake his traveling companions. Knocking on Sanzo's door, he called quietly, "Sanzo, the sun is up," before he cracked the portal open a bit.

The monk was still lying in bed, but his eyes were open. "I'll be down to breakfast in ten minutes, Hakkai."

Nodding silently, and with a smile, Hakkai closed the door and moved on to Goku's room. He did not bother to knock. The boy was sprawled in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position, half-hanging off of the bed and snoring with his head nearly touching the floor. Suppressing a laugh, he walked over and poked the overly hyper twenty-year-old in the short ribs. A loud snort was followed by a groan and Goku's eyes opening. "Wha?" The boy asked sleepily.

"It's time to get up, Goku. Breakfast in ten minutes. I believe that they're making a lovely beef omelet." Of course, mention of food had the boy awake and aware enough to push Hakkai out of his room so that he could shower and dress. The dark-haired man chuckled heartily at the other demon's constant need for food. On his way to Gojyo's room, Hakkai hesitated. The last time they'd had their own rooms had resulted in a very awkward situation when he'd gone to wake the man up. When given the opportunity, Gojyo's 'morning constitutional' was nothing more than another romp with whatever vixen he'd brought to the inn the night before.

It had been Hakkai's unfortunate experience to interrupt one such, and he believed himself to be mentally scarred from it. Honestly, he was unaware that the human body could bend into that position, let alone move in it. And the more he thought about that incident, the less he wanted to disturb the redhead. But, he thought of how cranky Sanzo could be in the morning, and if they weren't on the road in about an hour and a half, Hakkai might find himself on the business end of a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber pistol that had the ability to annihilate his existence. No, he had to wake his friend, awkwardness or no.

Shaking himself, he continued to the end of the hall, where Gojyo was surely—or at least hopefully—still asleep. Knocking softly, he said, "Gojyo," in a firm tone, "It's time to get up," There were no carnal noises coming from within, so he was glad that he wouldn't be interrupting anything as he pushed open the door. The bed was empty, but had clearly been…used. Confused, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Checking the bathroom first, he found that empty, so then moved around the room, pulling open the curtains to get a better look at the place.

Instantly, he saw something that made his eyes widen in alarm. A red-haired woman lay naked on the floor in the corner, curled into a half-fetal position, her hair covering her face. What happened here? Gojyo was gone, and the woman he'd brought here looked as if she'd been thrown to the floor? Hakkai's alarm rose further when he approached her. "Madame?" When the woman did not respond, he knelt next to her, pushing hair away from her face, and his eyes widened in abject horror. "Oh, gods preserve us…"

Feminine features were relaxed in sleep, lightly tanned skin smooth and flawless, except for two scars on her left cheek. He knew those scars far too well. Finally, something snapped in his mind, and he though he couldn't understand what was going on, he knew one way that he could come to a right comprehension of it very, very quickly. Hakkai's hands grasped slender shoulders, pulling the feminine body upright, and he shook hard.

Almost instantly, he felt small hands gripping his biceps, and an indignant cry escaping the woman he was shaking. He saw a pair of almond-shaped eyes open and glare red fire at him, and then his grip was reversed and he found himself planted face-down on the floor with one arm twisted painfully behind him. A very female, but husky voice growled, "What the fuck, Hakkai?" The knee between his shoulder blades was sharper than he remembered, and the grip on his wrist was not quite as crushing as it once had been, but now he was almost certain.

"Um…is that you…Gojyo?" he asked, looking across the room at the stand-mirror where he saw the lithe female body pinning him to the floor that seemed to be the womanly version of his friend and companion. Hakkai watched those delicate features begin to frown, but then red eyes blinked and his arm was released. When he managed to scramble to his feet, Gojyo was staring intently at his (her?) hands.

A low growl began to develop in the back of Gojyo's throat. For some reason, it seemed more threatening with him in this form. The kappa spun around and strode over to the stand mirror, goggling at the feminine curves of the body in which he was now trapped. "Oh, this is just un-fucking-believable!" he (she…it?) growled. Gojyo stared into the mirror, examining his face. "Hakkai…" Gojyo said slowly, "…I'm dreaming…right?"

Shaking his head slowly, Hakkai said, "I'm afraid not, Gojyo." He drew a shaking breath as his friend's own breathing became erratic. It was almost as if…No, it was certain. Gojyo was trying not to cry. Hakkai was torn between leaving the room to give him some time to think about what to do and draping a blanket over the confused redhead and holding him until he was done crying.

He settled for taking the blanket from the bed and handing it to Gojyo. "Here." A shaking hand took the thing and threw it over shoulders that were much more narrow than those Hakkai was used to seeing on his friend. In fact, if this change was permanent, there were a lot of things that would take some getting used to. Gojyo had gone from being six feet tall to being shorter than Hakkai's five feet, eleven inches. By a rough estimation, Hakkai would say that Gojyo had lost a good three inches of height.

Red hair hung down into his friend's face, and blanket-covered shoulders started shaking. What Hakkai first took for sobs turned into a low, musical laughter. Confused, he blinked slowly, watching as Gojyo turned around and shook hair from his face. "Fucking gypsies…"

Hakkai's shock at those words was complete. That didn't stop him from laughing right along with Gojyo. "A gypsy, Gojyo?" The mood had gone from horrified to sardonic, and quite quickly. It hadn't been too long ago that Sanzo had said something about his promiscuity catching up with him. And it appeared that it had caught up, all right. Fast and hard, apparently. The red-headed…woman nodded. Sighing, Hakkai tilted his head to one side. "Let me see…" Readying his chi, he took his friend's head in his hands, pushing the energy through Gojyo's body and analyzing the situation.

"Well, can you fix it?"

Hakkai let go, and swallowed hard. "No," he said dully. "I can't." Gojyo's eyes widened.

One slender hand fisted in his shirt front, and there was a flash of light flickered off to the left as Gojyo's shakujou appeared in his right hand. The half-moon blade was held to his throat. "Fix it."

"I told you, I can't." The blanket fell from Gojyo's shoulders, and Hakkai looked away, blushing. "Could you put some clothes on, please?" Gojyo's eyes widened at the little tremor in Hakkai's voice, and let go of the thick green cloth. "I'll…I'll go and get you some breakfast. We'll figure out what to do in a bit." Hakkai turned to leave, his blush dissipating as he made himself breathe deeply. He heard a grunt of agreement from Gojyo, and then the door closed behind him.

"I told you, Hakkai, I don't want any delays. We've been through this how many times?" Genjyo Sanzo was far from being a morning person. He never had been. But one thing that seemed to get his goat more than anything was delays in their schedule. He nearly snorted. What schedule? They'd gotten so off track so many times that he had started wondering if they were ever even going to get to Houtou Castle.

Hakkai's smile was strained. "But there's a good reason for this delay, Sanzo. I need you to come with me up to Gojyo's room…"

Sanzo's eyes narrowed. What had happened? Did Gojyo kill a hooker or something? Well, if that had happened, then he would be more than happy to just put the world out of its misery and kill the kappa like he'd been threatening to do. After draining his teacup, Sanzo lay down his newspaper and followed Hakkai, leaving Goku to finish his breakfast for him. The trek up the stairs seemed somehow longer than it had been the night before. He was starting to get an ominous feeling. The air crackled with some kind of strange magic, and he pulled his gun.

Hakkai looked back at him. "There's no need for that, Sanzo…"

"Fuck that," the priest growled, "I'm getting some weird vibes." Hakkai nodded, but opened the door to Gojyo's room anyway. The feeling that something was wrong was only getting worse, and he fought the urge to cock the hammer of his pistol as he entered the room. At first, though, he didn't notice anything different about the room from any other that Gojyo had stayed in.

The ashtray overflowed with butts, and there was a large bottle of tequila on the nightstand that was almost empty. Sheets were twisted and halfway ripped off of the bed—evidence of whatever deviant sexual activities the man had been engaged in hours earlier—except for the blanket, which was folded neatly into a square at the foot of the bed. This was the first indication that something was wrong. Gojyo did not fold anything. The man himself was seated, slumped over, on the edge of the bed. His head was in his hands, the long black coat he usually only wore in the winter time hanging loosely around his shoulders. Now the hair on the back of Sanzo's neck was starting to stand on end.

"Gojyo…Sanzo is here." Hakkai's voice sounded like he was trying not to patronize the kappa. Instantly, the seated man's posture stiffened.

It took a minute, but after a moment while Gojyo was obviously steeling himself for something, Sanzo found himself standing eye-to-eye with red eyes. That was the first tip-off. Gojyo was easily two inches taller than he was…usually, anyway. And then there was the strangely soft contours of the face…Sanzo's purple eyes widened painfully and he took a step backward. "H…Hakkai, what is that?" his hand rose, pointing a finger at what he thought was Gojyo, but there was no way that it could be.

It couldn't possibly be Gojyo, because where powerful muscles had been, there was now roundness, curves, and…breasts. This person was shorter, more slender, and very, very, female. This was not the perverted water sprite. It couldn't be!

"If you're referring to me," she pointed at her face, "you can speak to me, you corrupt monk."

Somehow, Sanzo had backed away until he was pressed against the door. He didn't remember moving. The set of the jaw was familiar enough, the scars, the cocky tilt of the half-smile…it was Gojyo. But how the hell had this happened? Digging his hands through his hair, he groaned. "Fuck," the monk ground out, "this is pretty goddamned high on my weird-shit-o-meter…" He suddenly was faced with the rage in those red eyes, and they were coming closer.

Gojyo's voice dropped into a lower register and said, "You think I'm not freaked out by this?" Well, Sanzo thought he might have a point. If he woke up one morning and was suddenly a woman, he might have a little bit of a difficult time adjusting. "I have tits, Sanzo. And for some reason, I really want to slap you right now." Oh, no. Not only did Gojyo look like a woman, he was starting to think like one! This was going to be a problem. Then, the ranting continued. "None of my clothes fit me, and I'm not as strong as I was. This shit sucks! Fucking gypsy whores…"

A gypsy. That explained it. "Shut up, Gojyo." Those fiery eyes fixed him again with feminine anger, and for some reason he felt like he couldn't hit the kappa quite as hard as he used to. Grumbling to himself he waved a hand at Hakkai, and tossed him the credit card. "Take him…her…and get some clothes that fit." Hakkai nodded silently, and Sanzo sighed as he left the room. This was going to suck. If the idiot kappa got to be too annoying, how was he going to deal with him? It was obvious that there was some kind of hormonal thing that women did that made you want to hit them while knowing that you could do no such thing. And now, Gojyo was a woman. Did shaking a woman count as hitting?

He had never been a chivalrous man, by any stretch of the imagination, but he knew that this situation was going to take some getting used to. During the adjustment period, he was going to have to at least try not to pummel the kappa. That was about as gentlemanly as he was willing to be.

Goku frowned. He'd been left to himself for most of the day. Gojyo had not been around for him to spar with, which was annoying, because he really wanted to blow off some steam. Hakkai hadn't been at the inn either to try and make him learn new math problems, which wouldn't be as enjoyable as kicking Gojyo's ass, but would have at least occupied his mind enough to keep him from wanting to intrude on Sanzo.

When questioned, his keeper only said that he sent Hakkai and Gojyo out to the market, and that they'd be back later. Goku didn't feel like going to the market. He didn't have any money, and if he went, he'd end up getting beat by shop owners for eyeing the food they sold without purchasing anything. It was early afternoon when the door to the common area of the inn was kicked open, and Goku watched Hakkai enter the room, a large bag in his arms. A flash of red behind his teacher instantly brightened Goku's mood, and he jumped up, barreling at where he knew Gojyo was.

Hakkai sensed his trajectory, and jumped out of the way. Gojyo, on the other hand, seemed to be thinking a bit harder than he usually did, and Goku flattened the redhead to the floor. His first indicator that there was something different about his friend was this odd…smell. Gojyo usually smelled like soap and something spicy, kind of like flowery wasabi. Now, he smelled like vanilla and…what was that? Goku leaned lower and sniffed, confused. He blinked his golden eyes down at Gojyo's face, which was staring at him in wide-eyed surprise.

The next thing that he noticed after the vanilla smell was that Gojyo's face was a little rounder than he remembered it, and then there was the soft something in the kappa's shirt that was pressed against Goku's chest. In the space of two seconds, his brain processed the following: vanilla smell…soft chest…less-sharp face…

"Gojyo…" Goku said in a very quiet voice, "…what happened to you?"

One slender leg rose to kick his backside, "If you'll get off of me, I'll tell you, monkey-boy…" The feminine growl of Gojyo's voice did funny things to Goku's mind, making him obey with alacrity. He even put out a hand to help the sprawled redhead up. It was accepted with a crooked smile. Goku couldn't believe his eyes. Gojyo was a girl! That must suck… He thought, but then, it couldn't be that much different from being a man, could it? If it didn't feel different, it certainly looked different enough.

Somehow, Goku thought he looked better as a girl. She wasn't big-chested like the girls that Gojyo seemed to like, but there was enough in that area to make no mistake that this was a woman he was looking at. It was a little strange, but Gojyo was pretty. Hakkai stepped forward. "Can we sit down to some lunch?"

Once Gojyo had repeated the story about six times, he (she…) was allowed to eat. He (she!) ate slowly, feeling strange. Her stomach wouldn't hold as much as it used to, which was something she'd learned when she tried to finish her breakfast and couldn't. Goku seemed happy with this, because he could eat more of the food, now that he didn't have to fight with Gojyo over it.

Clothes shopping with Hakkai was a terror. The former teacher seemed to decide that she needed to be wearing a skirt. That was not an option. Gojyo had been a woman for less than twenty-four hours, and already they were treating her differently. From the knowledge of Hakkai that Gojyo had, she could excuse him for holding doors open and carrying things. Hakkai had always been a gentleman. But what was hard for her to understand was the way Sanzo hesitated before speaking, or even walking past. It was like the priest was having a harder time adjusting to the fact that Gojyo was now a woman…even more so than Gojyo was.

The clothes weren't too bad, though. In the end, she'd placated her friend by letting him buy this one dress. It wasn't the flowery one that Hakkai liked. It was black, and Gojyo liked the way it looked on. If he were still a man, and saw himself in that, he'd have it off and hanging from some part of the light fixture in his bedroom in less than an hour. That was how Gojyo knew that it was sexy. The rest of the clothes that had been purchased were more practical. Close-fitting, stretchy black pants tucked into knee-high combat boots, which he thought looked pretty bad-ass, along with a dark blue t-shirt and a black leather jacket. These types of things in various colors were what Gojyo had insisted upon. There was no way that if they came across a group of blood-crazed demons that she was going to just sit back and let the men fight. Just because Gojyo was a woman didn't mean that it made her any less of a fighter. Or at least she hoped it didn't.

Of the three men sitting at the table, there was only one that seemed relatively unaffected. Goku chowed down, and didn't really pay her any mind when she didn't fight over the food with him. For that, Gojyo was actually grateful. When they had done with dinner, she poked the monkey in the side. "Hey, monkey," Bright eyes turned to look at her, curious, but with a crease between them that told of his annoyance at being poked. "Wanna spar?"

A loud laugh came from the younger man. "You bet your ass, stupid kappa!"

One slender red eyebrow rose in challenge. The normality of their squabbling brought a kind of peace to Gojyo's mind that she suddenly held fast to. In a sly tone, she asked, "Who are you calling stupid?"

Goku crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm lookin' at you, and talkin' to you, so I must have meant you." There was that same old glint of mischief in the wide, golden eyes that gave more comfort than Hakkai's reassurances ever could have. "You just gonna sit there, or are you coming?" Grinning sadistically, Gojyo jumped up from the table.

"Lead the way, chibi-chimp." That made Goku instantly angry, since being called little was not something he ever enjoyed. The boy growled under his breath before grabbing a handful of black leather jacket and yanking, causing Gojyo to trip and stumble until she had her balance again.

Hakkai watched as Gojyo and Goku left the building, insults flying back and forth. From his left, he heard Sanzo say, "Well. At least some things are still normal." Hakkai had to wonder. Would anything ever be 'normal' again?