forever 2

Forever in Your Debt-Part 2

"Darien!" Sailor Moon ran to him and held him, "oh, Darien, are you all right?"

"I think so…." He groaned, "w-what's going on…hey, where did these guys come from?"

"Don't worry about them," Sailor Moon said, "they're on our side."

"Daddy!" Rini wrapped her arms around his neck.

The attacks from the Ronin Warriors didn't phase the Doom Phantom at all. "Is that the best you could do…argh!" he fell forward when a blast of light hit him on the back.

"That's enough, Doom Phantom!" Prince Diamond shouted, "after what you did to Sapphire, you think I'd let you live?"

"It's Prince Diamond, but what is he doing?" Sailor Mercury asked.

"Looks like he's helping us!" Sailor Mars said.

"Diamond, you traitor!" the Doom Phantom growled, "just for that, I'll destroy you!" he threw a large bolt of energy toward Prince Diamond, he stood still for awhile and then fell back.

"No!!" Sailor Moon cried, "Diamond, no!!"

The Sailor Scouts circled Diamond's body and watched it fade away. "He sacrificed his life for ours," Sailor Mercury moaned, "just like the Dark Warlords did."

"I've had enough of this fight," Sailor Jupiter grunted, clenching her fist, "All right, Doom Phantom, you've toyed with the Sailor Scouts too long! And now we have some friends!"

"If you want a fight, then let's go!" Sailor Mars shouted.

"We are the Sailor Scouts!" Sailor Venus cried, tanking a stand.

"We won't tolerate this evil any longer!" Sailor Mercury stepped up.

"We fight for love and justice and against evil…" Sailor Moon began.

"And that means you!" All Sailor Scouts shouted at once.

"Let's give it to him, scouts!" Sailor Moon cried.

"Don't forget us!" Rowen said.

"Take care of Rini, Tuxedo Mask," Sailor Moon called out, "we've got trash to take out!"

"Mercury Shine Aqua Illusion!"

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

"Jupiter Thunder Crash Zap!"

"Venus Love Chain and Circle!"

The Sailor Scout's attacks knocked the Doom Phantom back, "you puny scouts can't defeat me!"

"Then let us try!" Kento shouted.

"We'll finish what they've started," Rowen vowed.

"You're goin' down, mate!" Sai snapped.





"Let's go together, Sailor Moon," Rowen said, "ready?" he stepped beside of her.

"Yes I am, let's go!" she said, "go Rowen, he'll be moon dust in about five seconds!"





Their combined attacks destroyed the Doom Phantom, leaving only his cloak behind. Rini walked over to it, "he's gone, finally!"

"Sailor Moon, who are these guys?" Tuxedo Mask asked.

"These are the Ronin Warriors," she explained, "we've met them when we accidentally teleported to their time."

"They helped up us defeat Queen Beryl," Mercury added.

"And the Sailor Scouts help us defeat Tulpa," Ryo said, "our enemy."

"The Sailor Scouts are always able to help." Tuxedo Mask sighed.

"Well, now that we've helped you, I guess we should get going," Sai said.

"No need to hurry," Sailor Mercury said, "don't you want to stay a little?"

"How are you supposed to get back to your home anyway?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"Haven't thought of that," Sage mumbled.

"We'd like to show you our home," Sailor Venus said.

Yuli and Rini exchanged glances and looked at each other as if to say, "would they make up their minds?"

"You guys might want to rest up a bit," Sailor Mercury murmured, "we really didn't get a chance to talk."

"You can stay at my Temple for awhile," Sailor Mars said.

"But what about your grandpa?" Sailor Mercury asked.

"And Chad!?" Sailor Moon teased.

"Who's Chad?" Ryo demanded.

Sailor Moon felt a sweat drop, "ugh, well, I," she gulped, "he's my…"

"Hey, why don't we just go for a small walk," Sage said, "Didn't you say that there is a nice park here somewhere, Sailor Jupiter?"

She nodded, "yes, I like to go there for picnics."

"All right," Kento said, "food!"

"And they have a really nice pool," Sailor Mercury added.

"Sounds like fun, love," Sai said.

They went to the park to catch up on old things. Sailor Mercury and Sai went to the pool. Kento and Sailor Venus fed each other food. Sage and Lita looked at the squirrels and birds. Sailor Mars taught Ryo how to chant and Sailor Moon and Rowen laied on the grass while picking out cloud formation. Yuli, Rini, White Blaze, Luna and Artemis played together on the grass. Tuxedo Mask and Mia watched them as they remained near Sailor Moon and Rowen.

"Amy?" Sai said, "there's something I want to tell you, love."

"What is it, Sai?" she asked, floating on her back.

"I'm glad I got to see you again," he murmured, swimming close to her.

She stood up from her float and ran a hand though her wet hair, the water just came up to her hips. "me too Sai. The Sailor Scouts and the Ronin Warriors make a good team."

Sai took her hand and kissed it, "I should say this in case I never get the chance,"

"Well, what is it?"

"I think I'm in love with you," he sighed, "but I'm so shy…."

"I'm shy too," she said. "So don't worry, Sai, since you saved me from the water when we first met, I've always had some feelings for you."

"I don't think I ever saved a girl from the water before," Sai murmured, "especially a Sailor Scout."

Amy smiled and kissed Sai on the cheek, "I think I'm in love with you too." She slid her arms around his neck and they lowed themselves in the water until it came up to their collar bones.

Because he thought he'd never see Sailor Mercury again, Sai kissed her gently, but passionately on the mouth. She was surprised after the kiss, but she kissed him back.

Mina sat on Kento's lap while feeding him French fries. "I read all the Sailor V comics I could find!" Kento said, biting into a French fry, almost getting Mina's fingers.

"I'm surprised that you were able to find any," Sailor Venus laughed, then sighed, sliding her finger across Kento's cheek, "Thank you for helping me out of that large pile of sand back there."

""hey, give your cat some credit, he found me first."

"I'm going to miss you," she said, a tear forming in her eye, "but I hate good-byes!"

"Shh," Kento said, "don't cry…that'd better be an illusion!"

His joke wasn't really funny, but it made her laugh, "Oh, Kento," she gave him a slight push and he cupped her head in his hand.

"I love you Sailor V," he whispered and kissed her deeply, to let her know that he'd always be thinking of her.

"Lita, look!" Sage said, pointing at a deer.

"I didn't know there were deer at this park!" she shouted. "Oh, it's so beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," he said, looking at her, then quickly turning his face away. Oops, he thought. I'm turning into Sai!

"Thanks, Sage," she smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm glad we spending some time together before you leave."

"Me too," he said, his face still away.

She leaned over and pulled his face to hers, "hey, thanks for getting me out of that cave."

"I was glad to do it, but why are you thanking me now?" he said, "you already thanked me."

"Obviously not enough," she whispered and kissed his cheek and then moved the tuff of hair out of his right eye, which fell back down. "I love you, Sage."

"I love you too, Lita," He smiled and kissed Lita back while holding her close.

Ryo knelt beside Raye in front of a campfire, he felt a bit odd with the idea, "Uh, Raye, do you do this often?"

"SShhh, don't interrupt!" she snapped.

"Sorry," he mumbled. "Does Chad ever do this?"

Raye sighed, "are you jealous, Ryo?"

"Well," Ryo blushed.

"He's not my boyfriend, okay? He doesn't even know I'm Sailor Mars," she explained, "you know both my identities. If Chad ever found out who I really was, he'd probably run away from the temple!"

Ryo laughed, "he's not a soldier or nothing, is he?"

"No, he's a musician. A rock star."

"Oh," Ryo mumbled, "I see. Do you like him more than me?"

She shook her head, "he's a really nice guy and he's nice to Grandpa, but I don't think we can fight together."

"Good," Ryo murmured, leaning forward to kiss her on the lips, "because I love you."

"Love you too, Ryo and thanks for helping me from that volcano," she said, kissing him back.

"Hey, Serena, what do you think of that cloud?" Rowen asked.

"Looks a bit like Anubis if you ask me," she murmured.

"No, not that one!" he laughed, "that one. What does it look like?"

Serena concentrated hard on the cloud, "wow, looks a bit like the Castle in the Moon Kingdom!"

"You remember it?" he asked, sitting up.

"Yes, that's where I met," she paused, "…Darien."

"You love him, don't you?" he asked, but not in a jealous way.

She nodded, "we were destined to be together. But I still like you. You're the one who got me off the moon, remember?"

"How could I forget," he muttered kindly, "Listen Serena, I have something I want to tell you, but I'm afraid to tell you."

"Rowen, if there's something you want to tell me, then say it," Serena said, taking his hand. She peered behind Rowen to make sure Darien wasn't watching.

"I think I'm falling for you," he sighed, "but if you're destined to be with Darien then there's no place for me, is there?"

"That's not true!" she protested, "Listen, it's good to have friends and people to fight with. You and the other Ronin Warriors became very important to me and the Sailor Scouts. I hope we get to meet again someday." She smiled, "Rowen of the Strata, there will always be a place in my heart for you."

"And there will be one in mine for you," he smiled back, then kissed her on the cheek when Darien wasn't watching.

"Someday there will be someone out there that can love you like you need to be," she murmured.

He nodded, "Thanks, I hope you and Darien will be happy together. I probably should be returning home now or it will be harder for us to say goodbye."

They stood up and hugged. Rowen walked over to Mia, who was talking to Darien, "Mia, we'd better get going. Where are the others?"

"I think they're near by," she answered. "I saw Amy and Sai near the pool earlier."

"And Kento's eating with Mina," Rini said.

"Figures," Yuli muttered under his breath.

"Here they come," Darien said.

"Well, Warriors, it's time for us to return home," Ryo said.

"How do we do that?" Kento demanded, his arms around Mina. "We don't teleport like the Sailor Scouts do."

"Use this," Luna said, doing a back flip and making a hand held transporter appear. It looked kind of like a magnifying glass, "It will take you home."

Rowen picked up the transporter, "thanks Luna." He said, petting her head.

The Ronin Warriors gave one last kiss to the Sailor Scouts. Yuli and Rini covered each other's eyes so they didn't have to see them kiss. Daien took Serena's hand as the Ronin Warriors lined up to leave.

"It was good to see you again," Serena said, waving, "take care!"

Rini petted WhiteBlaze as she said goodbye to Yuli, "I'm glad I got to meet you Yuli."

Yuli nodded, "here, take this," he gave her his skateboard, "you can have it to remember me by."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

He nodded, "I can always get a new one, besides, I have more fun riding on Whiteblaze anyway!"

Rini smiled and quickly kissed his cheek, Yuli blushed and made a "yuck" face. "Thanks!"

"No problem," he said, rubbing his cheek, what is it with all this kissy stuff? He wondered.

As they began to disappear, Serena watched in surprise as Mia took Rowen's hand, someday came faster than I thought! she thought, giving Darien's hand a squeeze.

"Well, scouts," Serena said, turning around, "now that we said goodbye, let's go home."

The Sailor Scouts started walking away. Where the Ronin Warriors were standing, laid a orb (like the ones the warriors have when they put on their armors) that had all the Ronin Warriors and the Sailor Scouts symbols.