Sum.-Sakura Haruno, Vampire that goes to The Dark Academy. Sasuke Uchiha is a Werewolf who use go to a human school. After a little incident on Earth, Werewolves are banished to Hell forever. The world Vampires already were banished to, centuries ago. In Hell, Infinite Twilight rules. Uchiha, along with other werewolves such as himself, are the newest edition to Dark Academy, but even Teens get angry, and werewolves and Vampires are enemies. When push comes to shove, Sakura and Sasuke are the ones to cause even more hell…

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The noise in the court room rose to a loud murmur. The people watching split between humans and nonhumans, werewolves. The only nonhuman beasts that still lingered the earth.

The judge banged the gavel against the wood. The noise in the room went silent almost immediately. Even the nonhumans respected the mortal judge, even though he was against them at that very moment. He glared down at the nonhuman that was being prosecuted and then over to the defense with soft eyes.

The raven haired teen rolled his eyes. He could see how the judge was playing favorites right than. He was one of the many humans that wanted the werewolves to the leave the earth too. Even the President was talking about evicting the last of the nonhumans to start a pure race again.

The teen that was being convicted, sat at the wooden table in front of his own people and before the judge himself. Next to the long table was another one, where the people that were 'harmed' were suing/convicting him for his actions. The teen was idly disappointed in his own kin to have obeyed the judge, he wanted to spit on the judge. Perhaps even his own people for their butt-kissing.

The teens attorney sat nervously beside him. The attorney was a tall, lean man that looked to be a very big push over. And he was. With every movement he made, his hands would shake with fear. He stumbled over his own words constantly and he seemed to be lost at all times.

Not like the district attorney, more handsome and masculine. He spoke and walked with confidence and made it seem that it was the teen's fault for world hunger or diseases like cancer. So far, he looked to be in big trouble. The DA was on a role of right and wrong, it didn't seem irrelevant to the case at hand.

"There is not enough justice!" yelled the DA, "And this…this menace is responsible for it!" he pointed a finger at him. "America is pure. The men who died for us to have freedom. And this boy is making a mockery of it!"

He rolled his eyes again. "Objection, irrelevant." he muttered with a tone that was bored as hell. The DA stopped, obviously angry at the interruption. The judge banged his gavel hard enough to break it. He obviously didn't like the convicted.

"Sasuke Uchiha, objection overruled. You have an attorney and you don't speak for your self." he turned to the district attorney, "Presume."

Sasuke leaned back in his chair angrily. "This is why I hate humans…" he muttered.

Sasuke's attorney grabbed a napkin and dabbed his forehead. "Oh god, he's sweating again…" thought Sasuke, "What a loser…why did I hire him?"

He smirked, he suddenly remembered why. He was the only human that would accept to be an attorney, and that was because he threatened him to do it. Nonhumans weren't given the same privileges as humans. They only got lower jobs and were allowed to go to school.

Plus they couldn't go to college, no matter how high your grades were and they couldn't have high demanding jobs, no matter how good a potential worker they were.

It was sickening. He had offered twice as much money than the average attorney makes, yet they all refused. This weakling, mentally and physically, was the only one he could actually push over and demand that he had to work for them.

Sasuke elbowed his attorney, "Tell him." he muttered, "Call the objection…"

He shook and Sasuke brought his hand away from him to make him stop being nervous. His arm shook but he raised it and with a quivering voice that sounded like a mouse's squeaked more than a lions roar.

"O-objection! Why's…why's this relevant?" he asked. "…Right…?"

The judge nodded, "Objection sustained."

The DA walked over to the wooden table and picked up a folder. He looked up at the judge, "I call, Ms. Danielle Smith to the stand."

A curly blond teen human girl walked up to the stand. The portly bailiff held a bible out and she put her hand on it and rose the other in the air. She swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth than sat in the seat.

The DA smiled nicely at her. She nodded in response, her eyes were harboring the feelings of fear. Obviously from Sasuke but not that he cared.

"Tell me, Danielle. How long have you attended Colin's High School?" he asked.

She nodded, "I'm on my second year now sir."

Sasuke rolled his eyes again, he wanted nothing more than this to be over. "Just give me my damn verdict…" he thought with malice.

"So you're a sophomore." She nodded and he continued, "How long have you known Sasuke Uchiha?"

"I've heard of him when I gossiped with my friends. I knew of his reputation at school when I moved here five years ago. Personally, a month."

He nodded, "In your own words, tell me what happened."

She idly glanced at Sasuke. His eyes met with hers and she cringed noticeably. Sasuke didn't have anything against her. He didn't even glare at her. But his stone cold gaze send chills up and down her spine that cause her to shiver.

He hadn't threatened her at all. At least not yet. Yet she was scared of him, for something. Her eyes told him something but not exactly what. The DA stepped to her side to block Sasuke from her view. He leaned forward so only she and the Judge could hear.

"He won't harm you, he can't lay a hand on you now. Go ahead and tell your story."

Sasuke, and the whole nonhumans section, heard clearly. Sometimes, humans were simple minded as to what they did. The girl nodded slowly, rubbing imaginary tears away.

She thought of him as a murderer and her story was about to tell of one.

"It was on a Friday night. I was at the park with some other sophomore girls and guys. We were all hanging out together, deciding whether to go to a dance or not…"

"Isn't it a wonderful night?" asked Danielle, her hair hollowing around her face.

Her friends solemnly agreed. The night was peaceful and quiet. The music of the late night birds and crickets added a soft rhythm that was much like a lullaby. Danielle's date wrapped his arms around her frame. She only tilted her chin up to met the huge full moon.

"Isn't the moon…just gorgeous tonight?" she whispered lightly.

"Yeah…it's…romantic." whispered her friend.

"We should probably get a move on, full moon's bring out the creature of the night." whispered Danielle's date with a low menacing voice.

The girls shivered and Danielle hit him, "Stop it. That's scary." she whispered.

"Well, their not like vampires who suck our blood."

"Yeah, but they eat our flesh." Danielle jumped down from her spot and began to walk towards the car. "I don't know, but I want to go somewhere with more people. Please Chad."

Danielle's date, Chad tugged on her arm, making her stop, "Come on Dani, I was kidding." he gave her a quick peck to make her nerves settle down, "Besides, that Uchiha kid that keeps following you around is a dog. Aren't you afraid of him?"

Danielle nodded, "Of course! But I'm even more afraid how he'll react if I reject."

"He is known for his temper and solitude." muttered her friend, Christy.

Chad wrapped his arms around Danielle, "I'll protect you hun." he whispered in her ear. "Damn the Uchiha."


Danielle's voice was cut off when a loud howling was heard. Their hearts began to pick up their pace as they stood shocked. Danielle tightened her grip on Chad's shirt.

"Let's go." she urged. "Please…"

"Let go of her…" growled a low voice.

Chad glared, "Uchiha. Why are you here? Get lost."

The raven chuckled. "Are you kidding? The night, the moon, and the earth is my reason for being." he glared, his eyes gleaming in the dark. "And your hands are on my chosen mate…"

"Mate?" muttered Chad with malice. "She's not yours, where the hell do you get off? Claiming that you can never have?"

Sasuke stepped forward, his body enveloping in the light of the moon. His eyes were sharpened, like the canine in him. His hands clawed and his canines extending with the growing minute.

"I always get what I want. And every month I need a mate…just to get my…" he smirked, "pleasures under the full moon. It's a need…that, or I kill to eat. Not that I don't do that every night." he wiped his mouth.

"You…you monster." whispered Chad.

"Hm. You don't know the definition of it. But don't blame me, it's our need. Like you need to eat, so do we." whispered Sasuke. He outstretched a hand towards her, "So, hand her over…"

Danielle stepped back, the look in his eyes were a mix of hunger and lust. Chad stepped in front, standing before her in a protective manner. Sasuke just flexed his fingers, giving them a crack as he stretched his neck.

"Alright than…" muttered Sasuke, his tongue escaping his mouth only to lick his lips in anticipation. He lunged through the air and attacked Chad mercilessly.

Danielle's scream was high and rang through the air.

There was silence in the court room. The humans murmuring among themselves again.

"Poor girl…"


"I say we send them all away! All their kinds!"

Danielle cried into the palms of her hands, her sobs loud and uncontrolled. A bit too much and over dramatic for Sasuke. He couldn't smell any tears…in fact, it was hard to see if she had any tears, her face was pressed so hard in the palms of her hands. He remembered it quite differently. In fact, very differently. He knew no one would want to hear him out, he couldn't question himself.

And surely, if put on the stand, they'd twist around his answers and give him bull. Sasuke leaned back in his chair, this case was as good as lost to him. He could feel the anger from his kin, both directed at him and the pathological liar on the stand.

He snorted, "And she 'swore' to tell the truth…" he thought.

"Would you like to cross examine?" gritted the Judge. The little speck of faith that Sasuke might have been innocent completely gone now. They hadn't even questioned any of the werewolves. So far, it was people that were always against them.

"No…" Sasuke glared at his attorney. Elbowing him again as he pointed to the top of his paper. "but…I do call Naruto Uzumaki to the stand."

"Finally, someone with half a brain instead of nothing…" thought Sasuke with bitter taste. Unfortunately, Naruto had been his only witness. So it was two words against three…

Naruto placed his hand on the bible. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" asked the portly Bailiff.

Naruto yawned, "Yeah-yeah. The truth stuff…sure." he muttered. The bailiff glared but stepped back, allowing the spike haired blond to reach the stand.

Danielle was just stepping off as Naruto came up. Naruto glared at her, his eyes glowing a hint of yellow as he growled at her. She quickly took two steps to the side before walking past Naruto. Naruto smirked in triumph, like a dog who just received a doggy treat.

"Stupid lying girl…" he muttered as he sat down, the small microphone echoing what he had just said.

Sasuke smiled at his display. In fact, it brought smiles to all of the werewolf kind. Especially since this was being taped live. Sasuke's attorney coughed and stood up. He tripped over the leg of the table, earning a small laugh or two from the crowd, he quickly regained his composure. He stared at his paper, than up to Naruto who had the same dull bored expression as Sasuke.

"Well, get on with it…" muttered Naruto.

The attorney laughed lightly, "Right-right." he looked down once more than back up, "Uh, Naruto. Y-you were with Sasuke t-that night Chad got a-attacked, right?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah-huh." Naruto leaned against the seat, his arms resting behind his head, serving as a pillow.

Sasuke folded his arms as he mouthed the next question, feeling slightly proud of his weak attorney for reading the questions right. "Where were you two heading?" he asked.

Naruto smiled, "To a night club, nah. There aren't any good ones in town. We were heading to the school dance…You know, to get our groove on and all that jazz. Maybe even get lucky…Moon Heat. You have to love it."

The room was filled with slight snickering. Mostly from the males on the nonhumans side. The attorney nodded humbly, not really understanding the term moon heat…though any one who was any one knew what he meant. Even humans…

"Okay, so were you two drunk at all?"

Naruto snorted, "Drinking is like…a sin to us." he laughed at his own humorless joke, "We do drink and we did drink that night. But not to get so drunk we'd go on a killing spree. That'd be like…a lot of beer. And I mean a lot of beer. We werewolves have a bigger system and can take three times the more beer than humans can. Even then, we rarely get drunk. It's fun." he chuckled, "'Specially when you drink with humans, 'cause then their all really drunk and do stupid things…it's funny. And they call us animals."

"T-thank you. That's I-it your h-honor." whispered the meek attorney.

"Defense? Cross examine?" asked the Judge.

The DA nodded and stood up. Brushing imaginary dust from his tailored suit he took several strides in front of Naruto. Naruto watched him back and forth with little amusement.

"Yes…?" asked Naruto with innocence that was sarcastic.

"Did you kill that night?" he asked.

There was silence. "Aww…damn." thought Sasuke. Not the right question to ask any werewolf.

"Of course." he shrugged, "We need to eat to stay alive. It's like you humans, you eat animals, yet you don't get sued or whatever for it, why should we? We're just eating what's our food. So what if blood is tantalizingly sweet to us? You eat cows and other animals…cows have blood. It's the same."

"So you did kill Chad that night for your sick feedings?" The attorney smiled, waiting for a full on confession. Naruto smirked.

"Oh, how I wish I did kill him for food." His smirk was replaced with a frown, "But no. I didn't. Unfortunately, I don't eat junk."

The DA bit his lip and hit the stand with his palms, the smack loud and silenced any low talking. Naruto continued to smile at the anger of this man, the man who was trying to be so intimidating, but it only further extended the smirk on Naruto's face.

"Liar!" he yelled accusingly.

"Nope." he muttered, "It's true. Run that little…lair under a truth scanner-whatever-miggy and see that she was lying her little petite ass off."

Small gasps were heard as he swore in court. It seemed to stab the pride of all humans in there. Though, he failed to see why. He rolled his eyes.

"Oh come on. Don't act so surprised. She has the biggest reputation at school as the school's whore who moved from…Tennessee…" he waved his hands up in the air all 'excited' like.

"I'm from New Jersey!" she grumbled.

"Whatever. It's funny, she puts on a few crocodile tears and we all feel sad…and even for Chad's death. Dude, he was the school's jock. A jock who couldn't fry an egg if it was already done for him! He beat up the weaker kids and force them to do his biddings. And to top it all off, he was a crazy drunk and a jerk to boot. I say, good that he's gone. One less drunkard." He laughed. "See, I'll tell you what really happened that night…"

Naruto stretched his arms as he let out a long yawn. His nap was cut short due to Sasuke. Naruto had almost slept through the full moon! So, part of him was thankful to the bastard that he woke him up. He wasn't sure if he'd do that for him.

Laughing to himself, Naruto stared at the moon. He felt his heart pick up it's pace, the change evident in both of them. It ran strongly in their veins that night. It always ran strong during the full moon, that's when they had no choice but to change into their wolf forms.

The full moon only came out once every month, and that's when the desire to mate and turn became gold for werewolves. It was a curse to deal with. Of course, the full moon wasn't the only time they could turn to wolf, they could turn wolf any time they wanted to. At times, anger or any other strong emotion could trigger the change.

But during the full moon, it was a must. Or blood lust would attack the insides and send them mad. It was a given, wolves could always sense when the next full moon would be. It sang in their veins like a morning bird.

Sasuke growled and hunched over as the change erupted from him. Naruto followed. Bones cracked and snapped as they rearranged, low growling was heard. The snarl was fierce as their canines grew, and their snout grew out.

Their pelt grew all over them, and their eyes took a sharp animalistic look. Leaning up at the full moon, they howled. Howled to the moon for providing such light and radiance. The two wolves jumped from the building, heading into towns. Running on the streets and sidewalks that humans dwelled on.

Upon seeing them, they moved with a feared look and smell. They knew better than to get in the way of a wolf. The dance was heard to their most sensitive ears, it would take them no longer than five minutes to get to the school grounds. But another smell and sound was heard.

It was the smell of oncoming death and the sounds of drunks. Sasuke being the one to change back, felt like toying with drunkards. Both him and Naruto knew those voices belonged to students at their school. Having blackmail against them wasn't so bad, besides, it was a bonus to them on such a wonderful night.

"Phft! It's-it's…wolf boys…" slurred Chad, the jock. Naruto covered his nose, he was the one who reek of death the most. Fate had death in store for him some time soon. Sasuke and Naruto were guessing that he was intending to drive home in his state. The other's had a minor scent.

Fate was unsure with them.

Cans and bottles littered the ground around the group. Danielle clinging to the arm of Chad, laughing with the slurred attempt to speak. Her other friends Christy, the socialite prep getting necked on by her boyfriend who was ragingly drunk as well. Both unaware of the situation at hand and probably won't know what'll go on between them until morning where the tears and regretful actions are considered.

"Hn. Wasted." muttered Sasuke, trying his best not to smell. Both the smell of alcohol and death mixed together burned his senses to no end.

Danielle laughed and sauntered up to Sasuke. Her face flustered and eyelids droopy with the effect of too much beer. She draped her arms around Sasuke's neck, her face mere inches from his.

"Sasuke, take me with you…" she slurred, a smile on her lips. "I want you…you need me."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "I don't mate with humans…" he hissed through his canines that hadn't changed back to regular teeth, yet stayed razor sharp.

She toyed with his raven bangs that caressed his cheeks. "Just this once…" she whispered. Her voice a mere tease.

Sasuke brushed her off, "Tempting. But not enough, I tend to go for better girls. Preferably, ones who don't reek of alcohol, death, and sex." He backed up, not being able to smell her breathe any longer. She frowned.

Chad tripped and finally made his way over to them. Pushing Danielle behind him, almost knocking her petite form over. He tried to stand tall and puffed his chest to look masculine. Sasuke glared, his eyes were close to blood shot and he wanted nothing more than to dare them to do something stupid and be on his way.

Right now, he was good on going away. Sasuke couldn't black mail a dead person. He wasn't exactly too keen on something like that either. Sasuke smirked and spun on his heel, hooking his thumbs into his pockets to get lost.

Chad stepped forward and grabbed his arm. Spinning Sasuke back to face him. "Stupid wolf. Walking away with your tail between your legs?" he taunted, "I guess vampires are better than mangy dogs."

Blood boiled in both Naruto and Sasuke. But mostly Sasuke since the comment was directed at him. Baring his lengthened teeth at him, he growled.

"Take it back…" he growled.

Nothing burned him more than vampires. The very thought of those…types bothered him to no end. And now, he was thrown over and not allowed to return. Especially with the heat running in his veins so could have been any other taunt or tease, but it wasn't. It was the one that should never be spoken unless you wanted to keep your life. The moon seemed to let his boundaries on his emotions lose and let him take his anger over a simple remark.

Chad slid back and popped a pocket knife from his back pocket. Swinging it as Sasuke began to double in front of his gaze. Really, it was just the beer taking away another privilege.

"S-stand-still!" he mumbled, blinking rapidly like he had a speck of dirt in his eyes. He lunged and swiped at Sasuke's stomach, Sasuke took two steps back and kicked his leg up, smacking the hand that held the knife.

Once weapons were out of the way, Chad stared angrily. His hand bleeding from the impact and the blood smelled good to him. Not his first choice in a meal but now, he couldn't simply walk away. Any resistance that would have fought against his anger in actually killing him evaporated with the scent of blood…the only common thing with vampires.

But he wasn't thinking that than. He was lost in the moon's song and trance. It was…instinct to let it take over. With a smirk, Sasuke's eyes turned pure raven rimmed with red, his face took a hint of werewolf and he jumped at him. Tackling his form to the ground and slashed at his neck with his growing nails.

His wolf form took over and drowned out the screaming of Danielle's as he bite into Chad's neck. The flesh and bones cracking and ripping as he pulled with his teeth.

Fate did kill Chad. But Sasuke was there to aid.

The crowd became distracted as they denied his own version of the night. None of them were there, but they felt like expressing their own opinions of what really happened. It was mostly the humans, of course, who were calling Naruto's story a bluff.

Naruto growled and they almost immediately went silent. "And how exactly would you all know what happened?" he asked, "Were you there? No, so I suggest you shut up."

The judge banged his gavel on Naruto's act. "Mr. Uzumaki, sit down." he muttered.

Naruto glared at him and growled, reluctantly he sat down. Not wanting to cause anymore damage to his kin. As the DA tried to curve the story around, to twist it in his hands, and make it seem like a total lie, Naruto took the long silence to come to a decision. Knowing full well the objection of the DA. Standing up, Naruto stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"I'm done." he muttered as he walked down. The lawyer stunned as to where his evidence and knowledge went, he couldn't come up with anything after all. Sasuke smirked, Naruto was the most honest person he knew. He had no reason to lie, never found it appealing much.

If he was goofing off, he said so. He wanted others to know. When he didn't understand something, he'd say so. He didn't have to lie for that one. And when Naruto thought something was bull, he right out said so. He didn't like to beat around the bush.

The rest of the trial went on like that. Contradicting. Enraging. Bull that didn't have anything to do with it, yet the jury was stunned and forlorn with his 'facts.' All Sasuke did was sit. He basically watched his freedom go away.

The judge stood up and sighed, "The jury will now read the verdict." he mumbled.

The crowd was silent. There was an occasional cough or two that came from the crowd, a sniffle here and there, and a murmur or two. So, it wasn't quite so silent. Naruto tugged on Sasuke's shirt from behind him. Sasuke rocked back on his chair and turned his head a fraction of an inch towards him.

Naruto leaned in, "Five bucks says were guilty." he murmured. "With a sentence of community service for a year."

Sasuke sighed, "Five bucks says were guilty, but we're sent to Alcatraz 2.0." Naruto gave a curt nod, with a smirk, unaffected that both their bets included them being guilty.

"Deal." he murmured. "But you're the dumb one, we're only teens!" he snickered, finding the whole thing ridiculous.

The attention was focused on the jury, as one the males closest to the judge stood up. He coughed and read loudly. "We hear by announce that Sasuke Uchiha, is guilty."

The crowd clapped for the decision and the Judge banged on his gavel. Sasuke and Naruto rolled their eyes and Sasuke could feel the tension from his kin. But the jury weren't finished and once the court settled again, the jury man spoke again.

"And we sentence him and the rest of his kind to Hell in an immediate eviction. The nonhumans in this town being the first to go."

Sasuke's chair went hard on the floor but was lost to the sound of many cheering for the decision. Naruto and Sasuke bolted up.

"That's not fair justice!" yelled Sasuke, the court silenced again. "You can't do that! Only the president can and unless told otherwise, I will not take orders from a city trail. Take this case to the Supreme Court, this punishment is cruel and that's against the amendment!"

"Silence!" yelled the judge. Sasuke stood standing, glaring daggers at the judge. "The punishment stands. Court adjourned."

Sasuke clutched the table underneath his claws, the wood snapped, "Listen. I appeal this decision. You cannot do this. It's out of your reach in authority!" he gritted.

"Court adjourned." yelled the Judge again, standing up the portly judge left. Anger surged through Sasuke's veins and he punched the table, cracking it in half and than, being haled away by some sheriff. Naruto was just as angry, as well as his kin.

Sasuke and Naruto were the first to be deported to hell. The family or those that were living with Sasuke and Naruto were to be the first ones gone. The rest were to leave within a week of the sentence.

Apparently, the President was supporting the judge in this case and had signed a documented for a pure race again. Half-breeds and supernatural were to leave immediately within a week. A week. Those that were caught on Earth after were sentenced to jail and than deported with a fee.

Sasuke stood where the huge gates would appear soon. There was already a huge black gothic style arch that he only guessed were the basic frame of the door. Naruto laid lazily at the ground, the sky seemed cloudier than usual, not that it was of any importance anyway. A tall man with brown hair and a scar that ran from mid eye over the bridge of his nose to other mid eye glared at him.

His hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, his arms crossed angrily across his flat chest irritably. "Get up." he hissed. "Naruto!"

The blond turned his head lazily at his 'guardian' or so called parent since he was a child. Not real dad, but he had always been there for Naruto so he counted as one. He narrowed his eyes at his father and than back at the sky.

"Iruka…why?" he asked back all calm and slightly stoic.

Iruka just glared, "You've caused enough trouble, people will come by to see this and will think less of us if you don't seem to care!"

Naruto scoffed and turned so he didn't have to look at Iruka, "But I don't care about them." Iruka sighed and gave up on even trying to convince him.

Sasuke glanced at his elder brother. His brother stood away from him, placid, bored, and angry at him for such a punishment. His motto is that when you kill you kill all the witnesses. That way, situations like this are avoided.

Itachi Uchiha had wanted nothing more than not to be the elder brother to Sasuke. Sasuke scoffed at that thought. "Now he knows how I feel every day." he thought.

Honestly, that was all the friends and family they had. Sasuke had Naruto. Of course there was Kiba Inuzuka, but he wasn't mentioned as a 'friend,' curiosity of both Uzumaki and Uchiha. So he had a whole week left to pack normally, considering he had more family than either of them if they exploited him. There were other students, but their names escaped Sasuke's current thinking.

He couldn't dwell on the names. Finally, as if his life was so important, the Mayor in a nice black limo drove up. Following like all humans would to a higher rank, were camera reporters of all channel news, local and non. They began to burst out of their white or blue vans and rushed over to be the first to wait for the mayor.

Trying to be the camera in front or the reporter, none seemed to care about the four werewolves to the side. Naruto rolled over, his back to them. Iruka glared at him but Naruto just sighed. "Tell them to be quiet…" murmured Naruto.

Iruka sighed and Sasuke smirked. In a minute or two, they'd all come rushing towards them for answers that were obvious or tried to make them seem bad.

"Don't answer any questions." murmured Iruka to them. "We just go."

Sasuke scoffed, "Yeah, I was going to give them my auto graph and a huge biography of my life and killer intent."

Naruto gave a curt nod, "You have foiled us Iruka!" He sat up and scratched his head.

Iruka sighed, "Why do I bother…"

A portly man stepped out of the limo, two guards in front of him as they walked through the crowd of people all screaming and asking questions as they followed him. He gave nods here and there and finally answered a few questions.

"Yes, I follow the presidents and judge's punishment, If we didn't enforce murder than our jails would be empty and population low!" he bellowed to one reporter. He continued to walk after answering about ten more questions.

Finally, like magic, all the reporters ran up to the four awaiting nonhumans. Racing each other before bombarding them with repetitive questions in different form. Sasuke just glared at the many cameras and shifted his gaze else where.

Naruto shooed them away as he looked bored at the horizon. Iruka put his hands up in a gentleman like manner and shook his head while Itachi just gave them the cold shoulder. The mayor let this continue for about another ten minutes before breaking it up and moving on to the task at hand.

Grabbing a key that was pitch dark in coloring with a hint of red, he picked it up gingerly. As if the black would stain his 'clean' hands with it's unholy-ness. Walking forward, he faced the sun and than spun, his back now faced the sun.

Quickly, a priest or exorcist, whatever he was, ran to the mayors side. He was the one who could open the gates, since he had to times before the Great Removal Act on the vampires centuries before, of course that had been his ancestors and it had been a pain to track him down specifically and transport him to their town a.s.a.p.

Reaching into his baggy sleeves, the priest pulled out talismans that was a slip of paper with random scribbles on it. Sasuke narrowed his eyes, he could read those marks but not very well. He had no doubt that the man before them could send them to Hell in a matter of minutes.

He cursed to himself, he really wasn't looking forward to this at all. The priest mumbled some things in a different language and finally he tossed the slip that stood erect in his hands, unaffected by the blowing wind, at the arch way.

The paper slammed against something solid under the archway. It sizzled and finally, materializing, a door became evident and was glistening in all it's gothic beauty. The door, which were sterile white, uncanny for the door to the underworld, appeared.

Black marking the small cravings on the door, curves and designs sprawled in interesting circles, curves, lines of different sorts. The word Hell in black cursive ink, it seemed to bleed as the door stood there, visible.

Naruto stood up and gawked at the door, he had passed through the arch many times in the last hour but never felt anything solid before hand. Hadn't sensed anything unworldly about it…at first he thought it was a joke to come out to the middle of what looked like no where.

The mayor cleared his throat and broke the silence of awe. He stepped forward and placed the dark key into the huge door lock that was oddly placed in the center of the door, instead of the far left or right, like normal doors.

Giving it a single turn, the key seemed to have a mind of it's own and began to twist the key in a full circle on it's own accord. Clicks and turns were heard from behind the door. Glaring at the door Sasuke stuffed his hands in his pockets.

The door gave a moan and than creaked open. Nothing was seen except for black, pitch hellish black. A tinge of red here and there but other than that it was just black. If there wasn't a strange aura when the door appeared, there certainly was one now.

The full jest of it seemed to wind blow them as the stood there. Feeling it hard to breath for a nano second. Naruto glanced back at the major when he regained his thoughts from the choking feeling of Hell. Looking back at the door, he furrowed his brow.

"We're suppose to…?" he asked.

"Walk in." muttered the Major. "Go ahead."

Naruto rolled his eyes at the major and earned a small gasp of how disrespectful he was acting. The crowd began to cheer as the four began to move slowly towards the door entrance. Itachi was the first to stride jump in, Iruka following.

Naruto and Sasuke stopped at the door and looked back at the earth for what was going to be forever. Naruto glanced at Sasuke and smirked rather sadly.

"What do you think it'll be like?" he asked.

Sasuke shrugged, "Hopefully, a lot better than here." he sighed.

"A new home." whispered Naruto looking at the darkness.

Sasuke nodded, "Again." he added.

Naruto smirked and made Sasuke smirk too. Naruto finally walked in and than Sasuke, the last he heard was cheering and the door gave a huge groan and shut tightly, the door disappeared as soon as it had appeared. He glanced at the darkness and felt air rush at him, he was falling but he didn't fear anything.

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