Summary:…Can two unlikely heroes stop the angry bonds between these feuding races? Even when the school and the whole world is against them?

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Chapter 7: FLUKE

The moment Sasuke pressed his lips to Sakura's, it broke everything between the both of them. Boundaries, limits, rights, wrongs were all forgotten and left behind as seconds passed. His lips were warm and soft, the very fiber of someone living for Sakura. It was a feeling she hadn't ever experienced since she passed to the new life.

For Sasuke, her chilled lips were soothing to his heat. A feeling he had never encountered, it was a relaxing feeling that made him crave more from her lips. Expertly, Sasuke moved his lips over hers, causing the warmness to spread, and her to finally break from her own small trance and react back.

He grazed his fingers against and though her pink locks and her scalp, making her shiver with delight again. Her hands slowly extended over his shirt before gripping his shoulders to press him even closer to herself. Sasuke slowly coaxed Sakura into granting him access to her mouth.

Sasukes tongue slide along her upper fangs, he felt a slight ping of pain as the fang cut his tongue. Sakura gave a slight gasp when his blood entered her mouth and all together her previous doubts about drinking his blood vanished. It was sweet, bitter, and yet the best blood she had ever tasted. Better than anything she had ever imagined…it was the very essence of him.

Reluctantly pulling back, Sasuke gazed at Sakura's fleeting eye color. Flickering from her regular emerald to the blood thirsty crimson. Blood trickled from the side of her mouth and her tongue lapped it up as she smiled up at him. The simple gesture made Sasuke mentally weak…a first for him. The reaction to her smile almost made him angry.

He hardly recognized himself anymore when he was around her.

Sakura's hands grazed over his shirt, sliding from their position from his shoulders to his chest. As her fingers slowly trailed down, her nails ripped the shirt he was wearing. The soft grazing turned to scratching as her nails started to carve long grooves downward from his shoulders. Sakura could smell his blood as it leaked from the unintentional wound.

Sasuke could barely feel the raking her nails made on his once smooth skin. He let out a low growl, his eyes began to glow the familiar amber color. He could see it in Sakura's blood red orbs. The wolf was calling out loud inside him. How could it be that his inner wolf was growing stronger with every passing moment? It was becoming harder to keep himself in control, to stop the urge of morphing.

Leaning forward, Sasuke planted his lips on the crook of Sakura's neck. He couldn't feel her pulse, but it didn't bother him in the slightest. Sakura shivered, leaning her head up to extend her neck to Sasuke. Sasuke smirked lightly, his canines gently touched her flesh and Sakura suppressed a sudden giggle.

Sasuke began to slowly trail heated butterfly kisses up her neck, sending her further from sanity with his simple kisses. Sakura's hand moved on their own, turning her hand, she slashed gingerly across his chest. Sasuke let out a small grunt, his kisses stopped briefly to glance down at his chest at the horizontal wound. Deep red blood ran down the length of his body, but the pain was merely nothing compared to the overwhelming insanity of lust.

Sasuke didn't bother to question her motives, something told him that everything was okay. That he could trust what was suppose to be his -and all of the werewolf kind- as an enemy. Sakura's hand touched his shoulder, calming down his shivering body. Sasuke hadn't noticed the way his body had suddenly reacted to her slash, he couldn't feel anything but Sakura's touch.

Sakura glanced upward at him, her bright eyes stared at him with a burning question. Without speaking, Sasuke gave a curt nod before Sakura moved on. Sakura stepped forward and closed the gap between their bodies as Sasuke rested his head on top of hers. His hand running up her back before tangling themselves in her pink locks once again.

Sakura blushed, not really understanding why all of a sudden she was blushing. The scent of his blood made her crave more of his blood than what his wound provided. Tilting her head up, she pressed her face to his bleeding chest. Her mouth latched onto his wound as she began to suck hungrily at the wound. Sasuke winced as the fangs of Sakura's mouth stung his fresh wound.

He knew what was going to happen next.

Sakura pulled away, letting a small gap between their bodies. Sasuke could feel the wound heal up, but what was odd was that the spot on his chest that Sakura had drank his blood from was turning into a soothing cold scar. Sakura ripped her shirt right above her chest. Taking her hand, she slashed a fine long line across her sternum. She winced only slightly before glancing up at Sasuke's ever stoic face.

Something in him flickered across his face when she drew blood upon herself. But he regained his composure before she could notice, after all, he wasn't about to admit that it bothered him to see her bleed…even if it was for him. Sakura stepped forward, a small smirk gracing her face.

Sasuke suppressed the animalistic growl that wanted to tumble from his lips. His arm hooked around her waist and pulled her body close to his again. He felt that familiar cold sting against his heated flesh, and enjoyed it. Sakura arched upwards to him, leaning down to the wound he mimicked Sakura's previous blood drinking.

Sakura could feel his canines flick over the wound as he lapped up the blood easily. Once he took in her blood, he noticed how much he actually craved it. How thirsty he was and the way her blood left an after like taste that he knew no other blood could satisfy or quench his thirst in the future.

Pulling back, he surprised Sakura by reattaching his mouth to her neck again-not that she complained. Her eyes widened only slightly when his teeth sunk into the base of her neck. She laughed lightly when the bite was all it was, he licked the blood that dripped from the wound.

"Now you're mine." he murmured, "And the touch of another is not permitted."

Sakura could feel her skin heal, leaving a warm scar over where he had bit her. None of that mattered that her skin would probably never heal that scar and that the next day would raise questions. Neither bothered to think about it. Sasuke brushed her hair from her face and Sakura leaned into his hand.

"And now we're blood bonded, so you're not able to be with anyone but me." she murmured.

Sasuke smirked before leaning down to press his lips to hers again.

Morning came too soon for Sakura. She hated working around certain schedules like they did on earth, waking up to go school and learn. She had lived for more than 50 years and sure in vampire years that was still a teenager but she had already learned what she deemed important to know.

Besides, she had all eternity to learn something and she basically lived through everything that had happened in silly earth text books and recorded supernatural documents.

Of course than there was the thing that vampires didn't need sleep…which was true depending on the vampire you were talking to. She was one of the few that still needed to rest in her coffin, since she was still considered a teen vampire.

Sakura resisted the urge to roll her eyes, only a few more decades until she was old enough to over power the need to sleep. Her ears picked up Kakashi's voice as he called her down, very similar to the way it was done on earth sitcoms. She opened her eyes to see in the inside of her embroidered interior to her coffin.

How was it his voice managed to penetrate the coffin wood and the door to her room? It was like he was yelling into a mega phone or rather yelling right next to her coffin. Pushing the top she glared at the darkness around her, trying to see if Kakashi was indeed next to her coffin.

When he wasn't, she sat up and jumped out of her coffin. Sakura licked her lips as she sauntered over to her closet, yelling an affirmative to Kakashi's inquisitive 'are you up, yet?' from downstairs. Her hand massaged the back of her neck, the only bad thing about sleeping in a coffin or even sleeping for that matter. Sliding her hand from the back of her neck to the side, her hand froze over the warm scar.

Her eyes widened as a sudden realization hit her.

She had bonded with the enemy. Made out with one…fraternized!

Her hand covered her mouth as she threatened to scream. Closing her eyes she forced herself to take a deep breath. "Okay Sakura, it's okay…at least you didn't sleep with him…" she stared blankly at the wall ahead of her. "…right?"

Sakura's eyes widened, "Oh my damn, who am I kidding? I blood…b-blood bond-" she sighed, placing her hands on her head. "Okay…just…calm down Sakura….umm…just block your thoughts from anyone else's…"

Her hand slid to her neck over the warm scar and she blushed as the image of Sasuke's face came to her mind. She quickly hurried around her room in search of a mirror. After running about the whole upstairs she balled up her hand and clenched her teeth together in rage.

"Damn Kakashi…" she thought acidly. She had momentarily forgotten that Kakashi removed all the mirrors saying that vampires always looked perfect anyway…what was the point of having one? He had also found the earth theories that reflection couldn't be seen hilarious and only removed them to further the stereotype.

Pursing her lips she quickly rushed to her closet, pulling out a gaudy turtle neck shirt companied by a skirt to even out the unflattering shirt. She could only hope it didn't look as awful as she thought. Suppressing a groan she hurried down to Kakashi, stopping at the bottom step her thoughts disappearing once again to last night. The magic of his touch, the lose of self control. Sakura smiled softly at the thought of his lips against hers and she closed her eyes in thought.

Kakashi's voice interrupted it all, "What on earth are you doing Sakura?" Sakura jumped, her face startled and then turning stoic as she glared at him.

"N-nothing! Just…" Sakura pursed her lips as she pushed passed him, "…shut up and let's go!" Sakura pushed against Kakashi as she passed him. Sakura gritted her teeth as she banished her thoughts, the process made her chest ache and her scar heat up.

Sasuke growled and grumbled as he swatted Naruto's hand. Naruto crossed his arms as he hunched over and poked Sasuke's sleeping form again.

"Come on, Sasuke!" he shifted, "The gates are almost open and you're still in bed!"

Sasuke opened his eyes, glancing up at his blue eyed friend. He narrowed his eyes, "I'm up. Go."

Naruto's lips twitched before he grunted, "Okay, geez, I didn't think I'd ever be up before you…"

Sasuke rolled off his bed and onto his feet, growling once again at Naruto. Naruto chuckled before letting himself out, via the window. Sasuke grumbled a few incoherent words before stumbling to the bathroom. It was unusual to feel so beat and tired. He felt like a human with a massive hang over, his head pounded, his blood pulsed wildly, and a portion of his skin felt strangely cool.

Whilst contemplating, his brother Itachi rounded the corner and Sasuke bumped into him. Itachi stared down at his brother, "You are still here?" he stated more than asked.

Sasuke glanced away, scoffing, "Overslept." he shrugged, idly staring at his feet.

Itachi continued to stare, "Don't make the same mistake again." he simply told him as Sasuke side stepping to head to the bathroom. Itachi furrowed his brows in the slightest before continuing on his way. Something was wrong, but he couldn't quite place his finger on it…yet.

Sasuke splashed water on his face before briefly glancing at his face in the mirror. His onyx eyes immediately landed on the scar placed on his once smooth and flawless skin. His finger tips ran across the scar on his chest, he felt it cold against warmth. What could have caused a scar for a werewolf? He didn't remember any eventful fights that he participated in. As he stared at it for a while, the recollection of memories flooded his mind at once and his eye's widened with shock.

"Dammit." he muttered, smacking his hands on the sink creating a small crack to run across the marble structure. Sasuke felt his breath start to increase, more so in rage than anything else. His hands gripped the cracked sink, clutching the sides that his fingers were creating holes.

How could he possibly have done that? Or even more, how could he have forgotten that? Sasuke faintly licked his lips, her taste still lingered. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes as he let out a deep sigh. His eyes opened almost immediately and he shook his head, trying hard to clear his mind. But much to his dismay, her image still lingered...just as strongly as her taste.

"…what do you think, Sakura?"

The pink haired vampire stared absently at the chalkboard in front of her. Her lips parted slightly as she took an unnecessary breath and then her eyes closed slowly, before opening them into half laddened slits. Sakura's eyes hazed slightly with the memory that she tried hard to escape when finally Ino slammed her hand on her desk.

Sakura lazily raised her eyes to the blonde girl in front of her. She raised her eyebrows and leaned forward on her elbows. "What?" she asked, as calmly as she could. She had done a wonderful job of hiding her thoughts, but she just couldn't push it completely away from her mind.

Ino sighed, "I asked you a question." she crossed her arms as she glared down at her friend.

Sakura tried to rack her brain for said question, tried hard to rewind their conversation but she couldn't remember. Sakura furrowed her brow slightly. That was odd. She had never had trouble going back to a conversation she zoned out on. There was always that information inside her head of the subject, but not this time. Especially with Ino purposefully blocking her mind.

Sakura sighed, "Sorry…I'm zonked." Leaning her head down, she let her locks tumble over her face.

Ino rolled her head back, "Geezus, Sakura. I don't think I've ever seen you so out of it before!" Rocking back on her heels, Ino placed her hands on her hips. "What I was asking was that do you think the werewolves are up to something?"

Sakura blinked and shook her head quickly, "No." she bite her lip when Ino raised her eyebrows skeptically. Making sure to calm herself, she answered again, "No." Sakura made sure it was slower and more natural sounding.

Ino shrugged, pushing the thoughts away. Sakura pulled at the turtle neck slightly and Ino's gaze returned with a haughty smile. Sakura managed to catch the look in the corner of her eye and Sakura glared. "What?" she snapped, lacing her fingers together as calmly and nonchalantly as possible.

Ino leaned forward on Sakura's desk, "Where were you last night?" Sakura felt a cold shiver run up and down her spine and she straightened it.

"Nowhere…I mean, at home." she rolled her shoulders back and glanced away. Ino stared at her, giving a small hum before breaking into a sigh.

"Really now?" she asked, buffing her nails on her shirt. "I called you. Kakashi said you were out."

Sakura's mouth twitched slightly. So he knows…? "Well, of course…I was clearing my head. Fresh air." Sakura's fingers tapped lightly on her desk. "You can't seriously expect me to just stay home all hours of the night, do you?"

Ino opened her mouth but the teacher walked in at the moment. Sakura graciously thanked the teacher mentally for walking in when he did. Ino was getting suspicious and she could already see her friend try to rip the high neck shirt off to search for anything out of the ordinary.

Sakura leaned her head back a little bit and flashed a haughty smile at Ino. Ino glared at her friend, pouting her bottom lip in protest. Sakura's emerald eyes traveled from her to the teacher in front, he seemed frustrated, like any of the other vampires in the class.

He leaned forward on his desk, a gleam in his overly huge spectacles before he smirked wickedly. Lifting up a stack of papers he uttered the word that held the same fear for both worlds, "Pop Quiz."

"C'mon, Sasuke. Please?"

Sasuke glared over his shoulder, his right hand slowly and discreetly tugging at his shirt. How was it that he was suddenly freezing in his long sleeve shirt?

"I said no." he glanced back.

Naruto glared, "What the hell is up with you?" he stuffed his hands into his pants pockets, "You're all…noooo."

"I'm just done with that crap, alright?" Sasuke shook his head, "It's not even worth it anymore."

Naruto sighed, throwing his head back. "Aaagh, Sasuke…! You're so…passive now! Iruka's speech didn't seriously turn you about, did it?"

Sasuke snorted, "Hardly." He winced slightly, it was a sudden pulse as his blood pulsed even more faster. He glanced over his shoulder at Naruto, "Just shut up." he seethed, clenching his teeth.

Naruto glared back forcefully, "Bastard, what did I do?"

Sasuke stopped and placed his forehead into his palms. His fingers pulled lightly at his raven hair before he blew out an exhausted sigh.

What was that rule again…?

Sasuke's eyes widened suddenly. His onyx eyes darted around before he glanced to Naruto who pouted angrily behind him. "What did you say?" he asked, rather quietly.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "I said that you're acting really weird lately…are you sick or something?" Naruto leaned away from Sasuke, "Dude if ya are, don't aim towards me or so help me I will kill you!"

Sasuke shot a glared at Naruto before he turned away and shook his head. He closed his eyes tightly in thought. "What was that?"

Oh damn, why can't I remember the lessons?

Sasuke stared all around, Naruto's babbling becoming just that. His words no longer made any sense and all he could hear was that pesky but enticing female voice.

Why can't I remember what we learned!

Why was he hearing her thoughts? Was she nearby? Sasuke spun in place, his sniffed the air slightly to try and pick up her scent but he smelled none. He glared at the vampires that passed by, gave blank expressions to fellow kin. He snubbed Naruto's questions as he continued to speak.

Ugh, damn him, damn this pain, damn this gaudy turtle neck, damn werewolves, and…DAMN POP QUIZZES!

The mental shout along with his own thoughts and emotions was too much for Sasuke. He reeled backwards, his hand flew out in front of him and hit the wall upside him. "Shut up, shut up, shut UP!" he bellowed, his chest heaving suddenly. His eyes darted around the hallway, Naruto's face the first one he caught in his vision. Naruto's bright blue eyes were tinged in amber color and were wider than usual, but even as his face held a mix of shocked and worried, his teeth were bared and his body rigid, ready for action.

Sasuke shifted his gaze to the others that were nearby, the fellow students who stopped in the hall to stare. Vampires glared and their lips drawn back to reveal their fangs, a small hiss from a few while his fellow kin stared with anxious expressions, curious to his outburst.

Naruto took slight notice to the others and was the first to recover. He shifted his body to them all and growled, "G-go on, get! Nothing to see here!" Slowly the few in the hall continued on with their own business, a few glared before leaving them.

Naruto glared and turned to face Sasuke who strangely still looked about the place blankly. Suddenly Sasuke's hand flew up to chest, his scar burned. Or rather cooled strongly against his warm skin, he winced slightly and Naruto flinched, glaring.

"What the hell is going on Sasuke?" he asked.

Sasuke looked at Naruto, finally seeing him now. "I'm…okay." he answered, pushing off the wall he found himself leaning on. "It's nothing."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at Sasuke, watching him slightly stagger down the hall a bit before regaining his confident stride again. Naruto shook his head, "Nothing, huh? Pfft, my ass…"

Sakura's pencil snapped between her fingers. She gasped lightly staring down at her blank sheet of paper. She gasped once again when the teacher came by and swept it from her.

"But I'm not-" Sakura bit her tongue, the burning of her scar on her neck made her stop. How had she managed to zone out for nearly forty five minutes of class time? The teacher hesitated only slightly when he briefly scanned her paper. He stared down at her, lowering his voice as if it couldn't be overheard by the other vampires.

"Are you…ill, Sakura?" he hesitated on the word. Illness was not uncommon among vampires, but it was rare-with obvious symptoms.

Sakura stared blankly ahead, shaking her head softly a no. The teacher pressed his lips in a thin line and turned, the gleam in his eyes were evident to Sakura. This will not look good on your grades. Sakura closed her eyes slowly and shook her head to try and clear her thoughts. Perhaps it was just a daydream, a trick…a nightmare. She opened her eyes to find her broken pencil still laying in front of her.

"What is wrong with me?" she whispered lightly. Sakura's fingers stretched out and clasped the desk's edge. The longer she dwelled on the subject, the more her fingers began to tense around the desk's edge until finally she heard a snap come from the wooden desk. A long crack ran down the center of the dark mahogany wood.


Sakura turned to Ino who raised her eyebrows. Sakura quickly lifted her hands from the desk and sighed, "I must not feel well…" she mumbled softly. Slowly standing up, Sakura trudged to the front desk of the teacher. "I'm going to Nurse Shizune…"

The teacher stared at her for the longest time before giving a brief nod. "Go along." he glanced at Ino, "Stay linked, in case anything happens." he told her. Ino gave curt nod in agreement before giving Sakura another confused glance.

"What's going on with you?"

Sakura cringed at the thought that seemed amplified by a thousand, before she glared at her, "I have a headache, would you mind?" With that angry response, Sakura turned and walked out the door in a huff.

Something had to be wrong. Hearing voices, feeling heated, the sudden pain and going blank. Tests were her thing! She was the smart one, the one who could do tests in her sleep…

Sakura's pace quickened, she had to find out what was wrong. Sakura pushed away the remaining link to Ino, she had to keep her thoughts to herself. She couldn't possibly let on that something happened, much less give her incentive to search her mind for some clue. What had happened last night had to be kept a secret!

"It must be his blood." she thought, once the link was closed. "It has to be his fault!"



"Will you slow down?"


"Bastard! I said slow down and wait for me!" Naruto took hold of Sasuke's arm, suddenly Sasuke spun on Naruto and shoved him away from him.

"Don't touch me." he hissed angrily. Naruto staggered backward, reliving what happened only last period.

Naruto glared, brushing himself off. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he growled back, his eyes flickering dangerously and echoing Sasuke's. "All I'm trying to do is make sure you don't get screwed with because obviously you're too whacked to stay alert!"

Sasuke bared his teeth at him, "I don't need your help!" he uttered, "It's nothing…!" Sasuke rolled his eyes skyward and rolled his shoulders back. "I just…don't feel well."

"Obviously." snorted Naruto, "I mean, you're almost as emotional as those human female bimbos." Sasuke glared hard at Naruto and he chuckled, "You see what I mean?"

Sasuke ran a hand through his raven hair, scratching his head and feeling the scar burn. "I'm going to the nurses." he murmured, "I need to rest."

"Why don't you just go home?" asked Naruto, "You know they only have those damned blood sucker nurses, are they really going to let you just rest?"

Sasuke sighed, "It would be just great if I could go home, but I'm not going to piss off my brother again…"

Naruto huffed but gave a soft nod. "Cha yeah. I get ya. Anyway, hope you feel better." Sasuke shrugged as he trudged off to the nurses. Naruto watched him walk away before huffing softly to himself again.


"Hmm…" Shizune tsked softly, tapping her pen to the clipboard. "You vitals are fine, as fine as a vampires can get sweetie…"

Sakura's jaw tightened suddenly, "Just tell me what's wrong…I can take it Shizune! Give it to me straight!"

Shizune looked puzzled for a moment at Sakura's words, regaining her composure she shook her head once again. What was going on with Sakura that she disagreed with her otherwise? The burning look in her emerald eyes made Shizune even more confused and a bit intimidated. It was like she was just waiting for the bomb to go off in her mind. Shizune shifted her gaze to her clipboard that had Sakura's medical records-human and now.

Shizune exhaled a breath, "No, Sakura." she murmured, taking the chance to look up at her unrelenting eyes that scorched the clipboard she held. "There is nothing wrong with you…" They both knew it was rare to see a vampire fall ill of some sort. Especially one so young.

Sakura gritted her teeth, pounding her fists against the small med bed she sat on. "DON'T LIE!" she cried, Sakura could feel the sting of invisible tears that could never be shed, but she pushed the human emotion away and replaced it with a soft sigh to calm herself. "Just…please tell me what's wrong with me…" she whispered. "Kakashi will tell me anyway…someone will have to tell me!"

Sakura glanced down at the small indents she made upon the bed she sat on. "Is it some new vampire illness…? Or am I slowly…deteriorating?" Sakura winced as she mentioned that…the official death to a vampire. Maybe that's what happens when vampires blood bond with werewolves, perhaps that was why there's so much dispute behind both races! Sakura tensed, feeling rage fill her body once again.

Shizune sighed softly, recovering quickly from her blow up. "Sakura, you're perfectly alright. No illness or impending death…" She lifted a hand to Sakura's shoulder, "I'm curious as to why you would suddenly think so…"

Sakura stared at her with a guilty look, then looked down at her feet. She knew that Shizune would not let up or even let her leave without confiding in her. Her emerald eyes looked up at Shizunes and she gave a weak smile at her. She could trust her. Sakura had no doubt that she could. But even so, it seemed ridiculous and shameful to admit. Sakura's hand uncurled from her fist and placed it on her chest, over her dead heart.

"It hurts…" she whispered softly, looking off. "It hurts where my heart is suppose to be…"

Shizune stared at Sakura, her eyebrows furrowed at her words. Shizunes hand drifted to her own heart and gave a faint nod, "Mmm, alright." she whispered, "I think I know what's going on Sakura. It's-"

Before she could finish what she was saying, there was a knock on the door and Sakura tensed, wiping any hint of vulnerability from her face. Shizune gave a sympathetic smile to Sakura, "It's nothing to worry about," she reassured as she moved towards the door. "I'll explain when I'm done with this next student."

Sakura gave a faint nod. Sakura watched and listened as a petite werewolf nurse, one Sakura had started to see since her prank on the wolves, talk to Shizune. Both didn't seem to mind one another, as Sakura noticed. Sakura furrowed her eyebrows and glared once again when the name she dispised most came up.

Shizune nodded, "Of course…not at all! Send him in." Shizune smiled politely and closed the door before turning to Sakura. "If you don't mind, Sakura, you can move to the patient beds." Shizune pointed to the door off to the right that led to multiple beds for those "sick" kids who needed their rest. As impractical as it was to have one, occasionally your average vampire needed some extra sleep from lack of feeding.

Sakura gave a nod, wanting to put some distance before he walked in. Shizune gave her another smile and began to do the sterilzation clean on the medical bed. Before Sakura even took two steps away from Shizune and the bed, the door open and his scent filled her nostrals.

It burned and lingered, her body tensed as she glanced sideways at none other than Sasuke. Sasuke tensed only slightly at the sight of her, her smell tingled his senses and made the hair on his skin stand up. He had to admit he liked the feel, he couldn't help but smirk. Sakura glared at his smirk, her emerald eyes finally making contact with his.

As soon as their eyes locked, their scars throbbed at the same time. As a reflex, they both reached to their individual scars. Sakura felt her breath come to her in small doses, almost as if she needed to do something as irrational as breathing.

Shizune glanced between the two, smiling to herself before interrupting. "Sasuke, if you would sit over here please."

Sasuke blinked and broke the strange connection, he tried to act casual again. Shrugging and giving a small noise that he heard her. Quickly, Sakura took the momentary lapse to rush into the other room. Once inside, she shut the door harder than she intended to. Sakura closed her eyes and shook her head.

"What is he doing to me?" she thought to herself.

"…fate is going to play games with you Sakura. Just you wait."

Sakura's eye twitched when she remembered Kakashi's words. "Stupid! There's no way he can be right." Sakura paused, furrowing her eyebrows and letting her hand touch her neck, "Right?"

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