A/N: So you're going to start reading this, and well you're gonna be confused. Cause this is pretty darn AU. I don't think this has been done before...so let me explain a few things.

A lot of characters are OOC. And that's the way it's gotta be. Cause this is an alternate universe. Logan isn't an Echolls, he's a Mars. And Veronica is an Echolls, not a Mars. Their roles are switched. Lilly and Duncan switch personalities. A lot of things are different. Even I get confused.

But give this a chance. It's really different. But it's interesting for me to even come up with it. We'll see where this all goes. Gimme some feedback yall!

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Neptune, California wasn't a place for the weak at heart. It was probably the darkest place in California. The underbelly that they didn't want you to know about, but you did anyway. And that's what attracted people. The secrets and the scandal. In Neptune the Easter bunny was crock bull. And Santa who?

Well, at least to Logan Mars.

He hadn't always been that way. Logan wasn't a badass but he wasn't a goody two shoes either. He was an alright kid. He HAD to be considering he was the sheriff's son. Keith Mars ruled Neptune with an iron fist. Those were the days. When his mother Lianne was the queen to his father's king. When she didn't need a shot of vodka to get through the day. When he was like the prince of the town. People respected him. Not just because of the status, but that his character demanded respect.

That's what his girlfriend Lily used to tell him anyways…

Wait..scratch that. EX girlfriend.

Lily had been his princess. The right accessory to his perfect life. She was gorgeous with a complete sweetness about her and charisma that charmed you within a millisecond. No one could hate Lily Kane. She was just that fabulous. But she was never one to admit it. Everyone told her that. Logan did everyday. And so did her brother Duncan.

Again, Logan wasn't a badass…but Duncan was. The two were best friends since the ripe age of 5. Logan helped Duncan get out of trouble with the teacher on their first day of kindergarten. And that was the complete basis of their friendship.

But it was more than that on some levels. They knew each other like books. They were brothers. They helped each other out on every detail of their lives. Logan can remember the many occasions he helped Duncan crawl out of a hole with his girlfriend Veronica…

Oh Veronica.

Veronica Echolls was probably one of the most fabulous girls you would ever meet. Her short edgy blonde hair gave her a sex appeal that no 09er could achieve. Her social status as the daughter of 2 Oscar winning actors gave her access to anything she wanted. She was into mystery. And she did anything she wanted whenever she wanted. But she loved fiercely, Logan could attest to that. The only people she was completely loyal to were Lilly, Duncan, and him. That was it.

And that was the Fab 4. The 4 people that ruled Neptune high. They were fair and true, but only to each other. No one else really mattered. They were family. They betrayed each other time and time again, but they knew that in the end forgiveness was key.

But Logan always knew that nothing gold could stay. He knew that one day that this beautiful house of cards would come tumbling down. And slowly but surely it did.

It started with Veronica.

She always had days when she was distant towards her best friends, and they respected that. They knew Veronica and they knew that with time she'd be herself again. But this time the distance grew into a gaping hole. The Veronica they knew and loved became well…a complete bitch.

She started more fights with Duncan, shut out Lilly, and out of the blue one day jumped Logan and kissed him.

She broke up with Duncan for the last time after that.

Then Lilly caught a bug of weirdness. It seemed that she herself had completely distanced herself. But only from Logan. She avoided him constantly, until one day she got Veronica to tell him she couldn't see him anymore.

He didn't come out of his room for a few days.

But that wasn't the final blow, not by a long shot.

October 3rd was the one day that Logan hated being the sheriff's kid. Because dinner with his dad at their favorite restaurant was interrupted by the local dispatch. His dad was called over to the Kane residence due to a disturbance.

Normal enough huh? Yeah right…this was Neptune.

In Neptune the normal became going over to Kane house to see your ex-girlfriend catatonic, her stone cold mother in tears, and your best friend in the whole world dead by his bed.

Logan Mars knew that his perfect life was going in flames right there.