Title: Furry Escape

Summary: Harry has an accident and ends up being "kidnapped" and given to his worst

enemy. But is everything as it seems?

Rating: T to be safe

Pairings: none really planned as of yet, maybe a little LVHP, but that will depend on how

this works out. As of right now, I don't know.

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own a thing. Any suing, I will discontinue the story. I kid

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Chapter one


Another day of waking up to realize Sirius is gone. Remembering how much of his "freedom" he actually got to enjoy. Only to have to constantly run form being caught. Sighing in frustration, the youth sat up, realizing he wasn't going to get any more sleep with the thoughts of Sirius death still fresh.

The boy was none other than the boy who lived, Harry James Potter. He cast a wandless tempus. 2:00 AM. Again. Slowly, he crept from the bed, avoiding making any noise. He reached into his trunk for his invisibility cloak before leaving the room.

Harry snuck down the stairs like a shadow, which was very close.

He had been practicing over the summer when no one gave him any answers to his letters with a book he picked up from Black Manor on shadow spells. The book had been extremely useful for getting away from the Order members guarding the house so he could have some time to himself. The particular spell he was using was something like a notice-me-not spell, but hid him in the shadows, and allowed him essentially to become a shadow. He was a shadow in every way except his eyes. When he used the shadow spells, his eyes glowed like a cat's, and even narrowed into slits so he could see where others could not. Harry also was able to disperse between shadows and check around corners before moving onto another set of shadows.

Leaving the common room had only gotten easier over time. Feeling the shadows embrace him, Harry went through the portrait. Making his way to the room of requirements, he passed Professor Snape, but made it to the room without running into anyone else.

When he entered the room was divided into three sections. The one section looked exactly like the forbidden forest, only there was no aura of danger and it was loud with many birds chirping.

The second section was a training room with a track. The walls were covered in many different weapons. Some looked ancient, Bo staffs, Katanas, a pair of Sais, an ax, the wall was covered from one end of the room to the other. Any weapon imaginable was there.

The third section was set up like a library. A comfy looking arm chair was basking in the light of a hearth. A book was set on the chair, the book he had been studying on shadow spells.

Opting for some training first, Harry started with a couple laps around the track. Then went on to stretching before grabbing one of the staffs. Batting invisible opponents for the following hour with various weapons exhausted him. Soon he switched over to the library, and sat down with the book on shadows. For the following half hour, he read up on the shadow arts. Leaving the last two and a half hours to practice with his shadows.

Trying one of the spell he had been reading about, he focused on his core, letting himself fall into it, letting it lead him.

Suddenly, he felt a shift in his body. Opening his eyes, everything looked a bit bigger. A mirror suddenly conjured up next to the hearth. Immediately going to the mirror, feeling slightly off balance, he tripped over his paws.

Wait a second...

He had paws. Trying to stand up too quickly had him tripping over his tail.

Oh my god, he had a tail too! Looking down, he observed the layer of fur over his whole body was a shiny black with some almost invisible spots. His skeletal structure was also all wrong. Gathering enough energy to stand back up, he carefully padded over to the mirror without tripping. When looking back at him through the mirror, instead of himself as a human, was a sleek looking medium sized cat. His eyes were the same color, but his scar was not visible.

If he remembered correctly, he was a black leopard. He had seen one at the zoo when his uncle and aunt had taken him with his cousin, when he accidentally trapped the baby whale sized boy in the anaconda's tank after freeing it.

Re-focusing on the issue at hand, he had to find a way to turn back. Running over to the book, only to realize, he couldn't read in that form. Sighing a catty sigh, he made his way to the exit of the room. Hoping Dumbledore would be able to fix what he had done to himself this time was the only thing that kept him going, silently, from shadow to shadow. It would be his luck that the first person to see him was Malfoy.

Distracted in his thinking, he forgot to keep to the shadows. The last thing he saw was sliver eyes before the stunner hit.