A Piece of The Past

Author's Notes: I've always wanted to write a story for The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. I started this awhile back ago but stopped becuase I hated Lindy's out-of-character-ness. I have started to retry this, though. Tell me what you think. Flashbacks from the original taex are in italic.

Disclaimer: The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles belongs to Julie Andrews Edwards. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1

Sixteen year old Tom Potter walked uncertainly down the street. He didn't know where to go, but he felt like taking a walk. Tom kicked at a pebble. All of a sudden, he knew where to go: the Bramblewood Zoo.

As he walked towards the zoo, Tom thought about how things used to be, before his Grandmother died, before his parent's divorce, and before Ben and Lindy became so different.

Lindy. Nobody even called her Lindy anymore. They didn't call her Melinda, either, they called her Mel. She was no longer an annoying but cute seven year old, she was a conceited thirteen year old who thought of nothing but cute boys and make up.

Lindy – Mel – reminded Tom of a snobby Barbie doll.

Ben was nineteen, and was too busy with college and having his own life for anything else. Tom missed the times when he and Ben used to do things together. Those good old days seemed like decades ago.

Tom arrived at the zoo. He saw a duck, and a memory popped into his head.

"I want to see the tigers," Tom announced.

"I want to see the donkeys and the ducks," countered Lindy.

"Donkeys and ducks," Tom scoffed, "Anyone can see a donkey or a duck, and you don't have to go to the zoo for it. That's just a waste of time."

"I know, I know," Lindy replied, "I just feel like seeing a donkey or a duck today. I don't know why."

Tom sighed blissfully. That day had been an important one – it was the day that they met Professor Savant at the zoo. Tom wondered what ever happened to him – the last he heard The Professor was in Washington, but he hadn't written for about five years.

Well, speak of the devil. Professor Samuel Savant himself was at the Bramblewood Zoo at that very moment, looking at the giraffes. Tom peered over his shoulder and saw him.

"Professor Savant!" Tom called.

"Tom! Tom, guess who visited me today?"


"The Prock. He was in a tizzy. It seems as if the Whangdoodle's daughter – it think he said her name was Zoe – has gone missing. He wanted to know if you, Ben, Lindy, and I would come to Whangdoodleland and help search for her," The professor said.

"Of course we'd go, but..." Tom started.

"What is it, Tom?" asked the professor, concerned.

"Well, Lindy and Ben..."

Tom explained about how his brother and sister had changed.

"...But I think I could persuade them to come," Tom concluded, after all, Ben was out of school on summer break, and Lindy could be persuaded.

"Excellent. I shall see you next Wednesday at 2:00 at my house," said the professor.

Tom had been able to persuade a very reluctant Ben to go back to Whangdoodleland, but he was having a harder time with Lindy.

"That old man? You mean he hasn't croaked yet?" she asked when Tom told her he had run into the professor. She was chewing about five pieces of gum.

"C'mon Mel, the Whangdoodle needs us," Tom replied.

"I'm going shopping Wednesday, you and Ben can go without me."

"Do I have to beg you?"

Lindy rolled her eyes.

"Alright, I'll make a deal with you."


"You come to Whangdoodleland and help us," Tom said, "And I'll try to get Colin to take you to the back to school dance."

Colin was a boy that Lindy had an enormous crush on.

Lindy squealed, "You've got yourself a deal!"

"Alright!" Tom exclaimed happily, "We're supposed to be at the professor's house at 2:00 next Wednesday.

At 2:00 sharp on Wednesday, Ben, Tom, and Lindy were at the professor's house. Mrs. Primrose answered the door.

"Come in. The professor is waiting for you," she smiled.

"Hello, Mrs. Primrose," Ben said, looking bored.

"Hi," said Tom.

Lindy wrinkled her nose and muttered, "That skirt isn't vintage, it's antique."

Tom elbowed her, but luckily, Mrs. Primrose, who was leading them down the hallway, hadn't heard Lindy.

"Ben, Tom, Lindy! Hallo!" The professor ushered them into his sitting room.

"It's Mel; no one's called me Lindy in years," Lindy told him. She had about six wads of gum in her mouth.

They sat down.

"Alright, let's get to Whangdoodleland and rescue the Whangdoodle's daughter – what did you say her name was? – as soon as possible," said Ben.

"That's the spirit, Ben," The professor replied.

"Well, I do literally have fifty million things to do," Ben added, looking annoyed.

"Let's get started, then."