The Woman Knows

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Part 3 of 3

Cornelius boggled at Juno for a moment before answering; clearly he had been expecting something else.

"Betelgeuse? He's an office drone. He was supposed to pass on years ago, he wasn't a suicide, but he wouldn't leave. Calls himself a poltergeist, I don't know if he really is or if anyone knows what he really is (it was a big part of the gossip when he first arrived). He says his choices got him here which isn't really a suicide, but somehow it's enough of a loophole for him to stay. He's been very quiet since then. Why in the world would you ask about him? Oh no, he's not your replacement is he?"

"I don't know exactly, but he's important in some way. Can you take me to him? I'm not exactly sure where everything is yet."

Puzzled, but agreeable, he nodded and led the way to a far corner station in the paperwork zone. At first Juno believed it empty, but then she noticed the dull green eyes that seemed to be floating in mid-air. As she watched the empty space formed hands just long enough to stamp a document and move it to an out-box before disappearing again as the eyes scanned the next paper in the stack. Apparently staying where he didn't belong working on a dull and meaningless task had taken its toll; it reminded her of the etiquette lessons her mother forced on her.

"Excuse me."

He continued to work: scan, stamp, flick, repeat.

"Excuse me. Betelgeuse? Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse!"

The eyes widened then blinked owlishly at her and a questioning grunt sounded from just below them.

"If you want out of here you'll have to do better than that. As my assistant I'll expect you to actually assist me. So get me a coffee, get yourself a body, and get started on my appointments."

The grin appeared first and with no skin for cover the teeth floating there were downright frightening. The rest of his body filled in with a whoosh like shuffling cards and she got her first look at her gamble. He rushed her for a bear hug, whispering 'Knew ya'd come' in her ear, and then shot off like a comet to do as she bid.

"Wait. One more thing: I don't like to repeat myself so don't make me spend all my time calling you."

His jaunty salute was her only answer, and then she was alone again with Cornelius. She had felt the Knowing set a bit more as they moved, but it had solidified wholly when she saw those sad eyes so much like her own had always looked (except, of course, that hers had always been covered by a skull, not hanging in mid-air). The new information had shown her Betelgeuse and let her come to her own decision about what to do with him: watch him burn up and join the lost souls when he had so clearly waited for her ('Knew ya'd come') or take a chance on him to wreak havoc. Only time would tell if she had chosen correctly.

"Oh my, are you sure that was wise?"

"No, but it needed doing. I'm almost certain that this can't end well. Might be fun though."

"The last time he had any free rein he almost destroyed the whole office and some of the employees are still upset over it. However, I have no doubt you'll be able to handle it."

"So I guess this is…"

"Yes, goodbye Juno. It was lovely to finally meet you and I'll see you again when your time comes up."

A light flashed and Cornelius was gone. She headed back to her new office and her new responsibility with a sigh. The Knowing had started her on a path and at the very least Betelgeuse would keep it interesting. A crash from a room nearby followed by an unrepentant 'oopsie' made her flinch. This course of action was not wise, but it was hers. Soon her life would be filled with laughter, chaos, fun, impending doom, friendship, and something about banishment she couldn't quite see yet. With any luck the headache would be worth it like she thought.

She stepped inside her office and leaned against the door. She cringed as another large crash followed by a cackle sounded from just down the hall, but at least it was the room with the coffee maker so he was where she'd sent him. She pinched the bridge of her nose and lit a cigarette. She hadn't told Cornelius that she couldn't even see the end to her service let alone her replacement, but what she could see had been enough for her to make a fate-sealing decision. After a life of miserable well-behaved doldrums a little chaos looked like a welcome change. She could hope. The sounds of shouting and many running feet came through to her. 'Don't spill the boss lady's drink jerk.' She pinched the bridge of her nose and started a new cigarette with the old one, not even dead a full day and already she had a headache.

She smiled wryly as the madness continued. Only the beginning.

Part 3 of 3

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