Title: Chasing Away the Cold
Author: Stormy1x2 (travelingstorm)

Rating: PG
Word Count: 479
Series: Done as part of LiveJounal's fanfic100 Community, prompt #61: Winter
Notes: Mild 'cesty stuff, of the Raph/Mikey persuasion. Kinda goes along with the 'Dancing Blankets' universe. 


Raph used to hate the winter. He could recall he and his brothers spending the bulk of their childhood winters wrapping themselves in the discarded clothing of humans, stuffing newspapers in the sleeves and pant legs to try and add extra layers of insulation. Months of cold, leaky vents and drafty sewer tunnels, of huddling together under the thin blankets Master Splinter had found, trying to stay alive. He could remember harsh barking coughs and stuffy noses and soundless prayers for the warmth to come back soon.

Scowling up at the thick white flakes gently falling from the sky, he growled low in his throat, his fist tightening by his side. Those old memories had a way of grabbing him and making him feel like he did back then, and Raphael did not like weaknesses of any kind, particularly his own. One three-fingered hand lay splayed against the frosted window, pressing hard and leaving the impressions of large fingerprints.

Suddenly a blanket fell over his shoulders; looking up, a cup of hot chocolate was thrust into his hand, the delicious aroma of melted chocolate drifting into his stuffy nose. A chocolate-chip cookie, still warm from the oven, was shoved into his mouth, another one pushed into his free hand. Before he could protest, Mikey was already settled in front of him, pushing back against his plastron, reaching out to grab the corners of the thick comforter he'd thrown on his lover and drawing them in, enclosing the two turtles in a cozy bundle.

Raph bit down on the cookie in his mouth, chewing absently. The center was warm and chewy, a tad undercooked, just the way he liked it. Swallowing, he lightly bapped his younger brother in the head with the other cookie. "What's your problem?"

Rather than turn around, Mikey tilted his head all the way back, peering up at Raph upside-down. He beamed. "I missed you," he explained, matter-of-factly. "And the cookies finally finished baking."

Raph nodded, and ate the other cookie. Mikey took the silence as permission to stay, and relaxed against him, leaning his head back against Raph's shoulder. The snow continued to fall, but the outer chill no longer seemed to be reaching through the farmhouse windows to grab at him. Mikey had a way of chasing it away. The least he could do was let him stay there, pressed up against him, without complaint. He smiled faintly to himself, thinking maybe, just maybe, winter wasn't so bad after all.

They separated when the others came back in, Mikey heading back into the kitchen to whip up more hot chocolate for everyone. Raph stayed behind, still swathed in the huge blanket and he made no move to get rid of it. It was still cold out, after all.

The fact that it smelled like his lover, like warm sunlight and chocolate, was an added bonus.



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