Premise- This story is a direct result of scenes shown recently on GH. The time line might be slightly off as to what day certain things happened but bear with me on that.

This is a Sexis story about friendship, family and love.

This is dedicated to Ayshen who got me into reading Sexis fanfics.

This story will be less than ten chapters. Hope you enjoy...


Alexis Davis said, "I heard you went off on my daughter today."

Each word was like a bomb she tossed at him- angry and challenging.

Sonny Corinthos didn't do scared. But in that moment, seeing the look in her eye, he was...worried. Not that she would physically do anything to him. She wasn't like that. She didn't throw punches just because she knew she could get away with it. That was beneath her.

If she hurt someone, it was in the courtroom. And if she couldn't do it there...they should hope she would let it go because she didn't wound, she killed and never apologized for it later.

He was more concerned about how he would feel, emotionally, by the time she walked out of here tonight. No one, but her, knew just the words to say to him to cut him to the bone and leave him thinking about it years later.

If it was Jason standing in his doorway at midnight- soaking wet, for some unknown reason, like Alexis was now- glaring at him over what he told Sam, Sonny would have no problem saying "Hey, it was the truth. Sam don't like it? Tough."

But it wasn't Jason or Jax or even Carly. Sonny knew how to manipulate each of them so he never ended up on the losing side of an arguement. But with Alexis it was a little different, and a hell of a lot more complicated.

Because as angry as her words were right now, her eyes held a hint of pain. No one else would notice it beneath the cold stare she was giving him. But, even from across the room, he did.

That pain was her secret weapon against him. She might not be trying to use it but it worked every time. He would find himself wanting to change how he felt, thought, acted, what he believed to be true just to suit her. He hated feeling that way and fought against it at every turn.

Sonny turned and started to pour himself a drink. Then stopped. He wasn't supposed to be using alcohol to get through situations like this anymore. He tapped his fingers on the bar in frustration.

Alexis stalked closer to him and asked, "Did it make you feel better?"

At the time, it had. He was pissed that Jason was in Pentonville. He felt powerless. Sam had been in the wrong when she stood silent and watched Jacob get kidnaped. It wasn't something that had a gray area. So he told Sam that...and more...maybe more than he should of but she didn't even apologize for her behavior, just threw out excuse after excuse. Even used their own dead baby as one of them.

He didn't hate Sam. He couldn't. She was part of Alexis. But that afternoon he didn't see that...he saw someone that had betrayed both Jason and him and the trust they put in her.

Now Alexis was here making him feel like a jerk for calling Sam out on it.

He let out a frustrated breath and finally looked back at her. She really was dripping wet."You look like you could use a towel."

"Your floor could use a mop," she said as she rung out her hair. For a second, her initial burst of anger seemed to subside.

Sonny called for his guard and ordered him to bring a towel for Ms. Davis.

He said, quietly, "You shouldn't be wet."

"Tell that to Carly. She sprayed me with a was some kind of game but I apparently came in late and missed all the rules."

Sonny couldn't help but let off a soft chuckle when picturing whatever had led to that scene.

Max walked in and gave her the towel. Alexis started to pat at her clothes with it.

"You should get out of those," Sonny said

She stopped and gave him a look that said Don't even try it. I'm not Carly and I am not one of your call girls.

He smiled slightly and added, "I'm just're just recovered from a serious could catch a cold, you know? There are robes upstairs."

"Sure. I'll go get a robe then walk around your house in it. Sure. That's what I'm going to do," she said sarcastically.

"Just looking out for you."

Alexis put the towel over her hair and rubbed, from underneath it she muttered, "I didn't come here for you to look out for me. I came to tell you a thing or two...ugh, my God, I'm drenched. That ex of yours is psychotic. You know that, right? And the worst part is she thought this was funny."

He shook his head at the way she was attacking her hair, then walked over and took the towel from her. She stilled. He gently took a minute and finished drying her hair. Their eyes met.

"I had it under control," Alexis said.

"You always do," he said. Then he tossed the towel onto the railing of the stairs. "The robe offer is still good. Max, get Ms. Davis a robe!"

"I don't want a robe," she quickly told Sonny and then turned and told Max "No robe. No one needs a robe here. I'm not staying."

"She's staying. Get the robe and some tea, would you?" It wasn't really a question and the guard knew it.

As Max headed out of the room, Alexis asked Sonny "Tea?"

"To warm you up."

"Butter me up, you mean."

He smiled.

She said, "Do. Not. Smile. Don't...I'm serious."

He smile grew bigger.

"Sonny," her tone became deadly "if you ever speak to my daughter the way you did today again..."

"Sam is a grown woman, Alexis. You shouldn't have to fight her battles for her. She knew what she was doing when she let Jacob get grabbed, and then stayed quiet, watching Jason get torn up over his missing kid. What if she did that to us with Kristina? Let someone take her away just cause she wanted all of Mommy's attention and didn't want to share."

"She never would." Her words let no room for arguement.

Still he said, "I'm not so sure about that."

Alexis shot back, "Think the worst of her. I can't stop you from doing that. But Samantha is my child. No matter what she does. No matter how hurt Jason's precious feelings you think she hasn't been hurt by him? He put Carly before her from the start and now its Liz and the baby and..."

"I'm not arguing Sam and Jason's relationship with you."

"There's nothing to dispute. Its all plain as day. He broke her heart and then her spirit and if she doesn't get away from him soon, quite possibly, her mind will be next."

"No one is keeping her in that penthouse. I can have people over there to move her out tomorrow."

"Don't even think about it. I expect you to treat her with respect from now on. I want your word, Sonny."

Her eyes held his. Even soaked and bedraggled, she looked amazing. Fierce and elegant at the same time. It was remarkable, but not surprising. It was something she pulled off effortlessly.

She wasn't asking for a favor right now. She was demanding what she needed. It was a rare thing for her to do with him. It had only happened a few times before. If he made an issue of this, they would have problems. She would look at him like he was even worse, he figured, than she thought of him right now. He couldn't have that.

Some people thought Carly was his weakness. But Carly was the way to break Jason, not him. He was grateful none of his enemies ever thought of Alexis as more than his one night stand. If they even suspected the truth-of how she could twist his plans, change the game on him, of how he couldn't stand the thought of her leaving this world, and him and her children behind- her life would never be safe again.

Sonny motioned to the couch and then walked over and sat down. She perched on the edge of the farthest cushion away from him.

He started, "I said what I wanted to say to Sam already. It was all the truth. But I won't go there again...still I don't think its right that she put you in the middle of this."

In an exasperated tone, she replied "Of course, I am in the middle of this. She is my kid and you're my...second daughter's father."

"Such a nice title for me," Sonny said "Could you tell me something, Alexis? When did I lose the one of being your friend?"