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Chapter 16

It was Christmas morning and the sun was still barely over to horizon when Rogue woke up. She was wrapped tightly in the warm blankets and she smiled as she felt the all too familiar breath of her lover on her neck.

Five months, they had been together for five months, and each day she found herself falling more in love. The Cajun swamp rat, who had broken so many hearts, committed so many sins, had won the heart of the Rogue. The Rogue, the girl who was untouchable, who had lived her life alone and cold, unaware that people could love like this, it almost seemed like a dream. As if he picked up on the thought the waking Remy gave her shoulder a tiny pinch before he kissed it, assuring her he was real, and that he was hers.

"Morning beau, Merry Christmas," he whispered.

"Merry Christmas swamp rat," replied Rogue as she turned in the circle of his arms. He was so warm and tempting, but Rogue knew she needed to sneak back to her private room before anyone checked on her. It has happened once a few weeks beforehand and luckily Jean wasn't the run and tell all type. But he was so handsome with his hair a complete mess and his red orbs peering through half opened eyelids. Rogue decided it would just be cruel of her to leave him alone in Christmas morning; he could get his present early.

Rogue smiled mischievously and pushed Remy onto his back straddling him, the blanket sill wrapped around her. The Cajun was fully awake now and grinning, he loved his little Rogue's morning appetite.

"Tell meh what you love about meh," she demanded playfully.

"Dat hard Roguey, I don dink dat sayin everythin will satisfy you."

"Nope, I wanna know in detail."

Remy smiled, pulling a piece of hair from her face, "I love de way dat your smile makes meh day, it jus stops time an all my fears an troubles disappear. I love dat your strong yet still warm an loving. I love all de cute lil things you do, like fallin off the bed," he smirked and Rogue hit him playfully. But Remy's smirk faded and he became quite serious, "But whad I love most is dat you don look at me an judge me for who I was. Dat you were the only person willin to give me a second chance."

"An ah don't regret it Remy Lebeau," whispered Rogue and she leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. "But do you realize that you have stolen the most precious thing ah own, mah heart, an now it's yours forever."

Remy sighed and brought her to him so that her head was under his chin, "Yes cherie, I knew from the first instant we met that I had stolen your heart, but what I didn expect was dat you'd have revenge an steal mine, but it was de best ding to ever happen to dis theif."

Rogue nuzzled closer into him. They had come so far, yet had so much farther to go, but it didn't scare her at all. No matter what came their way they could withstand it. As for the growing desire her body was feeling that was something she couldn't resist and she began to nibble on his ear. His hands entangled themselves in her long red hair and he slipped his leg between her thighs, causing her to moan. You still have it Lebeau, he thought, his hands sliding down her back. She had ceased nibbling and looked into his eyes, I'm on top, she thought, I'm supposed to have control. But Remy picked up on her thoughts and flung her onto her back, then like a starving man he devoured her neck.

Between moans Rogue got her message across, "This suppose to be my early gift to you sugah!"

"An I'm openin' it," replied Remy his lips moving to her breasts, then to her stomach, and finally to her thigh before he came back up and met her lips for a long and passionate kiss. When they parted Rogue wrapped her legs around his lower stomach, feeling his arousal against her own, and doing all she could to not get fully caught up in his kisses so she could rub herself against him temptingly. But Remy wasn't going for it, he pressed himself on her so she couldn't move and continued to kiss her, sending hot fire through both their bodies. However, they didn't have much time, the first of the early students could be heard and though Remy wanted to tease some more they would have to go downstairs soon. Moaning he reached out for the dresser, but Marie stopped him.

"No sug, that would ruin your present," she said a smile on her face.

"You mean, ya on…" began Remy, but before he could finish she had managed to get him inside her.

He moaned and entered her further, going slowly, taking in the feel of her. Their first time had been special, but so was this, they both wanted it to last. But Remy felt himself growing impatient and began to move slowly, then Rogue grew impatient digging her nails into his back. It had been so soft and sensual that it came to a point where they were both burning. Then as they had done plenty of other time they began moving faster and faster each rocking in rhythm, only this time the feeling deepened sending them both on an upward trip to their climax that was unforgettable, and when they finally came down, both were breathing hard and completely speechless. Then Rogue felt his seed inside her, fully aware it couldn't do any harm, and smiled widely at the thought that Remy and only Remy would ever be allowed to do that.

"Merry Christmas Remy," panted Rogue, tightly embracing him.

Twenty minutes later both Rogue and Remy had managed to get out of bed and got dressed. The hallway already sounded busy and Rogue knew there was no way she was going to be able to sneak out that way.

So after giving Remy a farewell kiss she went to his balcony and flew back to her own.

Her ability to fly had only begun to develop around Halloween and back then it was a pain. The first time they realized she could fly was during a training session and Tabitha had let her fall off a roof, and though the actual distance to the floor was only a few feet, it still would've hurt to fall. But when Rogue didn't feel the collision she thanked her team member Lance for catching her, only to find he was on the other end of the room, and she was literally floating above the ground.

Since then Storm had been training her twice a week on how to fly although there wasn't really much to learn. It was like there was something in Rogue's head like a light switch that she could turn on and off. It had distressed her at first, thinking that most mutants had it that easy, yet she had spent years in misery with her first power, which she never used anymore. It had been a difficult thing to get over but Remy had been with her every step of the way and he had helped her a lot. Especially when it came to Ms. Wonder and her thoughts sneaking up in Rogue's mind. The women had been terribly depressed; when her fiancé had found out she was a mutant the night after he had proposed he vowed to leave her, but she had promised to find a cure. It was all really very sad, that a women would give up a part if herself just to have a man like that. But it had been her choice and she had gotten Rogue involved, but these were not Rogue's problems. Rogue could have them vanish in a minute, Ms. Wonder would have them the rest of her life.

As Rogue opened her own door she saw that the room to Kitty and Lance's room was wide open and she popped her head in. Lance was lying on the queen sized bed with a five month pregnant Kitty lying in his arms, both were sleeping. Her head was rested against his chest and she was smileing. She was defiantly getting bigger, but at the same time she was growing more beautiful.

When Kitty had told her parents they had of course flipped out and demanded she give it up for adoption, but Kitty had explained to them about her love for Lance and the entire Institute willing to help her out, and eventually they gave in. It was not exactly the life they had chosen for their daughter, but Kitty didn't seem to mind. Motherhood was one of those things Kitty would just be naturally amazing at.

The wedding had taken place in late September under the Institute gazebo with just a few family and friends. Kitty had worn a long white dress where the front went up to her neck but the back dipped down just below her waist and Kitty's hair had been held up with real red roses. Which lead to the luck of Rogue's bride's maid dress, it had been just a simple red cocktail dress and spared her the pain of wearing white. But it has been a happy and small affair that Kitty was proud of, she couldn't wish for anything more than to have her friends and family alive and well watching her get married to the love of her life.

Four months later Kitty and Lance were laying in each others arms happy and contented with life. As Rogue shut the door silently she thought about how life sometimes doesn't end up like you think it will and how it can all change. But when she looked down at the ring that was still on her finger she knew there was one thing that would never change and that was love. Her love for Remy would last for a lifetime and the thought made her smile as she stood at the door of the rec room.

Amara and Jubilee were still in their pajamas eyeing the presents under the tree, while Logan was helping Scott to get a fire going. Then Jean was telepathically hanging the last few Christmas ornaments and Storm and her nephew Evan were playing a game of chess. At the other end of the room sat Beast and the Professor laughing at a joke and drinking cocoa. Rogue suddenly noticed that there were two very special people missing.

"Hey everyone!" shouted Bobby who came running past Rogue, "Kurt got his tongue stuck on the light pole outside! Come look!"

Everyone darted out of the room for the freezing outdoors to see poor Kurt with his tongue on a pole while Rogue just stood there, she smiled then rolled her eyes, "And to think what will happen next year."

"It not dat bad cherie," came a husky voice as two arms wrapped themselves around Rogue's waist. She turned to look up into the red eyes of Remy, "how bout one good kiss den to remember de good times."

"Logan catches us kissing ya head gonna be the main course at dinner swamp rat," replied Rogue wrapping her arms around him.

"Don dink so," said Remy pointing up, they were standing under the mistletoe, "not when it tradition."

Rogue laughed and gave him a good punch in the side before she let Remy lean forward and kiss her sweetly. For the first time in her life Rogue was looking forward to a new year.