Author's Note: Hey this is Green Gallant, with my first ever FOP fic. You can usually find me over on the Teen Titans page, but I thougth I'd give this a try after reading a Timmy/Trixie fic. Now, I've watched the show for years. This idea has probably been done in some form or another. Its a high school fic set a few years in the future, but with my own little twist. I hope you like it. Enjoy.

Change It Up

It was a typical monday morning for a teenage Timmy Turner, like always he was dead asleep. His alarm clock had been turned off it was all ready 10 after 7. On the other side of the room slept Cosmo and Wanda in thier goldfish bowl. Wanda had woken up out of her sleep and immediatly nudged Cosmo.

"Cosmo wake up! Timmy's late for school!" she cried.

"Ah! Oh my gosh! Timmy's late for school!" He repeated and vanished from the fishbowl and reappeared over Timmy's bed.

"Come on, up and at em Timmy!" he said.

Turning into a bullhorn, he blared into Timmy's ear. Timmy screamed and without thinking smashed Cosmo in the nose.

"Ahhh! What the...jeez, Cosmo. You trying to give me a heart attack?" he yelled. Wanda appeared next to her husband.

"He was trying to tell you your late for school. All though, he didnt have to go that far. And neither should you." she said.

Cosmo held an ice pack up to his nose as Wanda patted him on the shoulder.

"God, I'm sorry Cosmo. I really am." the 16 year old apologised.

"It's all right Timmy. Its cool." Cosmo said still a little disoriented from the punch.

The green haired fairy shook his head as the injury and ice pack went away. Immeditaly Timmy raced out of bed and across the floor in his boxers. In his walk in closet Timmy pulled on a pair of dark jeans. Since starting high school, Timmy switched over to more masculine colors pulling on a red t-shirt and put on a red ball cap with a red "T".

"You sure your all right?" Timmy asked one last time pulling on his black Converse sneakers.

"Oh yeah, I told you. I can recover in seconds." Cosmo reassured him.

"All right, just making sure. I'll see you guys this evening." Timmy said grabbing his duffel bag.

"You sure you dont want us to poof you to school?" Wanda offered.

"Nah, its cool I'll drive to school this morning." he said.

"All right." Wanda said.

"Have a great day Timmy!" Cosmo said.

"Haha. You too, bye." Timmy said closing the door to his room.

"He's getting so big." Wanda said.

"Aw chill out Wanda, its not like he's our first godchild." Cosmo said.

"Yeah, your right." his wife said.

"He'll be fine, he's older now you know how it is." he said.

"Yeah." she said.

"Besides, I'm kind of proud of the way he turned out." Cosmo said. Wanda smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Timmy made his way downstairs and said good bye to his parents, outside he threw his bag into the back of his 70s Pontiac Firebird and climbed in starting up the engine, shifting gears he backed out of the drive and drove off to school. Arriving at Dimmsdale High School a while later, he got out of his car and grabbed his backpack shutting the door. The teen made his way across the parking lot to the front entrance. He raced up the stairs and into class. After being scolded by the teacher for coming in late, he settled into his seat next to his friend Trixie Tang the punk princess.

"Hey Timmy." she whispered.

"Hey Trix." he whispered back.

"What happened dude? Why are you so late?" she asked.

"Overslept." he answered.

"Oh." she said.

"Mr. Turner, Ms. Tang." the teacher said.

"Sorry." they both said.

They smiled at each other as the teacher continued his lecture. Timmy and Trixie had been friends since grade school and know each other inside out, you could say thier best friends.Trixie may not be as popular as some of the other girls, though she still ranks fairly well. Somewhere in the top 50 at best. A few classes later it was lunch time. Timmy and Trixie sat at a picnic table together eating thier lunch when they were met up by friends Chester McThunderbat & AJ McClain.

"Hey dudes, what's up?" Chester said.

"What's up?" Timmy said high-fiving Chester.

Chester is the star player on the Dimmsdale Dragons baseball team. As his last name implies Chester is the region's home run king. AJ is one of the brightest kids in school, with one of the highest GPAs in the state. AJ is also the school mack daddy and is always seen combing his fro. As for Timmy himself, he plays 1st Base along side Chester, who plays Catcher. As the guys ate, another girl walked across the lawn and made her way to the popular Timmy looked up and saw her.

"Whoa, who's that?" he said.

The gang looked up and saw her. A tall beautiful sophmore, with long black hair in pigtails wearing a school uniform and glasses.

"That's Tootie Jacobs, she's one of the populars." Trixie said.

"What?!" The guys exclaimed.

"That's Tootie Jacobs?" AJ said.

"Damn, is she hot." Chester said.

"You said it dude." Timmy added.

"Guys hello..." Trixie said.

"Remember when she moved away 3 years ago?" AJ asked.

"Yeah, what a difference a few years make." Chester said.

"Guys..." Trixie tried again.

"You say something Trix?" Timmy asked.

The school bell rings.

"Nevermind." she said.

The guys hurried up and finished thier lunches and then made thier way to class.

"I'll see you later Trix." Timmy said.

"See ya." she told him.

"Later Trix." said Chester.

"Catch ya later." AJ added.

"Later guys." she said.

"Hey Trixie, walk you to class?" Timmy offered.

"Yeah sure." she said

A/N: All right, so what did you think? I figured it'd be more intrestring if I made some of them into the opposite of thier protrayal on the show, while still retaining some of thier original characteristics to an extent. I hope you guys liked this fic, and maybe I'll continue it sometime down the road. I thought I'd take a crack at my first FOP fic. Dont get me wrong, I love Cosmo. He's actually my favorite. But would you react if someone blew a horn in your sleep? I hope you liked my protrayal of the characters and let me know what you think.

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