Sum: Crossover with Jackie Chan adventures

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.

-The Raven by Edger Allan Poe

9000 years ago there were nine oni, each more powerful then the last. 8000 years ago, each was seal into a mask and there servants sealed with them. 5000 years ago, the oni were released and tried to destroy the world again, but failed and they were sealed again, this time permanently, but the last was smart and cared for there servants. So, he made a talisman and sealed the nine tribes of servants in it, letting them judge and serve the one they want. These servants were known as the ShadowKhan. Thought this story is not of the ShadowKhan or there wait, but of the one that found them 5000 years later and his journey after words.

The place that the Talisman of Shadows was in was an old cave of the nine oni, it held all the old magic's and rules of the old ways, from Europe to Asia to the Aztecs and Native American tribes. Now this wouldn't be a problem as time and a few explosive locked the entrance and buried the cave underground, but as luck would have it the Kyuubi attack and caused a hole to open in the top, that at the moment a young boy with blonde hair fell through, right onto an old but useable bed, to bad the fall knocked him out cold.

---Several hours later---

"Ow, where am I?" asked the five year old Naruto, sitting up and looking at the large library of the old ways around him. "What is this place?" asked Naruto, walking into the center of the room. As he looked around, he ran into a pedestal that had a talisman on it. The talisman didn't look that special, it had an octagonal shape with the kanji for shadow with a red elongated V under it on one side and on the other side was an oni mask with crossed bone behind it. By some unknown force, Naruto reached for the talisman as it started to glow and as he touched it his life flashed before his eyes and that of the ShadowKhan, rendering Naruto out cold as the talisman sank into his hand. As he slept several ShadowKhan ninjas picked him up and took him to his apartment.

When Naruto woke his head felt like someone had put an axe in his head and pulled it out, slowly. "Owww, what happened." asked Naruto, looking around to see his apartment. "Wasn't I in a cave?" asked Naruto, getting up and walking into the kitchen, when he opened the cabinets and found that he didn't have any Raman. "Looks like I have to go out." said Naruto, leavening the apartment and going to his favorite Raman stand.

As Naruto was walking about town, the villagers started to gather together to try and kill the 'demon fox' but a team of ANBU beat them to it. As the four ANBU dropped down around him, Naruto's eyes started to turn red and silted and the shadows darkened.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" asked the Ryu ANBU, drawing his katana. "I think it's a demon that thinks its human." replied the Tora ANBU, pulling out a kunai. "Time to die, Kyuubi-brat!" said the Bird ANBU, swinging down his sword, only for a black katana to stop it, when the ANBU looked at the holder of the katana it was a large samurai in black armor with red eyes in an elongated V.

The other ANBU are in similar situations, Ryu is being stopped by a ninja in old style of ninja cloths with two red eyes and blue skin. While Tora was held off by a tall skinny man that had long shoulders and hunched back and long arms and legs that where wrapped up half way that came to long talons and a red eye in an elongated V with blue skin. In the course of this stale mate Naruto was surrounded by a few of the thing that looked like ninja.

"So, the little demon has minions. Kill them!" ordered Ryu, but was silenced with a short sword in the neck. As Tora tried to win his stale mate, one of the monsters feet came up and into the stomach of Tora, killing him painfully. Bird was having the hardest time of the three ANBU, as the samurai like monster was hitting so hard and fast he was having difficulty blocking then the samurai struck again, cutting through the sword and the ANBU.

As the stale mate ended the monsters looked at each other and nodded, then some of the ninja like monsters covered the unconscious Naruto while other threw smoke bomb covering there trail. When the smoke cleared, all trace of Naruto and the monsters were gone, leaving only the body's of the three ANBU.

---Several hours later/ in the oni cave---

"What happened?" asked Naruto, sitting up from the large bed as seeing the familiar sight of the cave. "What the hell is happening?" asked Naruto, thinking about the day when a whooshing sound alerted him to a presence. When he looked it was one of the ninja monsters he saw earlier before he fainted. As he started praying that the ninja wouldn't kill or hurt him, the ninja got down on a knee and held out a scroll for Naruto to take. When Naruto took it, the ninja melted into the shadows and disappeared. Thought Naruto didn't notice this, as he was transfixed on the scroll that he opened and it said.

To, who ever the ShadowKhan chose to follow,

Greetings, I'm Tarakudo, the former king of the ShadowKhan and now I hand that title to you, King/Queen of the ShadowKhan, as circumstances allow. Commanding them is very simple, summon them with a mental command and for certain tribes picture them in your head, then tell them what to do. The ShadowKhan will rarely fail unless there up against someone with chi magic or knows how to fight them. I also leave the library that you found the talisman at to you as well, as you learn more magic using the ShadowKhan becomes easier, why, no clue, it also allows you to get the drop on opponents as well as making your dependents on the ShadowKhan smaller, have the ShadowKhan help you, they know what to do. There are nine tribes of ShadowKhan, each tribe having there own strengths and weaknesses, learn this and you shall be strong. I wish you luck on what ever journey you fare.

Your former,

General of the nine Oni lord and

King of the ShadowKhan Tarakudo

Trying out what the letter said, Naruto pictured the Ninja from earlier and a few seconds later a whoosh came signaling the ninja's arrival. "So, I command nine tribes of you?" asked Naruto, and the ninja nodded in reply. "Is there something to help me learn about your nine tribes?" asked Naruto, as the Ninja nodded again and a second later another ninja came in and held out a red book that had an oni mask with crossed bones behind the mask. "Can you get me the books I need to learn magic?" asked Naruto, taking the book from the ShadowKhan and opening it. The two nodded and put a hand on Naruto's shoulders and the three disappeared into the shadows and reappeared with Naruto in a chair and a table that had a few books being put on it. "This will take some time won't it?" asked Naruto, as the ninja's nodded and got on one knee. "Well, guess I should get started. This will so make me a kick ass ninja." said Naruto, starting to read on the nine tribes of ShadowKhan.

I can't describe them very well. If you need to know what they look like go to and type in ShadowKhan.

Also don't mind the errors, my editor was out of town and I wanted a response on this idea so I couldn't wait.

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