Title: On the Radio

Summary: Hermione Granger has a job as a late night host on the wizarding radio, going by the name of Ava. She takes the calls of listeners inbetween songs and helps them solve their problems, ranging from friendship to sex. Amidst all these callers is a man who refuses to give his name but calls every night. Intrigue possesses Hermione and what will happen when she finds out that man is Draco Malfoy?

"Hello witches and wizards! Welcome to Midnight Magic with Ava, your favorite nighttime host. Today the topic is on cheating. Call if you've cheated, have been cheated on, plan to cheat, and so on. I'll be taking calls after this fantastic song; I hope you all enjoy it. This is an anthem for women who have been cheated on. 'Smile' by Lily Allen." Hermione proceeded by putting on the catchy song and sighing.

'Ava' had been on the air for only a few months and Midnight Magic was a quick success. She was instantly known for her witty remarks and excellent advice. She was also known for playing muggle music instead of music known by the wizarding world. It was her way of combining her two worlds together and showing that muggles were talented beings, even without wands.

Hermione had fun being her alter ego. She was able to express herself in ways she never could in Hogwarts. True, she was now twenty years old and could do as she pleased, but many would have not fancied the idea of hearing what was really on her mind. That was the reason for her secret identity. She also didn't want her radio personality to interfere in her everyday life. She wanted no fame or recognition; she just wanted some fun. Few people knew that she was Ava; only Harry, Ron, and Ginny were aware of this. According to everyone else, she was working at a book shop in Diagon Alley in the mornings. After that, no one knew where she disappeared to, except for her friends. The idea sounded ludicrous at first but she needed more money and after one night of working on the air, she realized she loved it and had an amazing aptitude for it.

No one would believe it if they knew. They could hardly believe that she had 'limited' herself to a book shop. Her family, and even the Weasleys, had pleaded with her to get a better job. Mrs. Weasley had said that it was 'absolutely preposterous' for the 'brightest witch of their time' to have such a job. They believed she deserved a high position at the Ministry and nothing less. In the past she would have quickly agreed but now Hermione knew better. She knew that her job on the radio was absolutely perfect and that it was Ava's turn to have fun.

It was true, she studied rigorously many years to be something like a Healer or Auror but her life had taken an amazing turn and it was for the better. She would always love books and knowledge but her job on the radio was liberating.

At first when I see you cry
yeah it makes me smile, yeah it makes my smile
At worst I feel bad for a while
but then I just smile, I go ahead and smile

Hermione switched off the song once it was finished and put herself back on the air.

"I'm back and ready to receive any calls. Alright, let's take this one from Helena. How are you sweetheart? What's on your mind?"

Hey Ava. I've been in a serious relationship for about eight months now. Lately I've been feeling really apprehensive about him because I'm starting to find out that before he met me, he was known for cheating and sleeping around. Do you believe the saying that goes 'once a cheater, always a cheater'?

"Well, before anything you have to make sure that this source who is telling you all of this information isn't lying. For all you know, they could be some jealous wankers that have nothing else to do but ruin a healthy relationship. People have a tendency to sabotage those they envy. Now, you say that, if true, this was all before he met you? He could have changed by now. You could have set off the good in him."

But if someone cheated in the past, what would hold them back now?

"Love, of course. It's cheesy, I know, but true. If he truly cares about you, he would have let go of those old dirty habits. Once a cheater is most definitely not always a cheater if they choose to redeem themselves. Don't fret and have a good time with him. Is he absolutely stunning and all around shag-able?"

Helena laughed shyly. Yes, he is actually…

"Well, go shag him before someone else does!"

Once again, she laughed. Thank you Ava. I'll go enjoy him!

"Alright, thanks for calling!" Hermione giggled lightly and hung up the call. "Remember ladies and gentlemen, the past is the past. Let it go unless it is really leaking into your present. I used to date my best friend and then we broke up because he cheated. After a few months, we reconciled and now we're the best of friends again. I'm not going to dangle what he did in the past in his face. What's the point? Everything is great now and it isn't ruining my present."

"Let's see…I can't contain myself. I have to play this song before I pick up another call. It's utterly fabulous. 'Girl Inform Me' by The Shins. Enjoy."

Hermione put on the song and stretched as it played. She loved the song with every fiber of her body.

Looking at the clock, she grinned a little. It was almost 12:30 and everyday at that time, her favorite caller paid her a telephonic visit. She didn't know his name or where he came from and because of this, she dubbed him 'mystery man'. He called even if he had no problem to discuss with her. He just enjoyed talking to her. Hermione was absolutely enthralled by him. She was so curious to know who he was and of his history but he refused. She yearned to see his face but she felt it was a dangerous thing to suggest, under any circumstance. He could be an insane wizard wanting to take advantage of her and then kill her! Hermione knew it was an exaggeration but she was scared. Perhaps intrigue would someday cloud her better senses.

But your lips when we speak
are the valleys and peaks of a mountain range on fire.
So let me walk these coals till you believe
I can cut the mustard well enough
Cause you know as soon as breathe we scrutinize
the paint away

The song was over and she switched off the music. "Hope you liked that; it's one of my favorites. Let's see; the next call is from…ah, right on time Mystery Man. What's on your mind tonight?"

Besides you?

Hermione laughed lightly. "C'mon mister. Really."

I used to be infamous for cheating. Well, for being a player in general. I had girls nearly dripping from my fingertips. What can I say? I'm wanted.

"Yeah, I hear the cockiness rolling off of your tongue. Now, the big question is have you changed your naughty ways?"

Somewhat. I don't cheat when I'm dating but when I'm not, there's no keeping me to one woman. I have my fun.

"Well, atleast you've let some of that immaturity go. When you meet the girl of your dreams, are you really actually willing to stop all of this behavior?"

I actually have met her. Well, something like that. For her, yes…I think I would stop.

"Ah. So, you're heart is taken?"

If only you knew Ava. I don't really actually know this woman but she's haunting me. Her wittiness, her charm…her gentle voice. It has a way of creeping under my skin. I don't know. I actually feel quite idiotic. She could be anyone! She could be the phantom of my grandmother for Merlin's sake. What do you think of all of this?

Hermione's heart was beating heavily. She could have sworn he could even hear it. "I-I don't know. Sometimes your heart can't help who it yearns for…"

Agreed. It really can't. And you, Ava? What does your heart want?

"To know your name…"

Ah, we've touched on this subject before.

"And is the answer still the same?"

Yes it is, beautiful lady.

"I could be horrendous."

I'll want you all the same.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow night, Mystery Man."

Goodbye Ava.

"Um…this is…'Nineteen' by Tegan and Sara. It's hitting home tonight."

Hermione sighed as the song began and the lyrics tugged at her heart strings.

I felt you in my legs before I even met you
And when I laid beside you for the first time
I told you
I feel you in my heart, and I don't even know you
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye

She rubbed her eyes roughly and sighed again. What was wrong with her? It wasn't logical and it was of no common sense for her to have feelings for him. She had no idea who he was and there she was, being swooned by a voice. It was just so husky and sexy and mysterious…and she felt utterly stupid. He seemed sweet and endearing. There was something masked by his voice, perhaps a painful past. She felt the vibe of a changed man from him. Except for his sexual escapades, as he had said, of course. On top of everything, he was interested in her as well. It made her feel good and crappy at the same time. Sure, maybe she had the voice and personality of a winner but she felt her looks would be a let down. If she was ever to let her inhibitions go and meet him, would he feel betrayed? Would she herself be betrayed? It made her feel even stupider; since when did looks matter to her? She never judged anyone by their appearance. Hermione was far from shallow. I could easily call him back. All of the phone calls received are recorded and the numbers are saved into memory. Oh, I just can't. Not yet.

If only she knew Draco Malfoy was sitting on his couch, patiently waiting for the song to end and for her voice to flow into his living room once again. The voice that had him tangled up in a confusing mess of emotions.

Could a voice really do that much damage to a person?

Author's Note: Hi! Haha, this is another one of my 'random-let's-try-and-be-original' plots. I actually really love this one. I know that I'm still in the early stages of writing 'Peeping Slytherins' but I couldn't help starting this one. This story will have comedy but definitely not as much as 'PS'. I hope you guys enjoyed this and sorry for the kinda short chapter. It's really like an introductory chapter. I'm going to try my hardest and update this and my other story at good intervals and not run off for a number of months like I have a tendency to do. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading and will review! Love you guys! Btw, if you have read my other things you may start to think that I'm like insanely obsessed with the song 'Smile'. Lmao, I'm actually not going nuts over the song anymore but it's just perfect for a lot of situations.