My dearest brother Draco,

I hear you're doing well at your school. Apparently, playing the hero gets you ahead in the wizarding world. I'll have to remember that. You see, I've fully joined your world now. Yes, that's right—I've got myself a wand. And someone who is teaching me to use it. But don't be afraid, brother. I won't use it on you unless you give me a reason. Family's got to count for something, doesn't it? You might warn the rest of our kind not to get on my bad side, though. My tutor tells me I have an affinity for Dark magic, which pleases him for some reason.

Oh, and you might want to go carefully. I will have that house someday. I know our father didn't leave a will, and I mean to have something of his. I've already taken his name, I mean something tangible. You might not want to get on my bad side, either, come to think of it.

Until we meet again, I remain,

Your devoted brother,

Maximilian Malfoy


Well, everybody, that's it! Thanks for reading my story, and thanks for the reviews! As promised, there will be a sequel. I will probably begin posting it next week. Start looking for Brothers and Sons in a few days. I hope to see you, and a few new faces, next week!

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