Hermione Granger lent against the window of the Hogwarts express sighing. Harry Potter her best friend since the age of eleven sat opposite her eating a chocolate frog his girlfriend Ginny Weasley sat next to him asleep on his shoulder. A snore caught her attention and she looked down at her lap to her boyfriend Ron Weasley fast asleep Hermione smiled at him then she returned her gaze out the widow.

Her last year at Hogwarts she couldn't believe the years had gone so quickly but there she was sitting on her last train ride to Hogwarts. Hermione wondered what her life would be like after Hogwarts but that was rhetorical she couldn't find an answer, usually she had answers to everything but not this the one problem that was stopping her question from being answered was Voldemort.

Voldemort was out there torturing, killing with his death eaters along side him, planning a war to kill her best friend, her brother of course it was his destiny to fight him. A prophecy made by one Sybill Trelawney to Albus Dumbledore about the boy who lived and the dark lord, for neither can live while the other survives. Hermione didn't know if she could live her life without Ron or Harry even Ginny.

The train rounded a corner and Hogwarts came into view. A new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was needed they spent half the journey trying to guess who it would be Hermione hoped it would be a woman for a change. Also her and Ron's duties were needed this year seeing as though they were Head boy and girl, Harry had been made Quidditch captain this year and Ginny a prefect. Mrs Weasley couldn't have been happier.

The summer holidays at the burrow had been nice not that the threat of Voldemort coming hadn't crossed her mind but she enjoyed being in the company that she loved. The downer part of the holiday was one Lavender Brown's birthday party she had the biggest crush on Ron. Herself and Ron had been going out for a month the beginning if the summer holidays of course the birthday was a complete disaster, with Hermione slapping Lavender for leaping up on Ron and trying to kiss him and Ron punching Seamus for slapping Hermione's butt.

Another snore but louder this time jumped Hermione out of her thoughts she looked at Ron and smiled. She loved him more than anything else, and he loved her. One night at he burrow they had been fooling around. Ron had asked me if I was ready to have sex, I knew he was but I wasn't so he said that nothing had to happen until I was ready.

Hermione looked at Harry who was staring at Ginny's head.

"Harry we'll be there in ten minutes shall we wake them?" He nodded and started to nudge Ginny lightly. Hermoine on the other hand had the more difficult task of waking Ron she tried Harry's method of nudging him it failed. So she chose her own method bending her head she kissed Ron lightly on the forehead the tip of his nose and then his lips. She felt his arm circle around her neck pulling her closer as Ron woke and continued to kiss Hermione.

"Oi." Said Harry chucking a chocolate frog at them. They broke from their kiss Ron looked annoyed, just as he was about to say something rude no doubt to Harry he had quickly left with Ginny to get changed.

"Prat I was enjoying that." He pouted Hermione lent down and whispered into his ear.

"But we can do more later." She said seductively.

The train stopped and Ron and Hermione got off hand in hand, Harry and Ginny met up with them they all got in a carriage Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood joined them and the carriage set off to the castle. They talked and joked also Luna filling them in with bits of information about Crumple-horned Snorkacks.

All to soon they were sitting down at the Gryffindor table, Lavender had her arm linked with Seamus who had a black eye, she shot Ron and Hermione a look of pure hatred and continued to stroke Seamus's arm. They looked at one another and Ron made a retching sound making Hermione laugh.

"Hey look at the staff table isn't that Tonks." Said Harry looking up at the staff table. Hermione followed his gaze indeed sitting in the DADA seat was Tonks her bright blue hair sticking out from the teachers. She saw them and waved they waved back.

"Wow Tonks as our teacher that's brilliant." Said Harry.

"Yeah she'll be really good for it." Said Ron before they could talk the doors had opened and McGonagall entered followed by a bunch of scared looking first years. Behind the first years was a girl she had to be about seventeen, she had wavy brown hair with blond highlights she wore a pink netted headband that stretched to the back of her head keeping her fringe out of her eyes she was about five foot seven. Her sapphire blue eyes scanned the room they landed on Hermione she gave Hermione a small smile then stared in front of her.

Everyone was silent watching the new girl stop with the first years. The sorting hat sang its song and the hall applauded McGonagall started calling names off the list each time a house would clap if a first year got into their house. McGonagall finished with the first years all who was left standing was the girl.

"Barclay, Faith." McGonagall called. The girl stepped forward it was so quiet you could of heard a feather drop, she sat on the stool and McGonagall placed the hat on Faith's head. A couple of minuets went then the hat shouted.

"GRYFFINDOR." The Gryffindor's cheered as she walked up to the seventh years she sat next to Neville and in front of Lavender. Dumbledore made his usual announcements and finally the food came. Everyone ate and talked Hermione noticed the new girl Faith look at her and Ron a couple of times but she remained talking to Neville trying to ignore Lavenders attempt to talk to her.

At least she knows lavender is a cow. Soon the feast was over and the students filled out to go back to their common room Hermione, Ron and Harry went to go and see Tonks.

"Congratulations Tonks." Hermione said hugging her.

"Thanks Hermione." They pulled apart and Hermione noticed something on her left hand.

"Is that an engagement ring?" Harry and Ron looked to a ring on her finger. Tonks blushed and nodded.

"Yeah Lupin proposed last night but that's not all the good news." Harry, Ron and Hermione gave her a quizzical look.

"I'm a two months pregnant." The three gasped and smiled.

"Wow a baby what did Lupin say?" Harry asked. Before Tonks could answer Dumbledore came over.

"Mr Weasley, Miss Granger may I speak with you for a moment?" He asked politely they nodded and followed Dumbledore to his office while Harry stayed and talked to Tonks.

Inside Dumbledore's office Hermione noticed they weren't the only one's in there. Faith sat on a chair in front of the headmaster's desk two more chair's sat on the left of her, Ron and Hermione took those seats.

"Now as being a new student to the school can be difficult from being so far, far, far away from home." A twinkle in his eye while he stared at Faith who smiled. " Now as head boy and girl I would like you Ron and Hermione to make Faith here more welcome." Ron and Hermione looked at Faith who looked at them she had worry in her eyes.

"Sure we'll do it." Said Hermione, Ron nodded, relief spread across Faith's face.

"Thank you." Her voice was full of kindness as she thanked them.

"Miss Granger, Mr Weasley you may leave now I need to speak with Miss Barclay." Ron and Hermione left and walked down to Ron's Head boy room, Hermione's was right next door. They walked into Ron's room was a small version of the Griffindor tower except where the staircases would be was his bathroom they sat on his bed.

"So what about Faith they don't usually bring new students into the school." Said Ron.

"She is a bit off I must admit she stared at us during dinner then when I looked she looked down at her plate." Ron nodded.

"Yeah I noticed that to, well we can watch her over these few weeks she how she is." Hermione nodded. "You know we never finished what we started on the train." Said Ron he lent in but Hermione put a finger to his lips.

"Ron remember that talk at the burrow we had about us being ready for um sex." She was blushing furiously Ron nodded the tips of his ears matching Hermione's face.

"Well you said that you was ready and that we didn't need to do it until I was ready." She took breath. "I'm ready." Ron looked at her.

"Are you sure?" He asked hopefully, Hermione nodded as his lip's crashed on to her's.

"I love you, you know that right?" Hermione smiled.

"I know you love me and I love you to." Their lips met again and they made love for the first time.

Little did they know that the girl called Faith sitting in Dumbledore's office was their daughter from the future, whom they were making right now had come to the present to protect them all from Voldemort.