'Happy birthday to you.' Everyone cheered and clapped as six-year-old Faith and Zack blew out their candles on their cake.

'Let's eat cake.' Said Zack his hair was a dark shade of red than his father's he had the same brown eyes as his mother's. Faith had her father's blue eyes and her mother's brown curly hair but a little tamer. Zack raised his hand to take a piece of cake with his hand.

'Ah no you don't.' Said twenty-four year old Hermione Weasley to her son, she was carrying plates while Ron held a knife their little sister Laura who was two with red curls on her head.

The whole Weasley clan was their and their wife's and husband. Bill and Fleur and the twins who were five Jacqueline and Jacques. Charlie and his girlfriend Susanna, Percy and Penelope with three year old Peter and five month year old Phillip in his mother's arms. Keiran and Katie the month old twins in George and Alicia's arms also Justin who was three and his little sister Emily who was one Fred and Angalina were their parents and Lilly Potter she had dark black hair and brilliant green eyes she was two also. Plus their was Tonks and Lupin with six year old Matthew and four year old Abby, Arthur and Molly and Nick and Marie holding Laura.

'Here.' Said Hermione passing her son a piece of cake.

'Lady's first Zachary.' Said Faith as Zack was about to pick up the cake, stopped and glared at his sister who was smiling sweetly the rest of the family laughed. Sighing Zack passed his plate to his sister.

'Thankyou.' As Zack was passed another plate and everyone else had a plate to.

'Can we please open our presents now.' Asked Zack when he finished his cake.

'Yes.' There was a pile of presents in the middle of the floor. Zack and Faith sat next to them and started to rip them open out of their wrappers and saying thankyou to each time they opened one.

Faith opened one from her uncles Fred and George it was a blue, grey ball she held it in her hand and it grew to the size of a quaffle she dropped it because of the weight and it transformed in to a giant eagle.

She screamed and grabbed the thing nearest her as the eagle gave a cry.

'Don't worry Faith it's good not evil.' Said Fred.

'Um how do we shrink it?' Asked Hermione the idea having a giant eagle living with them was not very appealing to her.

'Squawk like it.' Said George giving a wink at Fred.

'Do we look stupid.' Said Faith staring at her Uncles Hermione smiled and pressed a button on the bird's neck it went into a tiny ball again. Faith let go of her cover and noticed it was Matthew.

'Sorry Matt.' Her cheeks going a little pink.

'No problem.' They didn't notice the looks of their parents.


Hermione and Ron had invited Tonks and Lupin, Harry and Ginny to come over for New Year for 2007. Matthew now seven, Abby now five, Zack, Faith seven to, Laura now three, four next month and there little twin brothers Logan and Luke who were one.

Zack had taken Faith's doll and was teasing her with it with Matthew.

'Zack give it back.' Said Faith they were in the lounge as their mom cooked dinner and entertained Tonks and Lupin in the kitchen, their dad was late home from work.

'Nope Matty catch.' He through the doll towards Matthew who caught it.

'Matthew please give me my doll back.' She asked.

'Nope.' Matthew through it but it went over Zack hands and landed in the fireplace it set alight.

'AARRRRRRHHHHHH.' Faith screamed she ran upstairs tears pouring out of her eyes. Hermione, Tonks, Lupin came in from the kitchen and into the lounge.

'What happened?' Asked Hermione she stared at Zack and Matthew who were standing in front of the fireplace.

'Nothing.' Replied Zack looking innocent.

'Matthew what happened?' Asked Tonks.

'Nothing.' Replied Matthew looking innocent there was a loud cry from upstairs.

'I'll ask again what happened or you won't get any dinner?' Asked Hermione.

'It was my fault we were teasing Faith and Zack took her doll and we were passing it and I through her doll but it missed Zack and-.' They moved from the fireplace to show the burnt doll in the fireplace.

'MATTHEW JAMES LUPIN.' Shouted Tonks as Hermione shouted.


'Matthew get upstairs now and apologise to Faith.' Said Lupin.

'Zachary get to your room now.' Said Hermione they watched the boy's go upstairs and they re-entered the kitchen.

Matthew walked up the stairs and knocked on Faith's room next to him Zack stomped into his room and slammed the door shut.

'Go away.' Said a muffled voice behind the door.

'Please can I come in?' Asked Matthew.

'No toy burner.' Matt ignored that comment and opened the door. Faith's room was purple with a white boarder and a lighter purple for her carpet. Faith was lying on her bed face down in her pillow he could here her sobbing.

Matt walked over to her bed and sat on the edge of her bed.

'I'm sorry Faith I didn't mean to tease you I was stupid.' Said Matthew Faith just sobbed some more Matthew patted her back awkwardly.

'Why did you tease me you could have given me my doll back but you didn't and now I have no doll.' Cried Faith.

'Look I'm really, really sorry I'll bye you a new doll I'll- please forgive me.' Said Matthew. Faith sat up rubbing her eyes and sniffing.

'You can't bye me a new doll I liked that one I had it since I was little it was important to me you can't just replace it with a random doll.' Said Faith.

Matthew got off the bed and stood in front of her.

'I said I was sorry what do you want me to do to make you feel better?' He asked.

'I don't know I don't think anything can cheer me up.' Said Faith staring at the ground. Matthew didn't know what came over him one minute he was standing in front of her and then he was hugging her. Faith just sat their slowly she hugged him back he didn't let go until she had stopped crying.

'Um er… feel better.' Asked Matthew when he let go.

'Actually I do.' Faith stood and grabbed his hand and they went downstairs.


'Have fun at school.' Said Hermione dropping off Zack, Faith, Laura, Logan and Luke. The first day of September at their muggle school Zack and Faith were in year five with Matthew, Matthew's sister Abby was in year three, Laura and Lilly were in year two and Logan, Luke and Lilly's little brother Sirius was in reception.

'Come on then.' As they got out the car and crossed the road towards the school and met Aunt Ginny with Lilly and Sirius at their sides.

'Right we need to take Logan, Luke and Sirius into class you five know where you're going.' Asked Hermione. They nodded Faith held Laura and Abby's hand and took them to classroom three then went to find Zack and Matthew waiting outside classroom with the rest of the class.

The door opened and Mrs Lee opened the door.

'Good morning, class come in and find a chair. The class entered and there were five sets of three tables together so it was six at each table.

' Come on lets sit by the window.' Said Zack, Faith sat on one table while Zack and Matthew sat with their backs to the window. There was an empty seat next to Faith and a boy came over he had black hair and blue eyes he smiled at Faith, her best friend Alice had moved school during the holidays so she was alone.

'Hi Faithy mind if I sit.' Scott the classes bully, before she could say 'No.' he sat next to her.

'Hello Matty and Zacky don't mind my pals.' Two other boys sat down next to one the other side of the table so they were facing Zack and Matt.

'Alright class get out your homework.' Asked Mrs Lee at the front of the class. They pulled out their homework.

'Uh oh.' Said Zack there was a blank piece of paper, which he was holding.

'Zack you didn't do your homework.' Hissed Faith. The teacher was coming around she reached their table and took Zack's homework.

'Zachary see me after class.' Said Mrs Lee, Zack nodded.

''Today children we'll be looking-.' The teacher continued, through out the class Scott kept putting his hand over hers or his foot would go behind hers. At the end of the class Faith was at the side of her seat and halfway around the table so she was next to Matt.

'Alright class break time go and have some fun, Zachary I'll see you now.' The class left Faith and Matt went outside on the playground.

'I hope Zack don't get into to much trouble.' Said Faith.

'Don't worry it's the first day he'll just get a warning.' Said Matt.

'Yeah I guess your right.' Faith saw Scott and his goon's came over.

'Hello Faithy want to go for a walk?' Asked Scott.

'No she dose not.' Said Matthew. They all looked at him.

'What did you just say?' Asked Scott.

'She doesn't want to walk to you now get lost.' Repeated Matt.

'Boys shut him up so I can get an answer out of Faithy without this jerk getting in the way.' The boys behind Scott came forward cracking their knuckles.

'No don't fight you'll just get into trouble.' Said Faith Scott came forward and grabbed her hand and started to drag her off.

'Matt.' Faith shouted as the two goons advanced on Matt. One of them raised his fist about to strike Matt but he ducked and the punch sailed over his head, standing up he punched the first boy in the stomach. The second boy lifted his leg to kick Matt but he jumped out the way and struck a punch at him.

Faith and Scott stared at the performance Scott in anger and Faith in awe, while Scott was staring Faith kicked him between the legs he let her go and she went over to Matt and hugged him.

'Are you alright?' Asked Matt.

'Yeah I'm fine where did you learn that?' Asked Faith.

'I dunno just instinct where did you learn to kick him there?' Asked Matt nodding his head towards a crouching Scott.

'My dad taught it me.' Explained Faith as Zack came over.

'What the hell happened out here?' he asked they told him.

'Whoa way to go you to.' He said.

'What did Mrs Lee say?' Asked Faith.

'Just told me to do it tonight.' Said Zack.

'Um before lunch can we talk to Mrs Lee and ask her if we can move because I don't want to sit by Scott he kept on touching me.' Said Faith.

'He was WHAT.' Shouted Zack.

'Yeah if you want I'll sit by him until lunch.' Offered Matt.

'Thanks Matt.' Matthew smiled at her Zack didn't notice a thing because he had gone and punched Scott in the stomach.


'Goodbye Faith have fun I'm going to miss you so much' Said Hermione saying goodbye to her eldest daughter the Hogwarts express whistled behind them.

'Mom I'll owl you but I've got to go.' Said eleven year old Faith hugging her mom.

'Alright bye, bye Zack don't hide behind your farther come here.' Zack who was standing behind his father's legs groaned as his mom wrapped him in a big hug.

'Hermione he's going to miss the train.' Said Ron Hermione let go of her son and he boarded the Hogwarts express with his sister. They searched for a carriage they saw Matthew sitting in one.

'Heya Matt.' Said Zack he looked up and smiled at them.

'Hey you two i saw the goodbye Zack.' Laughed Matt.

'Shut up.' Grumbled Zack.

'Mom's not going to see us until Christmas she has a right to be clingy.' Said Faith sitting down in front of Matt.

'Yeah but suffocating us.' Said Zack.

'You two will be missing your mothers soon.' Said Faith. The train journeyed to Hogwarts they filled the carriage with sweets, soon the train stopped and the three of them heard a familiar voice.

'Firs, yea's this way.' Hagrid Shouted. They excited the carriages and were led by Hagrid to the boats the three of them got in one with another girl. They got off the boats and saw Uncle Harry standing there, McGonagall was headmistress now as Dumbledore passed away peacefully three years ago.

'Welcome to Hogwarts the feast will begin shortly but first you must be sorted it to your houses, Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.' He led then through the entrance door and they walked down until they were in front of the school the sorting hat sitting on a stool in front of all of them.

The sorting hat sang his song and then one by one each first year was called by Professor Potter to put the hat on.

'Lupin, Matthew.' Matt walked forward and sat on the stool; Harry placed the hat on his head, after a couple of minutes later it shouted.

'Griffindor.' Faith and Zack clapped along with everyone else as Matt joined the Griffindor table.

'Mills, Eve.' The girl who shared the boat with them was called up and she was sorted into Griffindor to.

Finally the last two standing were Zack and Faith.

'Weasley, Faith.' Faith walked up to the stool leaving Zack alone, Harry gave her a small smile as he put the hat on her head.

'Griffindor.' Faith relaxed and joined Matt with the other Griffindor's. Zack went up next and like his twin he went into Griffindor. After the feast the only Griffindor girls were Eve and Faith they soon became friends entering the Griffindor common room Zack, Matthew, Faith and Eve talked and all became friends.


Fifteen-year-old Faith stood at the astronomy the Griffindor party was still raging in their common room. Always getting annoyed with everyone asking her how she did each move she came up here to get some privacy.

'Faith.' Said a voice behind her she turned and saw Matt standing behind her. His hair was dark green and his eyes twinkled in the light of the stars. Making him look more adorable than ever Faith's brain added.

Ever since last year she had more feeling's towards Matt than friend, his eyes got her all the time she loved all the colours he changed his hair to. He was more built than he was five years ago and taller.

'Hey.' Sad Faith Matt joined her at the edge of the tower.

'What are you doing?' Asked Matt.

'Just looking at the stars.' She replied. Together they watched the stars and talked about anything but the quidditch match.

'Hey look a shooting star.' Said Matt pointing at the sky where a star sailed across the sky.

'Make a wish.' Said Faith.

'Done.' Said Matt.

'What did you wish for?' Asked Faith looking at him.

'I'm not saying but I'm hoping it'll come true in a moment.' Said Matt staring at her. He moved his head closer and Faith followed his example and moved her head closer to his. After what seemed like a century their lips brushed lightly over each other's, Faith had her eyes closed as she felt his lips on hers. Being brave Matt brushed his tongue over her bottom lip; Faith slowly opened her mouth and let Matt's tongue in her mouth gasping slightly she bushed her tongue against his.

'Wow.' Said Matt their foreheads resting against each other's when they broke apart.

'Wishes do come true.' Matt smiled.


Matt was nervous he was in his apartment, which his parents had brought him after graduation. The dinner was cooked, the candles were lit, ring in his pocket and girlfriend knocking on the door right now.

Matt opened the door and they're stood Faith.

'Hello.' Said Matt giving her a kiss.

'Wow.' Breathed Faith as she saw his lounge had a romantic dinner for two in the middle of the room.

'Like it?' Asked Matt.

'Love it, love you wait a minute did you cook?' Asked Faith.

'Yep.' Said Matt.

'I'll warn St Mungo's now to save us beds at the poisoning ward.' Smiled Faith.

'Very funny now come one let's eat.' They ate their dinner whist talking Matt getting more nervous as Faith's plate emptied.

'Matt are you alright?' Asked Faith.

'W-what yeah I'm fine why?' He asked.

'Your just a bit pale that's all.' Said Faith. They sat in silence for a bit then Matt summoned his Griffindor courage.

'Faith can I ask you something?' Faith nodded and Matt got off his chair and stood in front of Faith and got on one knee, Faith's eyes widened as he pulled out a little black leather box.

'Faith i've know you since i was a month old, every day I fell more and more in love with you and I want to spend the rest of my life, loving, caring, and just being their for you so Faith Jane Weasley will you marry me?' Matt opened the box inside was a ring with a thin silver engagement ring with a Aquamarine gemstone on top, Faith had tears in her eyes.

'Yes, Yes I'll marry you Matt.' Matt smiled and took out the ring and placed it on her finger and she kissed him deeply, which led to the removal of clothes, and the journey to the bedroom.


The music played as Matthew and Faith Lupin danced their first dance as husband and wife around them their family and friends watched. Tonks and Lupin, Ron and Hermione joined also. Zack with his girlfriend Eve danced to, Abby and her boyfriend Jake danced as well. Laura, Logan, Luke, Daniel and Emma sat at the table talking at watching their sister dance with her husband.

Lilly, Sirius, Charlotte and Andrew Potter sat also with their cousins Justin, Emily and Prue and Keiran and Katie as they watched the bride and groom. Also on the dance floor with their dates were Peter, Phillip, Jacqueline and Jacques.

Faith and Matt danced.

'I can't believe were married.' Said Faith quietly.

'Hey I promised in 1997 I would.' Said Matt smiling Faith smiled with him.


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