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Tweeks Hiccups

"Pass the chips."

"Gnn- You could say please!"

"Pass the chips, asshole!"

Tweek rolled his eyes and grabbed the bowl of chips next to him on the couch and passed them to Craig, nearly dropping them in a spasm.

"Jesus, haven't you seen this episode like, sixty times?" Tweek asked, pulling on his black t-shirt sleeve.

Craig turned to Tweek and blinked. "But it's Red Racer. I watch it everyday."

Tweek stared back at him and twitched before reaching for the remote. "You're a creature of habit! You should break it before it becomes out of control and consumes your life!"

Craig quickly grabbed the remote off his leg and held it up in the air, away from Tweek. "Watching Red Racer isn't going to ruin my life!"


Tweek leaned back to his side of the couch and covered his mouth.


Craig raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Got the hiccups? Well, you got what you deserved for trying to control the TV in my own house!"

"Ngh! No! Oh, God! I hate the hi –hic- cups!" Tweek cried, twitching violently. "Urgh!"

Craig raised both eyebrows now at his increasingly jittery friend. "Why do you hate them so much?"

"Becau –hic- se, they make me twitch worse than a pot of –hic- coffee would!" Tweek said frantically, tugging at a messy blonde lock of hair violently. "Ngh!!"

"Okay, okay," Craig said, putting a hand on Tweek's blonde head. "It just so happens I'm excellent at getting rid of the hiccups!" he said with pride.

"You –hic- are?" Tweek asked, still pulling hard on his hair.

"Yep!" Craig said, jumping off the couch and holding out a hand to the distraught blonde. "Just come with me."

Tweek twitched hard and shakily grabbed Craig's hand, who pulled him up and lead him to the kitchen.

"Alriiight… now where is it…" Craig said lowly, shuffling through a cupboard above the stove on tiptoes. "Damnit, my arms aren't long enough!" he complained, coming back to his feet and turning to a shaking Tweek. "You gotta get it for me."

"Oh, Jesus!" Tweek cried, rubbing the back of his neck with both hands and shaking like a hooker in church. "Why? You're –hic- taller!"

"Not by much," Craig said, pushing some black hair out of his face and shoving the blonde in front of him. "And your arms are longer."

"Nnng- Fine!" Tweek said, getting up on his tiptoes and reaching into the cupboard. Craig stood directly behind the skinny blonde's vulnerable sides and grinned.

"Wai –hic- t Craig, what am I even-"

At that moment Craig jabbed all his fingers stiffly into Tweeks ribs, smiling maniacally.

"AHHAHAUGH!" Tweek yelped, whirling around and collapsing into Craig's arms.

"Ack!" Craig cried, losing his balance and grabbing for the counter, to no avail. The boys fell into a heap on Craig's kitchen floor, and Tweek hiccupped again, quivering like a scared puppy.

"Damnit!" Craig said, sitting up and pushing Tweek off of him. "That didn't work?"

"Nurgh!" Tweek twitched, tears in his eyes. "That hurt!"

"Oh, don't be a wuss Tweek," Craig said, standing up and walking to another cupboard near ground level. "That was just plan A. Now it's time for plan B!"

Tweek stood up gingerly and walked over to Craig's bent over figure, making sure to keep his distance. "Well what the hell was that method anyways?" he asked, crossing his shaky arms.

"I was trying to scare them out of you," Craig's muffled voice said. "Where the crap is it…"

Tweek leaned over Craig's shoulder and peered into the dark cupboard as well. "What –hic- are you-"

"Ah ha!" Craig said, standing upright suddenly, crashing the back of his head into Tweek's.

"Ow!" both boys cried in unison.

Craig shot Tweek a peeved look and rubbed the back of his skull before lifting a bag of sugar from the cupboard and walking to the utensil drawer.

"Urr –hic- rrgh…" Tweek moaned, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead. "Is getting rid of the hiccups supposed to –hic- be this painful?"

"Just get over here," Craig ordered, reaching into the sugar bag with a spoon. Tweek obeyed and watched the dark-haired teen curiously.

"Now open up," Craig said, pulling out a heaping tablespoon of sugar and holding his free hand under it to catch anything that fell.

"What? –hic- nngh, why?" Tweek asked, tugging on the bottom of his t-shirt.

"Just do it!"

Tweek groaned and opened his mouth hesitantly. Craig put the spoon in the blonde's mouth and closed it with his free hand, pulling the spoon free.

"Now, don't suck or swallow on that," Craig said, watching Tweek carefully.

Tweek's face twisted up humorously at Craig's orders and he muffled a laugh through the mouthful of sugar. Craig looked up thoughtfully and then frowned. "Oh, son of a bitch!" he said, slapping a hand to his forehead and becoming slightly red in the face. "Just let it dissolve slowly, asshole!"

Tweek smiled and twitched, bringing a hand to his forehead in a kind of salute to signal he understood. Craig put the spoon in the sink and turned to Tweek again, crossing his arms and watching intently.

"Mrrmhh!" Tweek mumbled, wringing the bottom of his shirt with both hands.

"What, you don't want me to watch?" Craig asked.

Tweek furrowed his brow and looked out the kitchen window, waiting for the rest of the sugar to dissolve. "Ahhh –ngh-!" he said finally, smacking his lips together. "I like that method!"

Craig smiled and raised his eyebrows. "So it worked, then?"


"Awhhh!" Craig and Tweek said together, Craig slumping his shoulders and Tweek twitching violently.

"What the hell's wrong with your body, Tweek?" Craig complained. "My plans usually work on normal people."

Tweek frowned and rubbed his arm. "Shut the –hic- fuck up! Ngh!" he retorted. "There's nothing wrong with my body!" he said, slowly dancing around a bit in the middle of the kitchen.

Craig stared and shook his head. "I didn't think that sugar would kick in so fast," he said, grabbing Tweek by the arm. "Come on!" he said, dragging Tweek away yet again. "I've got another plan!"

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