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Part two: Moar Remedies

"Come on!" Craig said to Tweek, pulling him towards the fridge by his dainty arm. "I've got another plan."

"Oh –hic- God…" Tweek moaned.

Craig let go of Tweek's arm when they got to the fridge and he swung the freezer door open.

"What are you doing –hic- now?" Tweek asked curiously, twirling a lock of hair nervously around his finger.

"Ice cube," Craig said, holding a small block of ice in between his fingers and turning to Tweek. "Open up!"

"Again?" Tweek asked, furrowing his eyebrows.


Tweek obeyed and Craig plopped the cube into his mouth.

"Now chew it up, slowly though," Craig instructed.

Tweek held his arms to his chest. "It's cowwd!"

"Well no shit Einstein, it's ice," Craig said, lifting an eyebrow.

Tweek chewed up the ice cube in about thirty seconds and licked his lips afterwards. "All done!" he said.

Craig put his hands on his hips, looking satisfied. "Looks like that did the-"


"DAMNIT!" Craig said, pounding his fist into his hand. Tweek hung his head in defeat and hiccupped again.

"It's no –hic- use, Craig!" Tweek said worriedly. "I'm –hic- going to have them forever! I'm –hic- going to die hiccupping! Oh God!"

Craig was tapping his chin thoughtfully as Tweek got absorbed up in his paranoia. "Hey, Tweek?"

"What?" Tweek asked, tugging on his shirt.

"Are those gnomes out in my back yard?"

"What?! –hic!-" Tweek spun around and stared out the window. "I don't see them!"

Craig swiftly walked behind Tweek and wrapped his arms around the blonde quickly, and began poking him all over his ribs and stomach.

"Haahahaha! Augh! Ngh! Crahahaig!!!" Tweek cried, flailing in Craig's arms.

"This outta do it!" Craig said, sticking out his tongue to the side and tickling Tweek even harder.

"Noho! Crahaig!" Tweek laughed, desperately trying to free himself from Craig's hold. "STOP! I cahahan't breathe!"

Finally Craig stopped and stepped away from Tweek, who bent over and clutched his knees promptly and was gasping for air.

"Now that did it," Craig said smugly. "I know it did."

Tweek straightened up, still panting. "Yeah, I th-think it did, mman!" he panted, followed by a rather large hiccup. Craig slapped a hand to his forehead.

"Oh –hic- no!" Tweek said, squeezing his eyes shut and pulling his hair. "They're –hic- still –hic- not gone! –hic-"

Craig tilted his head. "It sounds like they're getting worse, too."

"Help –hic- me!" Tweek pleaded, his eye twitching wildly.

"Okay okay! I remember the classic way of getting rid of hiccups now!" Craig said, running to the cupboard and grabbing a glass. "Go sit on the couch!"

Tweek shakily walked into the living room and stiffly sat on the edge of the couch. Craig appeared a moment later with the glass full of water and a teaspoon.

"Don't worry your blonde little head," Craig said, walking towards the couch. "This is going to work!"

"What do –hic- I do?" Tweek asked.

"First of all, sit backwards on the couch, with your feet where your head usually is," Craig said, kneeling down in front of Tweek, who hesitated. "Do it!"

Tweek sighed and hiccupped once again, and did what Craig said. His messy blonde hair fell towards the carpet and his golden brown eyes looked even wider when he was upside down.

Craig laughed and stared him in the face. "You look gay right now."

"Ngh! –hic-" Tweek protested.

"Okay, next, hold this glass liiiike… thiis…" Craig instructed, lifting Tweek's hand and wrapping it around the glass, leaning it against the blondes nose.

"Oh, Jesus! –hic!- I really don't –hic- like –hic- where this is going! –hic-" Tweek complained in a wavering voice, his hand shaking so bad it almost spilled the water. "This is –hic- so much pressure!"

"Calm the fuck down!" Craig said, lifting the spoon in front of his face. "Now, start drinking the water."

"What? –hic- how??" Tweek cried.

"I've done it before, just do it!" Craig said, brushing some hair out of his eyes.

Tweek whimpered and started sipping the water. Right away, Craig began tapping on Tweek's temples with the spoon in an unpleasant manner.

"Mmmnnh?" Tweek murmured, trying to swallow the water.

"Don't worry, this is part of it," Craig reassured, continuing the tapping.

A few seconds later Tweek coughed and spat a mouthful of water in Craig's face.

"Oh, God!" Tweek cried, rolling over on the couch sloppily and examining his best friend. "Are you –hic- um, okay? –hic-"

Craig stared forward and had a very unimpressed look on his face. Slowly he wiped some of the water off with his hand and he chucked the spoon behind him. "That does it!" Craig said, standing up and looming over Tweek.

"Ngh! –hic- I'm sorry!" Tweek said, holding his hands to his face.

Craig cracked his knuckles. "There's only one other thing that's going to work, and it's going to work," he said lowly.

Craig swung a leg over Tweek and sat on the blonde, straddling his hips and placing both hands on Tweek's shoulders.

"Oh, God! Jesus Christ!" Tweek cried, staring with wide eyes at Craig. "What the hell are you-"

Tweek was silenced by Craig's lips crashing into his. Craig planted several kisses on Tweeks mouth and then roughly opened his lips with his tongue, kissing him rather deeply.

"Nnnnmm!..." Tweek moaned into Craig's mouth, but he soon stopped protesting and began kissing back.

Craig squeezed Tweeks hips with his knees and let his hair fall around his face as he rapidly rolled and prodded Tweeks tongue with his own. Tweek sank into the couch and slowly wrapped his arms around Craig's neck, pulling him down with him.

Finally Craig pulled away an inch and planted one more kiss on Tweeks lips when they both opened their eyes and blinked at each other. Craig sat up on Tweek's thighs and smiled.

"That did it. That so did it."

Tweek just blinked again, mouth gaping and cheeks a lovely shade of red. Nothing was said for another fifteen seconds, including hiccups.

"Yes!" Craig said, sliding off Tweek and doing a victory dance in front of the couch. "I did it!"

Tweek sat up slowly, looking very flustered. "Uh, yea- yeah, sounds like th-they're gone!" he said, not looking directly at Craig.

Craig smiled widely and stood triumphantly in front of Tweek. "I told you I could do it! See, the initial shock of the kiss and the change in breathing during it is what made them fuck off," he explained very scientifically.

Tweek smiled and looked towards the ground. "Well, anyways, they're gone now! Yay!" he said, standing up and giving Craig a hug. "This calls for celebration!" Tweek decided, twitching and tugging on his sleeve. "To Starbucks! You're driving!"

Craig smiled back and led the way to the door. "Did you ever doubt my greatness?" he asked Tweek smugly.

"Oh, no," Tweek said, rolling his eyes and twitching. "You are all knowing and the king of everything," he said sarcastically, opening the door. He turned to Craig and cocked his head. "What's the matter?"

Craig had a strange look on his face, and then he slapped a hand to his mouth.


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