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Tori: So everyone... Sydney found Naruto.

Alia: And started making out with him... -sigh-

Sydney: He's mine! -hugs Naruto tigher- You can't have him Sasuke.

Naruto: Sasuke... Help... Can't... Breathe...

Sasuke: I'll save you Naruto!

Syndey: NO!!! HE'S MINE!

Tori: Look Sydney! Isn't that Gaara!?

Sydney: WHERE! -drops Naruto and runs off to find Gaara-

Alia: She's even more of a Gaara fan... -sigh-

Naruto: -backs in a corner- She's scaryer than Tori and Alia...

Sasuke: It's okay Naruto.

Alia: -smile- We know.

Tori: Onwards! Story time!

Naruto: O.o... I like stories! -claps hands-


Start Of Chapter 7

"Thanks so much Ky."

"Don't mention it. I love playing mom."

"Haha. Now that you mention it... Mom's don't go around killing people."

"I killed them because they were either harming you or your friends."

"I was kidding Ky." Naruto smiled to himself.

"Mmhmm... Now as your 'mother' I say go tell that Uchiha boy. By the way, nice pick."

"Thanks again Ky."

"Anytime. Just member, I'll always be here."

Naruto nodded as he hopped outta bed. He was really excited. He hoped Sasuke wasn't sleeping. He didn't want to wake him, but if Sasuke was sleeping... he'd wake him up. Sasuke wouldn't care. Sasuke would be excited, right?

Naruto ran to Sasuke room. Of course he was sleeping. Naruto sat on the bed next to Sasuke. Sasuke's pillow was soaked. 'Was he... crying... over me?' Naruto asked himself. "Sasuke.." He whispered frowning. "..Don't cry. I'm not leaving." He layed down next to Sasuke. Then he kissed Sasuke's forehead. "Night." He cuddled up and fell asleep.

Sasuke woke up to something soft in his arms. He opened his eyes to find Naruto snuggled up next to him. He was confused. "Naruto." He whispered shaking the boy gently.

"Five more mintues Ky." He whispered.

"Naruto. I'm not Ky. I'm Sasuke."

"Mmm... Sasuke..." Naruto mumbled. Sasuke rose an eyebrow. "Sasuke... I don't wanna do anything right now."

"Naruto, just wake up." Sasuke said pulling the blackets off of him.

"I'm up!" Naruto shouted sitting up. Sasuke chuckled, but then he got serious.

"Naruto... you're the one who said you didn't want to sleep with me... why are you here?"

"Mmm... Why? Do you not want me here?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"No... I do... It's just..."

"I was kidding teme."

"Teme?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah... That's what I call you."

"But then..." Sasuke stopped. "Dobe! You're back!" He yelled hugging Naruto.

"Y-Yes..." Naruto choked out. Sasuke let go of him.

"Sorry..." Sasuke said. "How'd it happen? Tsunade... Did she?"

"No... Ky did."


"She gave me her memories. That's why I saw them from her point of veiw... but they're still my memories... in a way."

"Remind me to thank her one day." Sasuke said hugging Naruto.


"Sakura." Tsunade called the girl in.

"Yes Hokage-sama?"

"It's time to go see Naruto." Sakura nodded.

Sakura and Tsunade headed out to the Uchiha house. They walked in, because the door was unlocked. Tsunade waited in the living room while Sakura went to Sasuke's room. He was about to open the door when she heard them talking.

"Then after that?" It was Sasuke's voice.

"After that... Haku trapped you in his mirrors. I went in to help. You... almost died."

"Yeah, dobe. Almost. Thanks to you I lived."

"It wasn't me... It was Ky..." Naruto said shyly.

"I guess I'll have to thank her for that too." Sasuke said with a chuckle. "What else do you remember?"

"When we thought you had died, I attacked Haku, killed him."

"Dobe, you had a reason to kill him. Doesn't mean a thing. Ninja's kill people. It's okay."

Sakura stood at the door, confused. 'Naruto... remembers that?"

"I'm glad you're back Naruto." Sasuke said.

"Me too... I can't believe I forgot so much... like our first kiss." Naruto said laughing.

"Not really... a kiss..." Sasuke said. "If you remember, it was an accident."

"Was it?" Naruto asked. "As far as Ky has shown me... I planned it."

"You sneaky little dobe."

"Naruto?" Sakura asked opening the door.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto said turning to the girl.

Sakura smiled. "So you're back?" Naruto nodded. "That's good. I'll inform Tsunade-sama. She'll still want to run tests though." Naruto nodded again. Sakura left.

"Come on. Let's get those test over with." Naruto said standing up.

"Naruto..." Sasuke said softly on the bed.


"Soo... Did you always like me?"

"Who didn't?" Naruto said with a laugh. His voice got softer. "I love you Sasuke."

"I love you too." Sasuke stood up and kissed Naruto on the lips. They walked out of the room. Tsunade and Sakura were in the living room.

"I heard you got your memory back?" Tsunade asked.

"Kinda... but in other words, yes." Naruto said with a nod.

"That's good. I'm glad to have you back brat."

"Nice to remember yuo baa-chan." Naruto said with a smirk. "Who's hungry!?" He yelled.

"No ramen!" They all yelled in unison. Naruto flinched.

"Sorry I ask..." He said crossing his arms.

"Well, I should be heading back to the hospital." Sakura said.

"I'll inform Kakashi that you can start training again." Tsunade said. Then they left.

"I wanna go say hi to everyone!" Naruto said running out the door.

"Dobe! Wait up!" Sasuke ran out the door to catch up to Naruto.

Naruto stopped. "Come on teme. I wanna see everyone." He paused. "Hey Sasuke." He didn't even bother to use a nickname. "What are we?"


"I mean... we kiss... and we love each other... so what are we?"

"What do you want to be?"

Naruto blushed. "Boyfriends?"

"Then we are, under one condition." Sasuke said cupping Naruto's face. Naruto blushed. "I get to do this..." He kissed Naruto. "...in public." He said when the kiss was over.

"You can do that anytime!" Naruto said putting his arms around Sasuke's neck and bringing him in for a kiss.

"Get a room!" Someone yelled. Naruto turned around to see some of his friends. Kiba, Shikamaru, Hinata, and Ino. Kiba had his arm around a blushing Hinata. Ino was on Shikamaru's back. (A/N: PIGGY BACK RIDE! YAY!)

"Why don't you dog face!" Naruto yelled back.

"I'm not the one making out in the street fox boy!" Kiba yelled back.

"We weren't making out!" Naruto yelled while blushing.

"Troublesome..." Shikamaru said letting Ino down. She ran over to Sasuke and Naruto.

"When did this happen?" She asked.

"Uhh... Today..." Naruto said.

"HOW CUTE!" Ino yelled. "Aren't they adorable Shika-kun?" Ino asked turnin to Shikamaru who nodded.

"What about you and 'Shika'?" Sasuke asked Ino.

"A while ago!" She yelled.

"Kiba?" Sasuke asked.

"Uhh... a couple days ago..." Kiba said smiling.

"I always knew you guys would make a good couple!" Naruto said.

"You... always knew?" Kiba asked. Took him a while to notice. "You're back!"

"Yup. I remember eveything!" Naruto yelled. "Even some things I didn't know before..."

"I say we celebrate!" Kiba said.

"Ramen?" Naruto asked.

"NO!" They all shouted. Even Hinata...

End Of Chapter 7


Tori: Naruto's back!

Naruto: Where did I go?

Tori: ...

Sasuke: She meane your memory in the story.

Alia: DUH!

Naruto: Oo... I knew that...

Tori: Sure you did Naruto, sure you did.

Sasuke: Don't make fun of my Naruto!

Tori: I can do whatever I want!

Naruto: No you can't!


Alia: ... HAHAHA! -stares at Naruto in a pink dress-

Tori: Put you in a dress

Sasuke: -laughs- Naru-hime.



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