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The dark Sakura

Inuyasha was sitting on a very tall tree on a low level branch, he was tired and wounded from the demons that Naraku had sent their way.


Flashback to the morning

They had been walking through the forest and Inuyasha was on complete alert as this forest was lined with the smell of his enemies.

"How long is this going to take" the Inu complained wanting to get as far away from the forest as he possibly could, even though he was strong with the amount of demons even he feared for his life let alone that of his friends.

"Stop complaining Inuyasha" Miroku scolded his friend lightly

"Whatever" the hanyou mumbled under his breath

The group carried on walking till they were finally out of the forest they stood before an open field it had a small stream flowing right through the centre of it and had high oaks and weeping willow trees surrounding the border of the opening.

"Wow…it's...Beautiful" Kagome said astounded by the beauty of the scene in front of her.

"it certainly is isn't it" Sango talked to her friend kindly

"Feh...Lets set up camp already" Inuyasha said sounding slightly irritated as though he didn't particularly care which in fact he didn't. On the way here he had been attacked and now he was wounded from all the demons he had to fight and he didn't even receive a single thank you.

Miroku nodded to the girls, kindly signaling that it was nearly time for the sun to set. And they would have to set up camp soon.


The camp was set up, and his friends slept in their makeshift beds. Inuyasha was still awake he was above them sitting in one of the willows watching as they slept soundly once in awhile he would scan the area listening for any movements or sounds that could indicate danger although if there was any sort of danger he would have sensed it with his ears and if that failed his nose would have picked up on it.

The soft sound of the wind blowing made him relax and feel the gentle caress as it slid through his hair.

Inuyasha snapped awake at the sound of a twig breaking he looked down to see that all his friends were fine but he noticed that Shippo was wriggling constantly it was probably him who broke the twig.

He stayed alert for a few more minuets before he once again relaxed and laid back against the hard bark of the willow behind him and the soft innocent touches of the swinging vines of the willow tree. Brushing against him, as he fell asleep.


Inuyasha was woken when the sound of a scream tore at his sensitive ears he recognized the voice to be Sango's he snapped his eyes open and leapt of the branch that he had currently been lying on.

Following the voice to the bushes Inuyasha now heard two voices one was most definitely Sango's and the others was….a gasp escaped him as he now realized who that other person was he was about to hit a sprint in the opposite direction when Sango suddenly stood up (COMPLETELY NAKED) with an also quite naked Miroku right behind her.

Inuyasha felt himself shaking shocked as he finally realized what had just happened.

"Inuyasha" both Sango and Miroku stuttered out but Miroku recovered quickly saying:

"Gee Inuyasha never thought you would get off of listening to stuff like that aren't we kinky today aww is somebody on heat or are you turning into a bitch" Miroku said mockingly and laughed at his own words.

"BAKA!! I'm not a BITCH so SHUT UP" I wasn't listening I thought you guys were in trouble when I heard Sango scream.

Inuyasha please don't tell anybody okay? Sango asked the inu politely pleading with him with the expression on her face.

"I won't"

Suddenly he heard a scream from where they had set camp up Miroku and Sango quickly pulled on some clothes and Inuyasha ran as fast as he could the voice was Shippo's so where is Kagome? He asked himself.

He returned to camp within minuets but it was already too late the fox kitsune had blood all over him and he now sat in a puddle of blood…Kagomes blood.

Kagome was dead


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