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Black Sakura

Inuyasha slid down to his knees shocked at the site before him, Kagome his best friend the person who he had once thought to be his one true love was dead she lay there on the cold floor the stench of death surrounding her once livid body. Miroku, Sango and Shippo were all grieving the death of their friend as well their heartbroken sobbes telling him that this was not just a nightmare and it was really happening.


3 days later

Inuyasha had decided to give Kagome's corpse to her family and so he had, they were hurt but there was nothing they could do and even though they didn't like the fact that their only daughter was dead they all agreed that she died doing something for a good cause.

So they had given her a proper burial and after the ceremony of the greatly loved girl Inuyasha had left to go back to his own time.


2 weeks later

Everyone had gotten back to their routine since Kagome had died they had given up hope for the Shikon jewel and just defeated Naraku.

Now with Naraku dead the group had decided to separate well not fully since Miroku and Sango were a couple now they stuck together and since they could both take care of Shippo he had gone with them so basically they had separated Inuyasha from the group.


1 week later

Inuyasha was doing a training run in the woods at the end of the run lay an onsen.

He disrobed quickly before slipping into the warm water he missed Kagome a lot but he had gotten over the fact that she was dead in his life everything he cared for never stayed he had gotten used to that a long, long time ago.

Suddenly he heard rustle in a nearby bush the same bush he had kept his Tetsuiga and his clothes behind he got up lunging at the creature shrouded in the darkness.

He got to the bush but the creature was nowhere to be seen and neither was his sword or his clothes.

He swore under his breath annoyed at himself for not being quick enough.

Then suddenly he heard a noise coming from the opposite direction he swiftly turned to see the last person he wanted to see at the moment the most hateful cold person in his mind to have ever lived.


"Sesshomaru"!! he sounded angry but yet so fearful of what his brother had to say at this point he was still vulnerable and anything that his older brother did could potentially really hurt him.

"Well if it isn't my half breed brother" he said his voice sounding mocking

"What do you want Sesshomaru"

"Nothing much really" he said his voice low while taking a step forward

"Then leave me alone I'm not in a mood for a fight" he was getting really annoyed what game was his brother playing at

"Who ever said I wanted to fight half breed?"


"Then what do you want Sesshomaru"

"Why little brother I thought you would know that by now" taking another step forward

" If you want something then why don't you just tell me" taking a step backwards and unfortunately running straight into a tree.

Sesshomaru quickly closed the distance between them efficiently trapping Inuyasha

"Fine because you asked nicely I'll tell you little brother I want you"

"WHAT THE HELL GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK" Inuyasha made a quick run for it as he managed to slip through his brother's grasp.

"Not so fast little brother I knew you would run so I got a close friend of mine to help me keep you in your place"

"KOUGA" the youkai yelled calmly

The wolf demon stepped out of the darkness quickly grabbing hold of the running hanyou who tried running in the other direction but the wolf was too quick for him.

"Aww what's wrong mutt scared of the big bad wolf"


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