Summary: The strange and secretive habits of the inhabiters of the Black Order come into light. First Habit: What could Lavi possibly be doing so early in the morning?!

Disclaimer: If I owned D. Gray-Man, I wouldn't be writing my story HERE would I? I'd be putting them down in bonus pages of the manga! --rolls eyes-- I probably don't even own this idea, I got this sometime while reading "Ask Rabi" and "Reasons Why Exorcists DON'T Have Internet" ...

Note: Lavi/Rabi/Ravi, I'll just be using the spelling I found in the official manga... I'll write about 2 to 3 chapters and if I only get like 0-2 reviews, I'll drop this before my self-esteem does... Well, hope you enjoy!


Lavi was lying down on his bed trying to find something interesting to look at, or anything in general that would make it feel as if time moved faster. He glanced over at the clock once more that was miraculously still visible and functioning under the unbelievably huge stacks of paper he and bookman had placed on the desk in their room.

Dammit, only 12:47?! A minute couldn't have been that long; maybe that clock's finally broke? He fidgeted under his covers and glanced over and over at the clock impatiently waiting for the hour hand to finally reach the number 2, and the minute hand to reach the 7.

So what exactly was Lavi waiting for? This strange habit in the earliest of hours had began about a month ago…


--Sometime in the Previous Month--

Stupid Panda Gramps, now I'll be the first exorcist in history of the Black Order to die of BOREDOM!

Lavi was taking a little night stroll around the tower since he couldn't get a wink of sleep anyway. Actually, if he would be very surprised if he could even fall asleep tonight.

Coming home from a mission with huge bags under his eyes, Lavi had been looking forward to finally getting some well-deserved rest after days of no sleep because of having to keep watch in an Akuma infested town and no Allen and his cursed eye to detect them right off the bat.

However, his mentor, Bookman had other plans. As soon as he found Lavi walking up the stairs from the dock, he grabbed the sleepy redhead by the ear and dragged him off to the Library.

"Ow, ow, ow, itaisa!" Lavi rubbed his throbbing right ear. He could swear that if Bookman kept doing this he'd have only one good ear left to go match with his only one eye. "Geeze Panda, at least lemmie get a wink of sleep after that mission! Cut me some slack will ya?!"

Bookman clicked his tongue at the reply. Teenagers. With hormones controlling probably more than 75 of their thoughts and constant complaints about their esthetics and their "needs", they could never fulfill any role, let alone to be the successor to Bookman, that would require self-devotion and placing business before pleasure without complaint or a fight. "You've got homework. As a successor to the important job of Bookman you must keep your mind sharp and nourished."

"You know what Panda? I completely agree with you. So as soon as me and my ever-so-important brain gets some shut-eye, we'll come back and eat the encyclopedia or something 'k? Ja ne!" As he turned around to leave, Bookman proceeded to kick him into the nearest bookshelf. Ah well, he didn't really expect it to work. Whoever said "it can't hurt to try" obviously never met the Bookman.

"Stupid green-horned apprentice, sleeping will not increase your knowledge let alone do something about your insolent behavior. By 5 o'clock sharp, I want to see a complete and detailed summary on all the recorded history of the Black Order tomorrow morning. I've already done you the favor of picking out all the books you'll need and set them on that table so get to work, you ungrateful little brat."

Lavi glanced over at the said table and immediately he could feel his jaw drop and his one eye threatening to pop right out of its socket. There were so many books stacked on top of the single, ancient table that it reminded him of Komui's desk on especially busy work days with the mentioned scientist off somewhere ditching work.

By the time he finally picked his jaw off the cold, unforgiving floor, Bookman was already gone leaving the bookman-in-training with only the books in the library for company.

Somehow he managed to get his "homework" done by midnight after several cups of coffee and reminding himself several times that ditching work like Komui wouldn't work since Bookman, unlike Reever, would probably either box his ears off or give him the kick of a lifetime that would undoubtedly result in a painful and bloody end for him.

When he finished, he proceeded to his room expecting that he would fall asleep before he reached his bed. But it never happened.

Coffee, as Lavi found out, was a rather cruel and evil substance. All day he was trying to stay awake in order to finish the work and avoid the wrath of the over-aged Panda. So he had thought of the "brilliant" idea of drinking gallons and gallons of that brown, caffeine-loaded drink… Only to find the desired effects kicking in several hours after he had received a bloody head from dropping onto the unforgivingly solid floor too many times.

Now the evil coffee was keeping him awake even after his task was done with nothing to do but twiddle his thumbs and walk around the huge building.

Lavi let out a huge sigh. For the 29th time that night, he wished that Yu-chan wasn't off on some sort of mission so that he would have a victim, I mean buddy, to tease around with and kill some time.

He already tried Allen's room. And disappointedly found the small, white-haired exorcist snoring away.

Wow, I wonder how they get all that drool off his sheets everynight. Lavi prodded, shook, and even shouted in the ear of the snoring exorcist, only to find that whatever dream Allen was having would not let him go. Aww, that's no fun.

In the end Lavi had to accept that whatever mission Allen had that day knocked him out senseless and probably wouldn't wake up anytime soon. Lucky brat. Why don't I get to sleep like that?!

Doodling on the senseless exorcist's face proved to be very boring without an audience. Defeated, Lavi left room with a vandalized Allen snoring away happily in his dreamland.

Lavi raised both arms and did a long stretch.

"Hello?" He called out into the empty corridor.

"Heeellloooooooo." What the hell?! An answer? Was the Black Order haunted?

"Anyone there? I'll let you know, I kick major ass, so you better not play ghost with me." Almost immediately, he heard a reply. Only, the "reply" this time was rather broken up and made no real sense.

"Anyone?" "Kick ass!" "Play ghost with me." Ahhh, so that's it. He laughed at his stupidity. Of course! It's an ECHO!

He continued walking around while shouting out random things that strangely amused him when echoed back. Things like, "Yu-chan loves Allen!" "Komui! Lenalee's getting MARRIED!" and etc…

"Yu-chan loves mugen, but mugen don't love him back!" Lavi grinned and waited for his reply.

"GYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Wait, that wasn't what he said.

The sound of a gigantic saw cut through the halls, sending shivers down Lavi's back. What the hell?! When he glanced around, he knew immediately where the sound came from. Sometime during his walk, he had ended up in the floor that contained some of the most disturbing rooms in the whole world; Komui's experiement rooms.

Not that anyone really knew if he actually did any experiements in there. All people did know was that the door was painted in what looked like blood, some really creepy sounds of machinery could be heard, and screams were of no surprise anymore.

Usually most people would stay away from these rooms but…… Ah well, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. He walked along the hall of the said rooms until he came to the room with the least amount of sounds.

Lavi placed a hand on the doorknob. Did he dare? Did he dare to enter one of the rooms of the crazy mad scientist that even his faithful assistant Reever avoided? Well, of course he dared! Other wise he would've run away long ago!

He turned the handle and slowly stepped inside imagining all the horrible secrets he might discover. Eh? That's it?!

Surprisingly, the room he had entered wasn't gruesome at all. In fact, all it contained were these huge machines and a couple of smaller ones on desks. Well that sure sucked the fun out of things.

He glanced over at one of the machines.

If he recalled properly, these things were called computers; things that supposedly helped with work and made it really easy to contact people. He'd found a book on computers once during his random selection of books at the library.

Lessie, this here is the mouse, the keyboard, screen and… Well let's just see what this can do. He down in a black chair that was right in front of the computer. Hmmm, looks like Komui was looking at something.

He read what he recalled as the "address bar"... He had no idea what it meant, but already thought this "computer" stuff was weird. Lots of dots and slashes everywhere with weird words that made absolutely no sense to him in between...

As Lavi scrolled down and read the contents of the page he nearly fell out of his chair. WHAT THE HELL?!


That's it so far, guess this is more like an "opening" chapter? The real story starts in the next chapter.