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--In the Cafeteria--

"Ya know… No matter how many times I look at it, I just can't get used to it." Lavi suddenly said in the middle of breakfast.

"Mumpt to mhat?" Allen asked through a mouthful of food.

With a completely melodramatic sigh the bookman-in-training stared at a certain Chinese exorcist seated across from him.

"What is it Lavi?" Lenalee asked, wondering why he was staring at her like that.

"Ah, I get it." Miranda said in a small voice. "I can't really seem to get used to it either."

Now everyone at the table, save the soba-eating Kanda, was staring at Lenalee.

"Ahhhh…" Everyone but Lavi and Miranda made a noise of understanding.

"Wh-what is it everyone?" Lenalee, by now, was feeling quite uncomfortable.

"Your hair." Lavi finally told her. "We're all so used to seeing your long pigtails and now…"

"Ahh…" The Chinese girl made the same sound of understanding. "But I can't really help the fact it got burned, I'll just wait for it to grow again."

Lenalee brought a hand up to her short hair and ran her fingers through it a bit. She really wasn't used to having such short hair either.

"Couldn't you use that 'hair-growing' potion thingy from the science department?" Lavi asked.

"But that wears off right?" Allen commented after swallowing a massive amount food.

"Long hair, short hair, do you have nothing better to talk about?" The Japanese exorcist, who had been silent up until that very moment, made an attempt to cut the conversation.

To a certain degree, he succeeded.

"I've noticed for quite a bit but, Kanda-kun's hair is really well kept isn't it?" Miranda said, only to receive the icy and murderous glare of a certain exorcist. She proceeded to apologize many times behind Lenalee.

"B-but it's true isn't it?" Krory timidly added. "He comes back with his uniform half-missing and full of wounds but his hair…"

"Maybe it's just luck?" Lenalee took a guess.

"Nah, maybe that thing is immortal." Allen said, then muttered quietly to himself, "Just like cockroaches and Kanda himself. None of them die quietly, no matter how many times you crush them."

"I HEARD THAT BEANSPROUT!" In record time Kanda' managed to lose his temper, have a vein pulsating on his forehead, unsheath mugen, and hold the black sword out in front of his white-haired 'enemy'.

"M-maybe he was a really strong shampoo?" Miranda gathered up enough self-confidence to speak again.

"Nah, all he has in his washroom is a bar of soap." Lavi replied.

"…" How and why Lavi knew this, no one tried to guess out loud.

"LENALEE!!" The sing-song voice of a guy with a sister-complex suddenly appraoched them. "Did you have a good sleep? How was your breakfast? Come, your brother a good morning kiss!"

"Uhm, good morning to you too nii-san." Lenalee said while sweat-dropping.

While Komui sobbed and complained about how 'Lenalee was starting to appraoch a difficult age and was acting cold to her brother', Allen greeted Reever who was right behind the infamous scientist. "Good morning Reever-san."

"Good morning to you too Allen and everyone." Reever looked around. Kanda already had mugen out and ready to chop someone's head off, Miranda was hiding behind Lenalee, and Allen had a mountain of plates beside him. All in all, a near-typical morning.

"Hmm, you look unusually well-rested." The bookman-in-training commented.

"Yeah, for once we actually managed to get a full night's sleep." Reever happily replied.

"…" Another silence. Everyone had the same thought on their minds: "No way.", "Impossible.", and "It's one of the signs of the apocalypse…"

"What were you guys discussing? I saw you talking when we came in." Reever asked.

"Ah, we were discussing Yu's abnormally pretty hair." Lavi informed him. Suddenly the redhead was face to face with the tip of mugen's blade.

"Oh, you guys were curious about that?" Everyone turned to look at the Chinese scientist who had managed to calm down. "I already tried researching that a long time ago."

"EH?! REALLY?!" A lot of people immediately jumped up in front of Komui. "WHAT IS IT?! WHY IS HIS HAIR NEVER DAMAGED OR ANYTHING?!"

"Eh-hem." Komui dramatically cleared his throat. "Kanda's secret to his perfect hair is…"

Everyone within hearing distance leaned forward to hear the answer.

"His strange ability to heal and regenerate so quickly."

A long silence.

"What?" Allen finally managed to say.

"Well you know how Kanda's wounds always recover so quickly and without any scars right?" Komui said.

Several finders and exorcists in the area nodded.

"Well I think it also applies to his hair." Komui continued, "Any damage to his hair, no matter how small, is probably getting all fixed up immediately."

"Ehh, so does that mean no matter how many times we cut up Yu's hair it'll always grow back to the same length?!" Lavi asked in astonishment, ignoring the murderous glare being aimed at him.

"Let's test it out! Everyone, help capture Kanda!" Allen shouted.

Suddenly, about seventy-five percent of all the people in the cafeteria jumped on the Japanese exorcist and dragged him out of the cafeteria.



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