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So, Hiki-chan presents to you,

Best Laid Plans

It was the biggest event to be held at Konoha that year. Everyone had been invited, everyone including the Kages from all other countries excluding Sound. The party list ran on for miles and the Hokage of Konoha had been having a constant headache for planning this, as she put it, stupid event.

The point of this was to form strong bonds between Konoha and all other countries. They were already expecting thousands of people to turn up because all of Konoha was invited and the Kages from other countries were invited to bring as many guests as they wanted.

Konoha had been clearing and reclaiming some land to build a humungous party area. Or arena, whichever you look at it like. After three years of waiting, it was finally done and what a magnificent sight it was. It was able to fit a couple of thousands of people. It had an amazing exterior and interior of the most expensive kind. It was going to be held tonight and it was going to last three nights, starting at five to twelve midnight.

The party theme was "Masquerade Party" where everyone obviously had to wear masks. And it was only until the last day, day three, where at midnight, all will be revealed. It was almost like Konoha was asking for trouble by making it a Masquerade Party, but Konoha is confident of protecting themselves.

Naruto lowered his eyes to the ground, absentmindedly fingering his mask. It was beautiful mask that Tsunade gave him last week, adorned with sparkles and jewels. It blocked almost his whole face, showing only his forehead, nose and mouth. It was specially designed to cover the cheeks as well, to hide his whiskered cheeks.

The blond twirled around once to check his outfit over again before he stopped and sighed. The party was a semi-formal occasion, thus he couldn't wear his currently favorite orange and black outfit. So instead, Naruto wore something Sakura picked out for him. His pants consisted of a pair of tight fitting slacks that were of velvety material and in deep ocean blue color, his top was like a vest and over the pure white vest was coat that was the same material and color as his pants and was lined with silver streaks.

It was almost time for him to leave. Naruto was already late in going for the party that started at five, it was already almost six. The blond didn't really care though, it wasn't compulsory to be there right on time.

'Fashionably late' as Kyuubi had put it.

Besides, Naruto didn't really know why, but he felt not too eager about going for this party. He knew his sixth sense was sometimes off but this nagging feeling that something was going to happen didn't stop bugging him.


Arriving at the party, Naruto cautiously stepped into the ballroom only to be awed at the grand sight. The interior decoration was really amazing. Light decorated the humongous room that held probably a couple of thousands of people. The buffet was long while mouth-watering smells wafted through the air.

It was already nearing 7pm; Naruto had taken his own sweet time, walking slowly to this majestic place. He really felt something bad was waiting for him. Like as if he was walking into a trap. Whether if it was bad or good, he had yet to find out.

Adjusting his mask, Naruto finally took a few steps forward before he stopped to scan the room. Pink hair, pink hair… Ah, there she was. Sakura was dressed in a simple light green gown while her date, Rock Lee, was dressed in a, Naruto cringed, green suit. Naruto smiled lightly before he continued roaming the whole room. It was hard to spot his friends because everywhere he looked, it was different people from different countries with different masks.

Oh wait, there was Gaara, the kanji of love was hard to miss. He was dressed in dark brown suit. Naruto guessed the person talking to him was Neji because of the long hair and manly figure. Looks like Neji decided to go with the traditional black suit.

Deciding to look for the Hokage, Naruto scanned the table closest to the stage. Ah, Tsunade baa-chan. Looks like every Kage was impressed with her… size. Naruto chuckled to himself.

"Ah, Naruto-kun."

Blue eyes turned to meet, "Sai," Naruto smiled, "good to see you here."

Sai had opted for a more casual formal wear, and stood in a collared shirt with a tie that wasn't fastened all the way up and black pants. He smirked and lifted his hand to cup Naruto's chin. "You look as handsome as ever."

Naruto just grinned at Sai. He knew Sai was gay, just like him. But they had already established a 'friends only' relation. Sai was a great guy, a great friend, but there was already someone taking his place in Naruto's heart.


Blue eyes clouded with memories before Naruto quickly shook them off, "Right Sai."

The other boy grinned back before he scanned the ballroom, "I'll see you around, Naruto-kun."

"Aw, you're abandoning me already?" Naruto couldn't help but tease, "Or is it that boy over there that has your attention?"

Much to Naruto's delight, Sai flushed a light color. "Ohhh, so it is that boy." He was glad that Sai had found someone. "Go on, lover boy!" And before Sai could even sound a protest, Naruto had pushed him away.

Once he saw that Sai was with the other boy, Naruto's smile dropped. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. Naruto knew he should be joining in the fun but somehow he couldn't. His mind couldn't think of anything other than his lost best friend, his heart didn't allow him to, and hell, he didn't even have appetite to eat.

How could his mind heart and stomach cooperate so well for once in his life?

Seeing the delicious food including the ramen, Naruto couldn't help but feel slightly sick in the stomach. There was this queasy feeling that couldn't be explained. Like someone was watching him. But from all the thousands of people here, he couldn't tell.

Naruto suddenly shuddered when it felt like someone was whispering some words to him. He turned and searched but there was no one that seemed to be paying any attention to him. 'What could that voice have been? So different, but so familiar…'

The atmosphere of people having fun and enjoying themselves was choking him. He needed fresh air, besides, he felt out of place when thinking about his best friend.

Upon reaching the veranda, Naruto was pleased to see that there was no one else out here. He stretched his arms out and breathed the evening air in deeply before he let of a long sigh. Resting his hands against the railing, Naruto stared at the garden below.

'Wow… it's amazing. I have to go down there tomorrow or maybe later on.' He thought to himself before he closed his eyes when a gust of wind blew pass.

Sasuke… Naruto wondered how he was doing. He wondered if Sasuke wondered about him as well. Golden eyebrows furrowed together. 'Why would Sasuke worry about me? I'm just kidding myself.' And Naruto meant what he thought.

But that didn't stop him from hoping, from dreaming that his friend would come back to Konoha. Whether it was for the country, the people, the friends or him, as long as he came back…

Ever since he saw Sasuke two years ago at Orochimaru's hideout… He never lost hope, even if it seemed like all hope was lost.

"Gah!" Naruto gripped the rails tightly. 'Stop thinking about him!' He screamed in his mind.

'Tch… Kit. Just admit it and give in to it. You know you want to.'

Naruto could hear the teasing tone in his head. Hell even his Kyuubi was making fun of him! He let out a shuddering sigh before he closed his eyes again.


Dark eyes stayed on the blond all night long, ever since the boy had stepped into party area. He knew it was Naruto right away despite the fact that his whiskered marks were covered up. He had watched the blond as he stared in awe of the decorations. Sasuke had to admit, coming all the way to Konoha and risking being found out by Orochimaru, seeing Naruto once again was worth it.

It was a good thing Sasuke had changed over the years. His hair was slightly longer thus there were not so many spikes at the back. With the five years, he had shot up to about 180cm, his shoulders were broad and his body was muscled and firm. From practice, he was able to control his chakra tremendously, therefore being able to conceal it. No one, Sasuke was sure, was able to tell it was him. At least not yet.

His outfit was almost identical to Naruto's except that his outfit was of a deep maroon shade while Naruto's was an ocean blue color while instead of silver linings, his was golden.

Obsidian eyes narrowed progressively as he watched the person who liked like him, Sai was it? Yes that boy, go out to Naruto before he cupped Naruto's chin. Sasuke knew his eyes flashed red for a second as they tried to bare holes in his look-alike's head.

He became slightly calmer when Naruto exchanged a few words with his look-alike before pushing him towards the other side of the room, once again leaving himself all alone.

The blond went past the buffet table and stared at it for a moment.

His eyes never left the blond figure, and Sasuke knew that no one else other than Naruto's friends knew that that handsome figure was the blond himself. The Uchiha couldn't help but let whispered words leave his mouth, "But I will always know you, Naruto."

There, the blond seemed to jerk up and turn around; searching for something or someone. Sasuke didn't think the boy could have heard him, but he would never know. With the demon fox inside him, Naruto's hearing could have gotten much sharper.

Then Naruto turned back and left while Sasuke slowly followed him, making sure his mask covered everything.

He stopped when the blond reached the veranda. Naruto seemed to be in deep thought about something. 'Kami-sama, he's gorgeous.' Sasuke thought to himself as deep blue eyes closed when the wind picked up.

There was no way he could ever forget Naruto, his first ever and only best friend. Naruto had haunted him every night for the first three years he had left; haunted Sasuke of their missions, their laughs, their fights, squabbles and especially of their final battle. Then when Naruto had come to find him again which was two years ago, Sasuke had seen the boy once again, and the newly formed team seven.

'Including Sai…' Sasuke's mind muttered darkly. And after that the dreams that had haunted him all consisted of a naked Naruto underneath him, squirming, writhing and moaning that left Sasuke extremely dissatisfied.

Dark eyes watched the blond suddenly grip the railings until his knuckles turned white while a soft cry escaped his mouth.

Obviously what had been bothering Naruto must have been a big deal for him to react in such a way. Sasuke's frown deepened when Naruto let out a shuddering sigh, wondering who caused his dobe so much pain. He knew he only had three nights to complete this.

To finally get what he wants.

To be continued.

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