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Best Laid Plans
By: Hiki-chan

Naruto sobbed into his pillow, soaking it thoroughly with his tears. Was everything Sasuke had said yesterday a lie? Was everything that had happened for the past two nights just a joke? A prank? A sadistic part of Sasuke wanted to see Naruto break?

The blond choked, that was exactly like what Sasuke would do. How could Sasuke do this to him? Did Sasuke really hate him that much?

His heart tore at the thought of the Uchiha hating him so much. Why did he have to fall for someone who was probably incapable of feeling an emotion called 'love'?

Then Naruto's hands felt something underneath his pillow. The blond pulled it out to see the headband with the Konoha's symbol scratched out. Another pair of tears slipped out of his eyes while Naruto held the headband close to his face. He never washed the headband because he wanted Sasuke's scent.

Now, breathing deeply the scent of the Uchiha, Naruto screamed in rage, "I can't even hate you!"

Inside, Kyuubi sighed, 'Calm down kitling. You can't hate him, you lost the ability to hate him long ago.'

Naruto breathed deeply, his mind flashing back to the time at Mist where Sasuke had nearly killed himself for him. "I don't understand him..." Naruto muttered as he wiped his tears away, "He nearly killed himself at Mist for me, then he nearly killed me if I had not prevented his hand from going through my heart... Then he comes back and seeks forgiveness?" The last part was muttered bitterly because Naruto wasn't sure if it was true or not.

'He's a complicated Uchiha,' Kyuubi agreed, 'but I think he regretted it because in the end he didn't kill you.'

"Sasuke..." Naruto felt like breaking down again.


"Where have you gone these two days?" Orochimaru asked Sasuke when the boy came back, his inhuman golden eyes narrowing dangerously.

Sasuke didn't give a damn about Orochimaru. Naruto was hurt and not talking to him, and he was the cause of it. "Around." He replied stiffly.

"Listen up boy," Orochimaru said strangely calm, "as my future vessel, I have the right to know where you've gone. But fortunately, I know where you were..."

Bloody sharingan snapped up to glare at Orochimaru who continued, "All the way to Konoha just to see that damn boy." The snake smirked, obviously unaware of the power Sasuke now knew. The power that Sasuke had been training for the past few years without his knowledge. "Obviously that boy won't forgive you, after all you've done to him. I don't even understand why you want to go back to see him. Naruto-kun is a demon after all."

Sasuke hissed, "Don't call Naruto a demon when you are one yourself."

"Oh? Defending your friend? I thought you broke those bonds long ago. Naruto must be very hurt... Must be very hurt."

Sasuke's hand clenched and unclenched with unleashed anger. He knew if he went against Orochimaru their powers would be almost equally matched, but at this moment he didn't really care.

"Ah poor Naruto-kun," Orochimaru continued, not aware that he was threading on thin ice, "but I suppose it's only fitting for a demon like him."

Sasuke clenched his fist tighter, "I said, don't call him that!" and everything suddenly turned red.


"What?!" Tsunade hollered, her fist banging loudly on her desk table with enough force to break it. In fact, it did once the crack that had emerged from the bang and collapsed on the floor. Apparently she didn't bother about it. "You mean to see Uchiha Sasuke was in our village and you did nothing to stop him?!"

Kakashi now cringed, "Ah, gomen Hokage-sama, but I felt like Sasuke had something really important to do with Naruto."

"Aargh!" Tsunade collapsed on her armchair and swirled around. She knew if Kakashi did what he did, there had to be a very important reason. The only thing she could do now was to understand more. She stopped swirling around in favor to ask him, "So... what do you think is going on?"

The atmosphere in the room grew more serious.

"I think Sasuke is gay."

Out of everything Tsunade had expected, that definitely wasn't one of them. "Ah?" Was the only thing that could escape her mouth.

"I think he's gay." Kakashi repeated.

Tsunade smacked herself out of her daze. "Of course he is, you baka!"

Now Kakashi blinked, he hadn't expected that. "Ha?"

"I mean, the evidence has always been there. He had millions of fangirls hanging onto him and he never even batted an eye at any of them." Then suddenly she stared straight into Kakashi's eye. "But that's not the point Kakashi. I want to know what's going on!"

"I'm trying to say, that I think Sasuke is trying to win Naruto back."

"Back for what?" Tsunade's dangerously lowered voice made Kakashi rethink the words he going to say. The Hokage loved Naruto like as if he was her own child, it was obvious that the way Kakashi had put it sounded like Sasuke was trying to get Naruto to go to Sound.

"I meant to say, Sasuke is trying to gain Naruto's forgiveness. But I don't think he may do a good job of it especially since Naruto teleported away suddenly."

Her eyebrow twitched, "He what?"

Kakashi was considering running from this scary woman. Anything to do with her Naruto was scary. Almost like how Sakura used to hit Naruto for saying anything about Sasuke but worse. "Basically from what I gathered, Sasuke has been coming to Konoha for the pass two days to see Naruto dressed as a stranger."

"Ah, so Naruto wouldn't realize it's him." Tsunade calmed down slightly.

"Yes, I thought Kyuubi would have recognized him though. But I think the fox chose to remain silent."

"Then what happened?"

The copy-nin shook his head when he remembered the sudden burst of chakra. "I think Naruto found out the truth, and wasn't really happy."

Tsunade folded her arms in her typical Tsunade way. "So what did you hope to accomplish?"

"I hoped Sasuke knew what he was doing."

The Hokage ran a hand through her blond hair. "He'll be back tonight. This time I'll keep an eye on him." Her mind wandered back to Naruto. The poor boy must have had his heartbroken all over again. There was no way he would be able to do his duties tomorrow. His heart and mind just wouldn't be in it.

She failed to protect the blond again, 'I'm sorry, Naruto...'


Naruto woke up the next day only to be reminded of all the events that took place for the past few days. He willed the tears not to come. He took deep breaths before he slapped himself on his face to snap him out of it. "Stop acting like a woman, honestly just stop it Naruto, it's stupid and utterly un-ninja-like."

"And talking to yourself early in the morning is ninja-like?"

Naruto snapped up to stare at the man outside his window. He blinked once.

"Yo, good morning Naruto." Kakashi gave a small wave as he stood crouched outside Naruto's window.

A golden eyebrow rose, Naruto's almost perfect mask back in place as he got out of bed and gently padded over to his bathroom. "What are you doing here Kakashi-sensei?"

"Well aren't you a bundle of joy in the morning?" The man said cheerily, but knowing better than to agitate Naruto even more especially after last night he continued, "Anyway, I'm here to tell you that you are off-duty today."

Naruto paused in his squeezing of toothpaste on his toothbrush in order to stare at Kakashi, "Eh?"

"Yep," Kakashi grinned behind his mask, "Apparently you're going get quite a big mission soon so today is your day off."

"B-Big mission?" Naruto put down his toothbrush, excitement glinting in his eyes, Sasuke temporarily forgotten. "What is it?"

Kakashi smirked, "I don't know yet, but Tsunade is keeping quiet about it."

Naruto blinked rapidly, his excitement growing by the minute. "The old hag isn't saying anything?" Turning away his eyebrows narrowed in deep contemplation, "It must be something big if she's keeping quiet."

"Actually not really." Kakashi grinned, "I was certain I saw her keep some rank D missions when she was discussing you."

The blond frowned, "I don't get you..."

"Just remember that you're off-duty today." Kakashi shrugged before he waved and was gone.

Naruto rose an eyebrow at the puff of smoke, "He just gets weirder everyday..." he muttered to himself before he turned back to brushing his teeth.

Staring at his reflection, Naruto sighed deeply. Kakashi was a good temporary distraction. But now that he was gone, there was nothing to take his mind of-



Naruto stared at the ramen bowl in front of him with little interest. His mind wasn't exactly on ramen at the moment even though ramen was his favorite food. His whole morning consisted of training. Or what he would call training if training was little kicks and punches here and there before a long pause and staring into space. Only finally after he figured he couldn't get any training done due to the state of his mind, he left the training grounds for his lunch.


He looked up to see the owner of Ichiraku Ramen staring at him. "Is there something wrong with the ramen?"

"Oh no," Naruto grinned sheepishly, "Nothing wrong, it's as delicious as always."

"You haven't even tried it yet Naruto." Ayame teased as she handed Naruto a glass of water.

"Heh... that's true." Naruto tried to laugh before he finished the ramen up with only 2 or 3 slurps. He put down some money on the table before he left, "Don't worry, it really was as delicious as always."

When the blond was out of sight, Ayame turned to her father. "Otou-san...?"

"He's a strong boy Ayame, don't worry."

To be continued.

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