These are written in the style that they are written in on purpose I know it may seem confusing, but it's an insight into the minds of all the characters I'm writing them about, and it is a collection of one shots. Imade them confusing on purpose Because the characters speaking are just as confused.


He hated butterflies because they made him think. They made him think of things he didn't want to think about, things he'd rather not remember. Thing that hurt so bad it made his non existent heart bleed and tear itself into pieces and writhe in agony like it was on fire, but that heart didn't exist so it couldn't really do that, could it?

It could.

They flitted flower to flower, flying like there wasn't a care in the world. Oh gods how he hated them.

They were pretty, just like HikariAngel, and and they danced in the breeze the way HikariAngel sometimes danced when he though no one was watching and oh how he loved to watch him dance because it was so pretty and he never wanted him to stop. But then HikariAngel would see him and he'd stop and turn so pink and say he was sorry for acting like a child and how he hated that moment for all of eternity because his lovely HikariAngel had stopped dancing and retreated back into the cocoon that he'd forced his little butterfly to build because he made him hurt.

He hated butterflies. So fragile they made him remember that things could break if you squeezed them too hard he was squeezing HikariAngel too hard and he would break if he didn't stop but he couldn't stop, he just couldn't.

HikariAngel was just like a butterfly because he was so weak and fragile but he loved to be outside in the sun and he never let him out into the sun because others might see his butterfly and he hated that idea because HikariAngel was his and no one else's and if the YamiPharaoh knew that HikariAngel was his then he might try to take him away and they couldn't have that.

Butterflies reminded him of little sparks of fire that set villages on fire and claim lives to make gold and magic and peace but really make shadows and hate and revenge and death and so many many tears that he can't stand it!

He likes to tear the wings off of butterflies because he tore of HikariAngel's wings a long time ago, and yet he was still trying to fly because he didn't know he'd been stripped of his freedom and his wings and that he was hurting so much that he could just die. Just like he'd been stripped of his wings so long ago and he'd had the gates of the AfterLife slammed in his face and that hurt oh that hurt so bad but he was okay and he just wanted to die too like mortals do but he couldn't, he wasn't allowed.

He hated Butterflies because they made him feel and he didn't want to feel anymore.

And still the butterflies danced in the flowerbox under the windowsill, always oblivous the eyes of the spirit that watched them day in and day out.

And that's "chapter" one. I'll be labeling the top of each one with the entity that's "thinking".